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Smith Andrew, shiiomnker, Monkton [Ayr Mills
Smitli AnJrew & Souy, grain mercliauts, 178 High st. and millers,
Smith Charles, farmer, Mossblown, St. Quivox
Smith George, draper, 189 High st; house, 185i« High st
Smith George, tobacconist & coal agent, 5 Blain st. Newton
Smith James, grain merchant, &c. (A. Smith & Sons), Mailing
Cottage, Miclton road [Academy st
Smith James, tobacconist & watchmaker, 2 Sandgate st ; house, 2
Smith James, boot & shoe maker, 88^3 Sandgate st: house, 61
Main st. Newton [WaUacetown
Smith James, draper, &c. 58 High st; house, 39 Craigie terrace.
Smith James, farmer, Prestwick [AVhitletts
Smith James, house, land & insurance agent, 95 High st ; house,
Smith Jessie & Isabella, dressmakers, 44 High st
Smith John, spirit dealer, 40 High st. and brewer & maltster, 36
Garden St. Newton ; house, 41 Craigie terrace, WaUacetown
Smith John, spirit dealer, 84 Wallace St. WaUacetown
Smith .John, farmer. New D,\kes, Monkton
Smith John G. ship broker,' North quay ; house, 4 An-an ter. Fort
Smith Kobert, baker & confectioner, 8 High st ; house, 10 High st
Smith Robert H. plasterer, Cromwell place
Smith William, Union Tavern and cork cutter, 3 Boat vennel
Smith William, sergeant major. 2.S Church st. WaUacetown
Smith William, grocer, 73 Cross st. WaUacetown
Smith WiUiam, publican, 75 Cross st. WaUacetown
Sommers James, eating house, 63 Cross st. WaUacetown
Spearer John, grocer, 23 Cross st. WaUacetown
Speir John, saddler, 141 High st ; house, 159 High st
Speir WiUiam, baker & confectioner, 145 High st ; house, 159 High st
Spencer WUliam, pawnbroker, 60 Cross st ; house. Spring park,
Balblaii- road
Spiers Stewart, iron plane manufacturer, 5 River st. WaUacetown;
house. Firth view. Fort [Garden st. WaUacetown
Spratt Joseph, fruiterer, 61 Wallace St. WaUacetown; house.
Steel Gilbert, horse trainer & livery stable keeper, AUoway st
Steel John, EgUnton Hotel and livery stable keeper, 1 & 3 A'Uoway st
Steele Andrew, victual dealer. Wagon rd. Newton
Steele James, private teacher, 2 Cathcart st
Steele Tbomas, sblp otrner, grain, coal &. general
merchant, sbip broker and marine insurance
agent, 39 Soutli quay; house, 11 AUoway place
Steele Thomas, lappet manufacturer. Green Street lane
Stephen ■W.&. Co. (successors to Robert iVXaclehose],
booksellers, stationers and relief stampers;
select reading club, 31 Sandgate street
Stephen WUliam, bookseUer and printer (W. Stephen & Co.), 70
Newmarket st
Stevenson J. & E. hosiers, &c. 91 High st
Stevenson Mrs. 4t John, farmers. Lady kirk, Monkton
Stevenson Peter, gardener, Prestwick rd
Stevenson Peter, farmer, Bogside, Monkton
Stewart David, cab proprietor, SO George st. WaUacetown
Stewart John, clerk, 26 Fort st
Stewart John, wr.tchmaker, 149 High st ; house, Prestwick rd
Stewart Robert, watchmaker, 38 High st ; house, 40 High st
Stewart WiUiam, painter, Ac. 22 Newmarket st
Stewart WiUiam, master pilot. Green st. Newton
Stirling John, dentist, 50 Sandgate st
Strang John, farmer, Hobsland, Monkton
Stroyan Samuel, shipping agent, 1 York Street lane, Newton
Struthers John, farmer, Slaphouse
Sym Wmiam, mason, 12 Albeit terrace, WaUacetown
TAIT A. & Sons, tinsmiths, Ac. Ill High st
Tait Andrew, tinsmith (A. Tait & Sons), 21 MiU st
Tait John, stationer, 32 George St. WaUacetown
Taylor — , farmer, PeggieshiU
Taylor Alexander, tailor. Main st. Newton
Taylor Andrew Smith, engineer, &c. (J. & A. Taylor), 22 AUoway st
Taylor J. &. A. engineers, millwrights and boiler
makers. Town Bead Works
Taylor James, governor of Couutv Gaol, Wellington square
Taylor Jamf s, clothes dealer, 14 WaUace st. WaUacetown
Taylor James, blacksmith. River st. WaUacetown
Taylor Janet, di-essmaker, 23 Sandgate st
Taylor John, engineer, &c. (J. & A. Taylor), Fern Bank, Midton rd
Taylor John, chemist, 2 MacneUle buildings, Newmarket st ; house
3 AiTan terrace. Fort
Taylor Robert, baker 4 confectioner, 11 Main st. Newton
Taylor WiUiam, engineer, &o. (J. & A. Taylor), 23 Dalblair rd
Telfer Alexander B. m.d. merchant, 4o. 5 Fort st ; hous6,14 Academy st
Templeton Mrs. — , farmer, Sandyford, St. Quivo.x
Templeton John, watchmaker, 129 High st
Templeton Robert, watchmaker, 64 High st ; house, 72 High st
Templeton WiUiam. cabinet maker, 166 High st; house, 54 MiU st
Tennent John, blacksmith, Alloway ,"«iiiiibu
Terry James & Son, smiths Sl beUhangers, 32 High st rroad
Thom Mary hosier, &c, 167 High st ; house, 1 Stanley place, Dalblak
Thomson Alexander, grocer (J. & A. Thomson), Coylton
Thomson David, victual dealer, 64 Green st. Newton
Thomson J. & A. grocers, 71 High st
Thomson James mathematical master, Ayr Academy, 11 Charlotte st
Thomson Jane, temperance hotel, 4 Newmarket st »"""» »"
Thomson John, grocer (J. & A. Thomson), Coylton
Thomson John, victual dealer and joiner, Sandgate, Prestwick
Thomson John, hatter f Hig], st house, 13 Moutgomedrterrace
Thomson Mary, victual dealer, 2 North quay, Ni-wton
™Twiirf' 'T;''''°SfA^^ Sandgate st; house, 6 CromweU place
Titten WiUiam, baker, 20 George st. WaUacetown
Town buUdings, New Bridge st
Town Clerk's Olflce, County buildings
Turnbull WiUiam, cooper, 162 High st (WaUacetown
Turner Andrew, ironmonger iW.& A.. Tumer), 42 Craigie terra™
Turner Andrew Muir, Eagle Inn, 48 Hi-'h st ^'"'fcie leriace,
Tm-ner John, potato merchant, 57 New road, Newton
Turner John, farmer and potato merchant, DalmeUing, St. Quivox
Turner W. & A. ironmongers, 4 Maeneille buildings, Newmarket st
Turner William, ironmonger (W. & A. TurnerJ, 1 Dalblair road
Tweedie Robert, grocer, 78 Main st; house, 80 Main st. Newton
UNION Bank of Scotland (Branch), 136 High st— Cuthbert Cowan &
William Henry Dunlop, agents [st. Newton
Ure William, smith and bellbanger, 131 High st ; house, 32 Allison
Ure William, plasterer, Peebles st. Newton; house, CO New road,
Newton [Green st. Newton
Ure William, ironfounder, Ayr Iron Foundi'y, 82 Green st ; house, 86
WALKER James, Sun Inn, hoi'se trainer, and coach and cab pro-
prietor, 241 High st
Walker James N. photographer, 45 Newmarket st ; house, 72 High st
Walker John, manufacturing chemist {W. G. Walker & Son), Old
Manse, Townhead
Walker Thomas, victual dealer, 12 James st. WaUacetown
Walker W. G. and Son, manufacturers of sulphate of ammonia,
naphtha, pitch, pitch oil, &c. Burnside Chemical Works— See
Walker William, farmer, Mosshill
Walker William G. manufacturing chemist (W. G. Walker & Son),
Old Manse, Townhead
Wallace Christina C. temperance hotel, 67 South quay
Wallace Hugh, farmer, Crofthead [Whitletts
Wallace Robert, agricultural implement maker and blacksmith,
WaUace Robert, grocer and wine and spirit merchant, 14 New
Bridge st ; house, 32 Green st. Newton
Wallace Robert, farmer. Brae Head, St. Quivox
W^allace William, dyer, 206 High st
Water Co.'s Office, 39 Sandgate st [11 Newmarket "st
Watson David, baker and confectioner, 47 Newmarket st ; house,
Watson George, plumber, &c. (J. M'Hwraith, Son and Co.), Ashton
Villa, Sunnyside [12 Mill st
Watson James {trustees of), brewer and maltster, Ayr Brewery,
Watson Joseph, hairdresser, 83 Wallace st. WaUacetown
Watson Robert, saddler, 181 High st; house, 13 New Bridge Bt
Watson Thomas, farmer. Mount Oliphant, near Ayr
Watson William, publican, 20 Main st. Newton
Watt James Ross, surgeon, 27 Sandgate st
Wemyss John, traveller, 1 Buckingham terrace
Wharton Mary E. matron of Fever Hospital, Town head
Wlielan Sergeant James, barrack sergeant, Infauti-y Barracks
South quay
Wheeler EUen, glass &, china dealer, 76 Main st. Newton
Whigham D. D. A Co. wine & spu-it merchants, 8 Academy st
\^'higham David D. wine & spirit merchant (D. D. Whigham & Co.)
18 WeUington square
White James, farmer, Carsluie, near Ayr
White Mary, confectioner, 87 Elba st. Wallaceto^Ti
White Thomas, farmer. Town head, Monkton
Wliite Mesander, temperance hotel, 8 New Bridge st
Wliitelaw Agnci, confectioner, 8 Fort st
Wield David, m.d. surgeon, 207 High st ; house, 7 Barns st
Wight WiUiam & Co. grain merchants, 169 High st
Wilkie & Lawson, joiners, 19 Saudgate st
Williie William H. joiner (Wilkio & Lawson), 93 Main st. Newton
Wilkinson & Limond, ironmongers, 128 High st [st. WaUacetown
WiUiinson James, u'oumouijer (WUkinson & Limond), 17 Queen
Wilkinson John^ cotton weaver, 17 Queen st. WaUacetown
WiUiamson John, slater & glazier, 24 Newarket st
WiUock WilUam. painter, 1 MacueiUe buildings, Newmarket street-
house, 12 Eglinton terrace, Fort *
WiUs Mungo, chemist, 1 New Bridge st
Wilson Allan, Steamboat Tavern, 24 Harbour st
WUson & Co. cabinet makers, &c. 15 Sandgate st-
WUson Barbara, dairy, Dalblair road
WUson Charles B. cabinet maker, &c. (Wilson & Co.), Dalblaii- ViJla
Wilson George, cabinet maker, &c. (WUson & Co.), Dalblair ViUa
Wilson James, teller, 16 Wellington square
Wilson James, spirit dealer, 191 High st
Wilson John, victual dealer, 110 George st. WaUacetown
WUson John, boot & shoe maker, 78 George st. WaUacetown
Wilson Mungo. goods manager, G. & S. W. Railway, North quay
house, 42 Darlington road, Newton
Wilson Robert, boot & shoe maker, 146 High st ; house, 42 Carrick st
WUson WiUiam B. cabinet maker. &c. (WUson & Co.), Dalblaii- ViUa
Winter Robert, ironmonger, 133 High st ; house, 2 CromweU place
Wood Hugh, hattdr, 31 High st ; house, 5G New road, Newton
Wood James Douglas, taUor & clothier, 19 Newmai'ket st ; house, 35
John St. WaUacetown
Woodside Hugh, victual dealer & sewing agent,- 42 George st. Wal-
lacetown [Fort
Wright Campbell, draper, &c. (C. Wright & Co.), Clyde Cottage,
Wright CampbeU & Co. drapers, &c. 2 New Bridge st. & 1 Harbour st
Wright James, farmer. South Sanquhar, St. Quivox
Wright Mary, eating house keeper, 166 High st
Wright Thomas bookseUer, 75 High st
Wyllie Andrew, mason, 78 Green st. Newton
WjdUe Daniel, manufacturing chemist, Newton head, and hay, grain
and seed merchant, 215 &217 High st; house, 27 Barns st "
WyUie Hugh, grain merchant, 1 & 3 Fort st ; house, Eglinton place,
MUler road
Wyllie James, cowfeeder. Green st. Newton
WyUie Janet, temperance hotel, SO High st
Wyllie Margaret, di'essmaker, 169 High st
YOUNG Andrew, engineer, 57 Green st. Newton '
Young David, draper, &c. 9 High st ; house, 1 Queen's terrace
Young David B. brewer, 100 Main st. Newtou [Vulcan Foundry
Young J. it T. engineers & agricultural implement raauufacturers,
Young James, auctioneer, 64 Nev,' road, Newton
Young James, farmer, Highfield, St. Quivox
Young John, engineer, &c. (J. & T. Young), 3 Main st. Newton
Young John, ]uu. engineer, &e. (J. & T. Young), 7 Charlotte st
Young Rolicrt & Andrew, farmers, Manse. Monkton
Young Walter umbrcUa maker & trunk dealer, 27 Newmarket st
Young WiUiam, engineer, &c. (J. & T. Young), 18 Barns st
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