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J. R0,6n, an excellent and improving seaport, in the parish of Don-
donaM, is situated 75 miles s.w. from Edinburgh, 31 s.w. from Glas-
gow, 7 s. from Irvine, and 9 a.w. from Kilmarnock. Under the
patronage of the Duke of Portland, this place has advanced steadily
to a degree of eminence, and bids fair to become one of the most
• important seaports on the west coast of Scotland. Possessing un-
common natural advantages, in having an extensive bay, and a
secure harbour, into whicli vessels of great burthen can conHdently
entei- with the wind from almost any point. Troon is obviously
destined to attain high rank in maritime estimation. It has two
superior dry docks for repaidug vessels, large storehouses, a light-
house, a ship building yard, and a rope and sail manufactory.
There are two banking establishments and a reading room, all of
which are situated near the harbour. From the extremity of the
harbour directly to Kilmarnock, runs a railway, on which immense
quantities of coal are conveyed from the neighbourhood of the
latter town, and from hence shipped for Ireland, France, &c. The
town is progressively enlarging, and, in addition to the prosperity
derived from its commerce as a port, it enjoys the advantage of
being visited in the bathing season by numerous respectable
lamiiies, for whose accommodation handsome lodging-houses have
been built. The "Portland Arms Hotel" stands deservedly high
in estimation, both as a family and commercial house, and under
the excellent management of Mr. James Robertson, the proprietor,
cannot fail to ensure extensive patronage. The places of worship
are an Established and a Free church, and a chapel for United
Presbyterians: there are two Board schools, and an au3uiiary
school. Population of the quoad sacra parish in 1871, 2,870.
Ddndonald is a parish on the sea coast, in the district of Car*
rick, extentUng eight miles along the shore, from the water o'
Irvine towards the south, and containing about 13,405 acres. Th^
j village, situated about four miles and a quarter from Troon (whic^
! is also in the parish), contains a church of the Establishment and a
! Free church, together with a public school. Dundonald Castle is a
j ruin of great celebrity, and occupies an elevated and commanding
situation, within two miles of the sea. Population of the parish in
' 1871, 4,094.
Symington, parish, of about 8,737 acres, is in Kyle district, bounded
by Monkton on the south, and Dundonald on the north, the villago
being about two miles from the latter. It contains a church of the
Establishment, and a Free church, which has a school in connec-
tion; there is also a public school. The lands in this district were
held, at a remote period, under Walter, the first Stewart, by Symon
Lochart, from whom the place originally obtained the name which
it bears at the present day. Population, 310.
POST OFFICES, Temple hill, Troon, James Orr, Post Master.— Leiteva from all parts arrive at a quarter-past eight momingj
from North of Ireland at seven evening; from Edinburgh, Glasgow, and Local at seven evening; and are despatched to Glasgow, Edin-
burgh, and South of Scotland at thirty-five minutes past ten morning; to Glasgow, England, South of Ireland, and Foreign at a
quarter-past four afternoon; to Paisley, Irvine, Kilmarnock, North of Scotland, and Ireland at thirty-five minutes past four afternoon j
to Ayr at six evening; to all parts at ten minutes before nine evening. Sunday, to all parts at ten minutes before nine evening.
Money Order and Telegraph Office and Savings Bank.
Post Office, Harbour. — Letters arrive from the town post oflSce at a quarter-past and half-past nine morning; and are des-
patched thereto at half-past nine morning, ten minutes before four, and five afternoon.
Telegraph Office.
Post Office, Dundonald, Ann Foulds, Post ilf ("stress. —Letters from all parts arrive (from Kiimamock) at a qaaiter-past teu
morning; and are despatched thereto at half-past two afternoon. •
Post Office, Symington, William Martin, Post Master. — Letters from aU parts anive (from Kilmarnock) at half-past ten mornin
and are despatched thereto at a quarter-past two afternoon.
Alexander Wilham, Esq. Dundonald
Andrew Mrs. Jane, Temple hill
Andrews Mrs. Mary H. Academy st
Baird Mrs. Janet, Rosemount, Symington
Bicket James, Esq. Hillhouse, Dundonald
Bicket William, Esq. Hillhouse, Dundonald
Boyd Col. Hay, Townend, Symington
Boyle Captain David, j.p. Shewalton
Caldwell Miss — , South beach
Caldwell Mrs. Janet, Welbeck crescent
Caldwell Mr. John, Craiglea House, South
beach [Symington
Campbell Miss Ann, Townend Cottage,
Carstairs Miss — , Bellevue
Cowan Rev. Andrew, Free Church Manse,
Cowan Mr. Andrew B. Temple hill
Cowie Mr. Adam, Loanend, South beach
Cuthbertson Mr. John, Barrassie bank
Davidson Rev. John, Symington
Dickie Mr. John, Portland terrace
Donald Mr. James, Barrassie bank
Duncan Mr. John P. Welbeck crescent
Finnie Misses — , Temple hill
Finnic Mr. Alexander, Barrassie bank
Finnie William, Esq. Newfield House, Don-
Fisher Mrs. Barbara, Temple hill
Fleming Rev. James, Established Church
Manse, Troon
Fleming Mrs. Grace, Barrassie bank
Gairdner Mrs. Agues, Cui'reath House
Gardiner Mrs. Janet, Loans
Cemmell Mr. Dalrymple, Dundonald
Guthrie Mr. James. Temple hill
Guthrie Robert, Esq. .t.p. Crossb'irn, Troon
Hamilton Rev. David S.Free Church Manse,
Highet Mr. John, South beach |
Houldsworth William Henry, Esq. Coodham, '
Symington '
Kemp Mrs. Agnes, Sea field Villa
Kirkwood Rev. John, United Presbyterian
Manse, Troon
Lockbart Mrs. Catherine, Symington
Lognn Mr. John, Welbeck crescent
Louco 1 Mr. Hugh, Portland terrace
M'Dowal Mrs. — , Barrassie bank
Ma^kirdy Mr. James, Southend Villa, South
beach [dans st
Macrorie Mr. Hugh, View Field, St. Med-
MiUer Mr. William, Temple hill
Orr Mrs. Eliza M. Alton Lodge, South beach
Paton Mr. Alexander, South Beach terrace
Pettigrew Robert Esq. j.p. (of Tarshaw), St.
Rankin Mr. William, Langland Cottage
Reid Mr. John L. Ayr st
Reid Robert C. Esq", .t.p. Temple hill
Robb Mr. John, ViUa bank
Ross Rev. Wilham, Dundonald
Shaw Miss Catherine, Welbeck crescent
Sime Rev. John, Established Church Manse,
Stewart Colonel Duncan, Dalkeith Blansion
Stewart Mr. David Y. Barrassie bank
Stewart Mr. Wilham, Barrassie bank
Strong Mr. Matthew, Barrassie bank
Symington Mr. James, Endyne, South beach
Tait Captain James A. Dundonald
Tinnion Mrs. Janet, Temple hill
Turner Frederick John, Esq. (factor to His
Grace the Duke of Portland), Marine Cot-
tage, Troon
Vernon Honourable GreviUe R. Auchans
House, Dundonald
Watson Mrs. Elizabeth, Portland Cottage
Watson Mrs. Elizabeth, Rutland House
Weir Rev. Robert, South beach
Wood Mr. Jas. Portland vaUey, Temple hill
Wylhe Mr. James, Lennox Bank Villa, South
Wyllie Mr. John, Temple hill
Young Mr. Robert, St. Meddans st
Young Mr. William, South beach
I tGilliea James (for A. Kenneth & Sons
I J. & M. Craig's fire clay goods), Harbour
IGuthrie A. & G. (shipping), Harbour
+Macrorie Hugh, Harbour
Neill William (for the Phcenix Dyeing Co.
Glasgow), Portland st
tPaton Alexander & Son (for A. Finnie &
Sons), Harbom-
Perivancich Peter (ship), Harbour
Steel Thomas (for Lloyd's), Harbour
Stewart Thomas & Sons (for D. Gregor,
nautical instrument maker), Harbour, and
Temple hill
f Watt Hugh (shipping), Harbour
Wyllie Alexander (for Lloyd's), Harbonr
Wyllie Tolin tfor Ashyard Hurl-
ford Colliery, and sbipping and
commission ag:ent), Harbour
tYouug William (shipping), Harbour
Adxiliary School, Darley Hall— Hugh S.
M'Call, master
Fbee Church School, Symington— Wilham
Cunningham, master
Board Schools —
Academy st. Troon— William Scott, mas-
ter ; Jane Miller, mistress
Povtlaud St. Troon— James Paton, master;
Emma Paton, mistress
Dim don aid— William M'Kissock, master ;
Agnes Wallace, mistress j
Symington — William Wakelin, master ;
Mary W. Wakelin, mistress
Subscription School, Drybridge, Dun- ;
donald — vacant I
(See also Coal Masters and Agents and also
Fire, li-c. Office Agents.)
Thus t are Coal Agents.
tBlack Robert P. Harbour
tColvill John (and for the Eglinton Iron
Co.), Harbour
Conway Wilham, jun. (shipping). Harbour
fCowan Andi-ew B. (for the Shipwrecked
Mariners' Society & tho Art Union of
Glasgow), Harbour
tCunningham James, Harbour
Dickie John /'for Adair & Co.'s patent pumps).
Temple hiU *- f f /•
Andrew Hugh, Portland st
Andrew Hugh, jun. Temple hill
Brown Henry, Portland st
Edgar Thomas, Dundonald
Gemmell Robert, Dundonald
Bliller John, Dundonald
Troon Co-operative Society, Portland st
Weir William, Temple hill
White James, Temple hill
Beitish Linen Co. Bank (Branch), Temple
liill— draws on Smith, Payne &, Smiths,
London— Andrew B. Cowan, agent— See
Union Bank of Scotland (Branch), Temple
hill— diaws on Glyn, Mills, Currie & Co.
London, Provincial Bank of Ireland, Dab-
lln, & the Belfast Banking Co. Belfast-
Robert O. Reid, agent
Savings Bank, at the Union Bank Office
(open on Monday fi-om 9 till 10)— Robert C.
Reid, manager
Fnllarton Robert (& agricultural implement
maker). Loans
Hutton James, Portland st
Lymburn John, Drybridge, Dundonald
M'CuUey John, Bogend, Symington
Nisbet Willi.im, Symington
Paterson John, Dundonald
Reid William, Dundonald

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