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The Names of the NOBILITY, GENTRY and CLERGY immediately follow this List, forming a separate one in
Alphabetical order. For OfficiaU attached to the Public Buildings, Offices, &c. see list at end of Classijication of Trades.
ADAM & Son, boot & shoe makers, 78 High st
Ai.lam John, flesber, 9 Newmarket st ; house, 16 Green Street lane,
Newton [wick road
Adam Matthew, boot & shoe maker (Adam & Son), Edenhall, Prest-
Adam Matthew, boot & shoe maker, 61 Newmarket st ; house, 58
Adama William, agent for Singei-'a sewing machines, 60 High st;
house, 920 High st
Affleck William, cabinet maker, &c, {Wm. Afflock & Son), Elmsley
Affleck William & Son, cabinet makers, upholsterers, carpet ware-
housemen, &c. S5 & 67 High st
Agnew John & Peter, farmers, Prestwick road
Aitken Agnes, boarding school, Wellington Lodge, Bath place
Aitkon Hugh, tailor & clothier (Murray A Aitken ), 1 Gas Works la.Fort
Alexander Adam R. druggist, 52 Main st. Newton
Alexander Ellen, confectioner, 8 Gordon place, Wallacetown
Alexander Irey, joiner, &o. (W, Alexander & Son), Barna at
Alexander Robert, baker, 26 Wallace st. Wallaaetown
Alexander William, joiner, &c. (W. Alexander & Son), 46 John st.
Alexander William & Son, joiners and builders, Content st.
Allan Elizabeth S. fishmonger, 10 New Bridge st; house, 7
Buckingham terrace
Allan Hugh L. reporter, 11 Montgomerio terrace
Allan John & Co. grain merchants, 17^ High at
Allan Mary, hairdresser, 37 5Iill st
Allan Wallace, watchmaker, 6 Newmarket st
Anderson George, slater & glazier, 49 Wallace st. Wallacetown
Anderson John, fruiterer, Ac. 4 River st. Wallacetown
Anderson Laurence, writing & drawing master, Ayr Academy,
Frankfort Villa, Fort
Anderson William, farmer, West Kirkhill, St. Qnivox
Anderson William F. chemist & druggist, 117 HighjSt; house,
1S5 High st
Andrew Hugh, school, Prestwick road
Andrew James, mason 4 builder, Monkton
Andrew James, mason, Prestwick
Andrew James, solicitor, 21 Newmarket st ; house, 6 Killock place
Andrew John, baker, Prestwick
Andrew Thomas, farmer, Muii'house, Monkton
Andrew William, mason & builder, Monkton
Arbuckle William, flesher, 18 Newmarket st
Armstrong David, victual dealer, 1 Green st. Newton
Armstrong James, boot & shoe maker, 98 High-et. and farmer,
Arthur Hugh, keeper of County Buildings, Wellington square
Arthur William, cartv,Tight, Lower Bridge of Doon, Alloway
Assembly Rooms, Town buildings. New Bridge st
Auld Jamos, grocer, 50 Main st. Newton ; house, T\'hitletts
Austin James, baker, 5-1 Allison st. Newton
Ayr Advertiser, or West Country & Galloway Journal, office, 108
High st— Thoma3 M. Gemmell & Son, proprietors & publishera
Ayr County Club, 41 Sandgate st — Charles Shaw, secretary
Ayr Dispensary & Fever Hospital, Town head— Mary E. AVharton,
matron [publisher
Ayr Observer Office, 49 Newmarket st— James M. Ferguson,
Ayr Parochial Board Office — David Caldwell, inspector & collector
Ayr Public Library & Reading Room, 3 Macneille buildings, New-
market st — Matthew Gilmour, secretary
Ayrshire Argus and Express Office, 49 Newmarket st— James M.
Ferguson, publisher
BAIN James, grocer, 60 Sandgate st ; house, 2 Bruce orescent, Fort
Baiubridge William, spirit dealer, Prestwick road
Baird Alexander, blacksmith, Monkton
paird Emma, dressmaker, S Cathcart st
Baird Robert, billposter & bookseller, 4 Bridge st
Bau-d William, farmer. Mount Ferguson
Ballantine John, grain merchant, 159 High st
Bank of Scotland (Branch), 24 Sandgate st— Andrew Paterson and
James M'Murtrie, agents
Barbour Peter, smith & bcllhanger, 17 High st; house, 195 High at
Beaton Walter, schoolmaster, Prestwick
Bell Mary & Jane, Berlin wool repository, 49 Newmarket st ; house,
2 Academy st
Bell, Rannie & Co. wine & spirit merchants, 5 Fort st
Bell William, carrier from Black Bull, Wallacetown to Catrine
Beveridge Robert Morris, solicitor, 7 Cathcai't st
Black Jane, victual dealer, Whitletts
Black William, draper, 250 High st
Blackwood Janet, victual dealer, 24 Green st. Newton
Blair John, watchmaker, 39 Newmarket st ; house, 10 High Bt
Blane Mary, farmer, Hawkhill, St. Quivox
Blaue Quintin, bank accountant, Cross st. Newton
Blane Wihiara, victual dealer, 56 Cross st. Wallacetown
Bone Margaret, spirit dealer, 5 Harbour st
Bone Thomas, farmer, East Sanquhar, St. Quivox
Bone William, saddler, 14 River st. Wallacetown ; house, 17 John
st. Wallacetown
Borland John, tailor, Whitletts, St. Quivox
Borland Robert, fruiterer, 9 Elba st. Wallacetown
Bowie John, cabinet maker, 51 New road, Newton
Boyd Catherine, confectioner, 16 Boghallrow, Wallacetown
Boyd David, post master & victual dealer, Prestwick
Boyd David, farmer. Prestwick
Boyd Hugh, inspector of poor rates, Prestwick
Boyd Jane, school, 86 John st. Wallacetown
Boyd John W. solicitor, 29 Sandgate at
Boyd Joseph, sculptor, Cumnock road ; house, S8 Alloway at
Boyd Robert, harbour master, 53 & 54 South quay ; house, 11 John
st. Wallacetown
Boyd Robert, boot & shoe maker, 3 Bridge st
Boylo Isabella, pawnbroker, 81 & 83 Cross st. Wallacetown; house,
5 John st. Wallacetown
Brackenridge Henry, farmer, Clockranhill
Brackenridge James, inspector of poor, &o. 7 Weaver st. Newton ;
house, 19 Peebles st. Newton
Brackenridge John, grocer, 163 High at
Brewster James, photographer, 20 New Bridge st
British Agricultural Asaociation Limited, chemical & manure manu-
facturers, Newtonhead
British Linen Co.Bank.SSNewmarketBt-WilliamKilpatrick, agent
— Sec adveriiiement
Brown & Cameron, grocers, 203 High st
Brown Andrew, stud si'oom, Canick Villa, Maybole road
Erowii Elizabeth, dressmaker, 153 High st
Brnwii Isabella, Eahert Burns Tavern, 3 River st. Wallacetown
Brown James, collector of inland revenue, 14 Cathcart st; house,
Orangefield, Monkton
Brown James, fruiterer, 6^ Sandgate st
Brown Jane, Ayrshire and Galloway Inn, 1 Killoch place
Brown Robert, draper, 12 High at ; house, 8 Kensington terrace.
Miller road
Brown Robert, draper, 158 High st; house, 160 High st
Brown Robert, weaving agent, Prestwick
Brown William, draper {William Brown & Co.), 40 FuUarton at
Brown William & Co. drapers, &c. 201 High st
Bro\vning Charles, tobacconist, 264 High st ; house, 258 High st
Bryan Andrew, millwright, Prestwick
Bryan Hu^h, clerk, 3 Darlington road, Newton
Bryden William, shirt manufacturer, 81 Main et. Newton
Buchanan George, chief clerk of inland revenue, 14 Cathcart st;
house, 1 FuUarton st

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