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T«ilBOLTON is a parish, containing about 12,142 acres, in the
^p'rict of Kvle; the village, or town, is 12 miles s.e. from Irvine, i
s from Kilmaraook, and 7 n.e. from Ayr, situated about five miles
?om tho shore of the Frith of Clyde, surrounded by a hne country,
ind occupying a considerable space of ground. In the reign of the
second Charles, it was erected into a burgh of barony, and granted
to John Cunningham, Esq., of Euterkine. The parish church is
rather an elegant structure with a beautiful spire, which contains a
clock, having four dials; it was completed iu 1821, at a cost ol up-
wards of f 2,500. The parish is about seven and a half miles in
length, and its average breadth about four and a half. The JJuks
of Portland, John Bell, Esq., of Enterkine ; Hugh Hami ton, Esq.,
of Pinmoro: Edward Hunter Blair, Esq,, of BrownhiU ; William Orr
Patcrson, Esq., of Montgomery; John StirUng. Esq., of Whitehaven;
WiUiam Cooper, Esq. of Failford ; WiUiam C. Cunningham, Esq., of
Afton Lodge, and Thos. Davidson, Esq,, of Drumley, are the principal
heritors. Tho fairs are held on tho first Monday in May, the first
Tuesday after the 11th of June, and the first Wednesday in Nov-
ember." Population of parish, in 1871, 3,219, of which Tarbolton
village contained 829.
The village ol Staie, which comprises bnt a few dwellings and a
neat parish church, is about two miles and a half from Tarbolton;
its situation is most romantic, and many highly ornamented man-
sions add to the beauty of the surrounding country. Theneighbour-
hood abounds with mines of coal. The earldom of Stan: 13 now
merged in that of Dumfries.
Jopp 1 is a village, in the parish of Coylton, about 7 miles s.w.
from Tarbolton. The parish, which is adjacent to the west border
of Kvle district, is about ten miles in length, by two in brtadth, and
contains about 11,75S acres. The church, erected lu 1833, is a
handsome building, with accommodation for a congregation of more
than seven hundred persons. Population of parish of Coylton,
' The parish of Stair is in the district of Kyle, lying on the south
or right bank of the river Ayr, extending six miles in length by
about two in breadth, and contains about 5,449 acres. It was first
erected into an independent parish in 1653, when it was severed
from Ochiltree for the accommodation of the noble family of Dal-
rymple, of Stair. Population 784.
POST OFFICS, TAKBOI.TON, Mary Gibson, Post Mistras.— Letters from Kilmarnock and aU parts arrive at eight morning, and
are despatched at one afternoon and forty-five minutes past five afternoon.
Money Order and Telegraph Office and Savings Bank,
Post Office, Stair, James Wilson, Post ilfasicr.— Letters arrive from all parts at fifty minutes past seven morning, and are
despatched at ten minutes past four ofternoon
The nearest Money Order Office is at Tarbolton.
, Coylton, James Bone, Post Master.— Ijetteis from all parts arrive at eight morning, and are despatched at forty
Post Office
minutes past one afternoon.
Bell John, Esq. j.p. of Enterkine, Tarbolton
Buchanan .irchibald, Esq. j.p. Barsldm-
ming House, Stair
Burnett Major General Francis C. J.p. Gad-
garth, Stair [Tarbolton
Cooper William, Esq. J.P. Smithstone House,
Cunningham William C. Esq. Afton Lodge,
Dah-ymple Rev. Alexander, Tarbolton
Davidson WiUiam, Esq. Drumley House,
Downie Miss — , Daisvbank House, Tarbolton
Glasgow Rev. Jas. Tho Manse, Coylton
Hamilton John, Esq. J.P. Sundrum, Coylton
Inglis Jolm J. Esq. J.P. Stair House
Kerr Rev. William, Stair
heap John, Esq. of Millbum [Stair
Livingston Kov. Neil, Free Church Manse,
M'Gill Mr. John P. (surgeon), Coylton
M'Kelvie James, Esq. Coylton
WNaughten James, Esq. Smithfield House,
Tarbolton, and Stewarton
Montgomery John C. Esq. Dalmore
Morrison Mrs. —1 Primrose bank. Stair
Morrison Robert, Esq. Tribboch Mains, Stair
Paterson W. O. Esq. Coilsfield
Paterson WiUiam, Esq. J.P. Montgomery
House, Tarbolton
Ritchie Rev. David, Manse, Tarbolton
Thom James, Esq. of Corsehill, Coylton
Yonng Rev. W'iUiam, Free Church Manse,
Money Order Office and Savings Banlt.
Muir John, Stair
Simpson WiUiam, Taiglum, Stair
Stewart Archibald, Coylton
WaUace George, Coylton
Wilson William, Tarbolton
Wright James, Tarbolton
BoAKD Schools: —
Coylton — John Smith, master
Stair — John Robertson, master
Tarbolton — Prankland M'Pherson, master ;
Miss Castles, mistress
•Mian William, Dalmore
Clark Robert, Tarbolton
Dickie George, Tarbolton
Downie William, Coylton
GemmeU Alexander, Coylton
Lees James, Tarbolton
Marr John, Coylton
Richards Johu, Tarbolton
Shirlaw WiUiapi, Tarbolton
Thomson Ric*ard, Joppa
Wallace James, Tarbolton
Wright, Brown & Co. Tarbolton
Barclay Peter, Tarbolton
Nisbet Hugh, Tarbolton
Reid Thomas, Tarbolton
Wilson James, Tarbolton
Lee William, Tarbolton
Thomson James, Tarbolton
Green Hugh, Drumley, Tarbolton
Irarie George J. {&. saw miU), Failford
Lennox John, Stair
M'Intyre Charles, Coylton
M'Millan John, Pendicle, Tarbolton
Maitland Hugh, Tarbolton
Stewart Archibald, Coylton
Wilson William, Millbum
Bryden Joseph, Duchray CoUierj-, Coylton
Merry & Cuninghame, Drongan, Stair
Taylor George & Co. Annbank CoUiery,
Campbell WiUiam, Coylton
Edgar James, Tarbolton
Jardine WiUiam, Pendicle, Tarbolton
Cowan Elizabeth (railUner), Tarbolton
Guthrie Jean, Tarbolton
Mun-ay Mrs. — , Tarbolton
Riggs Agnes, Tarbolton
Aitken Thomas, Redcr'»ig, Tarbolton
Allan Mrs. — , Meadow bank, Stair
Allan Matthew, Auohenwiok, Tarbolton
Allan Robert, Weatersmithstoue, Tarbolton
Armour Thomas, Stairaircl, Stair
Auld John, Dykes, Tarbolton
Barber David, Drumley, Tarbolton
Barber Matthew, Barrmuii- & Sprlnghill,
Blackwood Thomas, Tamiockhill, Tarbolton
Blair John, Jlilucraig, Coylton
Blair Robert, Hole, Coylton
Borland James, Cohlcoatbill, Tarbolton
Bowman Andrew, Tenshillinglaud, Coylton
Boylo Johu, Eaith, Tarbolton
Brown Thomas, Wh>skeyhall, Tarbolton
Calderwood Walter,Tarbolton Mill, Tarbolton
Caldwell Robert, Knocksugle, Coylton
Campbell Hugh, Torrcross, Tarbolton
Candlish Mrs. — , Bliddlemuirfield, Tarbolton
Carnduff James, East Dourd, Tarbolton
Chrystal George, Daldorch, Tarbolton
Connor Peter, Drumdow, Stair
Courtney Edward, M'Coshlon, Stair
Cowan Andi'ew & Henry, Cairnston, Stair
Cowan James C. Bamgore, Coylton
Cowan Matthew, Bergwhcu, Coylton
Cowan William, North Barbeth, Stair
Craig James & Son, Privick Mill, Tarbolton
Crawford Adam, Myers, Tarbolton
; Critchton David W. Middleton Hill, Tar-
I bolton
Drinnan James, Altonburn, Tarbolton
Drinnan John, Burnpark & Crossmuir,
I Tarbolton - fbolton
; Drinnan John & Hunter, Langlands, Tar-
I Duncan Allan, Sonthcraig, Coylton
i Ferguson James, Clune, Tarbolton
' Forrester John, Southside, Tarbolton
I Frew William, Kayshill, Stair
GemmeU William, Little Bogend, Tarbolton
I Gibson Thomas, Blillcrston, Stair
I Gray David (heirs of). Barmuirhill, Tarbolton
I Gray John, Pai'kmill, Tarbolton
; Gray Robert, Little Scoutts, Tarbolton
'' Grey John, Tongue, Tarbolton
Hay James, Muirburn, Tarbolton
I Hillhouse Mrs. — , Shaw, Stair
I Hislop Alex. Milmarnock, Coylton
\ Hodge John, Lochill &, Mid Barbeth, Stair
I Howat Andrew, Tershaw, Tarbolton
■ Howie George, Hallrigg, Tarbolton
Howie John, Boghead, Tarbolton
Hunter Dunca)i, Coilsholm, Tarbolton
Hunter George, Little Auchenwick, Tar-
} bolton
; Hunter Hugh, Mossbog, Tarbolton
i Hutchinson Samuel, Broadhead, Coylton
' Jamieson Andrew, Littlemill. Coylton
I Jamieson Hugh, Adamcrolt, Tarbolton
j Jamieson John, Midton & Burn, Tarbolton
: Kay Andrew, Hall, Coylton
, Kay John, Petlock, Coylton
Kay William, Mossend, Coylton
Kennedy James, Walston, Tarbolton
Kilpatrick William, Whitehill, Coylton
Kii'kland W"illiam, Lochend, Coylton
Kuox John, Berbeth, Stair
Laidlow William, Clogwhernan, Coylton

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