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TEWARTON is a parish of about 13,667 acres, in the district of Dtjnlop is a village, two miles and a half from Stewarton,
Cunuinghame. The town is 16 miles s. by w. from Glasgow, 8 n. romantically seated on the banks of the Swinsy, about three
from Irvine, 5 w. from Kilmarnock, and 8 from Fenwick; situated hundred yards off the road leading from Kilmarnock to Paisley;
in a pleasant part of the county, on the bank of the water of An- and when seen from a little distance, through the trees which em-
nock, close to a station on the Glasgow, Ban-head, and Kilmarnock bosom it, it has an agreeable and retired appearance. The houses
Joint Railway. The parish, which is about ten miles in leugth, and being mostly old, and the streets narrow, it does not improve on a
varying from three to four in breadth, is a rich agi'icultural district, nearer view, though in this respect it does not suffer by comparison
highly cultivated and improved, and adorned by several tastefully with other places of similar rank throughout the country, A hand-
laid out seats of the gentry. For centuries Stewarton remained an some church, erected in 1835, is ornamental to the neighbourhood;
inconsiderable and obscure village, and it ie only of a compara- its predecessor having suffered the combined effects of age and
lively receut date that, owing to the general extension of trade weather. In the churchyard is a small arched chamber, formed
and manufactures, it has considerably increased in size. Three under the direction of Lord Viscount Clauaboyes, in 1641, over the
woollen mills are engaged in cai'ding and spinning for the carpet grave of hia father, the Rev. Hans Hamilton, who for forty-one
and bonnet traaes. A large jjortion of the population consists of years was minister of the jiarish ; it contains a well executed monu-
shoemakera and weavers, who are employed by the Glasgow and meut in marble, justly deaex'ving attention ; a schoolhouse was also
Paisley establishments, through resident agents. The staple built by the same nobleman, in the wall of which, is a stone bearing
articles of manufacture, however, are Scotch bonnets and railitai'y the above date, and an inscription stating amongst other particulars
forage caps, in which branches there arc about twenty employers. ! that it was erected and endowed by him '* in love of his parish, in
Ample banking accommodation is also afforded the town and ' King James the S7a;( Wsi^a/j/jie "; although in excellent preservation,
neighbourhood by the Clydesdale Banking Company, the Royal : it has long ceased to be occupied as an educational establishment.
Bank of Scotland, and theUuion Bank of Scotland, having each a ; The village likewise possesses a Board school, which in architecture
branch under able and efficient management. The invention of i might contrast favourably with any in the county. The parish to
•'portable bee boxes" by a Mr. Kerr, of this town, has proved a
great advantage in the management of bees ; these boxes are so
constructed as to prevent " swarming," and to produce a very
superior honey and comb ; it obtains a much higher price in the
market than any other kind, and is known by the name of
" Stewarton honey." District courts are held on the first Thursday
of each month, for the lecovery of small debts, and such business
as falls under the jurisdiction of justices of the peace for the
parishes of Stewarton, Dunlop, and Fenwick. The places of
worship are Established and Free churches, and for United Presby-
terians and Independents, There has likewise been recently
erected under the Scotch Education Act a handsome Board school,
■which affords accommodation for about six hundred chilchen. The
market is held on Thursday. Fairs are held on the Monday next
before the first Tuesday in May, for horses, cattle, and farm and
dairy produce ; and on the Wednesday before the last Thursday in
October, for the Hke commodities, and for stock and agricultural
and dairy utensils, also for hiring servants. The population of the
parish of Stewarton in 1871 was 4,478, that for the town being
which the village gives name, lies principally in the bailery of
Cunninghamo, and county of Ayr, but on the north it extends into
Renfrewshire. It has long been noted for the excellent quality of
its cheese, which bears a high character throughout Scotland.
Several firms are also engaged in ham curing. About the close of
the seventeeuth century, one Barbara Gilmour is said to have com-
menced the practise of making cheese from the entire milk, nothiug
but skimmed milk having been used in the process in this district
previous to that period; at present all the cheese similarly made in
tbe western counties receives the appellation of "Dunlop," a large
quantity being made here annuaUy. There is also a considerable
trade in meal carried on by the inhabitants of the village and sur-
rounding territory. A brancli of the Clydesdale Bank has recently
been established here. Dunlop House, in this parish, is one of the
handsomest mansions in the county ; on this estate, resting on a
small knoll, is a stone of large dimensions, called the " O'Great
Stone," supposed to have been employed in some ancient ritea of
worship. Two fairs for the sale of dairy stock are held one about the
middle nf May, the other on the 12th of November, both are generally
weh attended. In 1871 the parish of Dunlop had a population of 1,160.
ffOST OFS*£CS, Stewarton, Alexander Gait, Post Master. — Letters arrive from all parts of Scotland, England, and Ireland,
at forty minutes past seven morning; and from Glasgow and the North, at fifteen minutes past five aiternoon, and are despatched
to Glasgow at fifteen minutes past eight morning; to Kilmarnock, England, and Ireland at ten minutes to foui- afternoon; to
Glasgow and the North of Scotland at fifteen minutes past five; and to all parts at thirty-five minutes past seven evening.
Letters are despatched on Sundays at eleven morning.
Money Order and Telegraph Office and Savings Banlc.
Post Offloe, Dunlop, John Stephenson, Post Master,— hetiera arrive from all parts of Scotland, England and Ireland at
ten morning, and are despatched thereto at ten minutes past fom' afternoon.
The nearest Money Order Office is at Stewarton,
Alexander Gabriel, Esq. High 8t Lnoss Road School, Cunningham head- DouglfsK^^
Anderson Thomas, Esq. {sheriff substitute), j^^^^ ^.^^g^ ^^^^^^^. « ESThomas D Jn^^^^ ^
LamsbawHouse i Kingsford Scnooi, Stewarton — Wilham -'"-- - '- - - ^
Brown Mr. Jas. Holly Bank Villa, Stewarton Cimningham, master
Brown John, Esq. J.p. of Blakelaw Pdblic Schools :-
United Presbyterian i Dunlop-John Lindsay, master
Stewarton — Alexander L. Watt, master ;
Mary Millar, mistress
Cau'ns Rev. Peter
Manse [Avenue st
Clugstoue Rev. James, Free Church Manse, j
Craig James, Esq. j.p. of Borland hills, |
Dunlop [of Lainshaw I
Cuninghame John William Herbert, Esq.
Dunbar Mrs. Janet, Avenue st '
Deans Miss Ehzabeth, Braehead House j
Earston Mrs. Margaret, Draffen House
Ferguson Mr. John, of FuUwood '
Findiay Captain Robert, Thorn, Dunlop
M'Gill Robert, Fulshaw
Wallace Robert {& agricultural implement
maker), Cunningham head
, &c.
1 Ferguson Archibald, Kigg st
Neilson Robert, Clerkland
Borland Jane (sewing), High st
Borland Robert (Messrs. W. & R. Bowie,
dyers, Glasgow), Lainshaw st
_ _ _.„„^.. ^ ^.. ^„...^ Currie Andrew, High st [shaw st
Gebbie RevrWiiUamV'E'stabUsheTchm-ch' I^^^'^^'S Jane (PhcEnix Dyemg Co), Lnin-
Manse, Dunlop i Wilson Thomas (for Horniman's tea), Main st
Gilmour Mrs. Margaret, Main st ! y" - ' " i ' ■ ■ ■■■■■ m i i ' i
Graham Thomas, Esq. n.c. of Dunlop House i
Kennedy Piev.Alexandei%Estabhshed Church '
Manse, Stewarton
Kerr John Jas. Esq. j.p. of Robertland
Kerr Mr. Richard, Cunningham Head House
Laidlaw Thomas, Esq. Lainshaw st
Laughland Mr. William, Rigg st
Lennox Robert M. Esq. Lainshaw st
Love James, Esq. Lainshaw st
M'Alester Col. Charles S. .t.p. of Kennox
Macfarlen Mr. Alexander, Dunlop
Mackie Robert, Esq. j.p. of Draffen
Mackie Robert, Esq. j.p. ClarkhiU
Mackie William, Esq. Meikle, Corsehill
M'Leish Rev. Peter, d.d. Free Church Manse,
Dunlop [Alane House
M'Naughton Mr. James, of Smithfield, Stand
Macready Mrs. — , Purston House
Montgomery Mrs. — , Annock Lodge
Provau David, Esq. j.p. Lochridge, Wardend
Provan Mrs. Emma, of Lochridge
Skeoch Charles, Esq. of Merrygreens,
Avenue square [square
Skeoch Wm. Esq. j.p. of Gameshill. Avenue
Snodgrass Jas. A. Esq. Kerrsland House
Somervail W^ihiam. Esq. j.p. Hapland
Stevenson Mr. David, Whitelee
Stevenson Mr. John, of Whitelaw Cottage,
Dunlop " ' "~
Clydesdale Banking Co. (Branches), Lain-
shaw st. and Dunlop— draws on Bametts,
Hoare & Co. London— Thomas Laidlavr,
agent; Alexander Moffatt, accountant;
John H. Laidlaw, clerk
Royal Bank of Scotland (Branch), Lain-
shaw st— di'aws on Coutts & Co. and the
Bank of England, London, and the Bank
of Ireland, Dublin— James Love, agent —
See advertisement
Union Bank of Scotland (Branch)— draws
OD the head offices, Edinburgh & Glasgow;
on Glyn, Mills, Curiie & Co. London; and
the Provincial Bank of Ireland, Dubhn —
„ . , Gabriel Alexander, agent
__ „ -, ,^. [land House 1 Stewaeton Savings Bank, Laidlaw st—
Wahace the Misses Janet & Marion, Robert- 1 open on Monday night from 8 till 9 o'clock
Wylhe Mr. James, Greenbank 1 —Thomas Laidlaw, treasurer
Dunlop Adam, Main st
Wylio John, Main st
Wylhe William, Dunlop
Young Thomas, High st
Anderson James & Co. Ltiinsliaw st
Currie, Browning: &. Co. (bonnet
manufacturers, Scotcbcapsin
every variety,, Bridgend, Stew-
Gibson James, Loudon st
Kail Archibald (bonnet manufac-
turer. Scotcb caps in every
variety ) . Higb st. Stewarton
ItS'S'ee Kobert (naanufacturer of
band knitted Scotch bonnets, in
all their various shapes and
colours , Vennel st
ItSackie Kobert ; manufacturer of
military and foragre caps in
every variety). Holm street,
Stewarton. Ayrshire
Millers & Morrison, Dean st
Nairn John i manufacturer of
Scotch bonnets In all its
branches ) , works, Zioudon st.
Steivarton, Ayrshire
Picken Alexander, Vennel st
Picken Tames (manufacturer of
military end forage caps in
every variety J, works, Kolm St.
Stewarton, Ayrshire
Picken John, Bridgend st
Eodger A. W. & Co. Darlington— See advert
Eodger James & Co. Dean st
Eussell & Co. Holm st
Sim Robert (manufacturer of
military and forage caps, and
all varieties of Scotch bonnets ) ,
works, Stewarton Ayrshire ;
office, 1ft (J^^een st. Glasgow

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