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See Innlieepers and Vintnere.
M'Farlano Willinm, Jlaucliline
M'Millan George, C'atrine
Mitclieli William, Catrine
Hendry Thomas (worsted), Porn
Smith & Pettigi-ew, Haugh bank, IVTaiichllne
Ramsey William & John (tweed), MauchUne
Smith & Pettigvew, Haugh bank, Mauchline
Sec Carpenters and Joiners.
Clark John B. Mauchhne
Harvey Tl.omas, Slauchlino
Cftims John, eating house keeper, Mauchline
Cameron John, police constable, Soni
Campbell Matthew, plasterer, Catrine
Clark John, ea'dug house keeper, Mauchline
Doak Henry, saddler, I^Iauchline
Foulds John, dentist, Mauchline
.Gibson James, inspector of poor, Mauchline
Gilmour, Wood & Anderson, coal masters,
Hillhouse David, wood merchant, Mauehlluo
Hunter Hugh, shurifFs officer, Mauchhne
Hunter John, news agent, Catrine
Johnston George, coopsT, Catrine
Kay Thos. & Andrew, curling stone makers,
M'Call Thomas, artist, Mauchline
.^'Clement James, merchant, Maucliliue
Itl'Lcod Wiliiara, xjawnbroker, Catrine
M'Millan William, livery stable keeper,
Catrine I
M'William Thomas, registrar, Sorn j
Meikle Mary, painter, Catrine \
Miller David, inspector of poor and clerk to
School Board, Catrine
Miller Hugh, slater, Catrine
Morton Hugh, collector oi poor rates, Catrine
Munroe George, police constable, Mauchline
Nisbet Hugh S. printer, iMauchliiie
Paterson John W. ironmonger, Catrine
Pollock Andrew, agricultural implement and
machine maker, Mauchline
Procter David, engineer, Haugh, Mauchline
Thomson John, registrar aud rate collector,
Wallace John, factor to Lieutenant- Colonel
Claud Alexander, Bailochmyle
Wilson Adam, saw mill owner, Sorn
Young James, tinsmith, Catrine
Free Chusch, MauuhJine— Rev. George
Fairley [G. Craig
Evangelical Union, Catrine — Rev. William
United Presbyterian, Catrine— Rev. Jas.
Mackenzie Copland
United Prefevxehian, Mauchline — Rev.
Wilson Bau'd
Established Churches: —
Catrine — vacant
Slauchliue — Rev. Andrew Edgar
Sorn — Rev. John Rankine
Free Church, Catrine— Rev, A. C. Gordon
Gas Works, Catriuo— Hugh Morton, mnnaffcr
Gas Works, Mauehline—Robert Lambie,
Police Station, Catrine — Sergeant John
M'Donald, constable
PubUc Library, Catrine— William Urnuhai-t,
Ubrarian; Andrew Cowan, secretary
Temperance Hall, Mauchline — Andrew
M'Kerrow, secretary; Jamea Alexander,
hall keeper
To MAUCHLINE, a Coach from tlio Crown
Hotel, Catrine, every morning aud evening
on the arrival of the trains from Glasgow
Stalioit, about half a mile from Mauciiliks
—Francis Logan, collector
To AYR, by Rail daily, and William Bell,
from Catrine, on Tuesday
To KILMARNOCK, Wilhani M'Kie, from
Sorn, on Friday
To KILMARNOCK, by Rail daily, and Robt.
Aird, from Sorn, on Friday
To KILMARNOCK, by Rail daily, and John
Blain, from Catrinej Tuesday and Friday
XS a parish of about ■43,3t>7 acres, in the Kyle district. The village
is 43 miles s. of Glasgow, 31 s.s.a. of Kilmarnock, the same dis-
tance w. by B. of Ayr, lU n. by h. of Dalmellington, 12 w. by n.
of Sanquhar, 34 N.w. of Thornhill, and 6 s.e. of Cumnock. The
Glasgow and South-Western lino of railway runs through the vil-
lage, at which there is a station. The parish, which lies on the
caetern boundary of that of Cumnock (or Old Cumnock), is in
general hilly, and affords excellent pasture for sheep; but there
are many spots of rich arable land. The river Nith takes its rise
iji the south-west end of the parish, and runs through the centre of
the whole; and there are several small lakes, the sources of the
Lftgar and Aftou. Various mines of coal are worked in this
neighbourhood, the property of Lady Menteith, of Mansfield, John
Hyslop, Esq., and John Hunter, Esq.; and limeatoue abounds in
different parts of the district. There are two l>auks, branches of
the City of Glasgo^w Bank, and the Royal Bank of Scotland.
The church was erected in 1833; it is a neat and well adapted
building, sufficiently capacious for a congregration of a thousand
persons; there is likewise a Free cliurch, a Dissenting mectinp:-
house and a public school. A subscription library was established
in 182S; it contains upwards of 600 voliynes. A cattle fair is held
in the village on the Thursday immediately preceding Whitsun-
tide. The quoad sacra parish of New Cumnock, contained in 1871,
a population of 8,43'1 persona.
POST OFnCS, Nbv/ Cumnock, Matthew M'Lellan, Post Mastci:— Letters arrive from Kilmarnock and all parts at forty-f.vo
minutes past six morning, and at live nunutes past sis evening, aud are dcsijatched thereto at twenty minutes past six morning,
and at forty minutes past five evening.
Money Order ■aid Telegraph Oj/f^e and Savings Bank.
Anderson Rev. George, Free Church Manse
Arthur John F. Esq. J. p. Lochside
Craig James, Esq. ,t.p. oi Craigdarroch
Craig Mr. V/illiam, Craig Villa
Haddow William, Esq. Riggfoot
Hunter Mrs. Helen, Bank view
Hunter John, Esq. New Cumnock
Hutchison Rev. Matthew, Manse
Hyslop John, Esq. j.p. Bank
jM'Kerrow Miss Jane, New Cumnock
Menteith Lady — , Mansfield House
Murray Rev. Robert E. Established Chm-ch
Paterson John, Esq. New Cumnock
Boyle Robert, New Cumnock
Ciimpbell Archibald, New Cumnock
Sharp VviUiam, New Cumnock
Board Sohooi.s;—
Bank Glen— V/illiam Teller, master
New Cumnock — John Nairn, master ;
Andrew Stirling, second master; Mary
M'Culloch, mistress
M'Crao John, Dalleaglcs
Kirkland Alexander, New Cumnock
Walker Robert, New Cumnoak
Wilson John, New Cumnock
City of Glasgow Bank (Branch)— draws
on the pQi-ent bank, Glasgow, and the
London Joint Stock Bank, London — R. 0.
Graham, agent, pro tern.
Royal Bank of Scotland {Eranch)—draw3
on the head office and branches, on the
Bank of England, and on Coutts & Co.
London— John Paterson, agent— jb'ec advert
Bryden William, New Cumnock
Cowan Henry, New Cumnock
Cowan V.'ilUam, New Cunuxock
Currie John, New Gunmock
Gibson Wilham, New Cumnock
Maybole Boot & Shoe Co. New Cumnock-
William Logan, manager
Bank Coal Co. New Cumnock
Gray J. &. E. Pathhead Colliery
Sianemark; Coal Compy. — Kofeert
Brown, managfrng- partner
Arthur Alexander, Beuston
Arthur WiUiam, WellLill
Baird John, Hif;h Garclouch
Brown Archibald, Harchill
Brown Archibald. Meilde Waistland
Brown Hugh, Upper Blackcraig
Brown Johii,Penclove
Brown John, Jonn, jun. & Robert, Ashmark
Bruges John, Dalgig
Caldwell George, South Bog and Rottenyard
Campbell Ivie, Craigman
Craig Daniel, Glen and Low Garcleuch
Craig Hugh, House of Water
Craig James, Blackwood and Low Balhanua
Craig James, Polquheys
Craig Robert, Meiklehill
Crawford William, Farden
Donaldson James, Auchincross
Dunlop Margaret & V.'ni. High Polquhirtcr
Dykes Andrew, Lower Muir
Gibson Hugh, Dalleaglcs and Low Park
Gilmour William, Mansiield Hall
Gouilie Thomas, Old Mill
Haddow Robert, KiggliLll
Haddow WiUiam, Riggfoot
Hamilton Thomas. Polshlll
Hastings James, North Bog
Hastings John, High Creoch
Haael Alexander, Loehcraig
Howat William, Buruioot
Howatson John, Over Cairn
Hyslop John, Bank, Linn andWnlaon Burn
Kennedy James, Dalrichet
Kevr Mrs. — , Hi^;h Paik
Kerr WiUiam, Marshallmark
Kirk James, iJurutcn
Kirk James, Stvaid
Latta Robert Wm. & John, Craighield
Laurie James & John, Kuockburnie
Lees John, High Higg
Lennox Janet & John, Auchingec
Lennox WiUiam, "Wliitehill
M'Cartney Andrew, Gatehead
M'Connell Archibald, Castlemains
M'Kerrow Hugh, Muii-foot and Waterside
M'Michael George, Littlemark
M'Michael Hugh, Low Waistland
Meikle Hugh, Rigghead
Miller Thomas, West & South Polquhirter
-Mitchell John, Lochingarroch&Lockbrowau
Muir Miss — , Cairn Nuthcr
Murdoch John, Low Riggend
Neil John, Lanehead and Sunnieside
Paterson Gavin, Coal Creoch
Paterson John, Lom' Creech and Lithens
Paterson William, Laight
Patrick G. .fe H. Laglali"
Picken John, Mains
Proudfoot John, Lanemark
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