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POST OFFICE, Bank street, InviNE, James Gilmonr, Post Master.
Letters arrive from all parts at a quarter before seven morning.
Prom England and Sontli of Scotland, at twenty minutes past nine morning
From Scotland and Local, at a quarter before seven evening.
Letters are despatched to Ediuburyb, Glasgow and South of Scotland, at eleven mommg.
To Glasgow, (ireeuocU, Paisley, London and the Soutli, at two afternoon.
To Kilmarnock, Ayr, Troon, North of Scotland, and North of Ireland, at five atternooa.
To Engl'nd, Ireland, and all parts, at twenty minutes before eight evening.
To Edinburgh, Glasgow, .and North of Scotland, at nine evening.
To Ardi-ossau, Saltcoats, Kilwinning, and Stcvenston, at ten evuning.
Sundays— England, L-eland, and all parts, at five minutes before eifibt evening.
Money Order and Telegraph Office and Savings Bank open from nine morning till six evening.
Post OfQce, Dreghorn, Ann Manson, Post Ifisl? ess.— Ltitirs arrive Ifrom Irvine) at five minutes 1 elore eight mornirg, and
from the South at ten minutes past eight morning, and are despatched to Glasgow and South at twenty minutes past four after-
noon, Irvine and neighbourhood at twenty-five minutes past tiv. , and to ;iie Nurth at twenty-five minutes past nine evening.
Money Order O^ce aiui Savings Bank.
M'Kinlay Mr. William, Caldwell Villa, Kil-
Alexander Hugh, Esq. Woodbuxn Oottage. , ^-jj'^n^lf Jj",!^! j,^^,,^^, ^ „ p^,,^^,„„
Air'„„„-?r,.. T„„o* wot„,.=;,i„ , Marr Mr. James N. Suggiu hank
i'^MrtfaSe'sS^^to'tJu^^ehill ' 'J--""'T->f ^,?-f-'f ^:;*.'"''°°'''^^'
Balsillie Mr. Balfour, Burns st » '''-"i' R"/ J' "'^»' "*. ^,'.';7'V"i™„
Balsillie Mr. WiUiam, 12 Burns st M°"'"T''";?^''-,r;' , t „nS . ?
lrirM'^s-^-;'?^ar;^£^e^trn ^H^l^'^^^^b^^^^^S^.se
1 a" k Ss i zahe^h" Sl^kgate 0-nmore the Ri^" Hon Lord, Bourtreehill
Boyd Mrs. Eli/.a, U Eglinton st ^'y "'• I\"S''' % '^"?«''"n?H,vb »f
Bo -d Mr. Hugh,'Hill Cottage, Kirkgate head ^^ Z/'^™ ■'it/bdH^'ia BridgS?te
Bovd John S.Esq.Egidia Villa, Kilwinningrd ^"» .''^;?^ Isabella, ..J Burtgeg,it6
Bnvd Mr Samnel Onav Paulm George, Esq. 2d kn-l<gate
iSJle CaptaJS Dav\'d"¥hewalton : Porteons Mrs,-, Ravcnspa.k House
Brown Gi orge, Esq. Biirnside, Kilwinningrd
Brown John, Esq. Georgeville, Kilwinningrd
Brown Mr. William, New st
Campbell Jaraes Arthur, Esq. 90 High st
Cbalraers Mr. Robert, Scgjiin bank
Christie William, Esq. Sl'KirUgate
Clark Mr. Thomas, Campbelllield Cottage,
Kilwinning road [Percetou
Conuel Rev. John. Free Church Manse,
Cowan Mr. James, East Back road
Cunningham Mr. Andrew, 83 High st
Devitt Mrs. Letilia, 2 CasUe st
Dick Mrs. Jessie, 8 Hill st
Dickie James, Esq. 23 Hi-h st i
Dickie Mr. Matthew, Rpringlield
Douglas Mrs. Elizabeth. Clyde view I
Drummond Mr. John, WatPrside
Dunlop Mr. James, 4 Hill st
Dunlop Robert, Esq. Allison !
Dunlop Miss Teresa, Kirkgate [Waterside
Dunn Mr. Hugh, River Bank Ciittages,
Ralston Mrs. Margaret, of AVarwicIi hill
Reid Rev. Henry, si.a. United Presbyterian
Manse, Burns st
Reid Robert, Esq. Balgi-ay
Robertson Miss Mary, South Georgeville,
Kilwinning road
Robertson Rev. William B. D,D. United
Presbyterian Manse, Kilwinning road
Rose Mrs. Jessie, Ivy Bank
Samson Mr. Alex, m! Jane VilLi, Watevside
Samson Mr. C has. Laurel Bank, Kilwinningrd
Shingle Rev. Samuel, Towuhead
Skeock Mrs Mary, 82 High st
Soinmervillo Rev. Janieh, Manse
Stewart Mr. Andrew N. View Bank Villa,
Stcw,ii-t James, Esq. j.p. (factor to the Earl
of Eglintonand Win1on),HtathfJeld.House
Stewart Mr. Wm. A. Hamil Hill Cottage
Stobo Miss Janet, Loudon st
Thomson Mr. William, Bauk st
Anderson Alexander (for tha Shivwroclted
Mariners' Society, and A. Fiuuio ^ rJuJi,
coal masters), Quay
Davidson James A. (for the Home Washer,
and for Sinton's patent clmrns). High st
Fullarton John (for Glcngarnoclt Iron Works,
and J & M. Craig, Fire ClayWorks.ffi^mar-
Hock), Quay
Goudie James (for Younger & Co. brewers &
Campbeltown whisky distillers), 78 High st
Longmuir Alexander & Co. (for Goulding's
manures). Bank st
M'Gillivray James (for Raggett & Sons,
brewers), 72 High st
M'Gregor John (to the Plann Colliery and
Fire Clay Works), Quay
Reid William & Co. (for Paterson & Son,
pianoforte and music sellers), High st
Smith Jobu (for Bourtreebill Coal Co.), Quay
YuiUe John & Son (for the Allan Line at
Steam Pack, ts), High st
Gou lie James, 78 High st
Wharrie John, Fullarton st
Wright John, 14 Hill st
Eglinton & Winfon the Right Hon. the Earl Urqnhar M;ss Elizabeth High st
of, Eglinton Castle w^r^'"'M^^'\'r'^''T ^^"o^^ k 1 1
Ferguson Mr. Daniel John, Marine Villa, Walker Miss Mary Ann 32 Kirkgate
W^iterside Warren Patrick, Esq. ot Ardeer
FimhayJames, Esq. Cherry Bank. Dreghom Watson WiUiam R. Esq. 1)8 High st
Findlay Mrs. Janet, East Back road , l^.Y'' i']^'\}^^'i- \^-^- ^^i ^ • r n^^'f*'''
Fisher M:s. James, Meadow Villa J.!^"" ^^^ Miss .'s Agnes &Jenme,FuUarton
Fowlds the Misses -. 35 Bridgegate Sr^""" ?,^''Vx?',''' ' ^;;"«^|. Waterside
Fowler Mrs. A. 27a High st " "^ ^^l^o" ^Jr. WiUnim, 10 Eg inton st
Fullarton Mrs. Margaret, Myrtle Cottage, ' ^'-^^ ??'''^ n^'",^''-^' ^.i^ii ^^ i
w^.toreiri^ Wright Mrs. Catherine, Fullarton plftco
vvacersiae I -^y^j ^^^ ^^, j^^^ Seggin bank
Brown Hugh, 40 High st
Parker John, 43 High st
Gemmill Miss EUen.Willow Bank
Gilkison Miss Jessie, 77 High st
Gill Mr. Thoipas, Waterside
Gillies Mr. David, West Back road
Gilmour Alexander, Esq. Annheld
Gilmonr Mr. John, High st
Grny Mr. David. 41 High st
Hall Mr. John, Seggin bank
Hamilton Mr. Alexander, Annick Bank
Hamilton Miss Ann, W- terside
Hami.ton Mr. James. Dunlop Cottage
Hamilton John, Esq. Hamillieid,Kil winning rd
Hamilton Mr. Juhn. Waterside
Hendt-Tsou Robert, Esq. j.p. Castle Park
Henderson William, Esq. Wiiliamtield, Kil-
winning road
Highet Mr. H. Macgrcgor, 72 High st
Hojy .Mr. John G. Slarytield, Burns st
Hogarth Mrs. Ann, Fullarton st
Holmes Miss Ann C. Bower Lodge, Waterside
Hunter Mr. Jamis, Dregborn
Jatfrey Rev. John F. To^nbead
Johnston Miss Ellen, Rose Bank Cottage
Johnston Mrs. Jane. Eglinton st
Johnston Peter, Esq. High st
Keane Rev. Thomas, West Back road
Kerr Mr. Richard. Cunningham HeadHouse
Lang Mr. James, Kirkgate
Lindsay Jlr. John Boyle, Waterside
Logan Mrs. Helen, Friar's croft
Longimiir Alexander, Esq. j.p. 81 High st
Longmuir John, Esq. j.p. (of Roseholm),
Bank st
Longwill Mrs. Ann. 15 Bridgegate
Lov Mrs. Catherine, Jleadow Cottage
Mac'iub-'y Rev. Robert S. Free Church Manse, '
24 Kirk'^ate |
Maciic Miss Shaw, Rose Villa j
Mackey Mr. James, Bank st i
M'Jaunet Mr. .\rchib!ild C. 4 Eglinton st \
M-Jan;iet William. Esq. j.p. 17 Ilig'i st ■
M'Jaanet WLllIam D. Esq. 80 High st \
Jd'Kenzie Mrs. Elizabeth, 4 Castle st )
Anderson John, Dreghorn
Boyle Edward, 2S High st
Bruce Matthew, Halfway
Clark John, Kirkgate
Crawford John, 15 Bridgegate
Fulton Alexander, Halfway
Gait David, 34 High st
Kirkbind Archibald, 42 High st
, , _^^_._ M'Lauchlan James, Halfway
Wright Mr. Matthew^Wood Park Cottage, Maitland David J. 37 High st
Wyllie James, Esq. j.p. West Back road
Young Mr. John, Townhead
Young John H. Esq. j.p. Milgarholm
Miller Thomas, 0" Hi-h st
I Ronald William, 10 High st
i Rowait Mary Ann, 79 High st
Bell's School, Fullarton— John K.
British Linen Co. (Branch), High st—
draws on Smith, Payne & Smiths, and
^,. ^ , , . , ^^^'i Bank of Euglnud. Loudon, and the Bank
gusou. master; Miss Johnstone, mistress of Ireland, Dublin— Wilham M'Junnet
Board Schools:— | asout— See adveriisemcnt
Dreghorn— James Mair, master; Jessie Clydesdale Bankino Co. (Branch) High
Mail-, mistress > st-draws on Bainetts, Hoare oi cJ. Lon-
Bauk street— William I\ritchell, master; I don ; the Royal Bank of Ireland Dnb.in-
Annie Wilson, mistress | and the Belfast Banking Co. Belfast-
Cross roads— James Wills, master; Annie Alexander Longmuir, a;^ent
Wilis mistress Royal Bank of Scotland '(Branch) Hich
Springside — Hamilton Main, mastery st— draws on IheBankof England andon
Janet Hamilton, mistress CouUs ik. Co. London, and on the Bank of
Free Church School. Louilon st— Robert . Ireland, Dublin— David Gray, agent— 5ee
Selkirk, master; Annie Wilson, mistress i alvertisemcnt
Free Church School, Perceton-WaUiam ! Union Bank of Scotland (Branch) avh
M'llwraith. master st— draws on Glvn, Mills, Currie '& Co
Gillies the Misses and Mrs. Wilson, High st | London ; Provincial Bank of Ireland Dub°
Irvine Academy: —
Master in Hebrew, Latin, Greek, Modern
Languages and Geography — George Pau-
^lin, rector
Masier in English Reading, Grammar and
i 'ovipusition^ Adam Sutherland
Master in Arithmetic^ Bookkeeping, Navi-
gation and Drawing — John Thomson
Irvin'k Public & Industrial School, East
Back road— Alexander Lumsden, master ;
Jane Dale, mistress
Patan t^e ESisses — ! boarding-, &,
te.ieiLars oT music, flra^i^zing-,
FrmnoTi, paiistizair, i."aney work
aHCi Ga'i:;/e'SS33anJ£ House, 2*:*S32£
Street, Zrvine
• i-i
lin ; .and tbc Belfast Banking Co. Btifast
— John Patersnn, agent
Savings B.vnk, Union Eanli, High st— open
every Monday morning from nine till ten
— John Paterson, treasurer
Cocltburn William, Hve^liorn
Dickie George, Quarry lane
L^yet A''esan(ler. Quay
Fullarton Iron Co. Li'mitcO, Peter st—Jame
Hyslop. nianaiter
M'D'ougal Maleolni, Quay
Wallace Roh.n't. Cross roaia
Wilson David, Townhead

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