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Taylor James, victuftller, 2 Wellington at; house, Dean Bank
Taylor James, farmer, JDali-eitk, Fenwick
Taylor James, farmer, Bitton, Riccarton
Taylor John, dairyman, Westwood
Taylor John, millwright, Kilmaurs
Taylor John, surgoou, Kilmaurs
Taylor John, cart'rtTiglit, Kilmaurs
Taylor John, farmer. Hill, Craigie
Taylor Margaret H. farmer, Greenside
Taylor Robert, farmer, Darwhilling, Fenwick
Taylor William, managing director, Glenfleld Iron Co. East Shaw
st; house, Leslie Villa, London road
Taylor William, spirit dealer, 10 Wellington st
Taylor William, farmer, Buistonend, KUmaurs
Taylor William, farmer. Little Hill, Craigio
Templeton and Scott, joiners and builders, 83
X>ortlatid st
Templeton David, hosier, 1 Titchfield st ; house, 22 West Notherton st
Templeton David, bootmaker, Kilmaurs
TempletoQ George, grain merchant (John Templeton and Soup),
22 South Hamilton st
Templeton Hugh, grocer, 70 Fore st ; house, 66 Hill st
Templeton Isabella, victualler, 48 Strand st
Templeton James, watch maker, Riccarton
Templeton James, joiner (Templeton & Scott), Kirktoilholm st
Templeton James, farmer, Yardside, Riccarton
Templeton Jane, victualler, 14 & 16 Dean st
Templeton John, baker, 12 Titchflold st [st
Templeton John, grain merchant (John Templeton & Sons),10 Clark
Templeton John, jun. grain merchant (John Templeton and Sous),
8 Portland road
Templeton John 4 Sons, grain and cheese merchants, Waterside
Templeton John, farmer, Meiklewood
Templeton Robert, draper. South Hamilton st
Templeton Robert, farmer. Brae Head
Templeton Robert, farmer, Midton, Craigie
Templeton WiUiam, farmer, Cauldhamo
Theatre, John Finnie st
Thomson Allan, railway inspector, 82 Kilmaurs road
Thomson Andi-ew, grocer, wine & spirit merchant & agent for J. &
R. Tennent, brewers, Olaiijon', 10 King st ; house, 87 TitohSeld st
Thomson Daniel, farmer, North Craig
Thomson David G. farmer, Meadowhead, Fenwick
Thomson J. & W. grain merchants, Waterside
Thomson James, victualler, Crookedholm
Thomson James, grain merchant, 7 Regent st; house, Maryfleld
Villa, Dundouald road
Thomson James, woollen manufacturer (James Thomson & Son),
Milburn House
Tboiuson Jaznes & Son, woollen manufactnrers.
1:^6 ICin^ st
Thomson James, plumber, 20 Waterloo st ; house, Kirktonholm at
Thomson Jane, victualler, 40 Park st
Thomson Jano, victualler, Fenwick
Thomson John, grocer it spirit dealer, 16 Robertson place
Thomson Juhn, grain merchant (J. & W. Thomson), Witch road
Thomson John, tinsmith, S6 Titchfield st
Thomson John, farmer, Kilmaurs
Thomson Mary, spirit dealer, 128 King st
Thomson Neil, woollen manufacturer f.
Milburn House
woollen manufacturer (James Thomson & Son),
Thomson Robert, worsted spinner (W. & M. Thomson), Crookedholm
Tliomson -wr. &. J. &, co. military forage cap,
Gleng-arry and Scotcb bonnet manufacturers,
1S&20 WeUington st ,
Thomson W. & M. worsted spinners, Crookedholm [Dean st
Thomson William, hatier (W. Thomson & SonJ, 1 Bowring place,
Thomson William, haberdasher(Thom6ons Bros.), Brougham place
Thomson William, grain merchant (J. & W. Thomson), 8 North
Hamilton st
Thomson William, grocer & spirit dealer, Riccarton
Thomson William, farmer, Kilmaurs
Thomson William, farmer, Sliderybraes
Thomson WiUiam & Son, hatters, S9 King st
Thomsons Brothers, haberdashers, 26 King st
Tierney Patrick, spirit dealer, 20 Bank st
Todd Hugh, farmer, Windjedge, Kilmaurs
Todd Margaret, milliner, 27 Robertson place
Torrance Alexander, confectioner, 80 & 8'
house, 17 Titchfield st
Torrance & Stevenson, solicitors, 99 King st
Torrance John, solicitor (Torrance & Stevenson), Dundonald road
Torrance Thomas, boot & shoe maker, 8 Portland st: house,
Town Clerks' Office, King st-Alei. & James Hamilton, town clerks
Turnbull John, boot & shoe maker, 4S Portland st : house, Bowring
plaee. Dean st » > &
TnrnbuU John P. bonnet manufacturer, St. Andrew st; house, 7
Kirktonholm st i > ■
Turner it E wing, wine & spirit merchants and soda water manu-
facturers. &c. 10 Mill lane
Turner Frederick J. factor to tho Duke of Portland, Brae head;
house. The Dean ,,,.,„,
"'oodDavid, joiner, Boyd st; house, Clark st
[agents ■"'--•» -^^ .._■..___„
High Glencairn st;
Walker Margaret, George Hotel, Portland st
Walker WiUiam, wood merchant & joiner, Hurlford
Wallace A Howie, farmers. East Mosa Side, Riccarton
Wallace James, builder, 23 Portland road
Wallace James, farmer, Kilmaurs
Wallace James, pawnbroker, 18 Oheapsido; house, 9 Bentinok st
Wallace Janet, milliner & dressmaker, Riccarton
Wallace John, tobacco manufacturer, SH King st; house, Clark ter
Wallace John, farmer. Moss Side, Riocarton
Wallace John, farmer, Fairfield
Wallace Robert, farmer, Balgray, Riccarton
Wallace Robert, farmer, Hareshaw Mill, Fenwick
Wallace Robert, farmer, DrumUehill, Hurlford
Wallace Robert, baker, Riccarton
Wallace Robert & Jame«, farmers, Barleith, Riccarton
Wallace Robert & Son. farmers, Mid CoUary, Fenwick
Wallace William, cow keeper, 25 Back lane
Wallace William, tobacconist, 16 West George st [keth park
Wallace William, grocer (WiUiam Wallace & Co.), Carstairs, -Haw-
Wallace William, spirit dealer & pattern designer, 8 London road
WaUace William & Co. grocers & wine & spirit merchants, ES
Portland st
WaUs Robert, farmer, Easthillhouse, Riccarton
Walsh James, hairdresser, 31 Fore st
Wardrop John L. farmer. West PokeUy, Fenwick
Water Company's Office, 6 Mill lane— Robert Blackwood, manager
Watson John, farmer. Little Moss Side, Craigie
Watson John, manufacturer (Cuthbertson & Taylor), Wallace bank
Watson John & Co. Scotch tweed manufacturers, 46 Bank st
Watson John & Son, engineers. West Netherton
Watt Alexander, farmer, Greenlaw, Fenwick
Watt Hugh, farmer. Berry hill
Watt Magdalene, victualler, 24 Robertson place
Watt Matthew, victualler & post master, Fenwick
W,augh & Broadfoot, accountants & house factors, 10 Portland st
Waugh Thomas, accountant (Waugh & Broadfoot), Hunter hill
John Finnie st [Boyd st
Weir James, tobacco manufacturer (William Mitchell & Cof) 31
Weir James, boot maker, Crosshouse '
Weir Johnston, victualler, 55 Fore st
Welsh David, farmer, Laigh Arness, Fenwick
West of Englandlnsurance Co.— Smith* WaUace, 11 Kingst.ageata
Whmnie James, blacksmith, John Finnie st ; house, 11 West Nether-
ton street
White James, victualler, 43 & 44 High st
White John, farmer. Dykes Croft
White Robert, farmer. East Raws
Wliittford James, farmer, Braehead, Kilmaurs
Wight & Sawer, tailors. Queen st
Wight Hugh, tailor (Wight & Sawer), Hope Cottage,NorthHamllton st
Wight Maggie, confectioner, 8 St Blarnock st
Willison George, superintendent of burgh police, Market bridge "
Willock John, farmer, Knowehead, Riccarton
Willock William, chemist, 62 King st ; house, 56 King st
Wilson Andrew, grocer, 101 Titchfield st
Wilson Andrew, victualler, 10 High Glencairn st
Wilson Charles, farmer. High Wardneuk, Craigio
Wilson David, blacksmith, Kilmaurs
Wilson, Harvey & M'Gregor, print cutters, Bentinok st
Wilson Hugh, miner (Caprington Co.). Coal Depot, Riocarton
Wilson Hugh, carpet manufacturer (Hugh Wilson & Sons), London
w-?'"' ,1 , , . . [Grange st
Wilson Hugh, jun. carpet manufacturer (Hugh Wilson & Sons), 16
■Wilson Hugh &. Sons, carpet manufacturers and
worsted and yarn spinners, 28 Grang-e street and
ItSenford lane
Wilson James, carpet manufacturer (Hugh Wilson & Sons), Dun-
donald road
Wilson James, spirit dealer, 1 Mill lane
Wilson James, farmer, Blair, Hurlford
Wilson James, farmer, Kilmaurs
Wilson James, farmer. South Glassock, Fenwick
WUson James, agent for National Bank of Scotland, landsvaluetion,
property and income tax assessor for the district of Cunninghamo,
and rate collector, &e. 29 Kmg st. and Market lane : house, Shaw
Bank House
Wilson John, traveUing draper, 16 Clark st
Wilson John, saddler, Duke st; house, London road
Wilson John, potato merchant, John Finnie st; house, Henrietta it
Wilson John, victuaUer, 20 Low Glencairn st
Wilson John, farmer. Assies
WHsou John, farmer, Kilmaurs
Wilson John Mack, draper, 2 Titchfield st; house, 9 Prinoea st
Wilson Joseph, print cutter (Wilson, Harvey & M'GroKor). Kirk-
tonholm street
Wilson Matthew, spirit dealer, Crookedholm
Wilson Thomas, Mechanics' Tavern, 10 West Langlands st
Wilson W. HamUton & Carruthers, writers. Market lane
Wilson WilUam, grocer & spirit dealer, 125 King st; house, 12 St.
Andrew at
Wilson William, manager, 8 India st
Wilson WilUam, viotuaUer, 27 & 29 Low Glencairn et
Wilson WiUiam, farmer, Kilmam's
Wishart & Reyburn, cabinet makers, 25 Croft st
ULLRICH John, VictuaUer, 18 High st ,»„ci
Union Bank of Scotland (Branch), Bank Bt-R. & D. C. Gairdn.
'^°L'''l?.l'-"'8dom Temperance Insurance Co.— John Brown & Sc
87 King st
WALKER Alexander, wine & spirit merchant (John Walker &
Sons;, Piers Mount, London road
Walker James, baker, 10 Morton place
Walker Jessie, spirit dealer, 5 St. Marnock st
Walker John & Sous, wine & spirit merchants, &o. 16 Portland st.
and London
Wood Thomas, VictuaUer, 67 Low Glencairn at ; house. 88 Camn-
bell St. Riccarton ^
Woodburn Hugh, farmer, Annandale, Kilmaurs
Woodburn James, farmer, Shaw's Mill
Woodburn John, farmer, Ralston hill
Woodrow WiUiam, bonnet manufacturer, Kilmaurs
Wright Brothers, fishmongers, 60 Portland st. and Irvine
Wright John, fishmonger (Wright Brothers), Park Cottage, Park la
Wright Robert, blacksmith, Riccarton s i «« ■»
Wylie Alexander cS; Co. bonnet manufacturers, Dundonald road

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