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I^S^f z^^^'^S^^^^ §1 ». s i f^^^l^^^^^^?^5£l^^i^
I ui v^um- . Loudoun Castio, the elegant scat of the Countess of Loudoun: it is
noekTsitu"ated on the bank of the rive. Irvine, about two miles east ' la.-ge and magniflcent in "i^^^^'^'^'^l^^^^'^^i^Ji^-^Xe o dSSsh k^^^^^
of the village of Galston. It was made a burgh of barouy by Kmg amidst l-^iiutiru w-oods Nea the ■}-""siou^s tbc old pansh tuK o
James IV. in 1490, and- the charter was conttrmed by Sir- Matthew Loudoun bearing the ea.ly date of 1015. ihoon^^pait no v stand
Campbell, of Loudoun, in 1586. The baiUies are competent to hold , ing is that .^,'^'°^J™";^,'^,i»f.{'=£°"j„™*a^ andhe?e
courts, from which there is noappeal, except to the court of sessions, ■ sepulchre of the "oWf f»™'''°4°/Ladv Ftoi^
and in other respects then- jurisdiction is as ample as that of most ■ rest t'iV''''"'''"',?,L'ii\'hmit 15 5« a?res" popS^^ 5 625 The
royal burghs. There is a pnlico commission for the better rcgula- , of Loudoun ^"P'^^f^^'^f'' J^-''" ,f Jj'^JufXfs in Gah^^^^^
tion and frnprovement of the town, consisting of seven members- population ot ^ewmlhls is 3,028, pait ol which is in Galston paiisn.
the chief magistrate is the chief commissioner; the Countess of i p^rvel is a small village in the same parish as Newmilns. In
Loudoun is superior of the burgh. Thomas Brown, Esq. ol Water- ; jj^j^. neighbourhood is Loudoun Castle, before noticed ; and the
haughs, has also considerable property here, and is superior of a ; ^,m,;jg ami braes of Loudoun furnish a theme for one of TannabiU s
neighbouring village called Gkeenholm. The weaving of muslins ^^^^ songs The Marchioness of Hastings benevolently erected a
is carried on here extensively, 1,000 hands being employed in this g^hool and formed a cemeteiy in this village ; the school is still
branch of manufacture. The places of worship are an Estabhshed nJ;,i^tained by the family. There is also a free school, endowed by
chnich, a Free church and a meetinghouse of the United Secession jj^^, j^j^ Alexander Mair, foi the education of the children of thia
body. There is a Board school, also one endowed by the late Lady .j,ji]j;„g r^j^g Woi-iaug Men's Institute was erected by Miss Brown,
Flora Hastings, and three Sabbath evening schools— in the latter ^j Lau'flne, in July, 1870, at a cost of £2,200; it contains a library
more than six hundred children of the working classes receive ^^j reading room, also a room for various kinds ol amusements,
instruction. In the centre of the town is seen the remains of an population in 1871, 1,712.
old castle, said to have been erected as early as that of Edinburgh, '
POST OPPICB Newhilns, Ai-ohibald Mitchell, Post MKter.-Letters arrive from all parts (from Kilmarnock) at seven and
a quarter-past nine morning, and a quarter before fom- afternoon, and are despatched thereto at ten minutes befoie seven mommg and
at half-past six niglit. , . „ ,
money Order and Telegraph Office and Savings Bank.
Post Office, Dakvel, James S. Clelland, Post M«s(er.-Letters arrive from all parts (from KiUmarnock), at ten mmutes^^^^^
eight and ten minutes before ten morning, and twenty minutes past six right, and are despatched thereto at a quaiter-past sis morning
and at live afternoon. . i ,,
The nearest Money Order O^ce is at i>ewmilns.
BOOKSELLERS & STATIONERS. ' G^'^'^'" «*^'-'> ^^tt-- Newion, Galston
Eaird David, Garvel
Boyd James, 43 Blain st. Kewmilns
United Presbyterian
Alston Rev. Andrew
Manse, Newmilns
Alston Mr. George, Loudoun hill
Alston Mr. James, Yondereroft, Newmilns
Brown Miss Martha, Lanflne [fine
Brown Thomas, Esq. (of Waterhaughs), Lan-
Cameron Mr. John, Loudoun hill
Easton Rev. Matthew George, d.p. Darvel
Mackie Robert, Esq. j.p. (factor to the
Countess of Loudoun), Loudoun Cottage,
Lou loun Castle
Morton Mrs. Frances Ann, NewmUns
Noble Rev. Andrew, Free Church Manse,
Paterson James, Esq. Gooseholm Ccttage
Robertson Rev. John, Loudoun Manse
Smith Win. Esq. j.p. Townhead, Newmilns
Thomson Mr. William, Brocklees, NewmUns
Wardrope Mr. John, Burnbaiik, ur. Galston
Wood Mr. John, Passford, Darvel
BoAKD Schools—
Union St. Newmilns— Archibald Hood,
master ; Catherine Stewart, mistress
Darvel Gorrie, master
Maib's Feee School, Darvel— Richard Tar-
but, master
Buchanan Kennedy, Darvel
Bulger Joseph, Main st [milns
Campbell Thomas (dealer), 89 Main st. New-
Clelland Gavin, Darvel
Duncan Andrew, Wain st. Newmilns
I'leming James, 26 West Main st. Darvel
Janiieson Robert, East Main st. Darvel
Morton Archibald, 67 West Main st. Darvel
Richmond James, 87 Main st. Newmilns
Allan Alexander, Grey st. Newmilns
Hood Joseph, Main st. Newmilns
Mitchell James(& cabinet makcr),Newinilns
Mitchell Joliu & Archibald, Main street,
Raifliin Hugh, Darvel
Shields Hugh, Main st. Newmilns
Clelland James, Darvel
Clelland James S. Darvel
Fleming John, 33 West Main st. Darvel
Harris John, 31 High st. Newmilns
Hood James H. 21 High st. Newmihis
Hood Robert. 33 Brown st. Newmilns
Jamieson John, East Main st. Darvel
Lambie William, Greenholm
Mair George Darvel
Morton John, 103 Main st. Newmilns
Wilson John, 7 High st. Newmilns
Allan Gavin, Darvel
Anderson Peter, Main st. Newmilns
Cuthbertson Robert, Darvel
Gcbbie Robert, 24 Main st. Newmilns
Loudoun John, 63 Main St. NewmUns
Smith Andrew, Main st. Newmilns
Allan Alexander, Grey st. Newmilns
Rankin Hugh. Darvel
Hardie Marg.aret {& hosier), 48 Main street.
Morton Jane F. 27 Main s;
t. Newmilns
Brown David A. 12 Brown St. Newmilns
Findlay Robert (& general dealer), Darvel
Fleming Thomas, Darvel
Lawson John, Darvel
Morton Hugh, 81 Main st. Newmilns
Aird Thomas, Feoch
Aird Thomas Gavin, Braidley, Darvel
AUan James, Byres of Bankhead, Darvel
Allinson John, East Hungry hiU
Allinson William, Dykes, Darvel
Alston David, Winkinfleld
Alston George, Loudoun hill
Alston James, Yondereroft
Alston Robert (heirs of), Newlands
Anderson James, Waterside, Galston
Royal Bank of Scotland (Branch) — draws
on Bank of England, on Coutts & Co. Lon-
don, i Bank of Ireland, Dublin— Hugh ' Armour James, Glaister, Darvel
Brown, agent — See advf.rttfieinent ~ " ^ t._,, ...-.i.
Union Bank of Scotland (Branch) — draws
on Giyn, MiUs, Currie ..t Co. London, &
Provincial Bank of Ireland, Dublin — Thos.
Fleming, sub-agc-nt
GUchrist WiUiam, Knevocklaw
Hastings James, Skellyhill, by Darvel
Howatson WiUiam, Hill
Howie John, East Newton
Jamieson Nicol, Lelone
Kerr John, Alton, near Galston
Law John, Darvel
Lciper James, Littleglen
Lindsay Allan, Croonan
Lindsay John, Dalwhatswood
Lindsay Thomas, Woodhead
Lindsay William, Clearmont
Loudoun Janie.s, Loudoun MiU
Loudoun John, Low Overmuir
M'Pherson Angus, Gateside green
Mair George, Darvel
Meikle John, Eastheads
Jliller Alexander, Moss side, Darvel
Miller Matthew, Low bowhiU
Mitchell Alex. Alton Muirhouse, nr. Galston
Jiitchell Alex. Polbaith, near Galston
Mitchell Archibald, Wheatriggs
MitcheU Matthew, Redding, near, Galston
SliteheU Robert, Darvel Mill
Jlorton Adam, EroomhiU, Darvel
Morton James, Meikle glen, Newmilns
Blortou John, Henryton, Darvel
Morton Thomas, High BowhiU
Murdoch Mrs. Robert, Standalane
Nisbet Alexander, Gateside, near Galston
Nisbet John, Long green
Orr James, New Intax, near Galston
Paterson Thomas, Dykehead, Darvel
Paterson Wilson, Templehill, near Darvel
Rankin David & Son, Crawlaw
Rankin Hugh, WillhiU
Smith Alexander, West Dobbinsland
Smith John, Highside, by Darvel
Smith John, Carhncraig
Smith Robert, Holefarm
Smith WUliam, Townhead & Parkhonse
Stewart James, Hillhead
Stewart John, Overmoor
Stirling John, Underlaw, near Darvel
Thomson William, Brocklees
Timpenny David & Son, West Hungi-y hiU
Torrance'Matthew, Loudoun Mains
Torrance Robert, Burnfoot
Wardrope John, Burnbank, by Galston
White James, Wraes, near Galston
Wilson Robert, Westhcads
Wilson WilUam & Son, Westheads
Wood John, Passford, Darvel
Wyllie Allan, East Foulpapple
Young James & WiUiam, Gamesland
Young John, Bankhead MiU
M'Coll Hugh, Darvel
Neil .Tamos, Main st. NewmUns
Nisbet Richmond, Kihiholm st. Newmilns
Pollock William, Greenholm
Barr WiUiam, Over Polbraith
Bertram John, Westnewton, Galston
Black James, BrownbUl
Brown George, GreciihiU by Darvel
Cameron John, Loudoun hill
Dempster James, Ladytou, by Galston
Gheat Ep.itaix— Thomas Mason, Union
Bank, Darvel
Cameron. Main st. Newmilns
^ __ ^ ^ jNouTHERN- Hugh Morton, NewmUns
Findiavirciiibald L. (by Darvel), Bankhead ' Royal- John Morton, 103 Main st
- - ■ ; Scottish Phovincial — Andi-ew Findlay,
I Darvel [Newmilns
Scottish Union— Hugh Brown, Mam st.
I Scottish Widows' FusD— Andrew Cameron,
I Main bt. Kewmilns
Findlay James. Greenbank
; Findlay Joseph, Darvel
' Findlay Thomas, Windshields, Darvel
' Flemiiig Hugh. Lochtield, Darvel
' Fleming Thomas, Darvel

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