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To OLD CUMNOCK, from the Ayr Arms
Hotel, Tuesday & Friday afternoon at four
To STRAITON, from the Ayr Arms Hotel,
High st. Tuesday afternoon at four
Station, top of Kyle street — John M'Gill,
station master. Goods Statioiij North
quay — Mungo Wilson, goods manager;
Robert Rodger, locomotive superintendent
Station (G. & S. W. Ry.), Prestwick— James
B. Goldie, station master
Station (G. & S. W. Ry.), Monkton— Thomas
M'Millan, station master
To all parts, Sutton's Parcel Express-
Charles Browning, agent, 364 High st
To CATRINE, WiUiam BeU, from the Black
BuU, River st. Tuesday
To CROSSHILL, Robert Ritchie, from the
Star, High st. on Tuesdays & Fridays, and
— Cali'erty, Fridays
To COYLTON, — Dick, from the Star, daily
To CUIVINOCK (Old & New), Robert Val-
lance, from the Whip, Tuesday & Friday
To DALRYMPLE, Robert Main, from the
Whip, Tuesday & Friday
To KILMARNOCK, by Rail, David M'Fad-
zean, fi-om Main st. Newton, Wednesday
& Saturday
To KIREMICHAEL, James Caldwell, from
the "rniip, Tuesday & Friday
To KIRKOSWALD, Thomas Smith, from the
Whip, every Tuesday
To LITTLE MILL, David Clemeut, from the
Whip, Tuesday & Friday
To MAYBOLE, Alexander BeU, from the
Whip, High st. dally; & Thomas Living-
stone, from the Flesh Market close, daily
To OCHILTREE, Robert Brown, from the
Whip, Tuesday & Friday; and William
Greeiilees, from the Star, Tuesday and
To STRAITON, James Thomson, from the
Whip, Tuesday & Friday
To TA-IIBOLTON, Andrew Rea, from the
Black Bull, River st. Tuesday & Friday
To TROON & DUNDONALD, Wm. Wallace,
from the Star, Tuesday & Friday
To CAMPBELTOWN, the Albion, every
alternate Friday at one— Chas. A. Murray,
North quay, agent
To STRANRAER, the ^i6;o7i, every alternate
Saturday at two — Charles A. Murray,
North quay, agent
only by summons. Ballantrae is without either fairs or weekly
market. The acreage of the parish is about 33,876, the population
of which in 1871 was 1,277 : population of the village, 515.
CoLMONELL js a parish of about 48,153 acres, bounded on the
north and west by the mouth of the Clyde— the village, a small one,
is situated 5 miles e. by n. of Ballantrae, on the north bank of the
Stiuchar~a stream famed for its salmon and trout. In the viUage
is a board school and an antiburghers' meeting house; there is also
■within the parish a Cameronian place of worship. The extent of
this district is twenty miles in length by nine broad ; it is composed
of good pasture, and is undergoing great improvements. Popula-
tion of the parish in 1871, 2,293.
The picturesque ruins of Craignell, Kirkhill . Rockdolean, Pin-
wherry, Knockdaw and Carleton castles are to be seen in this
parish, i^hich also abL'Unds in lime. The nearest approximation for
persons desirous of visiting the far-famed Ailsa Craig is from
Lendalfoot, in this neighbourhood. Fairs are held here on the
fli-st Mondays in February, May, August, and November (old style);
there are also four quarterly cattle markets at the village of Barb
Hill, seven miles (^stant, in this parish.
POST O^TFICS, Ballantrae, James Wason, Post ilfastcy-.— Letters arrive from the North and all parts of England (from
Girvan) at fifty-five minutes past eight morning, and are despatched (to Gh'van) at three afternoon.
Money Order and Telegraph 0{]ice and Savitigs Bank.
Post Office, Bare. Hill, Hugh Hendry. Post Master.— hettovs arrive (from Girvan) at half-past ten morning, and are despatched
thereto at hah-past three afternoon.
The nearest Money Order Office is at Girvan, eleven miles distant.
Post Office, CoLMONELL, Jane Dryuan, Post Mistress. — Letters amve fi*om the North and all parts of England (from Girvan) at
half-past eight morning, and from Ballantrae at forty minutes past three afternoon, and are despatched (to Girvan) at forty minutespast
three afternoon.
Telegraph Office. The nearest Money Order Office is at Ballantrae, five miles distant.
ALLA.NTRAE is a small seaport, in the parish of that name,
105 miles s.w. from Edinbui'gh, 68 b.w. from Glasgow, 31 s. of Ayr,
24 N.N.E. of Portpatrick, 18 n. of Stranraer, 13 s. by w. of Girvan,
and 25 s.s.w. of Maybole, situated near the south-western extremity
of the county, and un the banks of the river Stinchar, which here
falls into the Frith of the Clyde. The approach to the town from
Stranraer is over the river, across which is an excellent stone
bridge of throe well-proportioned arches. On the right, near the
bridge, stand the ruins of Ard-Stinchar castle, formerly belonging
to the Hamilton family. The ancient clock, belonging to the tower
now standi]!:!, is still used as the time-keeper for the town. The
place is priiHLpally supijorted by its hshery of salmun and cod fish;
the salmon i,shery belongs to the Earl of Stair, but the village does i
not display Uu; amount of bustle furmeiiy caused by the passing of I
the mail through this place to and from Portpatrick at the period
when the Irish mails were conveyed by that route. Old Kirkcud-
bright kirk, now in ruins, gives a mournful yet pleasing effect to the
Burrouudiug scenery. The present kirk is a neat modern building,
ornamented with stone, in the plain Gothic style. There is one
school in the parish. There is one resident magistrate ; and the
nearest court is held at Girvan, where small debts are recoverable
Barber William, Esq. Duisk Lodge
Brown Rev. Benjamin, CoimoucU
Bavie Rev. Duncan, The Manse, Colmonell
Fisher Edward, Esq. Ballochmorrie House
Gibson Rev. Henry, The Manse, Glenapp
Gray John Barton Farquhar, Esq. Rirkhill
Greeulees Thomas, Esq m:.d. BaUantrae
Hamilton Hugh, Esq. Pinmore, Daljarrofik
Hunter Colin, Esq. Auchairne House
Hunter James, Esq. .t.p. of Glenapp
Jardine Rev. Thomas, Barr Hill
Kennedy Mrs. — , Fiuhart's House, Glenapp
M'Clung James, Esq. Pinwherry
M'Gibbon David, Esq. Laggan
M'llwraith Thomas, Esq. m.d. Barr Hill
M'Kissock Mr. Peter, Corsewell view
Milroy Rev. James, The Manse, Colmonell
Nixon Rev. John, The Manse, Barr Hill
Oliver George, Esq. (of Manchester), Fin-
nart Lodge
Porteous Rev. James, The Manse, Ballan rae
Sinclair George L. Esq. (of Dalreoch), Col-
Vernon Colonel — , Drumlamford House,
Barr Hill
Walker Peter, Esq. Auchenflower
Wason. Mrs. Euphemia (of Corwar), Barr Hill
Weir William, Esq. Kildonnan, Barr Hill
Williamson Rev. Fergus J. Ballantrae
Board Schools —
Ballantrae — Robert Temple, master; Mary
Ann Hall, mistress
Barr Hill — David Miller, master
Colmonell — James B. Farish, master
Campbell Henry (for Commercial Bank of
"■ Scotland), BaUantrae
Hyslop Edward (for City of Glasgow Bank),
Barr Hill
M'WilLiams John (for Scottish National In-
surance Co.) Colmonell
Burton Gilbert, Heronsford
Clark David, Ballantrae
Corbutt John, Barr Hill
Davidson James, Ballachdowan
Goudie James, Drumgi-ier
Haldane William, Lendalfoot
Murdoch William, Colmonell
Service John, Barr Hill
Tait Alexander, BaUantrae
Cowan Wilham, Colmonell
Eglesham WilUam, BaUantrae
Forsyth WiUiam, Barr Hill
Hunter Robert, Colmonell
M'Millan Alexander, Barr Hill
M'Tyre James, BaUantrae
Aitken Hugh, Eldiick HaU
Aitken Robert, Almont
Allan Hugh, Sands & Mains
Anderson Hugh, BalsaUoch
Andrews WiUiam, East & West RouchU
Arthur David i^ Thomas, Carleton Mains
Barboiu' John, Lay AUricaine '
Barclay John, Millenderdale
Elain Thomas, Drumley
Blane Robert, Cramrie
Blane Robert, Lochside
Boyd WUham, Bowganny
Brackeuridge John, Balig
Brown Hugh, High Ivilphine
' Cameron William, Carleton
CampbeU George, Kuocknabrake
Campbell Irie, Currarie
CampbeU John, Drumgrier
CampbeU John, jun. Eidrick
CampbeU Matthew, Langi-igg
Carnochan John, Balmiimoch
CarsweU John, Lochton
CarsweU Robert. Chirmorrie
J Chngan Robert & James, Bumside
I Cowan Peter, Ligantrie
I Cowper James, Polcardoeh
Cowper James, Carnlea
I Craig Andrew^, Knockormal
1 Cunningham Robert, Leffindonald
Davidson WiUiam, Craigconnachie
I Davie Thomas, CoUiugmill
Doak WiUiam, jun. Drumlamford
'Donald David, Kuockmalloch
Donald David, Shalloch-on-Tig
Dougan Andrew, Little Bcnnane
Dougan Andrew, Lochton
Dougan Hy. & Charles, Straid-by-LendnIioot
Dougan Henry, Garnaburn
Douglas Daniel, Spenceston
Douglas John, North Baliiard
Douglas Robert i!i Wm. South Baliiard
Drj-nan Andrew, High Merk
Drynan James, Barclewan
Dunlop John, Fardenreoch
Dunn Mark, NiU'sery
Ferguson Hugh ii WiUiam, Woodside
Ferguson James, ShaUoch Wreck
Findlay James, Corwar
Findlay William, Boghouse

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