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EST KILBRIDE, is a parish of about 11,535 acres in the
district of Cunninyhiuue— the village is 73 miles w.s.w from Ediu-
fcurgh, SO s.w. from Glasgow, 24 s.s.w. from Paisley, the like
•distance n. from Ayr, 22 s. from Greenock, 19n.w. from Kilmarnock,
12 N. from Irvine, 7H s. from Largs, 7 s.w. from Daliy, 5 n. from
Saltcoats, 4^ s. from Fairlie. and 4 n.w. from Ai-drossan ; sur-
rounded on aU sides by rising grounds, which on the west protect
it ;from the keen SQa breezes, and on the opposite aspect from
easterly winds. The scenery around is bold and romantic, inter-
apersed with a few genteel and handsome residences. The ruins of
Law Castle and Porten Cross are in the immediate vicinity of the
village, and are both objects of interest to the curious in architec-
tural relics. The town, or village, seems to be making but very slow
progress in the march of improvement. A branch of the City of
Glasgow Bank is established here. A new line of the Glasgow and
South-Western railway, between the town and Ai'drossan, is now in
formation, which, while conferring a great boon on the public in
general, will in particular supply a want long felt by the inhabitants.
The principal employment of the inhabitants is weaving. Tha
places of worship are the parish church, a Free church and a
United Presbyterian chapel. There has recently been erected a
handsome board school; there is also a public school in connection
with the Free church, and the village supports a considerable
library. The parish extends six miles along the shore of the Frith
of Clyde, and inland from two to three miles. The district, inde-
pendent of the ruins already mentioned, possesses other attractive
vestiges of antiquity; and it is worthy of remark, that, off the sea line
of the parish, one of the largest vessels composing the Spanish
Armada remains sunk in ten fathoms of water : an attempt was
made about a century ago to examine the internal condition of this
ship, and the operation succeeded so far that a piece of ordnance
was raised from her hulk. In 1871 the entire parish of West
Kilbride had a population of 1,891 persons, the village possessing
1,218 of that number.
POST OPPICE, B,dheYtT>mm, Post Master. — Letters arrive from all parts (from Greenock) at twelve minutes past seven, and
from Ardrossan at eight morning, and are despatched to all parts at forty-five minutes past one and at fifteen minutes past three after-
noon. Letters an'ive on Sunday from aU parts at twelve minutes past seven morning, and are despatched at three minutes past twelve
Money Order and Telegraph Office and Savings Bank.
Alexander Archibald, Esq. M.D., J.P. of
Anderson Mrs. — , Carlung
BalderKton Rev. James C, U. P. Manse
Boyd Rev. John, n.D. Sea view, Kilbride U. P.
Crawford Edward H. J. Esq. Portan Cross
Freebairn William, Esq, of Drummilling
Gemmill Robert, Esq. j.p. West Kilbride
Hunter Captain Robert, j.p. (of Hunter),
Huuterstoun House
Hyndmau Henry Cowper, Esq. Springside
King Rev. Alexander, Kilbride
Ritchie Francis C. Esq. m,d. & j.p. Kirton
Ritchie John, Esq. SeamiU House
Robertson Robert, Esq. Orchard House
Russell Francis, Esq. j.p. Kirkland
Weston Lieutenant-Colonel Gould R. Huu-
terstoun House
Wilson Mr. Thomas, Fencebay
Board School, West Kilbride — Peter
M^Conschie, master
Free Church Public School, West Kil-
bride— John M'Gregor, master
M*Lean Rol ert, West Kilbride
Maguire Agnes, Main st
Spiers Adam, West Kilbride
Ferguson William, West Kilbride
M'Taggart John, West Kilbride
City of Glasgow Bank (Branch)— draws on
the London Joint Stock Bank, London;
on the Bank of Ireland, DubHn; and the
Ulster Banking Co. Belfast — Robert Gem-
mill, agent
M'Caig Duncan, Main st
M'Gillivray James R. West Kilbride
Stii'ling David, Main st
Stirling James, West Kilbride
Wilson James, West Kilbride
Anderson Mrs. — , Carlung
Barbour John, North KUruskin
Barbour Robert, South Kilruskin
Barbour Robert. Biplics
Brown Thomiis, Ardniel
Caldwell William, Boydstone
Crawford Daniel, High Boydstone
Crawford John, Millstone ford
Cunningham David, Chapelton
Cunningham James, Crosbie mains
Dunlop James, Campbelton
Dunlop William, Fences
Greig James, Law
Hall William, North bank
Harvie George, Gill
Hendry Jno. of Mains & Kaimshill
Hogg James, Kirton hall gardens
Hunter Hugh, Glenhead
Logan Robert, Kirkland
M'Callum JIargaret, Lower DrumTnilling
M'Kinnon Dougald, Poteath
Mair George, Underbank
Millar Robert, Meadowfoot
Blillar Thomas, Starlie
Millar William, Southanan
Montgomery John, Drummilling
Montgomery John. Meadowhead
Motion James, Haplands
Muii" WiiUam, Pentonville
Neil James, Thirdpart
Richmond John, Searaill Farm
Ritchie Francis, West Kilbride
Robertson James, Woodside
Rodger James, Low Bailies
Simpson Robert, Overton
Simpson Thomas, Yonderfielda
Simpson William, Carlung
Wilson Daniel, Faulds
Wilson Hugb, Hunterston MUno
Wilson Janet, Bushglen
Wilson John, Fencefoot
Young Robert, Yonderston
Montgomery Robert, West Kilbride
Paton Hugh, Main st
Brown John, Main st
Clark Agnes (& druggist), West Kilbride
Cornelious Elizabeth, West Kilbride
Craig Margaret, West Kilbride
Erskine Archibald, Main st
Gemmill Robert (& draper). West Kilbride
Lovell Catherine, Main st
M'Millan Wilham, Main st
Maguire Agnes, West Kilbride
^ Rosa Donald, Main st
Rourke Michie. Main st
I Scott Agnes, West Kilbride
Clark Anch-ew, West Kilbride
Mathieson Wm. (Wellington), West Kilbride
Ray George, West Kilbride
Simpson Robert, West Kilbride
IVyllie 3>avid ' conimercial and
posting in all its branches),
King's Arms, King's close, IVest
Kilbride, Ayrshire
Barber Alexander (buiider and
saw mill proprietor), 3VEain
Clark Agnes, West Kilbride
Blair John, West Kilbride
Graham John (clothier), West Kilbride
Stalker John, Main st
; King Hamilton, Main st
Wilson Thomas, Main st
Armstrong Geo. potato merchant, Main st
Black William, inspector of poor, collector of
rates, inspector of nuisances & sessions
clerk. West Kilbride
Dunn Robert, registrar of births, deaths &
marriages & clerk to School Board, West
Gemmill Robt. agent for theRoyallnsurance
Co. West Kilbride
Hogg Mary, fruiterer, Main st
M'Kennie Robert, china, &c. dealer, Main st
Malcolm Robert, ironmonger, West Kilbride
Stephenson Ann, milliner, &c. West KUbride
Wilson Thomas, millstone maker, Kaimshill
Public Building's, Offices, Ac,
Established Church— Rev. Ales. King
Free CnnRCH — Rev. William Mackenzie
United Presbyterian Chdrch— Rev. Jas.
C. Balderston
Cemetery— William Black, superintendent
Constabulary Station — Robert Smith, con-
Gas Works — James Robertson, manager ;
William Black, secretary [librariaa
Parochial School Library — William Black,
Register Office for Births, Deaths and
Marriages— Robert Dunn, registrar
School Board Offices — Robert Dunn, clerk
Templars' Hall— John Hood, superintendent
The nearest Station is at Ardrossan, four
miles distant, to which place there is no
public conveyance
To ARDROSSAN, Glasgow & South-Western
Co.'s carrier, Monday, Wednesday, Thur-
day & Friday
To ARDROSSAN, Matthew Bell & Andrew
Scott, daily
To DALRY, Glasgow & South-Western Rail-
way Co.'s carrier, Monday, Wednesday and*
To GLASGOW, Glasgow & South-Western
Railway Co.'s carrier, Monday, Wednesday,
Thursdav & Saturday
To SALTCOATS, Andrew Scott & Matthew
Bell, daily

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