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tlZ n ''^■■;^^ "' ^''™='™,0':k, 5 N. from Old Cumnock, aud 4 N. proved and well enclosed, aid there arrtino SLn inns m.„,
from msignificance to a considerable town. In 17»7 its site con- /^^^iCHUSE, a consulerable town and capital of its parish, is ■
tamed only a blacksmith's shop and a meal mill, whUe its present -, ™ ^^ '™™ Catrme, situated in a pleasant part of the county,
population numbers 2,o81. The cause of this sm-prisinglv rapid '■"',, sm-rounded on all sides by a deUghtful country, interspersed
morease is the erection of cotton works by the laie Claud Alei- - several elegant mansions. In the manufacture of a beautiful
ander, Esq., of Ballochmylo, who, having acquired a large fortune ' "^scnption of snufl'-boxes, cigar-cases &c., for which this town has
m the East Indies, purchased the land for the puipose of ostab- , °? ""f J^otod. tlu'ee firms are engaged— Messrs, W. & A. Smith
llshmg works thereon, by which he might increase the value of ' '"'^'°8 '°"S enjoyed the patronage of royalty. The other firms
his property here. But not understanding the cotton business I ["''o -^l^ssro- J- Davidson & Son and Wilson & Amphlet. The
a partnership with the late David Dale, mer- "mWrngs of the town are neat and possess an air of pleasing
7ifl> Tvlinm lin /in....;,.r1 — * u ., u J i-i Vai'iotv. BlaUchline Cafltle I'c: an itnt^i^nt ctv,./,^.,..^ (.^..^n ,i .-_ —
*.^a jyiuiJc.Lj iieiu. x)uL not unaersianamg the cotton businesi
himself, he formed a partnership with the late David Dale, mer-
chant of Glasgow, with whom he carried on the business until
the 13th of April, 1801, when it was transferred to the present
proprietors. The machinery of the mills is driven by two large
water wheels, which were erected by the late Sir William Fair-
bairn, of Manchester, in 1838. They are each 12 feet wide, and 50
feet in diameter. Both wheels work on one shaft and have a
power of 400 horses. These extensive works employ a large num-
ber of hands ; and excellent schools, with a library of 700 volumes
are among the privileges enjoyed by the work-people, who are in
great part owners of the houses in which they live. There is
also a public Ubrary, the funds of which were raised by subscrip-
tion; it contains 8,000 volumes, and has upwards of 200 members
bohools were erected at a cost of £2,000— they are in the EUza-
bethan style, and are situate on the south side of the river Ayr
born Castle, about lis mUe from Catrine, once the seat of the Loudon
family, IS now the property and residence of Graham Somervell,
Jisq., who, with Miss Farquhar, Lady Boswell, and Lieutenant-
Colonel Claud Alexander, Esq., are the principal heritors of the
parish of Sorn, which abounds with coal, limestone and ironstone.
Dugald Stewart, Esq., the late celebrated professor of moral
philosophy m Edinburgh, was bom in the neighbourhood of
The parish of Som is bounded on the east by Muii-kirk, on the
south by Auchinleck, on the west by Mauchlino, and on the north
by Galston and Strathaven ; its form is nearly square, measuring
about eio miles each way, and containing about 19,800 acres
I'ormerly this parish formed a part of the extensive one of Mauch
. -^ -nr 1 ■^v/tvu niK jjcut auu possess au air or pieasmff
variety. Mauchline Castle is an ancient structure, 'well deserving
the notice of the antiquarian. The parish school is will con-
ducted and numerously attended, as also is the new educational
institution, founded ly the late James Stewart, Esq., of Haugh-
hea.d, who, m the year 1847, gave £3,000, one-thii-d of which was
laid out m the erection of the institution, which consists' of senior
and jmnor departments for boys and girls— conditiouaUy that
fifty children belonging to the working classes be taught
gratuitously, and the remainder are charged a moderate sum.
burns resided several years at Mossgiel, a small farm, about half a
mile to the north of Mauchlino, on the left side of the road from
thence to Kilmarnock. The steading may stiU be seen, environed
by a few trees, as weU as the fields, in traversing which, it is said
he composed some of his best poems. His chief resort, when he
visited Hauchhne, was the public house kept by John Dow— a
thatched house of two flats, nearly opposite the churcli yard gate
3t irS*®""' "„Poosie Nancy," or Mrs. Gibson, the scone of the
v.,vi „»Tf^^?P' ,^'.^"'',^™°i'f immediately opposite the chm-oti
yaid gate. Mauehhne kirk, the scene of the "Holy Fair" was of
the pure barn species. There is now an elegant new church, S
the Gothic style, with a steeple. In the sur.ounding cemetery liav
be seen the graves of the Rev. Mr. Auld, Nanse Tinnook, and
bank's n^n,''! f'^'^'J" "^ *!«?™ '° ^^^ '"*''•'='' "^ Burns ; and on the
banks of the Ayr, at a short distance from Mauchline, is the scene
of some of the bard's more pleasing poems-hisjlvrics particularly.
The parish contains about 8,972 acres, with a population in 1871 oi
morning, and are despatched at forty-five minutes past twelve noon. evemng. on bundays letters arrive at ten
Pnot nfHno IT Money Order Office and Savings Banlt.
Bej™nmorni^g^a7d'fi?fy^re^rnuttf It^ve^^^^^^^^ at twenty minute, past
minutes past hve evening; twenty minutes past six evening; and fifteen minutes past nine iTfeht O, S,!^rl ^1 »?" mornmg; fifteen
The nearest Monty Order Office is at Cateine.
Adarr Major J. W. D. j.p. Beach grove,
Alexander Lieutenant-Colonel Claud, j.p.
M.p. Ballochmyle
Baird Rev. Wilson, United Presbyterian
Manse. Mauchline . [Catrine
Ballantyne Mrs. Margaret, Buchanan House,
boswell Lady Jessie, Auchinleck
Buchanan Archibald, Esq. j.p. of Barskim-
ming, Stair
Campbell Colonel C. V. H. j.p. Nether
place, Mauchlinel
Campbell Captain Robt.M. J.p.Auchmannock
Carmichael Mrs. Gordon, Mauchline
Clark John B. Esq. Moorefield, Mauchline
Cooper William, Esq. J.p. of Pailford
Copland Rev. James M. Catrine
Craig Rev. William G. Catrine
Davidson WiUiam, Esq. Miiuchline
Edgar Rev. Andi-ew, Established Church
Manse, Mauchline
Ewing Hugh, Esq. Catrine [MauchUne
Pairley Rev. George, Free Chui-ch Manse
Farquliar Mrs. Gray, GilmUnscroft
Foulds Matthew, Esq. Mauchline
Gibb Mr Gavin, Kingenclough House,
Blauchhne '
Gordon Rev. A. C. Catrine
Hamilton Mrs BUzabeth C. WiUiamfield
Villa, Mauchline
Hamilton Mrs. Mary Jane, Mauchline Castle
Hillhouse David, Esq. Mauchline rSorn
Howatson Charles, Esq. j.p. Daldorch House,
MauchUnf ''■ ''™"'''' ^odiDgheadSHouse;
M'Afthur Mrs. — , Catrine House
M'Master James A. Esq. Catrine
M'MiUan TWlliam, Esq. Mauchline
Muir Mr. Allan, Mauchline
Phillip Mrs. Jane P. Catrine
Eankine Hev. John, Manse, Sorn
^^^^^^''^'^^U' '^'■'°^<' Cottage, Mauchline
Sloan David, Esq. Catrine
ISJ,iV^^n r.'"^'*'*- Springfield, Mauchline
'Torcasu;''^^"'^^''- "'Hamilton Farm,
Wilson Mrs. Mary, MauchUne
Board Schools: —
Catrine— John Beveridge, master : Agnes
Brown, mistress
Crosshands— Annie Davidson, mistress
Mauchline— John Thomson, master ; Janet
ConnaLI, mistress
Feee Chobch Sohool, Catrine^Tamea
Stevenson, master
New Eddcation Institution, Mauchline—
Hugh William Kilgom-, master; A'^nes
Logan and Mary Nimmo, mistresses °
Pakochial School, Sorn— Thomas M'Wil-
liam, master
PcBLic School, Anchencloich — James
Watson, master
ballantine Dumfries, Mauchlino
Hood John, Catrine
„ ^ ^ ^ BAKERS.
Boyd Robert, Catrine
Gibson John, Sorn
Learmont Thomas, Mauchlino
Miller JIary, Mauchline
Murray John, Catrine
Walker James, Catrine
Elliott William, Crosshands, Mauchline
Pollock Andrew, Mauehhne ^^
Ramsay Wmiam, Mauchline
Reid WilUam, Catrine
Davies Jane, Catrine "^ "'-'^'■'■^^^RS.
Nisbet Hugh Steven, Mauohline
Patrick George, MauchUne
Hector John, Catrine
I M'Clement James, Catrine
M'Gowan James, Mauchline
! M'Houl John, Mauehhne
. M'Kinnell Thomas, Catrine
M'Neily James, Catilno
Morton Hugh, Catrino
! Nisbet Robert, Mauchline
Wilson James, Catrine
Wilson Robert, Sorn
Catrine Brewebv Co. Catrine
°S^.w''"' ^/"^ o" SCOTLAND (Branch)
Mauehhne -draws on the parent estab
ind W^V ^'I'f^e'^' ■'"■a 0?! the London
ir^M^,^^'""""^*"' B^'^i'' London-William
M'Millan, agent-S.e adveHisement
a.f" B'"''? "^ Scotland (Branch), Catrine
iT^l °^ ^^^ P/''''°* establishment, Edin-
burgh, Bank of England, and Coutts & Co.
London-James A. M'Master, agent-Sw
Alston James, Sorn
AndeiBon Gilbert, MauchUne
I iJrown James, Catrine
rVJ"" TS™":?' Cowhands, Mauohline
Gibson AUan, Catrine "-"uuo
Gibson James, Mauchline
Hamilton Matthew, Mauchline
M'Culloch Alexander, Sorn
Morton Matthew, Catrine
Wilson George, Mauchline
W dson James, Ha ughmillan, Manehlioe
Propnetors— James Finlav& Co
Resident PnrtJicr- Archibald Buchanan
Mmiagcr of Cotton fl'ortv,-James MoTton
Ma nager of Bleach yor;. »-Hugh Morton
Foulds Matthew, Mauchlino
Gait Galloway Smitli, Catrine
HiBlop Thomas, MauchUne

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