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Buchanan John, iobacconiBt, 259 High st ; house, 12 AUoway et
Burns William, chemist, 109 High st
Butter and Egg Market, 98 High st
CAIRNS John, insurance agent, 21 Church st. Wallacetown
Calder David, tailor, Boghall row, Wailaceto^vn
Caldor John, shoemaker, 8 Kii'k port
Caldwell David, inspector of poor and rate collector, 98 High st ;
house, 12 Midton road
Caldwell James, farmer, Brocklehill, St. Quivox
Caldwell Maitland, cabinet maker, 17 Wallace st. Wallacetown;
house, 33 Allison st. Newton
Cameron Andrew, grocer, &c. (Brown & Cameron), 25 Dalblair road
Campbell Agues, dressmaker, 12 Academy st
Campbell Andrew, farmer, Fenwickland, near Ajt
Campbell Sirs. Ann, 62 New road, Newton
Campbell David, Esq.. j.p. district manager, Royal Bank of Scot-
land, Stewartlea House, Midton road
Campbell Hugh, victual dealer, Sandgate, Prestwick
Campbell John, saddler, 15 High st ; house, 12 Academy st
Campbell John, marine store dealer, 34 Garden st. Wallacetown
Campbell John, plumber & gasfitter, 195 High st; house, Kyle st
Campbell Johu, land agent, 13 John st. Wallacetown
Campbell Johu, fruiterer & confectioner, S & 260 High st
Campbell Matthew, victual dealer, 32 Main st. Newton
Campbell Quinton, blacksmith, 30 Green Street lane, Newton;
house, 23 Clunes vennel, Newton
Campbell William, draper, 11 High st ; house, 10 Catbcart st
Campbell William, road surveyor, Nursery Hall, Whitletts, St. Quivox
Carr Ge-orge William, collector of customs, South quay; house,
15 Fullarton st
Carson Robert, spirit dealer, 99 George st. Wallacetown
Cassells Mary, dressmaker, 169 High st
Cathcart Edward M. grocer, &c. (G. & E. Cathcart), 5 Havelock ter
Cathcart G. &E. grocers, 110 High st. and wine & spixit merchants,
Town buildings
Cathcart George O. M. grocer, &c. (G. & E. Cathcart), 3 Stanley
place, Dalblau- road
Cathcart James, fruiterer. Old Bridge end, WaUacetowu ; house, 16
Wallace st. Wallacetown
Cathcart Jolm, chimney sweep, 84 Cross st. WaUacetown
Cathcart SlL.rgaret, victual dealer, 43 Main st. Newton
Cattle MarkL't, 50 AUoway sfc [place. Fort
Caw James, i^lass & china dealer, 58 Newmarket st; house, 1 Ailsa
Chambeis Hubert & Son, braziers & coppersmiths, 10 & 12 Old
Bridge st
Chambers William, tinsmith &'gasfitter, Old Bridge end, Wallace-
town, and 21 Hope st ; house, 20 Old bridge, Wallacetown
Christie David, haii-dresser, 3 River terrace, Wallacetown
Chi'istie James, Plough Tavern, 255 Hyde st
Christie William, smith & boat builder, &c. South, quay ; house, 29
Green st. Newton
City of Glasgow Bank, 25 Newmarket st— William Pollock, agent
Clark David, farmer, Lochfergus
Clark David, joiner, 131 High st
Clark David, superintendent of count y^police, IS^^Cathcart st
Clark John, nail maker, 143 High st
Clark Simon, victual dealer, Whitletts
Clark Thomas, blacksmith, 143 High st
Clark W^ilham, farmer, Shawhill, Bt. Quivox
Clelland Hugh, mason &, builder, 76 Cross st. Wallacetown
Clement James, joiner, Old Toll, Cumnock road
Climie Hugh, cattle dealer, Garden Rose Villa
Climie James, cattle dealer, Springvale Cottage, Springvale road
Clydesdale Banking Co. Winton buildings. High st — Robert Murray
Kay, agent
Coghill WiUiam, draper, 2 Gordon terrace, Wallacetown
Commercial Bank of Scotland (Branch), 34 Sandgate st— Thomas
Kerr, agent — See advertisement
Conacher Peter, excise officer, Allsa buildings,^ High st; house, 4
Kensington terrace
Connell David, tailor, 41 Kyle st
Connell James, schoolmaster, Whitletts, St. Quivox
Cook James, cartwiiffht, Clunes vennal, Newton
Cook Neill, joiner, Whitletts, St. Quivox
Cook Thomas, chemist, 87 High st ; house, 2 New Bridge st
Cormack William, English master, Ayr Academy, 5 Bath place
Corn Exchange, 108 High st
County Buildings, Wellington square— Hugh Arthur, keeper
County Gaol, Wellington square
County of Ayr Property Investment and Building Society, 48 New-
market st— Thomas Crawford, manager
County Police Of&ce, 18 Charlotte st
Couperthwaite Brothers, di-apers, &c. 175 High st
Couperthwaite Peter, di'aper (Couperthwaite Brothers), Eden Villa,
Prestwick road [Prestwick road
Couperthwaite Robert, di'aper (Couperthwaite Eros.), Eden Villa,
Cowan Mrs. — , milliner, 44 High st
Cowan A. & Son, tailors & clothiers, 34 Newmarket st
Cowan Andrew, dairyman, Old Brewery, Fort
Cowan Andrew, tailor, &c. (A. Cowan & Son), Midsands Cottage,
Racecourse road
Cowan Cuthbert, Esq. j.p. agent to the Union Bank of Scotland,
Cowan Hugh, Esq. agent to the Royal Bank of Scotland, St.
Leonard's, Midton road
Cowan Hugh, sheriff's officer, 44 High st
Cowan Janet & Jesse, temperance hotel, 2 Carrick st [st. Newton
Cowan John, tailor and clothier, 17 New Bridge st ; house, 16 Main
Cowan Samuel, plumber, Ac. (J. M'Hwraith, Son & Co.), 114 High st
Cowie John, lath render, Carrick st
Cowieson Brothers, drapers, 124 High st
Cowipson George, draper (Cowieson Brothers), 7 Gordon terrace,
Wallacetown [\\'allacetown
Cowieson John, draper (Cowieson Brothers), IS George st.
Craig David, designer. New Prestwick
Crai" Isabella, victual dealer, 261 High st
Craig James, -watchmaker, 4 Gordon terrace, Wallacetown
Craig James, farmer, Whiteside, Monkton „ „ _^
Craig John, ham curer (Johr Craig & Son), 28 Fullarton st
Craig John & Son, ham &. bacon curers, 98 High st
Craig Robert, farmer, Aitken Brae, Monkton
Crawford Catherine, spirit dealer, 37 Wallace St. Wallacetown
Crawford Charles, boot & shoe maker, 9 Bridge st
Crawford David, victual dealer, 256 High st
Crawford Hugh, farmer, Newlauds, Monkton , ,„ „
Crawford Thos. accountant and law & house agent, 48 Newmarket
st ; house, 11 Queen's terrace
Crawford AVilliam, farmer, Holmston
Cree William, carpet weaver, 25 Elba st. WaUacetown
Cree William, cork cutter, 7 & 9 Mill st
Crombie Archibald, bookkeeper, Prestwick
Gumming James, fishmonger, 87 Main st. Newton [way
Cunningham Andrew, fruiterer, 30 High st ; house, Mill Brae, AUo-
Cunningham Charles, tailor & clothier, 95 High st
Cunningham Robert M. farmer. Shields, St. Quivox
Cunningham William, sail maker, 65 South quay; house, 50 Cross
st. Wallacetown
Cnrrie Donald, draper, &c. (Currie, Rae & Co.), 5 Barns St
Currie John, joiner, 195 High st; house, 27 Mill st
Currie, Rae & Co. di-apers, &c. 118 & 120 High st
Currie William C. coal & insurance agent and registry office for
servants, 62 Sandgate st; house, Viewlield, Newton
Custom House, South quay
Cuthbert Alexander, Burns Tavei-n, 20 New Bridge st
Cuthbert Alexander, boot, &c. manufacturer (Alexander Cuthbert &
Son^ 53 New roud, Newton
Cuthbert Alexander & Sou, boot & shoe manufacturers, 22 High st
Cuthljert Robert, boot & shoe manufacturer (Alexander Cuthbert &
Son), Prestwick road
Cuthbertson William B. bookseller and registrar of births, deaths
and marriages, 1 High st; house, Terrace House, Charlotte st
Cuthill Jas. coach builder, 7 Main^st. Newton ; house, 41 New road,
DALZIEL Mrs. Marion, 2 New Bridge st
Dargavel John & WiUiam, tobacconists, 6 High st
Dargavel Jolm M'M. tobacconist (J. & W. Dargavel), Sunuyside
Cottage, Newton
Dargavel William, tobacconist (J. it W. Dargavel^, and photographer,
4 Mun-ay place, Newton
Davidson Andi-ew, di-aper, 2 High st ; house, Maybole road
Davidson George, fi'uiterer & seedsmen, 49 Newmarket st; house, 1
Old Bridge st
Davidson Helen, nursery, AUison park, Newton
Davidson WiUiam, farmer, Gateside
Dempster James, weaver, 80 Elba st. Wallacetown
Dewar Robert, auctioneer, cattle salesman and maniu'e merchant,
108 High st
Diamond James, clerk, 41 New road, Newton
Dick Alexander, fiesher, 217 High st ; house, 215 High st
Dick James T. soUcitor, 36 Sandgate st ; house, 3 Bams st
Dick John, farmer, Doonholm
Dick Margaret, dressmaker, 169 High st
Bick 'William IM. bookseller, stationer and circu«
latin^ library, and a^ent for ]^ilner's safes, 33
Sandgate st ; house, 3 Barns st
Dickie James, veterinary surgeon, 102 High st
Dickson Francis, victual & spiiit dealer, 125 Main st. Newton
Dickson John, flesher, 210 High st
Dickson Robert, victual dealer, Whitletts, St. Quivox
Dixon John Henry, insurance agent, 24 Sandgate st; house, 34
Queen's terrace
Dobbie David, druggist, 2 Gordon place, WaUacetown ; house, 3
Gordon place, WaUacetown
Dobbie James, leather merchant, »S;c. (R. Dobbie & Co.), 11 Eglinton
terrace, Fort [New Bridge st
Dobbie James, chemist & druggist, 18 Now Bridge st ; house, 16
Dobbie R. & Co. leather merchants & boot & shoe manufacturers,
37 &. 67 High st
Don Monro, coach buUder, 7 John st. WaUacetown ; house, 16
ElbA st. WaUacetown
Donald WiUiam, market gardener. Low Bridge Doon
Donaldson David, merchant, &c. 159 High st; house, Millerfield,
Broomfield road
Dougall David, soUcitor, 49 Newmarket st ; house, Prestwick road
Douglas Alexander, manager, 7 Dalblair road
Douglas James, teUer, KUbrido House
Douglas James, sculptor. Town head ; house, 17 AUoway st
Douglas WilUam, victual dealer, 22 Elba st. Wallacetown ; house, 11
Content st. WaUacetown
Dow James, miller, AUoway
Dow Jane, lodging house keeper, 9 Dalblair road
Drennan James, farmer, Friarland
Drennan James &, WilUam, joiners & builders. Cross st. WaUacetown
Drennan Jas. joiner, &c. (James & WiUiam Drennan), Prestwick rd
Drennan WiUiam, joiner, &c. (James & William Drennan), Hawk
hiU, Whitletts road
Drinuan & Murphy, slaters & glaziers, 36 George st. Wallacetown
Drinuan James, slater, &c. (Drinnan & Murphy), Prestwick
Duff Hugh, coal merchant, 18 AUoway st
Dully Mary, victual dealer, 73 Wallace st. Wallacetown
Duncan EUzabeth, spii-it dealer, 161 High st ; house, 7 KiUoch pi
Duncau James, gardener, 40 Dalblair road
Dunlop Andrew, slater & glazier, 74^3 High st; house, 23 Barns st
Dunlop David, solicitor, 1 Cromwell place; house, 1 Wellpark place,
MiUer road
Dunlop James, glass and china dealer, 34 High st; house, 2
Buckingham terrace
Dunlop Margaret, agent for Gibson Brother3, dyers (Paisley), 34
High st ; house, 2 Buckingham terrace
Dunlop WilUam, miller, Doonfoot, AUoway
Dunlop William H. agent to the Union Bank of Scotland & soUcitor
(Shaw & Dunlop), 138 High st
Durham John, cowfeeder, 19 BoghaU row, WaUacetown

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