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JVlLBrRNIE,or Eilbirnt, is a populous viUnge in that parish, ancient, as well as the most stately ruins in AyrsTiire; it is supposed
^ '. . ,. .. . . ^.. . , «. _ ' to have been the icsiileuco or the once lamed family ot Be Muiv;Ue,
which flourished in great spli^ndour during the reit;us of Alexander
I., David I., Malcolm IV., and William the Lion; they held the high
office of coustable of Scotland, ami were lords of Galloway and
C mniughanie. There likewise exists the extensive ruins of tha
old house of Kilhiruie, long the residence of the ancient family of
Crawlord, of Kiibirnie. Some time after the death of Gtorge, late
Earl of Crawford, a person came from Ireland, calling himseif John
■ ' ' .... 1 ^1- - I---- i^Q^Q iQ tijg title and
Glen- I Lindsay Crawford, and assuming to be the heir male to tj
ure of I estates; this claim excited a great sensation in the <
district of Cunnifghame, 6i miles w. by s. from Edinburgh, 2.J s.s.w,
of Glasgow, til J like distiince n. of Ayr, and 3 I'rom Beiih; eligibly
situated on the banks of the Garnock, in the heart of aiiue country,
and within a mile of the ioch of Kilbirny, which ttxtends two miles
in lenglh by hali; a mile in breadth. The importance of Ihis village
has been greatly augmented by the cstablisliment of three extensive
mills for the spinning of flax and tho manufacture of linen thread,
■worked by the Messrs. W. & J. Knox. Branches of the City of Glas
gow and the Ch'desdale Banking Co. are establislied liere. Glen^ . „ - .- ■ i.i * .■
garuocklron Works is an extensive concern, for the manufacture of I estates; this claim e>:cited a great sensation in the country lor
pig iron, situated about a mile and a quarter to the south-cast of ' several years; but the pretender being convicted of vitiatiDg
Kilbiniie. These wo.ks, which employ abou'. two thousand I "written evidence, in support of his assumption, was transported to
persfius, including those engaged in raising for the use of the furu- Botuny Bay for seven years. Upon bis return, however, he renewed
ac :'S, are superinten led by Mr. Archibahl Grav, the acting manager. | his demands, and a sociely of noblemen and gentlemen in London
The workmen inhabit a newly-erected village", and are convenhmtly (assisted him; but, alter a mmnte and careful investigation, the
supolied -with the necessaries required tmm a store, at market ; claim was decided to be uufuundod, and was consequently aban-
priccs. A large number of hands are also emploved at the factury doned. At the present time, the estates of Kilbirnie iirc possessed
of M (ssrs. Paton & Co. near to thj Kilbiniie Eailwav Station, mauu- '■ by the Earl of Glasgow. Congregations ol tho Est;iblishca church,
fj^cturers of wincevs, flannel yhirtings, skirtings, Ac. Kilbirnie is ' 'he Frse church, Keforraed Prosbylerian, United Presbyienan, and
also noted for its manufacture of fishing nt-ts, by machinery, live | Roman Catholic, have their respective temple^ for wurslup. The
firms being now engaged in this trade. There ai-e also two rupe parish of Kilbirnie compnses lU,33o acres, and had. in 1871, a popu-
■works. lation of 4,953 persous, of this number tho village contained 3,313.
The old castle of Glengarnock is perhaps one of the most
POST OFE'ICE, Bank street, Kilbiunie, Eobert Wenzies, Pest Master.— 'LeltcTS from Glasgow. Paisley, Kilmarnock and all
parts arrive at a quartei- l)eforG niuo mornii'g; from Glasgow and North of Scotland at half-past three afternoon and six evening; and
are despatched tu Gliisgow and all parts at twenty-five minutes past eleven morning; to Glasgow and all parts of Scotland at twenty
minutrs past two afternoon; to Paisley and all parts of Scotland and Ireland at five minutes past five afternoon; to England, Ireland,
Scotland, and all parts at tive minutes past seven evening.
Money Order and Telegraph Office and Savings Banlc.
Post Office, Glengarnock, John Mackie, Post Master.— LetUvs Irona Paisley and all parts of Scotland arrive at seven morning;
from Glasgow and all parts of Scotland at five minutes belore ci^-ht moining; from Kilmarnock, England and all pnrts at ten minutes
past eight morning; ficm Glasgow and all ]);irts at half-past five evening; and are dtbpalthed to 61asgC:-w and all parts of Scotland at
twelve noon; to Paisley at six evening; and to Kilmarnock, England and all paits at half-past seven evening.
Money Order and Telegraph Office and Savings hank.
Alexander John, Esq. Main st
Allan John, Esq. J. p. Hillhead
Davidson Rev. Alexander, R. P. Manse
Jamieson William, Esq. Ladeside
Kerr Hugh, Esq. West Mains
Knox George, Esq. of Knoxville
Knox James, Esq. j.p. River side
Knox Robe t William, Esq Moor Park
M'Donald Rev. Hugh. Newton
Miller Rev. William G. Glengarnock
Orr Rev. John, Manse
Paton Al'-x. Esq. Garnock Holme House
Patrick Mrs. Agnes, Ladyliank
Spence Rev. Samuel, Free Church Manse
Walker Mrs. Janet, Fern Bank
Bridgend Pltbltc schooi,— Daniel Ballan-
tyne, master; Eliz. M'Donald, mistress
Female Industrial School, Newton-
Elizabeth Douglas, mistress
Glengarnock Iron Works Public School
—John Wilson, master; Sarah Logan,
Ladyland Pdehc School, Scliool road-
John Fulton, master; Mary Servica,
Gilmour James (for the Allan Line of Steam
Packets) Newton
Menzies Robert (for the Allan Line of
Steamers), Bank st
Thomson Robert (tor the Phoenix Dyeing
Co. Glasgow), Main st
Crawford James, Bridge st
Dick William, Main st
Kennedy Jean, iVIain st
Kilpfltrick John, Main sfc
Shedden James. Glasgow st
Walker James, Bridge st
City of Glasgow Bauk (Branch), Main st
— draws on the London Joint Stock Bank.
Londoj; on the Bank of Ireland, and the
Provincial Bank of Ireland, Dublin; on
the Twister Banking Co. Belfast; on the
Manchester and Liverpool District Bank,
and the Manchester and Salford BanU,
Manchester — John .llexiinder, agent; Wm.
R. Farquharson. sub agent
CLYDTiSDALiz B ANK 'Branclr). Main st— draws
on Barnetts. Iloare & Co. London ; on tlie
the Royal Bank of Ireland, Dublin; the
Be'fast Bankiny Co. Belfast; the Union
Bank, Manchester; and the Union Bank,
Liverpool — James Aitken, agsnt
Russell Andrew, Dennyholm st
Thouisnn John, JEain st
Anderson William, Cochrane st
Barclay Robert, School wynd
Horneil James (dealer), Burnside
Merrie William, Main st
Smith James. Main st
Thorburn John, Main st
Wilson Robert, Main st
Barclay James, Main st
Barclay John, Bridge st
Graham Robert, Co-dirane st. and Dairy
MnirNoil, Cochrane st
Davidson Andrew, Burnside
Donaldson Mary, Bank s. ,
Ewen Thomas, Glasgow st
Fotheriugham Francis, Bridge st
Kerr Peter, Glengarnock
Lang Anji, Bridge st
Martin William, Towuhead
Muir Niniai., Main st
Murdoch John, School wynd
Ritchie Robert, Gleogirnock
Watson Joim, Main st
Merry & Cuninghame, Glentrarnock
Robinson William (merchant), Kilbirnie
UJ^~ — I =
Steel Elizabeth, Bridge st
Whitelaw James, Main st
Kerr Kobert &, Sons (and makers
of wood worltiogr macliineryi,
Finnic John, Fudstone
Fleming Archibald, Rashlieyett
Fulton Adara, Balgray
Fyfe James, HolehousQ
Fyfe William, Place
Glen James, Wallace
Gonagal Alexander, Avilhill
GrahAui Dugald, Piiddockholm
Greig Robert, East Mains
Howie Ja nes, Milton
Jamieson William, Ch.apeltoa
[ Jamieson William, I/adeslde
! Kennedy David, Baillieston
i Kennedy Robert & David, Plan and GIen"
I garnock Moor
' Kerr Hiigh, West Manse
' Kerr Hugh, Auchencloicli
■ KetT John, Newhmse, Holmes &Tcnnoi
i KeL-r John, Blackburn
Kerr Robert, Greenridge
Kerr Robert, Lochend
'■ K3rr William, Mossend
ICnox G,eorgp, Nether Mill
Knox James, Pi.edheugh
Knox Robert William, Moor Park
Laird Jnhu, Barr hill
Logan James, North Stnneyholm
Logan Robert. Connelstone
L'^gan Ri-'bert & William, Boag
M' josh William, Kaimhill
Miller Agues, Watliestone
Montgomery Agnes, Whiteriddeii
Nisbet Gavin, Langlaods
Orr Hugh, Low Glengarth
OiT Janies, Gateside
Orr Elizabeth, West Lochridgo
Paton James, Causewayfoot
Peebles John, Burnside
Peebles William, Dykes
Stirrat Alexander, High Glengarth
Stirrat Hu:^di, Bankside
Stirrat Willium, East Lrtchridge
W^alker Hugh, Holmbeadpart
AVatson Neil, Aui^heuhuive
W^att John, Bashaw
Wilson Robert, Birtlebrg
Young James, Auchenhuiva
Auclienuree "Works, ZCilbirnie, EDiNBURGH_(Ufe)— John Fyfe, Main st
Allan John. Hilmhcad
Allan John, Hillhead
Barclay George, South Stoneyholm
Barclay Ja.net, Gierstun
Caldwell Joliii, ParUfoot
Cicraent Robert, Cauldgrccn
C icbrane Af^nes, Ladvland
Craig Robert, Cocks one
Crawford John, Baukside
1-1 ,
Grneral— David Simpson, Kilbirnie station
Northern— Robert Thomson, Main st
Scottish C >mmercial — James Aitken,
Clydesdale Bank, Main st
Scottish NATioKAL—James Gilmour, New-
ton— See advertisement
ScHTTisii PRoviNXiAr, — James Aitken,
Clydcidale Bank. Main st
Ecoi'T 83 Un on-JgIui Alexander, City of
Ghi'^g iw Bank— Skc ndfcrliscmmf.
Scottish Widows' Fund (life)— William R.
Farquha-snii, City of Glasgow Bank— ice
Staff 03DSHILE (flre)— John Fyfe, Main st

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