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A WATERING pldce and mRritime port in the parish of its i Scotch acres, and will admit fifty vessels of from three to sis
name, is pleasantly situated on the ■^'estern, shore of Ayrshire, on ' hundred tons burden. Steamers ply regularly between Ardrossan
an accessible point of the coast, and only a miio west of Saltcoats, I and several parts of Ireland ; there is daily intercourse during the
which occupies another promontory; it is 74 miles s.w. of Edin
burgh, 30 s.w. of Glasgow, 25 s.s.w. of Paisley, and 8 n. by w. of
Irvine. The town is built upon a plan of regularity and taste ; the
houses all of stone and of commanding altitude. The visitants in
the bathing season will find all the appliances necessary to their
enjoyment. The baths include the customai-j- varieties, and are
greater part of the year between it and the island of Arran ; and
the steamers plying between Ayr and Glasgow call at the port
during the summer months. There are two yards for ahip-building
at the harbour, a large ironfoundry, and some extensive timber
yards and saw mills. A railway from this port to Kilwinning lorraa
a junction with the Glasgow, Kilmarnock and Ajt railway, and the
enclosed in a handsome building, both spacious and commodious, j line is continued from the station to the harbour for the transit of
The town is chiefly indebted for its existence to the noble family of , coals and iron to the vessels. _A new railway is also being formed
Egliuton,who had formerly a castle of gi-eat strength and extent | between Ardro3san and West Kilbride, and from thence to Fairlie.
in the vicinity, but which is now a ruin, the earl having a mansion The church, at the entrance to the town from Saltcoats, is in
in the town. There are a large number of villas, many of which elegant taste, and is a highly ornamental edifice. There are fuur
exhibit considerable taste in design ; and the town is extending in other churches, viz., the English Episcopal, United Presbyterian,
all directior.8. A large and elegant hotel, with a suite of warm and I Free, and Independent. There has recently been erected at the
cold baths, was erected by the late Lord Eglinton, at an expense of | head of the town, a handsome and commodious school, under the
£10,000. The public rooms, the bed rooms, olfices, and stabling Scotch Education Act, built to accommodate about 670 childi-en.
are most commodious. There are three banking establishments— i In the neighbourhood is a chalybeate spring, whose medicinal
that of the Bank of Scotland is a commanding building adjoining properties are beneficial in cases of debility, scrofula, &c. The
the hotel • the Roval Bank building is near to the railway station, i picturesque ruins of Ardrossan Castle stand on an eminence over-
and is also a fine building ; and the'iCity of Glasgow Bank, at the ; looking the town. There is also upon an adjoining eminence, a
end of Princes-street, is also a prominent object. The harbour was j handsome monument, erected to a deceased philanthropic gentle-
commenced under the auspices of the before-named munificent man, who, during the latter years of his life, ioterestcd himself
patron who expended nearly ;£90,000 upon it, and became the sole | deeply in tho various institutions connected with the town. An
proprietor both of it and tho town, as well as the extensive barony ] agricultural society has been established here, and a coursing club
of Ardrossan. It has been greatly extended, and the yearly formed. A fair is held on tho Tuesday before Ajt, which is in
increasing business of the port renders probable another consid- July. There is also a weekly grain market. Population of tho
erable extension at no distant date. The tide harbom- will contain pariah in 1371, 7,S21 ; of the town, 8,845.
from fifty to sixty vessels. The, dock occupies an extent of seven
POST OFFICE, 47 Princes-street, James Stevens, Post Jllrtsfcr.— Arrival of the Mails: From all parts at seven morning; from
Bnglnnd the South, and all parts at half-past nine morning ; from Arran (on the day the steamer arrives) at seven evening; and from
Edinburgh Glasgow, and all Scotland at seven evening. Despatch of the Mails : To West liilbride at half-past five morning ; to Arran at
twenty minutes'before nine morning ; to Edinburgh, Glasgow, and south of Scotland at fivo minutes before eleven morning ; to Glasgow,
Edinburgh England, Ireland, foreign and all x^arts at five minutes before two afternoon ; to Glasgow, north of Ireland and nort^^ of
Scotland^ also to Kilmarnock, Paisley, Ayr, and Dairy at a quarter before five evening; to England, Ireland, and foreign parts at seven
evening ;' to Scotland and north of England at eight evening. Sunday, to all parts at twenty minutes before seven evening.
Money Order and Telegraph Office and Savings Bank.
Adam Mrs. — , 16 Montgomerie st
Aitken Mr. Robert, 9 The Crescent
Alexander Archibald, Esq. J.P.(of Boydston),
Aim's Lodge
Alexander Mrs. Amelia, 15 Montgomerie st
Bailey James Lambert, Esq. J. p. Princes st
Bair'john, Esq. J. p. (provost), Kilmahew
Bocket Jlr. Hugh, 3 The Crescent
Borland Mr. Andrew, 5 Montgomerie st
Borron William Geddes, Esq. Seafield Tower
Cleugh Miss Frances, 8 Montgomerie st
Crawford Mr. David, 1 Clyde view
Crawford Miss ElizabetJi, 9 Arran place
Crawiord Mr. John, 2 Clyde view
Crawford Mr. William, 10 Montgomerie st
Cross Rev. Alexander, Harbour place
Cuninghame John, Esq. The Pavilion
Emslie John, Esq. North crescent
Fullarton Mrs. Janet, 18 Montgomerie st
FuUartcn Mr. Lewis. I\Iontgomerie st
Gaff Mr. James, 1 Arran place
Gallowav John, Esq. 5 The Crescent
Gardner Mrs. Jane. 8 The Crescent
Geramell Mrs. Janet, 3 Arran place
Gilchrist Rev. William, United Presbyterian
Manse, North crescent
Goodwin Mr. David. 6 Arran place
Guthrie Mr. — , 4 The Crescent
Hogarth Mrs. Margaret, Clutha Villa, Mont-
gomerie st
Hunter Mrs. M. 6 Montgomerie st
Jameson Mr. John, 87 P'rinces st
Kirkhope Thomas, Esq, 93 Princes st
Lakemau Rev. George, Princes st
M*Call Rev. John D. 13 The Crescent
M'Creadio Mrs. William, 64 Glasgow st
M'Dondald Mr. Archibald, 7 The Crescent
M'Feo Mrs. Sarah, 37 Montgomerie st
Mack Anthony, Esq. fi The Crescent
Mack D. I. Esq, J. p. Princes st
Mack James O. jun. Esq. Princes st
MKinnen Mr. John, 30 Montgomerie at
M'Millan Mr. James, Yarborough place,
Montgomerie st
M'Phee Mr. Petef, 7 Arran place
Moffatt Miss Jessie, 12 The Crescent
Moffatt John, Esq. j.p. 11 The Crescent
Morris Mr. John, Princes st
Mutter William, Esq. Crescent park
Neilsou Mr. George M. Burnfoot House
Railton Mr. Robert, North crescent
Robertson Sir. James P. 15 Montgomerie st
Robertson Robert B. Esq. f.r.c.s. 6 Arran pi
Russell Ml*. Archibald, Glasgow st
Shearer Mrs. Janet, 21 Montgomerie st
Smith Mr. John, 2 Arran st
Stevens James, Esq. 47 Princes st
Stewai-t Rev. John, Free Church Manse
Stewart Miss Margaret, Annfield Villa
Sutherland Mr. Mitchell S. 2 Montgomerie st
Wallace Robert, Esq. Princes st
Young Mr. John, 2 The Crescent
Board School, Glasgow st— William Com-
rie, master; Lizzie Burnside, mistress
Cruickshank Elizabeth & May, 1 Arran pi
Public School, Glasgow st — Annie Gaii'dner,
Allison Alexander, 70 Princes st
Allison Alexander (estate & commission), 70
Princes st
Anderson John (coal & shipping and for Ger-
man consul). Harbour
Barclay, Robertoa &, Co. ( for
Siloyd's), Harbour
Craig Jolm (for Merry & Cuninghame, iron
masters). Harbour buildings
Crawford John (for Kenneth & Whitefield,
coal masters, and for A. Kenneth & Sons,
fire clay manufacturers, & shipping and
marine insurance), Harbour
Crawford AVilliam (shipping & for Eglinton
Rankin Margaret, 23 Princes st
Smith George, Princes st
Templeton Robert, 31 Glasgow st
Bank of Scotland (Branch), Princes st —
draws on Smith, Payne & Smiths, and on
Coutts & Co. London, on the Bankof Eng-
land &. branches, on the Bank of Ireland,
& on the Provincial Bank of Ireland, Dublin
— D. I. Mack, agent
City of Glasgow Bane (Branch), Pvinc^^s st
— draws on the Loudon Joint Stock Bank,
and on tho Bank of Ireland, Dublin, & on
the Ulster Banking Co. Belfast— John
Morris, agent
Royal Bank of Scotland (Branch), Princes
st — di-awB on the Bank of England, & on
Coutts it Co. London, & on the Bank of
Ireland, Dublin, and tho Belfast Banking
Co. Belfast — James Lambert Bailey, agent
— See advertisement
_ Hillcoat Janet, 55 Princes st
fire clay works, and J. Taylor & Ca drain -^liimi Jane & Jessie, 7 Princes st
tile manufacturers), Harbour | Young Catherine
Fullerton James, jun. (for P. & P. Campbell, i 5^^^=;^^??—
dyers), 56 Princes st
Gillies James (coal), Harbour
Guthrie A. & J. (coal), Harbour
Henderson Matthew (for Ritchie & Sous,
manures), 39 Princes st
Kirkhope John, Harbour
Kirkhope Thomas (for the Land Securities
Co. Limited), 63 Princes st I -,— ^ ^^,. . ■ i ■ i ■■ ■ <^^
Logan John (for the Eglinton Iron Co.'s col- | BLOCK & PUMP MAKERS
lieries, & shipping), Harbour ' , ,, -,,, ,,,tti.'
M'Isaac, Murrav & Co. (commission),Winton ^'^""^ty^o Alexander (block), Harbour
buildings. Harbour Barclay, Koberton &. Company,
M'Loughlin Joseph P. (for the Dun^alk and i Harbour
Newry Steam Packet Co. Limited), 59 Forgie John (block), Harbour
Princes st
: Ann, Princes st
■Barclay, Roberton & Co. (shipsmith?), Har-
Barr & Shearer (shipsmith9),'Harbour
, Fletcher John. Glasgow st
Grubb Hugh, Harbour
Moffatt P. D. (for William Baird& Co. ii'on
masters), Harbour
Smith John ( for Bourtree Hill
Coal Company, &. for Perceton
and KiJLlbead flre clay worics ,
Steel Archibald, jun. (commission), 1 Har-
bour place
Stewart William (for Ardeer Coal Company)
Harbom- '
Crawford Hugh, 44 Princes st
Guthrie Arthur (& letterpress printer), 50
Princes st
Mearus James H. 68 Princes st
(Vrdrossan Co-operative Society (dealers), S8
_ „ Glasgow st
Sutherland MitcheU S. (for Ardrossan Ship. '2°^^^ John 7 Glasgow st
ping Co.), Harbour ^ Curne Hugh, lo Prmces st
„,^^,^__^^^^__^______^^^_^^^^^^^^ Cuthbert Thomas, Barr lane
■^^"™"™^ ^^s ; Davidson James, 47 Glasgow st
BAKERS. ' ^^^'i^ Gavin, Glasgow st
-p TT I.T jn,.r^, " i Kerr Agnes (dealer), 89 Glasgow st
Barr Hugh L. 48 K Glasgow st i MarshaU Robert, 75 Glasgow st
Crawford Hugh, 67 Princes st Poole Ed^rin, 10 Glasgow st
Leckie Andrew, 73 Prmces st ' Wvllie W^iUiam. Harbour place

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