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Marked thus * are also Clothiers.
Borland John, Wliitletts
Bruce James, 56 George st. "Wallacetown
Calder David, Boghall row, Wallacetown
Connell David, 41 Kyle st
*Oowan A. & Sou, 34 Newmarket st
♦Co-wan John, 17 Now Bridge st
^Cunningham Charles, 95 High st
♦Currie, Rac .': Ci;. Ailsa buildings, 118 & 120
High st
*Farquhar .Juhu & Son, 49 Newmarket st
Ferguson William, Wain st. Newton
Houston James, 3 North quay
*Jamiesou John & Co. 11 New Bridge st
*Johnston & Finlayson, 46 High st
*M'Cubbin & Son, 40 Newmarket st
♦Morrison William, 51 Newmarket st
Miu'chie William, Monkton
Murphy William, Monkton
♦Murray & Atkin, 64 Newmarket st
NeiU William, 48 High st
"•"Ogg W^ilUam,42 Sandgate st
*Orr Alexander, 50 High st
♦Robertson James, 4 High st
♦Robertson Robert, 5 High st
Scott & M'Whirter, 47 & 49 High st
♦Shaw James T. 27 High st
♦Shearer Jolin, 23 Newmarket st
Sime Henry A. 19 New Bridge ht
Taylor Alexander, 7 Main st. Newton
Wilson Robert, 42 Main st. Newton
♦Wood James Douglas, 19 Newmarket st
♦Wright Campbell & Co. 2 New Bridge st. &
1 Harbour st
Donaldson David, 159 High st
Patersou Andrew ^^ Son, Mill st
Donaldson David, 159 High st
Paterson Andrew & Son, Mill st
Donaldson David, 159 High, st
Macneille John, Mid st
Patersou JXudrevir &. Son,
Tan V/orks, IVIiU st
Fullarton Alexander, Harbour st
Fullarton Alexander, Harbour st. South quay
Kennedy Peter, 6 New Bridge st
Robertson John, 28 Sandgate st
Wallace Robert, 14 New Bridge st
Cowan Janet & Jessie, 2 Carriek st
Gilfillan Andrew, 204^2 High st
Kirk William, 1 DarUngton rd. Newton
Ramsay John, 185 High st
Thomson Jane, 4 Newmarket st
Wallace Christina, 67 South quay
Whyte Alexander, 8 New Bridge st
Wyilie Janet, 89 High st
(See also Saw Mills.)
Alexander & Son, 16 George st. Wallacetown
Fisher George, Green st. Newton
Gaii'dner John, Green Street lane, Newton
M'Crorie John & Sonj'N^ewton Head Saw Mills
Milligan David & John, 37 Kyle st
Paton James & Sons (& saw mills), 76 South
quay, and at Kilmarnock
Browning Charles, 2G4 High st
Buchanan John, 259 High st
Dargavel John & W^illiam (and wholesale), 6
High st
Ferguson James & Son (and manufacturers),
26 New Bridge st
Martin Andrew, 12 New Bridge st
Miller James, 61 High st
Mills James, 125 High st
Nicholson, William, 20 Sandgate st
O'Brien Patrick, 81 High st
Rowan Michael, 190 High st
Smith George, 5 Main st. Newton
Smith James, 2 Sandgate st
Chambers William D. 18 & 20 Bridge st
Gray Mary, 232 High st
Hunter Elizabeth, 152 High st
Jack Thos. (& basket), 5 & 54 Newmarket st
Lambie Thomas, 4 New Bridge st
Mair William & Son, 250 High st
Mitchell Alexander, 19 Kyle st
TmnbuU William, 162 High st
Nicol Ann, 10 George st. Wallacetown
Young Walter, 27 Newmarket st
See Cabinet Makers d> UphoUtcrera.
Dickie James, 102 High st
M'Crorie Thomas, Monkton
Marked thus ♦ are also Spii-it Dealers.
(See also Grocers.)
Anderson John, 4 River st. Wallacetown
Armstrong David, 1 Green st. Newton
Black Jane, Whitletts
Blackwood Janet, 24 Green st. Newton
Blane William, 56 Cross St. Wallacetown
Boyd David, Prestwick
Campbell Hugh, Prestwick
Campbell Matthew, 32 Main st. Newton
Cathcart Margaret, 43 Main st, Newton
Clark Simon, Whitletts
Craig Isabella, 261 High st
Crawford David, 256 High st
''Dickson Francis, 125 Main st. Newton
Dickson Robert, Whitletts
Douglas William, 22 Elba st. Wallacetown
Duffy Mary, 73 Wallace st. Wallacetown
Fagan Andrew, 83 Cross st. Wallacetown
Ferguson J. & E. 224 High st
Eraser Margaret, 21 Content st. Wallacetown
Galloway Hugh, 52 George st "Wallacetown
Gibson Fanny, Monkton
Good Mary, 94 Main st. Newton
Gordon Mrs. — , Monkton
Gray James, Alloway
Hastings William, 35 Cross st. AVallacetown
Hatton Jane, Prestwick road
Hopkins James, Monkton
Hunter Ann, 95 Main st. Newton
Hunter Hugh, Prestwick road
Hunter James, 8 Newmarket st
Hunter Marion K. 252 High st
Hutchison Alexander, Prestwick
Hutton Jane, 67 M:1I st
Hyslop Ellen, 77 George st. Wallacetown
*Innes George, 98 Main st. Newton
Kelly Niven, 114 Cross st. Wallacetown
King Hamilton, 2 Green st. Newton
Lambert Agnes, Monkton
Lowe James, Whitletts
Lymburn James, 53 Main st. Newton
Lyon Jane, 4 North quay
M'Blaiu Alexander, 101 Main st. Newton
+M'Bride Hugh Alexander, 16 Content st.
M'Callum George, 79 Cross st. Wallacetown
M'CaUum Robert, 69 George st. Wallacetown
M'Cammond William, 43 George st. Wallace-
M CleUand William,47 George st.Wallacetown
M'Clenahan James, Monkton
^M'Clymont James, Main st. Newton
M'Connell William, 5 Gordon pi. Wallacetown
M'Cutcheon John, 1U9 Main st. Newton
M'Gowan James, Alloway
M'Kay Daniel, 40 Wallace st. Wallacetown
*M'Quaker John, Green st. Newton
M'Whirtie Eliza, 19 Wallace st. Wallacetown
Malcolm Robert, 213 High st
*Miller Thomas, 57 Wallace st. Wallacetown
Montgomerie Hugh, 1 George st. Wallacetown
Moore Harrison, 52 Cross St. Wallacetown
l^Iurray Robert. 248 High st
Nicol William, 13 Mill st
Niven Margaret, 7 Kirk port
Paterson John, 185 High st
Reid James, 113 Main st. Newton
Reid John, New road, Newton
Rose EUeu, 70 Cross st. Wallacetown
Russell Robert, 25 Green st. Newton
Saunders Elsby, Whitletts
Scott Jaraes, 10 Taylor st. Newton
Sloss David, 12 Carriek st
Spearer John, 23 Cross st. Wallacetown
Steele Andrew, Wagon road, Newton
Thomson David, 64 Green st, Newtom
Thomson John, Prestwick
Thomson Mary, 2 North quay, Ncwtou
Walker Thomas, 12 James st. WaUacetown
Wilson John, 110 George st. Wallacetown
Woodside Hugh, 42 George st. Wallacetown
See Spirit Dealers and Vintners,
Allan Wallace, 6 Newmarket st
Blair John, 39 Newmarket st
Ingram Wilham & Son, 106 High st
M'lunes Duncan, 193 High st
Mark Matthew, 15 Newmarket at
Smith James, 2 Sandgate st
Stewart John, 149 High st
Stewart Robert, 38 High st
Templeton John, 129 High st
Templeton Robert, 64 High st
Bell, Rannie & Co. (of Leith), 5 Fort st—
Alexander B, Telfer, agent
Cathcart G. & E. (and wine importers and
blenders of fine old whisky), Town
Fullarton Alexander (and ale & porter),
Harbour st. South quay
Robertson John, 28 Sandgate st
Whigham David Dundas A Co. 3 Academy st
Sec Manufacturers — Various.
See Carpenters and ako Cartwrights.
Marked thus \ are also Notaries.
Andrew James, 21 Newmarket st
IBeveridge Robert Morris, 7 Cathcart st
Boyd John W. 29 Sandgate st
Dick James Thomas, 36 Sandgate st
fDougall David (and secretary to the Kyle
Union Poor House Board), 49 Newmarket st
IDiiulop Duvid, 1 Cromwell place
Fergusson Robert (and secretary & treasurer
to the Ayr and Newton Consumers' Gas
Co., and clerk to the incorporations of
weavers, hammermen and fleshers), 53
Newmarket st
Harvey Thomas, 25 Newmarket st
tKerr Thomas (and sheriff clerk depute), 1
St. John st
IKilpatrick William (and treasurer and sec-
retary to the A^T Corn Exchaage Co., and
to the Ayrshire Farmers' Club, and to the
Ayr Analytical Association), 33 New-
market st
^ Loudon Alexander, 62 Newmarket st
JM'Callum Robert (and town chamberlain,
and treasurer to the School Board and to
the Ayr Hospital and Dispensary), 3 Mac-
neille" buildings, Newmarket si;
fM'ClcUand James, 11 Wellington square
M'Clymont John W. 52 Newmarket st
tM'Cririck Alexander, 9 Sandgate st
M'Cubbiu Ales. 2 Garden park, Miller road
M Cubbin William Fci-gus (and solicitor and
town clerk to the burgh of Newton-on-Ayr,
treasurer and secretary to kyx Academy,
and auditor to the Ayr Harbour Trust), 39
Sandgate st
M'Murtrie James (and clerk for Assessed
Taxes, and to the Commissioners of In-
come Tax), 70 Newmarket st
IMacrorie William (and agent for the Liberal
Association of South Ayrshire, and clerk
to the Ayr Borough School Board), 41
Newmarket st
Morton George. 2Q New Bridge st
Murdoch Robert D. (and procurator fiscal),
County buildings
I Pollock W. <-^ W. & J. (William Pollock, sec-
retary and treasurer to the Ayr Gas Co.,
and clerk to the Ayr Merchants' Co., and
to the Road Trustees for the county^'olm
Pollock, town clerk, and clerk to the Ayi"
Harbour Trust, and to the Police Com-
missioners), 25 Newmarket st
Rowan Carruth B. (and procurator fiscal for
the Borough of Ayr, and town clerk of
Prestwick), 8 Cathcart st
jShawA Durilop (Charles George Shaw, clerk
to the Commissioners of Supply, to Comity
Prison Board, to County Police Committee,
to Ayrshire District Lunacy Board, to Ayr
District Road Trustees, and to the Peace
for the County of Ayr), County buildings

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