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x/ALMELLINGTON is a parisli, about ten miles in length, by i of Berbeth, for the inspection of visitors. In Dalmellington is a.
three in breadth, containing about 17,927 acres; the town or public library and a reading-room well furnished with standard
village, a burgh of barony, is 72 miles s.w. from Edinburgh, 49 s. of I works, periodicals and newspapers ; a sum has been left in trust for
Glasgow, 42 n.w. of Dumfries, 24 s.s.e. of Kilmarnock, 15 s.e. ofAyi-, I the support of the latter, and the education of a certain number of
14 E. of Maybole, 12 s. of Old Cumnock, aud 7 e. of Straiton. This children. Situated about three miles north-west from Dalmel-
thriying little place is pleasantly situated on the north bank of the : liugton, on the road to Ayr, are the DahneUington extensive iron
water of Doon, and near to the base of an emineuce, from the sum- j works and collieries. There are eight blast furnaces. This com-
mit of which a tine view is obtained of a varied character, com-
prising rude and lofty mountains and the softer features of cultiva-
tion. Besides the trade enjoyed by the town, it derives some
advantage from being the resort of parties of pleasure, and for
fishing; those who wish to partake of the latter amusement will
find on the banks of the Loch Doon neat boats furnished by the
proprietors of the inns at this place, the " Black Bull," the " Cross
Keys," and the '*Eglinton." The loch is a beautifiU sheet of water,
with a hard rocky shore, extendmg eight miles in length and one in
breadth, abounding in trout of line flavour. On an island in the
lake are the remains of Balloch Castle. Some years since a fishing
party discovered, at the bottom of the loch, what appeared to be
boats, and having obtained the necessary assistance they succeeded
in raising three canoes, the largest measuring twenty-four feet in
length by fom- in breadth, hewn out of a sohd log of oak ; two were
much decayed, but the third was so little impaired as to allow of its
being floated on the surface, with a person in it, for a considerable
time ; it is now preserved by the Honble. Mrs. Macadam Cathcart,
pany not only built the villages of Craig Mark and Waterside,
but also many other houses situate on Lethan Hill, Benwhat and
Kerse. The village of Waterside is lighted by gas. The total
population of their houses alone, which are occupied exclusively by
their own worlqpeople and families, who occupy 800 houses, is
upwards of 4,500. There are schools for the children of their work-
people at Craig Mark, Waterside, Korse, Lethan Hill and Benwhat,
the one at Waterside being one of the finest private schools in the
country. The company have stores for supplying the workpeople
with the necessaries they require, they having been paid weekly for
the last seventeen years. These works are under the management
of Mr. John Hunter. The places of worship are the Established aud
Free chui'ches and a Morrisonian chapel, and one for Roman
Catholics. The school is under the School Board, and is a neat
stone building, built in 1875, to accommodate 270 scholars, and,
with the house for the schoolmaster, cost about ^3,000. The
parish of Dalmellington had in 1871 a population of 6,465, and the
town, 1,514.
POST OFiPlCS, Dalmellington, James Smyth, Post Master. — Letters fi'om all parts arrive ((rom Ayi-) at fifteen minutes
before nine morning, and at half-past four afternon ; and are despatched thereto at two, and ten minutes after five afternoon.
Money Order and Telegraph Office and Savings Bank.
Post Offices Waterside (Dalmellingtuu Iron Co.), Thomas W. Withycombe, Post Master. — Letters fi-om all parts arrive (from
Ayr, and from Carlisle, England and the South) at twenty minutes before nine morning, and from Ayr and Glasgow at twenty minutes
after four afternoon; aud are despatched to Ayi" at ten minutes after two, and ten minutes after live afternoon.
Money Order and Telegraph Office and Savings Bank,
Eulkeley Mr. J. W. Ardoon
Cathcart the Hon.Mrs. Macadam (of Berbeth)
Colvill Mr. William, Dalmellington
Cunningham Henry M. Esq.
Dickson George, Esq. Dalmellington
Gallagher Rev. Hugh, Dalmellington
Guthrie Robert, Esq. j.p. Dalmellington
Hayman Rev. Edward, Dalmellington
Hunter John, Esq. j.p. Dalmellington Iron
Works, Burnfoot
Maclachlan Mr. William, m.d. Doonbank
Steel Rev. Robert, Dalmellington
Stirling Mr. Robert, Cathcart Cottage,
Walker Rev. Thomas, Dalmellington
Walker William, Esq. j.p. Bellsbank [ton
Woodburn David, Esq. Camlarg, Dalmelling-
Crawford John, Dalmellington
Dalmellington Iron Co.'s Stores, Water-
side, Craig Mark, Kerse, Lethan Hill and
. Benwhat
Carskeoch, I Oass James, Dalmellington
Gcmmell John, DahneUington
M'Gill Martin, Dalmellington
M'Whirter Wilham, Dalmellington
Board School, Dalmellington— John Sharp,
master ; Charlotte Urie, mistress
Dalmellington Iron Works Schools: —
Benwhat— William Guthi'ie, master
Craig Mark — William Tavindale, master;
Elizabeth Tavindale, mistress
Kerse — Gilbert Ballantyne, master
Lethan Hill — Jane R. Boyd, mistress
Waterside— Donald Boss, master; Mar-
garet Johnston, mistress
Smyth James (house, and for AUan and
Anchor lines of steamers), Dalmellington
Withycombe Thomas W. (to^ational Steam
Ship Co. Limited, and Henderson Bros.
for emigration). Waterside
Anderson Christina, Dalmellington
Crawford Hugh, Dalmellington
Dalmellington Iron Co.'s Stores, Water-
side, Craig Mark, Kerse, Lethan Hill and
M'Cnlloch John, Dalmellington
M'Whirter Margaret, Dalmellington
Clydesdale Banking Co. (Branch), Dal-
mellington— draws on the head office,
Glasgow, and branches; on the London
and Westminster Bank, Loudon; Belfast
Banking Co. Belfast; and Royal Bank of
Ireland, Dublin— George Dickson, agent;
John M'Geacbin, accountant
EoYAL Bank of Scotland (Branch), Dal-
mellington— draws on the head ofiice,
Edinburgh, and on Coutts & Co. London-
Robert Guthrie, agent; Johu Walker,
accountant — See adveriisement
I Biggar Thomas, DalmeUington
I Hill Robert, Patna
Wight Hugh (& cartwright), Dalmellington
, Wight John (& cartwright), Dalmelhngton
' Aitken William, Burnton
Campbell Thomas, Laight
I Cunningham Henry M. Carskeoch, Patna
I Gregg Barbara, Pennj^enie
Hamilton Robert, Miuucvey
I Kerr Quinttn, Downiston, Patna
I M'Adam Andrew, Clafin
Murdoch James, Chalmci-ston
I Thom John, Dalharker, Patna
I Walker Mrs. — , Drumgrange
Walker John & William, Mossdale
Walker William, Esq. j.p. Bellsbank
CotTNTY (fire)— John Walker, Dalmellington
— See advertisement
Insurance Company of Scotland (fire)—
George Dickson, Dalmellington
Mutual Reliance (life)- James J. Gallo-
way, Dalmellington
North British & IVIeroantile— James
Smyth, Dalmellington
Scottish Equitable— John Walker, Dal-
mellington — See advertisement
Scottish Plate Glass— George Dickson,
DalmeUington [DalmeUington
Scottish Provident (life)— Geo. Dickson,
Standard (life) — James Swan Harvey,
DalmeUington D-on Works, Waterside—
— Sec advertisement
Crawford Hugh, Dalmelhngton
Cron Robert, Dalmellington
Dalwellington IEo^' Co.'s Stores, Water-
side, Craig Mark, Kersp, Lethan HiU and
Gibson Alexander, DalmeUington
Grierson Johu, Dalmellington
M'Earnie Robert, Dalmellington
\ndrew Robert, DalmelUngton
Brown George, DalmeUington
Crawford Hugh, DahneUington
Crombio WiUiam, DalmeUington
I Cron Robert, DalmeUington
Dalmellington Iron Co.'s Stores, Water-
side, Craig Mark, Kerse, Lethan HiU and
I Edgar WilUam, Dalmellington
Ferguson Roderick, Dalmellington
Galloway John, Dalmellington
I Galloway John, jun. DalmelUngton
I Gault Robert, Dalmellington
j GemmeU Alexander, DalmeUington
Gibson Alexander, DalmeUington
Grierson John, DalmeUington
Heron Alexander, Dalmellington
Jamieson Jane, DalmeUington
Kay Andrew, Dalmellington -.
Leckie Janet, DalmeUington '"■
M'Douald Alexander, DalmeUington
M'Queen James, DahneUington
Mathieson John, Dalmelhngton
Murdoch James, DalmelUngton
Prentice James, t)almellington
Rennie James, DalmeUington
Rowan Thomas, Dalmellington
Scott John, DalmeUington
Stewart Matthew DalmelUngton
Weir William, DalmelUngton
Wilson WiUiam, DalmeUington
Aitken WiUiam, DalmeUington
Brown William (Black Bull and Cross Keys
Hotels), DalmelUngton
M'Blane David (Doon Tavern), DalmeUington
M*Cubbin Thomas (EgUnton Hotel), Dalmel-
lington [hngton
M'CuUoch Hugh (Railway Hotel), Dahnel-
M'W'hirter WUliam, DalmeUington
Rennie WiUiam, Dalmellington
Dalmellington Iron Co. (three miles from
DalmeUington), Ayrshire Mr. John
Hunter, managing partner
Dalmellington Iron Works Libraey —
WUUam Watson, libranan
Library & Reading Room, Dalmellington
— Sarah Guthrie, librarian
Bain John, DalmeUington
Brown George (& stationer), DalmeUington
Dalmellington Iron Co.'s Stores, Water-
side, Craig Mark, Kerse, Lethan HiU and
GaUoway Alexander S. DalmeUington
GaUoway James J. DalmeUiu.gton
M'Gowan & Co. DalmeUington
M'lCnight Samuel, Dalmellington
Murray WilUam, DalmelUngton
Smith "Hector, DalmeUington

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