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Is a narish Bituated at the southern extremity of the peninsula , have been founded by St. Columba, who landed in Scotland in 563.
of Kintyro— the Tillage, which is sometimes caUed Neivton Argi/ll, It was called Cill-Cholum-Cliille, and the bunal ground was
is 10 miles south of Campbeltown. Agriculture and fishing are the formerly divided by a smaU stream, on the north side ol which the
predominating occupations of the inhabitants, who, in the summer, Highlanders were interred, and on the south side the Lowlanders ;
reap some advantage from the visits of many strangers to this but that distinction no longer exists. The Marums of Lome
romantic and interesting part of. the country. About half a mile , resides temporary at Maoharioch. ,. , .,
south of the village stands the rock Dounavertie, a spot interesting ] On the island of Sanda, about three miles distant, is a lighthouse,
to the historian and the antiquarian, as having been the scene of said to be the best and most elhoient one on the coast^ A little to
many sanguinary conflicts, with the details of which the inteUi- the north of the village stands the parish church and in the
eent viUagers are conversant— especially the ruthless massacre of vUlage, the United Presbyterian chm'ch The Board school here
three hundred of the M'Donalds here by General Leslie after their is a substantial building, and a weU conducted institution,
capitulation in 1519. Few traces of the castle are now remaining. Telegraphic communication is complete between the MnU and the
but a mile and a halt west stands the walls of a church, said to principal places m the county and Glasgow.
POST OmCB, Newton Aegyli,, Dugald M'Pherson, Post jlfaster.— Letters arrive from aU parts of Scotland, England, &c.
(bv Mail Car from Campbeltown) at half-past seven evening, and are despatched thereto at half-past one, Sunday excepted.
•' 7ir.^».j„ rii-tli-r nnd Tr.lt'.nraiih Office and Savinas Bank.
Campbell Rev. Dugald, The Manse
Fleming James Nicol, Esq. Keil
Lome the Most Noble the Marquis
Macliay Captain — ; Carskey House
Woodhouse John S. Esq. Lephlnstrath
Young Rev. Alexander
Argyll Manse
Board Schools :—
Southend— Duncan Montgomery, master
Glenbreckerie— Donald M'Kinnon, master
Andrew David, Knockstaple
Andrew Hugh, Keprigan
Barbour John, Acharua
Cordiner Alexander, IMachrimore South
Craig John, Cattadalemore
Cuthbertson James, Kilmasenachan
Ferguson Andrew, Killervain
Galbraith John, Low Gartvain
Gibson James, Gleneharvie
Heslop Robert, Breaklet
Hunter Mrs. — , Lephlnstrath
Hunter William, Machribeg
Langlands Arthur, Dalavraddau
M'K.ay Peter, Kuockstaplemore
Money Order and Telegraph Office and Savings Bank
M'Kerral Archibald, Brunerican
M'Millan John & WiUiam, Cuilaudryan
M'Naughton Donald. Ouilanlngart
M'Naughton Neil, Carrine
Mitchell Robert, Christloch
Montgomery Donald, Dunglas
Reid Andrew, Macbrimore
M'Laren, Newton I geid Jolin, jun Kildvie
I Reid Vvuham, Langholm
j Richie Alexander, Island of Sanda
Ronald Andrew, Pennysearach
Ronald Andrew, Dalmore
Smyllie James, Eden
Stewart Duncan, Benton
Wilson John, Elasthill
Wylie Robert, Macharioch
Brown Matthew, Nuncroy, Southend
M'Eachran John, Newton Argyll
Reid William, Southend
I M'Callum John, Southend
. Milloy Malcolm, Conaglen
' M'Eachran John, Southend
. Montgomery Duncan, Southend
O'May John, Southend
Black Charles, keeper of the Mull of Kintyro
lighthouse, Southend
Campbell John, cattle dealer, Dalsmirran
M'Callum Neil, cartwright, Southend
M'Kerral Alexander, miller, Macbrimore
M'Kerral John, keeper of Sanda lighthouse.
Isle of Sauda
M' Shannon Barbara, grocer and vintner,
Lephlnstrath bridge [end
Montgomery James, boot, &c. maker, South-
Taylor James, Argyll Inn, Newton Argyll
EstablishedChurch— RevDugaldCampbell
United Presbyterian Church — Rev.
Alexander M'Laren Young
To CAMPBELTOWN, a Mail Cart, carrying
passengers and parcels every afternoon at
lialf-x)ast one
To CAMPBELTOWN, Charles Black, daily
ARBERT. or as it is sometimes designated East Tarbeet, is a respected owner, Lieutenant General Robert Campbell, planted to
smaU fishing port and village, situated at the head of a flue shel- . their summits. About the sixth mile on this road is Dunmore, the
tered harbour on Loch Fyne. It is 139 miles w. of Edinburgh, 37 n. residence of the late William Campbell, Esq.; the house is hid by its
by E. of Campbeltown, 39 s.s.w. of Inverary, and 15 s. of Lochgilp- [ plantation from the road, but from its site there is a pleasing view
head. The town, or village, may be said to form a semicircle round of the loch and the opposite shore. Four miles further on,
the harbom'—tlie latter small, and the entrance to it narrow, having i is the domain of Ardpatrick, the residence of Captain James
several sunken rocks, and consequentlj'- difficult of access, but when j Carter Campbell, r.n., possessing every requisite for a summer
a vessel has once entered, no water afiords more perfect shelter and ] residence. At the foot of this domain is a ferry, by which the
security. The quays are commodious, and for many years it has j traveller may pass to the opposite side of West Tarbert loch,
been a noted fishing station, particiilarly for herrings, which are From Ardpatrick a road branches to the west ; and at a distance of
mostly cured for the Glasgow markets. In a commanding situa- four miles Carsa is passed, eight miles beyond this is Drimdrissaig,
tion, overlooking the town and harbour, are the remains of an the property of thelatoDugaklM'Neill, Esq., theefforts of whosepre-
ancient castle and fortification, formerly a place of great strength, decessor — the late Lachlan M'Neill, Esq. — proved so successful in
and immediately behind the village, in a southern direction, is a | improving the breeds of cattle, sheep, &a., in this part of the
small comfortable Established church ; there is also a Free chmxh, country. A mile and a half beyond Drimdrissaig is Ormsary, the
and a board school, i seat of William A. Campbell, Esq. The eastern road runs through
The steamer lona calls here daily on its way to and from Glasgow the village of West Tarbert to Clachan and Campbeltown. A new
and Ardrishaig; communication is also constant with Inverary, and road, running by the edge of West Tarbert loch {to save the hill on
a steamer leaves West Tarbert for Islay twice a week ; the village tlie main road) past the landing stage ol the Islay steamer, will be
is likewise connected by telegraph with Glasgow, Inverary, Oban, found a great convenience by passengers going to or returning from
Lochgilphead, Campbeltown, and the Island of Islay. I Islay. The Royal Mail Coach passes daily both going to East
Tarbert and returning to Campbeltown. Near the sixth milestone
is the village of Whitehouse, containing a board school, and
about half a mile above the village is Stonefield, a fine mansion
and extensive domain of Colin G. Campbell, Esq., who is proprie-
tor of the town and neighbourhood of Tarbert. An extensive fair
is held at Tarbert on the last Thursday in July which contiuueg
three days, and is for the sale of horses. In lb71 Tarbert contained
a population of 1,442.
West Taebekt is one mile distant, and there, also, is a good quay.
It is seated at the head of a loch of the same name, which com-
mences here, and in a circuitous route winds through the moun-
tains to Ardpatrick, beyond which it empties itself into the ocean.
The scenery on either side of the loch is remarkably picturesque,
embracing mountain, wood and lawn, with an occasional mansion
embosomed in foliage. Two roads branch respectively to the east
and west sides of the loch. The road to Ardpatrick winds through .
a fine country, in which many mountains were, by the late much '
IPOST OFFICIi, Tarbert, Elizabeth Reid Post Mistress.— hetters arrive fi-om Glasgow, Edinbm-gh, and all parts (via Greenock)
at half-past twelve afternoon, and from Campbeltown at thirty-nine minutes past eleven morning, and are despatched to Glasgow, Edin-
burgh and all parts at ten minutes past one afternoon, and to Campbeltown at ten minutes past twelve noon.
Money Order and Telegraph Office and Savings Bank.
Post Receiving: House, Whiteiiouse, Ami Thompson, Post Jl/w/r(?5s.— Letters arrive from Glasgow, Edinburgh, and all parts
(via Greenock and Tarbert) at about one afternoon, and from Campbeltown at eleven morning, and are despatched to Glasgow, Edinburgh
and all parts at eleven morning, and to Campbeltown at one afternoon.
The nearest Money Order Offre is at Tarbert.
Feat E^eceivlns" Hozise, SKiPNESs.Don.ild Thomson, PosiiJ/a:;/e?-.— Letters from aU parts arrive (-y/a Greenock and Tarbei-t)
half-past two afternoon, an4 are despatched thereto at haU-pa^t ten morning.
The nearest M-mcy Order Office is at Tarbert.
Pos'i Rsceiying: ^o^fe, Ardpatrick, Benjamin Marshall, Post ilf(wi en-Letters arrive from all parts fv^a Tarbert) at
fternoon, and arc despatched there ^-o at haif-past eight mormug.
The nearest Money Order Oifice is at Ta-REert
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