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of THE
Board Schools:—
Academy, North Hamilton at
Rector— B-Ui^h. Dickie, b.a. Lond
iWoBteM— Wm.C.LoKflU&DonaklFerguson
Affstress— Barbara Kelly
Trench Master — F. Montfort
Drawing Master— F. M. Black
Music Master— W. Newsome
Craigie — Andrew M'Farlan6,maBter; Agues
Allan, mistress
Crookedholm — Thomas Duncansou, mas-
ter; David Laing, assistant master;
Jessie T. Duncanson, mistress
CroashouBe— Jas. Cuthbertson, raastor
Fenwick — William M'Nair, master
Ffinwick (Waterside)— Alexander Meikle-
john, master
High St— David "Walker, master; EUza-
beth Taylor, mistress
Kilmaurs — Duncan M'Naught, master ;
M. Fleming, mistress
Low Glencairn st — David Buchanan, mas-
ter; Annie C. Miller, mistress
Biocarton — James 51'Cluro, master; Annie
Neil, mistress
Bowallan- Malcolm Macintosh, master
West Nethorton — George Smith, master;
Mary Roxborough, mistress
Endowfd School, Nelson at — James Dods,
Frascr William, East Shaw st
Free High UHrPcu School, ITniou ei.—
Jane Stephen, mistress '
Grant Jessie (boardiuti & day), Allan hill,
London losd
H'iud:?r5ou Diana, Dundonalil rd
Ktbi.foeb xr.T> PoRTLA^■3^ Iron WoEitd
School, Iluvlfovd — Robert Finlaysou,
myster; Jane M'Clure & Elizabeth Philip,
Eay Endov.'ed School, Wellington st —
James Stevenson, master; Margarot 3hen-
nan, mistress
Kay Endowed School, Bentinok st — Peter
Anderson, master ; Jessie E. Andrew,
Ba'Jgbd & iN-nusTBTAL Cketipied School,
Kilmarnock House, St. ilarnockst — Archi-
bald Findlay, superintendent; Mary Find-
lay, matron; Jeremiah Luudon, teacher
Roman Catholic School, College wyud-
John Richardson, master; Mary Baunoa,
Rose James, Langlunds st
Science & Aut School, 77 King st— William
Railton, secretary ; F. M. Black, master
AndersosK James, 1 Et, SlXaraocl^'is
Brown John & Son, 87 King st
M*Buriiev David, 6(5 Portland st
Scott Johr. G. C6 Portland st
Smith A Wallace, 11 King st
Steveason IS'olin, 2. CBseapsido
Waugh & Broaufoot, Hi Portland st
Wyllic & Car:nichaol, 1 Cheapside
Hood WiUiam (for the Royal Liver Friendly
Society), 16 St. Maraock st
Inglis James (saltl, 24 Waterloo st
Logan James (commission), 87 King st
WKie & Pvankin (for the Ordnance survey
maps), 2 King et
Marr George (.for the Scottish Legal Friendly
Society), 90 Portland st
Mitchell John {for Thomas Anderson & Co.
Venetian cloth manufacturers, Glasgow),
127 Titchficld et
Muir John (coal), 5 Fowlds st [bank
Murray John (for Grougar Estate), Grougar
Rankin James (for the Howe Manufactm-ing
Co. 'a & for K. E. Simpson tit Co.'s aeiving
machines), 82 King st
Robertson Robert C. (for Minton & Co.'s «n-
caustic tiles), 46 King st
Smith John (for the Ayr Advertiser), 20
Portland st
Stevenson John (shipping), 1 Cheapsldo
Stewart Thomas & Sons (for agricultural
implements, ii'onmongcry, &c.), IS & 15
Regent st
Thomson Andrew {for J. & R, Tennent,
brewers, Glasgoic), 10 King st
urner John F. (to His Grace the Duke of
Portland), Braeliead, London road
"Walker John & Sons {for Steel, Coulaon it
Co. brewers, Edinburgh & Qlasgow)^ 16
Portland st; stores, Croft sk
Davidson James, Union st
Douglas Boyee, Crosshouse villago
H'Ki-rrow Aler.ander ik '^Villiam, Beansburn
Mui'dcioh Thomas, (JrossliouRo
Rfcid Matthew Oc Co. (avade & shovel), Kil-
marnock Forge, Townholm
Ingram James, 114 King st
Park Robert (to the Duke of Portland), 4
Lidia st
Uailton William, 1 St. Marnook'a place
Brown John, Portland st
Bruce James, John Finnie st /
Curdle John (landscape), Queen st
Humphrey John, 127 King st
Tannock William (portrait), 6 Grange st
(See also House Factors.)
Boyd Alexander M. (for sewing machines), 36
Portliind st
Brown John & Sou (Anchor & Allan Lines, &c.
SteamshiiJS and emigration), 87 King st
Bryden Saml. {commission), 29 Robertson pi
Dunn Andrew (coal), 124 King st
Ferguson Alexander (manure), Eiccarton
Granger Jamea (commission), 49 Strand st
Harvey George (for the Caledonian and the
Loudon ^' North-Western Railway Com-
paBiesl, 15 lortlanid st
Brown J. & Sons (appraisers), 87 King at
Duulop Patrick, Altonhill
Smith Matthew (appraiser), 11 King st
Stevenson JoJin (and valuer), 1
Boyd Jesaia E. 62 Portland st
Ferguson A. & J. Ill King st
Larii:!iie Margaret, Dulie st
M'Gregor John. 19 King st
Patersou Mrs. — , 27 Kirktouholm st
Slirrat Agnes, 15 King st
Adam .James. 77 Portland st
.irhnckle .Tohn, 75 King ^st
Barclay laaliella, 6 Waterloo at
Barr Arslnbald, Orookodhclra
Broadfoot George, 14 Bank st
Clark John, 2 Bank st
Co-operative Society, St Andi'ew efc
Craig AVm. 23 & 25 High Glencairn Bt
Currie Robert, 69 King st
Fleming John, 9 Cheapside
Gardiner GUbert, 35 High Glenoau-n st
Gibson David, IS St. Marnock st
Gibson John, 106>-3 King st
Hume Robert, Hurlford
Johnstone Sarah, 10 Low Glencairn st
Lauder David, 22 King st
Learmont Alexander, 9 & 11 Titchflold st
M'Farlane James, Kilmaurs
MacUie David, 10 W^est George st
M'Murtie David, Crosshouso
M'Queou David, 81 King st
M'Whirter Thomas, 6 Wellington st
Mather John A. 19 & 21 Portland st
Slon-ison Robert, 80 St. Andrew at
Muir Thomas, 76 Portland st
Rankin Marion, 6 Duke st
Sliields John, 36 High Glencairn st
Shields Robert, 21 High Glencairn st
Stewart Robert, 90 Titchflold st
Templeton John, 12 Titchfield st
v.'alker James, 12 Morton place
Wallace Robert, Riccarton
Bank of Scotlam) (Branch), 89 Portland st
—draws on the hcad'oiDca, Edinburgh,
E:mk of England, Contts A Co. London,
the Bank of Ireland, and the Provincial
Bank of . Ireland, Dublin, &c,— David
Bain, agent
British LiNSN Company (Branehi, 63 Port-
land st — draws on the head oihce, Edin-
burgh, the Bank of England, and Smith,
Payne & Smiths, London, and on the Bank
of Ireland, Dublin— Ebenezer Smith, agent
— See advertisement
Portland st — draws oa the head olEce,
Glasgow, Earnetts, Hoare & Co. London,
the Royal Bank of Ireland, Dublin, & the
Belfast Banking Co. Belfast — James
Taylor & James Connell, agents
Co:aiMti:iiciAL Bank of Scotland (Branch),
60 King st— draws on the parent bank,
Edinburgh, the London & Westminster
Bank, & Coutts & Co. London, and the
National Bank of Ireland, & the Hibernian
Bank, Dublin, & the Northern Banking
Co. Belfast— Messrs. Millar & Shaw, agents
— Sec advertisement
National Bank of Scotland (Branch), 23
King et— draws on Glyn, Mills, Currie &
Co. the Union Bank, & Coutts & Co. Lon-
don, the Ulster Banking Co. & the Belfast
Banking Co. Belfast '& Dublin, and the
Provincial Bank of Ireland, Dublin — Jamoa
Wilson, agent
Royal Bank of Scotland (Branch), 82 Port-
land st — draws on the head office, Edin-
burgh, London branch, the Ban \i of
England, Coutts & Co. London, the Bank
of Ireland, & the Belfast Banking
Co. — Robert Gumming agent— Scf advt
U:<i©N Bank of Scotland (Branch), Bank st
— draws on the head offices, Glasgow &
Edinburgh, Glyn, Mills, Currie & Co. Lon-
don, & on the Provincial Bank of Ireland,
Dublin, & the Belfast Banking Co. — R. &
D. C. Gairduer, agents
Satikgs Bank, at the Union Bank of Scot-
land, 82 Bank st (open every Monday and
Friday morning from nine to ten) — David
Lawrie, treasui'er ; Wiiham Cameron,
I Jaokson Hnnry, 8 Bank et
Epeace John, 10 Gresn st

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