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nearly obliterated. A Chapel of Edse to Dunoon was ereetod near
Toward Lighthouse, 7 milsg south-west, in 1836-7, by subscription;
it is a neat Gothic structure, containing 200 sittings, and cost £iQO.
In 1838, a United Presbyteriau church was erected in Argyll street,
with 3:)0 sittings; but, this being found insufficient, a new one was
erected at a short distance from the old one, in 1874, at a cost of
about £8,000. The old church is now used for services in the Gaelic
tongue. The foundation stone of a New Free church was laid in
Jnly, 1876, by Alexander Stephen, Esq., of Fearann Coillo ; it is built
of Htone, in the Fr-noh Gothic style of architecture, and cost £10,000.
Mr. Robt. A. li y in, Glasgow, was the architect. A Scotch Episcopal
church, ail .i ; liluglish Episcopal church, also chapels each for
Baptists a.,J Homan Catholics— all neat huildings— are the other
places of worship in the town and immediate neighbourhood. There
are also several public schools, as well as private boarding and day
BchooiB. A police station has been built a little out of the town; it
is a neat stone building in the early Scotch style of architecture.
Two churches, one for the Establishment, the other for the United
Presbyterians, are situated at Kirn. A short distance from the town,
on the road from Bunoou to Sandbank, is the West of Scotland
Convalescent Sea-side Homes. This institution, originated and
promoted by Miss Beatrice Clugston, of Glasgow, was opened on the
14th of August, 1369,fortheparp030oi affording sea-air, bathing, &c.,
to those invalids whose circumstances prevent them from regaining
in any other way the health and strength necessary to resume their
work. This institution is a magnificent stone building in the
Romanesque style of architecture; it was originally intended for a
hydropathic establishment on an extensive scale, 'and cost about
£11,000. The housos are two in number, capable of accommodating i
115 imnates. The baths, with which the institution is furnished,'
were put up at a great expense by the former proprietor, and ai'e
acknowledged to be the best in Scotland. The Burgh Hall, Argyll :
atreot, buiit in 1873, is well worthy of mention; it is a handsome I
stone building, and contains a line assembly room, which is some- j
times occupied by London and provincial dramatic companies, &c. I
A sheriff and small debts court is held here once a quarter. A ■
skating rink was erected near the pier in the summer ot 1876; it is ;
118 feet-long aud 60 feet wide, and was built by Dixon A Co. Liver- \
pool. The lloor, which is of asphalte, was laid by Green & Son,
Bedford. Fairs are held at Duaoon ou the third Thursday in
January, February, August and November. The population of the :
united parishes of Dunoon aud Kilmun in 1871 was 7,132.
INNELLAN is a thriving and respectable village, five miles w. of
Dunoon, on the shore of the Frith of Clyde. The houses are mostly
of a first-class order, and the grounds adjoining being tastefully laid i
out, give them a neat appearance — many being the summer resi-
dences of the Glasgow merchants. There are four churches, an
Established church, a Free church, an Episcopalian, and a United
Presbyterian church, and a good school. The Royal Hotel, which
deserves particular notice, is built on an elevated site ; its dimen-
sions are large and imposing. It stands second to none in this
part of the countiy for its excellent accommodation. The pro-
prietor is Mr. John Clark, late of the Pier Hotel, Ardenadam. In
from is the pier, at which steamers to and from Glasgow call
several times a day, A few miles further on is Castle Toward, a
massive modern edifice, erected by the late Kirkman Finlay, Esq.,
and now the residence of his son, A. S. Finlay, Esq., late h.p. for
Argyllshire. The grounds contain the ruins of the ancient castle,
at one time the scat of the family of Lament of Ardlamont. Popu-
lation in 1871, 605.
Glenlf.an or Clachaig is a village in the parish of Dunoon,
from 6 to 7 miles N.w. therefrom. There is a good school in the
village, a post office, and a comfortable public house, the Clachaig
Sandbank or Ardenadah is a small but thriving village, 3 ipilea
north-west of Dunoon, on the road to Kihnun. There are two
churches in the village, one for the Establishment and the other a
Free church. There is also a good school, and several respectable
shopkeepers and traders, two or three good inns, but that which
deserves more particular notice is the Pier Hotel, a fine stone build-
ing, from which a splendid view of the Holy Loch is obtained, and
being close to the pier, at which steamers call several times a day,
it affords great accommodation to parties travelling in this district.
In 18ri, Sandbank had a population of 620.
Invebchaolain, or Inverhallan, is a parish in Cowal district,
between 4 and 5 miles s.e. of Dunoon, and is intersected by an arm
of the sea called Loch Streven, running about eight miles into
the county, the two sides of which present a sea coast of about
three miles. The district is mountainous and pastoral. There is a
church of the Establishment and a parochial school in the parisli.
KiLFiNAN and Kilmodan are both p:irishes in Cowal district.
There are churches of the Establishment and parochial schools at
both places.
Glachan of Gli^ndaruel is a village in the parish of Kilmodan,
about 17 miles n.w. of Dunoon. An Established and a Free church,
connected with e:ich of which is a school, and a sub-post office, are
in the village.
Tigh-na-Bruaich is a village in the parish of Kilfinan. pleasantly
situated on the west bank of the Kyles of Bute. An Established
and a Free church are in the village; there are likewise two good
inns and a post office. Population in 1871, 404.
CoLiNTRAivE is a Small village in the parish of Inverchaolain,
also situated in the Kyles of Bute. It contains an inn and sub-post
POST 07PZCS, Argvll street, Dunoon, John Colegate, Post Master.— LetteTB from all parts arrive {via Greenock) at eight and a
quarter-past ten mm-ning, and at ton minutes past five evening; and are despatched at half-past seven morning aud four afternoon.
■ Money Order and Telegraph OJfice and Savings Bank.
Post Office, Kirn, Robert Mitchell, Post Master.— heiters from all parts arrive {via Greenock) at seven and half-past nine morning
and five evening; and are despatched at half-past seven morning aud ten minutes past four afternoon.
Money Order and Telegrapn Office and Havings Bank.
Post I^ecelving- House, Sandbank, James Riddell, Post Master.— heiters arrive from all parts {via Greenock) at eleven morn-
ing and six evening ; and are despatched at seven morning and forty minutes past two alternoon.
The nearest Money Order Office is at Dunoon.
Post Office* Innellan, Elizabeth Turner, Post if /afrcs*.— Letters from all parts arrive {via Greenock) at ton morning and six
evening; and aro despatched at twenty minutes past seven morning and half-past three afternoon.
Money Order and Telegraph Office and Savings Bank.
Post Office, Toward, David Wright, Pox<ilfa.ii«r.— Letters from all parts arrive at twelve noon, and aro despatched at twenty
minutes past two afternoon.
Money Order and Telegraph Office and Savings Bank.
Post Koceiving' House, Kilfinan, James Young, Post iVf o a (er.— Letters from all parts arrive at flft«cn minutes before two
afternoon, and are despatched at eight morning.
The nearest Money Order Office is at Tigh-na-Beuaich.
Post Office, Tigh-xa-Eruaich, Elizabeth Campbell, Post if i a («3s.— Letters from all parts arrive {via Greenock) at twelve noon,
and are despatched thereto at three afternoon.
Mo7iey Order Office and Savinns Bank.
Post Hecelving: House, CoLiNXRAn-E, John M*Lean, Post Master.— hettors from all parts arriv* {via Greenock) at half-past
eleven morning, and are despatched thereto at half-past three afternoon.
The nearest Money Order Office is at Tigh-na-Bruaich.
Post Office, Glknlean or Clachaig, Peter Campbell, Post iftis/er.— Letters arrive from all parts (via Sandbank) at twelve noon
and are despatched thereto at six morning.
The nearest Money Order Office is at Kirn.
Adams Mr. James, Mary st
Agnew David, Esq. m.d. George terraca
Uexander Mr. George, Argyll road
Alexander Mr. James, Auchindarroch
Alexander Mr. Thomas, Kirn
Alexander Mr, William, Kirn
Ancell Mr. John, Cumbrae view, Innellan
Anderson Mrs. — , Innellan
Anderson Mr. Alexander, Hillside
Anderson Mr. Alexander, Tigh-na-Eruaieh
Anderson Captain Hngh, St. Andrew st
Anderson Mr. Quintin D. Bayvoiach
Anderson Mrs. W. Avoudale Lodge
Anderson Mr. William, Tigh-na-Bruaich
Andrew Mrs.—, Hillfoot st
Arbuokle Mrs. J. Innellan
Arrol Mr. Archibald, <»akbank. Kirn
Atkinson Mrs. Jane, Harmony Cottage
Bain Mr. Aulay, Sandbank
Bain Rev. James, Kilfinan JIanso
Bald Peter Esq. J. p. Langdalo
Barclay Mr. Edward, Innellan
Barr John, Esq. Chapel HaLi, Innellan
Barrie Mr. Robert, Ardeuadam
Baiter Mrs. J. Linside Cottage
Begg Mr. Alexander, Fernlea Villa, Mary st
BeU Mra. D. Kirn
Bell Mrs. Finley, Hunters quay
Bell Mr. Walter, Innellan
Bennett Mri. G, Tigh-na-Brqaich
Bennett Mr. J. B. Ardeli, Ardenadam
Benzie Mr. James, Tigh-na-Bruaich
Binnie Mr. John, Hunters quay
Black Mr. Angus, Queen st
Black Mr. Daniel, Snnnyside
Black Mr. David, Union place
Black Mr. John, West bay
Black Rev. John, Dunoon
Blair Mr. Hugh, Kirn
Blair Mr. Peter, Kirn
Boag Mr. Wihiam, Edward st
Bone Mr. Charles C. Milton rd
Boyd Mr. Adam, Hunters quay
Brockie Miss V. Innellan
Brown Miss A. A. Innellan
Brown Mr. James, Sandbank
Brown Mrs. R. Inuelhiu
j Brown Mr. Thomas, Sandbank
Bruce Mrs. Margaret. IMmrosebank
r -- —
Bruce Mr. Thomas. Burnsido Villa
: Bryce Mr. John, Milton rd
i Bryson Mr. Alexander, Sandbank
1 Buchanau Mr. Thomas, Westbay
\ Buchanan Mr. Thomas D. Innellan
■ Burnley William F. Esq. j.p. Ericht bank.
Cairns Miss Mary, Innellan _^.
; Caldor the Misses Mary & Elizabeth, Innellan '' CooirthoMisses— , Innellan
Caldwell Mr. William, Burnside Cottage t Cook Captain John, Tigh-na-Bruaich
Cameron Mr. Archibald, Ardachiiple ; Cook Mr. John, Innellan
Cameron Rev. John, m.a. Dunoon Manso
Campbell the Misses — , Auchinwilne
Campbell Mr. Archibald, Glendaruel
CampbellCampbell M'Phcrson,Esq. (of Balti-
more), Baltimore House, Tigh-na-Bruaioh
Campbell Lieutenant-Colonel Duncan, of
South Hall
Campbell Mrs. Elizabeth, Victoria terrace
Campbell Mrs. Margaret, of Ormidalo
Campbell Colonel P. A. P. Bouverie, Esq. of
Dunoon Glengair
Campbell Islr. W. Lawrence, Richmond Villa
Campbell Mr. William, Woodfield
Campbell Mr. William, Sweethome Villa
Carlton Mr. Cliarles, Clyde Cottage
Carswell Mr. William, Queen st
Chisliolm Mr. WiUiam, Kirn
Christie Mrs. Ehzabeth, Heatherlngton
Clark Archibald, Esq. of Garvie
Clark Mr. Duncan. Wellington st
Clark Mrs. Jane, East bay
Clark Neil, Esq. Innellan
Clark Rev. Patrick T. Tigh-na-Bruaich
Clark Mr. Robert, Society House
Glinkskill Mr. James, lurn
Clow Mr. Henry, Auchamore rd
Coates Mr. William, Willow bunk
Cameron Mr. James, Hunters quay
Cooper Mr. Eobert, Neivton Cottags

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