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Caledonian— Robert Blair, British Linen
Co. Bank, Bridge st
Guardian Plate Glass— WiUiamM'Donald,
Bridge st
Life Association op Scotland — Robert
Howat, Polwartli st
NoKTHEEN— Robert Young, Henrietta st
Phcenis- William M'Donald, Bridge st
Royal— James Torrance, Bridge st
Scottish Amicable (life)— Adam Haddow,
Wallace st
Scottish Commercial— James Hendrie,
Union Bank, Polwarth, st
Scottish National (life)- Wm. BI'Donald,
- Bridge st [Bridge st
Scottish National (fire)— James M'Donald,
Scottish Provincial-^ James C. Hutchison,
Brewland st
Co-operative Society, Polwarth st
Cunningham John, Polwarth st
Dunlop Al^ander, 2 Bridge st
Paton Alexander, 2i Titchficld st
Paton Andrew, Wallace st
Paton John, Chapel lane
Wilson Hugh, 23 Bridge st
M'Intyre Hugh, Henrietta st
Timothy John, Henrietta st
Blarked thus * are also Spirit Dealers.
Brough WiUiam, 1 Blair st
Cameron George, Blaii' st [field st
Co-operative Society, Polwarth st. & Titch'
*Cun-ie C. & A. 5S Titchfield st
Dunlop Alexander, 30 Orchard st
♦Ferguson Adam, Wallace st. ti. Kilmarnock
Ferguson George, Bridge st
+Hannah George, 29 Henrietta st
Highet James, 25 Henrietta st
Hutchison James, 18 Brewland st
^Hutchison Robert A. 1 & 3 Cross st
M'Donald William, 25 Bridge st
*Mair John, 35 Bridge st
Miller Adam, 40 Titchfield st
^MiUs Janet, 39 Titchfield st
*Nisbet William, 13 Bridge st
*Nisbet William, jun. 56 Titchfield st
Paterson George, Barr Brae place
Pedon Marion, 50 Titchfield st
^Roxburgh Alexander, 28 Titchfield st
Roxburgh Matthew, 45 Brewland st
White A. & T. Cross
Young Grace, Blair st
*Young Robert, 2 Henrietta st
{See also Spirit Dealers under the head
Biggins William, Henrietta st
Black George (Commercial), Bridge st
Blackwood Thomas, Wallace st
Campbell Jane (Loudoun Arms), Polwarth st
Clark Thomas (Railway), Wallace st
Crozier Isaiah (Sun), Bridge st
Ferguson George (Crown Hotel, & posting),
26 Bridge st
Kerr James (Buck's Head), Bridge st
W'Lannachan John, 15 & 17 Titchfield st
Steel Gabriel (Portland Arms), Cross
Steel John (Black Bull, & posting), Bridge st
Stewart John Brewland st
Timothy Thomas, Titchfield st
Wilson Adam, 14 Titchfield st
Wilson Mary, Bridge st
Young Robert, 30 Titchfield st
Anderson George R. 6 Bridge st
Co-operative Society, Titchfield st
Gemmell James B. 31 Bridge st
Haddow Adam, Wallace st
Highet James K. Henrietta st
Howat Robert, Polwarth st
M'Murtrie John (smallware), Brewland st
Paton James (& clothier), Cross
Richardson Robert, Titchfield st
Valhince James, 13 & 15 Brewland st
White Thomas, Titchfield st
Black Andrew (muslin), Brewland st
Brown John (blanket), Barr st
Dunlop Robert (muslin), 20 Titchfield st
Hutchison John (muslin), 21 Titchfield et
Peden Andiew (muslin). Station road
Richmond James (muslin), Barr Brae place
aiclimoncL Robert (tweeds, blan-
kets, plaidines,dru6'g-ets, sheet-
ings aod flanneisj, Barr st
Smith James, Barr Mill, Galston
Anderson George R. Bridge st
Howat Robert, Polwarth st
Hutchison Janet {& hosier), 35 Brewland st
M'Intosh Margaret, Strath Mills
M'Gee David, Chapel lane
Stewart Robert, Bowling Green lane
Wilson James, Bridge st
Kean WUHam, Cross
Porter George, Bridge st
M'Leod John B. m.d. 14 Polwarth st
Rodger William, 3, 5 & 7 Bridge st
Bryce J. & W. (& clothiers),2 &4Titchfield st
Campbell William, 15 Polwarth st
Scott John (& clothier), Polwarth st
Stewart John, Bridge st
Struthers Alexander, 10 Wallace st
Richmond Robert (& manufacturer), Barr st
Hendrie James (& town clerk), Polwarth st
Hezidrie John, Polwarth st
Clark George, ale & porter bottler, Barr st
Ferguson George, grain merchant and ham
curer, Bridge st [at
Hamilton Wm. fancy repositoiy, 6 Henrietta
Hutchison James C. registrar of births,
deaths and marriages and sub-distributor
of stamps, Brewland st
M'Donald William, jeweller, 25 Bridge st
M'Guinuess !Mai7, general dealer, Polwarth st
M*Lintock Hugh, coox)er & toy dealer, Cross
Maij Andrew," harness and card cutter, 28
Henrietta st
Robertson John, slater, 13 Polwarth st
Steel Jas. contractor & carter, Court Thora
Torrance Robert, glazier & paperhanger &
painter. Cross
Watson Thomas, cattle dealer, Waterhaughs,
Wilson Robert, carter, 12 Titchfield st
Yelbdall William, saw mill "proprietor, Barr
Mill road
Youug Robert, ironmonger, 2 Henrietta st
Public Buildings, 0£&c6s, &.C.
Established Church— Rev. Robert Stir-
ling, D.D.
Free Church — Rev. Robert M'Indoe, minis-
ter ; Rev. John Brown, assistant and
Evangelical Union Chapel — Rev. Robert
Inglis Grey
United Presbyterian Church, Wallace
st — Rev. Thomas Mathewson, minister
Brown's Institute, Polwarth street— John
Hendrie, Esq. president; James Hendi'ie,
secretary ; James M'Donald, librarian
Gas Works, Titchfield st — John Stevenson,
manager; William M'Donald, secretary
Good Templars' Hall, Bentinck st
Parochial Board Office, Cross — Frederick J.
Turner, Esq. chaii'man ; John Roxburgh,
inspector of poor
Police Station, 4 Church lane
Registrar's Office (births,deaths& marriages),
14 Brewland street— James C. Hutchison,
School Board Office, Cross— James Hen-
di'ie, clerk
Station, contiguous to the town — John
Alcorn, collector
To KILMARNOCK, Robert Wallace & Wm.
Craig, from Galston, daily
riRVAN is a parish of about 15,000 acres, in the district of
Carrick—the town, a burgh of barony, is 99 miles w.s.w. of Edin-
burgh, 56 s.w. of Glasgow, 35 n,n,w. of Portpalrick, 31 n.n.e. of
Stranraer, 21 s. by w. of Ayr, 13 n. by e. of Ballantrae, 12 s.s.w. of
Maybole, and 6 s.w. of DaiRy, situated on the left bank of the Garvan
or Girvan, near to its influx with the sea, and at a point exactly
opposite the islet called Ailsa Craig. This rock, which is eleven
miles distant, rises out of the Frith of Clyde, to the height of one
thousand and seventy-five feet. It is two and a half miles in
circumference, and the top, which is conical, is covered with a
luxm-iant crop of heath, gi-ass, ferns, and other plants, wldch feed
great numbers of goats and rabbits. All around, on the precipitous
Bides of the rock, uniformly nestle almost inconceivable numbers of
solan geese, puffins, and gannets,which fiutter about, and produce an
incessant deafening noise. On a long terrace or shoulder of the
craig, at the elevation of 200 feet from the base, stands a deserted
square tower, or castellated house, still very perfect as a ruin.
Higher up issue two sparkling and beautiful springs of water, one
of which forms a marshy plain, covered with various plants, amongst
others the hydrocatile vulgaris, of extraordinary magnitude. Tho
rock (which is in the parish of Dailly) belongs to the Marquis ol
Ailsa, who draws from It a yearly rental of ^£30, which is paid by the
feathers of the fowls and the rabbit skins. Naturalists and botanists
would find a visit of value, in increasing their knowledge of the
vegetable world. The harbour of Girvan, which underwent gi-eat
improvements in 1869-70, at the expense of the Harbour Commis-
sioners, is now considered safe and convenient for shipinng. Large
quantities of grain of various kinds are annually exported hence,
chiefly to Liverpool and Glasgow. The steamer '' Amethyst '' carries
goods to and from Glasgow weekly. The trade in coal and lime is
important — the mines of the former and the quarries of the latter
being numerous in the neighbourhood, but the principal business
of the town consists in the manufacture of a variety of cotton and
woollen goods, for the Glasgow and Paisley markets, which aflbrds
employment to the bulk of the inhabitants. The government of the
town is vested in two bailliesand twelve common councilmen, three
of the latter being chosen annually, on the retirement or otherwise
of the like number, on the 12th of ©ctober ; the Earl of Stair is the
superior of the borough. Gii'van has a station on the Ayr, Maybole
and Girvan branch of the Glasgow and South Western Railway.
In October, 1871, a new line of railway was commenced, to be
called " the Girvan and Portpatrick Hne." This line, which will be
31H miles in length, and which is now (187G) near its completion,
will greatly facilitate commerce between Glasgow and the north ot

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