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Ireland. The places of worship are as follows, viz : — two churches
of the EstabUsljiuent, one for United Fresbyteriana, a Free church,
and one each for Episcopalians, Roman Catholics, and Wealeyan
Methodists. The Episcopa iau church is a neat structure of Gothic
architectui'C ; the interior is beautifully decorated; it has also a
very commanding pulpit, and was erected at a cost of eleven
hundred pounds. To the parochial school, which is now under a
Parish School Board, a valuable donation was made by the late
Mrs. Crawford, of Ardmillan, ^vho left the interest of ^1,000 for ever
to the teachers, for the education of forty childi-en, subject only to
the deduction of two guineas, to be distributed in small prizes
POST 03mCE, Dalrymple Street, John M'Kenna, Post Master.— hetters arrive from all parts (from A3T) at half-past six
morning; England and Glat^gow at half-past ten morning, and Glasgow, Ayr and Maybole at thirty-two minutes past foiu' afternoon,
and are despatched to Ballantrae, Cobnonell, Barr, Barr Hill and Deljanoch at fifty-live minutes past six morning; to Maybole, Ayr and
Glasgow at half-past twelve afternoon ; to Ayr, Glasgow, England and Ireland at twenty-five minutes past five afternoon; and to May-
bole, Ayi', Glasgow and Kilmarnock at forty-five minutes past eight evening
amongst the pupils. The same munificent lady left also the interest
of £1,000, of which £12 are given to the precentor of the church, for
the instruction of ten of the childi'en in sacred music, and the balance
to be divided among the poor householders not receiving parochial
relief. There are also two other schools here under the Borough
School Board, one of which was built in 1S75, at a cost of £3.500, for
550 scholars. A market, chiefly for grain, is held on Monday ; and
the fairs are ou the first Mondays of April and October, for stock,
liiring servants, and general business. Population of Girvan, ia
1871, 4,791, and of the parish, 5,685.
Moncij Order and Telegraph Ojfice and Savings Bank.
Alexander Mr. Tliomas, Knockushion st
Andrews David, Esti- Dalrymplc st
BaUantine Mrs. Eliza, High st
Eallantine Robert, Esq. j.p. High st
Brown Rev. William, Dalrymple st
Buchanan Mr. James, Rose Villa
Corson Rev. William, the Manse
Crauford the Hon. Mrs.—, Ardmillan House
Crawford Miss Helen, The Avenue
Cunningham Robert, Esq. j.p. Woodlands
Davidson Mrs. Margaret, Dalrymple st
Donald Rev. Andrew T. Henrietta st
Ferguson Mr. James, Sunuyside
Forsyth Mr. Vv'illiam, Hamilton st
Gallacher Rev. W. R. the Manse
Grange Mrs. Jessie, Montgomery st
Hamilton Captain Hugh, j.p. Pinmore
Hannah Miss Anne, Dalrymple st
Hart Mr. Andrew, Potter hill Villa
Inglis Robert, Esq. j.p. Loveston
Jackson Mr. William, Henrietta st
Kerr Jolm, Esq. Trochrague
Lamb Mr. Robert, Thistle Bank, Do'O'nburn
M'Glure Mr. James, Harbour st
M'Clymont Mr. Archibald, High st
M'Connell the Misses Johanna & Jessie,
Henrietta st
M'Cracken John, Esq. j.p. Sea Bank Cottage
MacKenna Mr. James, the Avenue
MacLimont John, Esq. Hamilton st
M'Master the Misses — , Mansfield House
M'Naughtou Mrs. Agnes. Ailsa Cottage
Martin Alexander, Esq. Dalrymple st
Murray Mr. William, Hamilton st
NivenMiss Elizabeth, Hamilton st
O'Shaughnessy Rev. Wihiam, Greenside
Ritchie Miss Elizabeth, Shalloch
Boss Mr. John Bodan, Balloch Cottage
Rowan Miss Margaret, Craig in Vue
Stillie Rev. John, the Avenue
Thomson Mr. Hugh, Indiana Cottage
Valentine Mr. George, m.d. Carrou Cottage
Webster Rev. Gordon. Henrietta st
Youug John George, Esq. j.p. Glendoune
Board Schools:—
Borough, Henrietta st— John C. Campbell,
head mastc]'; Kenneth Mathiesou, second
master; Catherine Eergusou, mistress
Doune, Doune Park— Jas. Thomson, mastr
Parochial & Gratoiar School — Robert
Marshall, master
Graham John, Montgomerie st
Goudie James, JIuntgomerie st
M'Broom David, Dalrymple st
M'DougaU Thomas, D'alrymple st
M'Garva James, Montgomerie st
M'Quaker Joseph, Dalrymple st
Marked thus '^ are Coal Agents.
*Aitken James, Bridge st
*Cunningham Richard, Bridge st
■^Kerr James D. Railway Station
^M'Broom David, Dah-ymple st
M'CaaMatthew(for Singer's sewing machines),
Dalrymple st
M'Connell William (commission), High st
♦M'Creadie Thomas, Dalrymple st
M*Ghie John (house), Hanijlton st
Dickie John, Bridge st
Hearton John, High st
Howie William, Dalrymple st
Kelly John, Hamilton st
M'Houall Kennedy, Dali^mpla st
M'Morland Alexander, Doune Park
I Muir William, Dah-ymplc st
I Rennison John, Bridge st
British Linen Co. Bank (Branch)
on head office, Edinburgh and branches,
Smith, Payne, & Smiths, and Bank of
England, London — James MacKenna,
agent ; Alexander Thomson, accountant —
See advertisement . ^
City of Glasgow Bank (Branch)— draws on Hendric George Y. Laggan & Dalfask
the head office, Glasgow, and branches; the \ Hunter James, Barbae
London Joint-Stock Co. London; Bank j Jack Robert, Houdstoii
of Ireland, Dublin; and Ulster Banking Co. ] M'Call Bryce, Brockneil
Belfast— Robert Cunningham, agent; John I M'Cracken John, Ardwell
Clark William, Pinmerry
Cowan William, Pinmacher
Cunningham Robert, Woodland
Dickie Hugh, Bridge Mill
Duulop James, Brae
Dunlop Robert, Robstone & TroUden
Dunlop Rubert &. David, Maclachi-iston
Graham Gilbert, Ealceachy
Hannah Hugh, Enoch & Drumranny
Hannah John (heirs of), Girvan mains
Hannah WiUiam, Dupin
Headley James, Kilpatrick
Menzie, accountant
Commercial Bank uf Scotland (Branch) —
draws on the head office, Edinburgh, and
branches; and the London & Westminster
Bank, London — William Murray, agent ;
John Dodds, accountant — See advertisement
National Bank of Scutland (Branch)—
draws ou the head offices, Edinburgh and
Glasgow, and upon Glyn, Mills, Currie &
Co. London — Alexander Martin, agent;
Hugh O. M'Clymuut, accoimtant
Royal Bank of Scotland (Branch)- draws
upon the head office,Edinbuigh,Oi: branches;
and on Coutts & Co. London — John Mac
Limont, agent; Robert Lamb, assistant
agent — See advertisement
Union Bank of Scotland— draws on the
head office, Glasgow, and Glyn, Mills,
Currie & Co. London— David Andrews,
agent ; Robert Seller, accountant
Burton John, Meadowhead
Davidson John, Viccarton st
Dickie John (and implement maker), Bridge st
Forster William, Doune Park
Love Thomas, Bridge mill
M'Millan David, Shalloch Smithy
M'Nish John, Plumb st
BI'Dougall Thomas, Dalrymple st
M'Kenna John, Dalrymple st
M'Morran W'illiam, junr, Hamilton st
M'Quaker Joseph, Dalrymple st
Chalmers Gilbert, Dalrymple st
Crawford Charles, Dah-ymple st
Davidson Archibald, Viccarton st
Logic WilUam J. Bridge st
M'Auley James, Viccarton st
Patterson Peter, Montgomerie st
Shankland James, Dalrymple st
Bone Robert, Hamilton st
Muii- William, Dalrymple st
Todd William, Dalrymple st
Apothecaries' Hall, Dalrymple st— Thomas
Blair, manager
Valentine George, The Avenue
Allan John, Grangestou
Anderson Thomas, Boggiehall
Arthur John, Lettcrpin
Banks Daniel, Trowier Lodge
Blair Matthew, M'Crindleston
Blane Bessie (trustees of). Trolorg
Bone William, Daldowie
Bono WiUiam & James, Shalloch Park
Campbell John, Tormitchell
Chalmers William, Burnside
M'Crae John, Stevenson's Hall
M'Kie John A WiUiam, Letterpin
M'Wiiliam David, FauhU-ibbon
Murchie Thomas, Woodbead
Murray John & Robert, Barneil
Ronald John (heirs of), Pinrainnoch
Scott David, Boghead
Scott John, High Froweir
Scott John, juu. High Troweir
Stewart David, Knocklaugh
WUson Robert, Curragh
Caledonian— W. Forsyth, Hamilton st
County— John M'Kenna, Dah-ymple st — See
Edinburgh (life) — David Andrews, Dalrym-
ple street
Guardian (plate glass)— John M'Kenna,
Dalrymple st
Imperial — John D. Ross, EaUoch Cottage
Lancashire — D. Andrews, Dah-ymple st
Law (Ufo)— John MacLimont, Hamilton st
Life Association of Scotland — William
Murray, Hamilton st; & John Lawson,
Dah-ymple st
Liverpool and London and Globe— Jolm
M'Ghie, Hamilton at
London and Lancashire — Hutchison and
M'Creath, Dalrymple st
London and Southwark — John M'Ghie,
Hamilton st
National Guarantee— John B. Ross, The
National Provincial (plate glass)— Joseph
M'Quaker, Dalrymple st
North British and Mercantile — Alex.
Martin, Dalrymple st; & WiUiam Murray,
Hamilton st
Northern— James MacKenna, The Avenue
PntENix (fire) — JohnMacLimout,Hamiltou st
Scottish AmiCjIRLE (life)— Robert Lamb,
Hamilton st
Scottish Equitable— John Melville, Gir-
van— Set^ advertisement
Scottish Imperial— Robert Cunaingham,.
Hamilton st
Scottish National — Wm. Morton, Hamilton
st — See adr'erti-sement
Scottish Provident — Hutchison ami
M'Creath, Dalrymple st
Scottish Provincial — Alexander Martin,
Dah-ymple st
Scottish Union— Matthew Brown, Dal-
rymple st — See advertisement
Scottish Widows' Fund— William Forsyth,
Hamilton st — See advertisemen-t
Staffordshire (fire)— William M'Morran,
senr. Dah-ymple st
Standard (life)— Joseph M'Quaker, Dal-
rymple st; & Robert Lamb, Hamilton st —
See advertisement
Sun (fire)— Robert Lamb, Hamilton st
Gilchrist Alexander, Dah-jinple st
Gillespie James, Hamilton st
Gillespie Robert, Dalrymple st
M'Connell Thomas, Dalrymple st

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