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FARMERS— coHiinitetf.
Rorrison Alexander, Craigfcouse
Eoxbarph Jaraea, Waterhead
Sharp William, DaUianna
Sloan Alexander, Rougliside
Sloan George, Brocklocli
Sloan Hugh, Jacob & William, Oorsanoon
Smith John, Beo-^li
Somerville Joliu, -L/ittlemarkand Cairnhill
Steel John, Fardenreoch
Steel Robert, Merklaud
Vallance Hugh, Calton
Watson Blargaret, Lowesmuir
Weil- David, Braehead
Weir James, East Lochhill
Welsh George, Hall of Auchincross
Wilson James, Old ?Iill
Wilson James, Lochside
Wilson William, Knockahennoch
Young John, Lowes
BoYAL — John Paterson, Royal Bank
Scottish Pro-\tncial (life)— John Paterson,
Royal Bank
Black Hugh, New Cumnock
Brown William, New Cumnock
Conshio Jolm, New Cumnock
Crawford Alexander, New Cumnock
Edgar Robert, New Cumnock
Gibson Andrew, New Cumnock
Gilbert James, New Cumnock
Haddow Thomas, New Cumnock
Hunter William, New Cumnock
Kirkland Alexander, New Cumnock
Eoi'kland Hugh, New Cumnock
Lanemark Coal Co.'s Co-operative Store-
John Holiiday, manager
Menteath WilUam, Mansfield
Armstrong Walter fAfton Hotel, & posting),
New Cumnock
Campbell Archibald, New Cumnock
Gibson Andrew, New Cumnock
Kerr George, New Curanock
M'Knight Catherine (Crown Inn), N/w Cum-
nock [nock
M'Knight James (Cross Keys), New Cum-
Yonng James (Castle Inn), New Cumnock
Koweston George, New Cumnock
M*Meikle David, New Cumnock
Mathieson David, New Cumnock
Tweedie John (&. builder), N'ew
Ku-kland Alexander, New Cumnock
Kirkland Hugh, New Cumnock
M'Clellan Matthew, New Cumnock
Paterson John, New Cumnock
Spencer Margaret, New Cumnock
Gondie Thomas, New Cumnock
Kennedy James, Dalbiichet
Auld William, New Cumnock
Callan John, New Cumnock
Campbell Janet, New Cumnock
Capstick Anthony, New Cumnock
FLudlay John, New Cumnock
Gibson Janet, New Cumnock
Muir Hugh, New Cumnock
Park John, New Cumnock
Stevenson John, New Cumnock
Timpauy Thomas, Craigbank
Wilson James, New Cumnock
Herbertson Richard G. New Cumnock
Riddell John, New Cumnock
Dempster David, New Cumnock
M'Donald Alexander, New Cumnock
Boyd George, painter, New Cumnock
Brown James, saddler. New Cumnock
Gibb John, cooper. New Cumnock
Gilbert Jane, ladies' outfitter, New Cumnook
Hunter John, grain, &c. merchant. New
Love James, flesher. New Cumnock
M'Kechnie John ironmonger, &c. New
M'Knight George, livery stable keeper,
New Cumnock
Riddell John, chemist, New Cumnock
Young Janet, confectioner, New Cumnock
Public Buildtng^s, Offices, 6lc»
Established Church— Rev. Robt. Murray
Free Church — Rev. George Anderson
REF0R3IED Presbyterian — Rev. Blatthew
Hutchison, minister
Free Church Mission Station, Bank— Rev.
Thomas Stewart, minister
Parochial Board, New Cumnock— Alexander
Moodie, registrar, inspector of poor, rate
collector & clerk to the School Board
Public Library, New Cumnock — William
Howeston, librarian
Stamp Oflace— John Paterson, sub- distributor
Station, New Cumnock —William Inglis,
station master
>'UMNOCK (or Old Cumnock) is a considerable market and post handsome and commodious public school. The castle of Terren-
town, in tlie pariah of its name, 60 miles s.w. of Edinburgh, 16 e. of zean, now in ruins, is in the neighboiu'hood; it gives the title of
Ayr, and the same distance s.s.e. of Kilmarnock, situated on a line baron to the family of Dumfries. About two miles east Irom Cum-
of road between Dumfries on the south-east and Glasgow on the nock is the village of Lugar; here are situated the works of the
north, 44 miles from the former town, and 33 from the latter. It Egliuton Iron Co., who have built for the workmen and their
participates in the advantages of railway communication with all families numerous comfortable and neat cottages, forming a con-
parts, the Glasgow and South- Western line having a station half a siderable village; there is also a Church Co-operative Society,
mile east, and the Ayr and Douglas line has a station a q^uarter of established for the purpose of supplying aU necessaries to those
a mUo south of the town. The principal part of the town occupies who are employed by the Company : there are also one or two other
the site of what was formerly the churchyard; the present ceme- respectable shops, a corn and saw mills. The market at Cumnock
tery was at one period the place of execution, and contains the is held on Thursday, and the fairs on the fourth Thm-sday after
rernains of three persons who were shot on the spot, in 1685, by a Candlemas, the Thursday after the 6th of March, the Wednesday
party of Highlanders, for their adherence to the covenanted work alter the 6th of June, the 13th of July, aud the 27th of October.
of reformation ; and the corpse of Peden, a martyr of the The parish of Old Cumnock comprises about 14,210 acres ; popula-
covenanting body, who died in the parish of Sorn, was oxhumed by tion 4,041, of which number the to^-n contains 2,900.
a party of dragoons, after being inten-ed six weeks, and iguomini- Auchinleck, signifying a field or rock, is a parish, eighteen miles
ously buried at the gallows foot. The town, which is of an irregular in length by only about two in breadth, and comprising about 24,295
triangular form, consists of a square and several streets, in which acres, watered on its noi-thern extremity by the Ayr, and the Lugar
are a mmibcr of respectable establishments in the various branches on the south. Coal and hmestone are produced here.but the soil is for
of the retail trade; it is seated in a deep sheltered hoUow, at the the most part rather unproductive. The village, a respectable little
confluence of the Glaisnock and Logan waters; it was celebrated place, is situated somewhat above a mile from Old Cumnock, and
for the manufacture of those beautiful wooden snufi" boxes— a about three from Sorn and Catrine. Close to the village is a station
species of trade which originated here above fifty years since, and, on the Glasgow and South-Western line of railway. There is one
■with some few exceptions, as Lawrencekirk, Catrine andMauchUne, establishment for the manufacture of snulf boxes. The places of
■was confined to Cumnock. This branch is now extinct here. The worship are, an Established church, and one belonging to a congre-
nianufaoturing of various kinds of woollen fabrics, wool spinning gation of Original Seceders. The ruins of Auchinleck Castle
and dyeing, have been introduced, and promise an important stand in an angle formed by the Dippleburn and Lugar; aud in the
addition to the trade and industry of the place. Two engineering neighbourhood is the place of Auchinleck, a handsome mansion,
firms are actively engaged in the manufactiu-e of agricultural erected in the last century by Lord Auchinleck, senator of the
implements— Messrs. George M'Gartney & Co. having gained a college of justice, and father of the eminent and amiable James
degree of celebrity in the latter branchy Three banks are in ; Boswell, Esq., the friend and biographer of Johnson: the house is
operation, viz., a branch of the Clydesdale Banking Co., one of thu
Bank oi Scotland, and one of the Royal Bank of Scotland ; there is
also a public libraiy — the latter estabhshed in 1792, by a company
of shareholders. The places of worship are, a church of the
Estabhshmeut, a Free church, one of the United Presbjlrerians',
and a chnpel for Independents. To the parochial school the sum
of £20 annually was left by Charles Duncan, Esq. late merchant of
London, and a native of Cumnock; it is now converted into a
still the property of the Boswell family. A well-attended fair, for
the sale of lambs, is held annually on the last Tuesday in August. _
LuGAK, before mentioned, is situated in the above parish, as is
also Gronberry and Darnconnsr, both populous mining villages
the former about one mile north-east, and the latter two miles
north-west from Lugar. There are stations at the two latter places
on the Ayr, Mauchline and Muirkirk section of railway. Population
of Auchinleck 1,200; of the parish 6,174.
POST OrFXCE, Old Cumnoce, David Shields, Post Master.
Arrival of IWails.
From all parts at ten minutes past seven morning.
From Glasgow, Ayr, Kilmarnock, and Ireland at five minutes past six evening.
From Loudon and the South at ten minutes before seven evening.
From Muirkii'k at a quarter-past seven evening.

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