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The moit remark«ble piao» of sntlqnltT li an uncUnt eroi», OotobM, for cattle; «ndth» third Thnnday iaNovsmbw fothdrJM
erected in the middle of th« main «tre«t. The inicrlption i» in the Population of Campbeltown in 1871, 6,688. '
Baxon character, and the following ia a literal copy, with the " .... ...
translation annexed —
Haec est : crux : Domini : YVARI
crnx : Domini : YVARI : M : H :
EACHYHNA. quondam: Rectoris de ICYREGAN.
et: Domini: ANDRE: nati: ejus: Rectoris de
KIL : COMAN: qui hanc crucem fieri faciebftt:
" This is the cross of Mr. Edward M.H.Eachran, once
Rectorof Cyrepan.andiMaster Andi-ew his son, Rector
of Kilcomau, who erected this cross."
There is, however, no date, but it is said to have been executed
Salt-pans, so called from salt having been made hero from aalt
water, is a small village, six miles west of Campbeltown, on the
Bouthern shore of Machrihanish bay, the dashing of whose waves can
be hoard to a great distance ; and the continual heavy swell here,
caused by the Atlantic rolling in between Isiay and the northern
coast of Ireland, is justly dreaded by the mariner. Nearly half a
mile south is " Losset House," the tasteful and modern mansion of
Hector Macn'^al, Esq. of Ugadalo. At Drumlemble, about four miles
from Campbeltown, are the works of the Argyll Coal and Canuel
.!,„ fn « ,.■„ • » ■ ,i , , , ,;, 1, V, tjo.Limited. A branch railway is in course of construction from
about the tweltth century, and to have been brought from the Isle the coUicry to the harbour to afford greater faciUties for shippinK
oflona. South of the town is the high mountain called Bengochon, Here is a Bo.ird school
from which there is an extensive view of the neighbouring country, : Saiideii, and Skipness form a united parish, situate at the inner
including the distant objects of Arran and Pladda islands. Cowan extremity of the peninsula of Kiutvre, the village of Saddell beinff
nills, the bay and heads of Ayr, the Lowlands as far as Loch Ryan, about ten miles north of Campbeltown, It contams the ancient
tne Oraig of Ailsa, Black head at the entrance of Belfast Lough, castle of Somerled, the great chieftain and founder of the clan Mao-
JJonnavertie, Sanda Isles, part of the Irish coast near the points of donald ; and the ruins of a monastery, of the Cistercian order,
uarron head, Rod Bay and Fair head, the dangerous bay of Mach- • founded by Somerled, in 1160. SaddeU is now the residence of Miss
.n^?it „.'..,!;„ '^} tl Is!l'y.'_an<l the Paps of_ Jura_: also the cemetery , Isabella M'Neill UampbeU. whose mansion stands in a good situation
„.....-.._.,..,...., ,. in the centre of this line glen. '"' ' '
at Kilkerran, with the points of Saddell, Carradell7and"slTpnes"s'.
The north and south shores of Campbeltown are both pleasant and
The market is held on Friday, and the fahs on the first Thursday
in February, for horses ; the second last Wednesday in May, for
The ancient castle, which is still
entire, and the ruins of the monastery, in which is the cemetery of
the ancient Macdonald family, are well worthy of being visited by
the curious. Population in 1871, Saddell, 645 ; Skipness, 500.
At Oaebadale, a viUage in the above parish, and live miles north
Aufffist for RW„'anrl ]^Ih"*"J ''"f?™ ""' f^l'^ Tuesday m of SaddeU, a pier has been erected, where the steamer calls on its
BR^e .no nth for hn, .^ }%£ I • ?'' "? '.""^ ^l??,"''- Thursday in the voyage to and from Glasgow and Campbeltown. A sub-post office
same month for hoises ; the Fruhiy before Kilmichael market in and Board and Assembly schools are in the viUage.
n»feT^?t^,fre?o'^f M?,f/, Main-street, CAMrBELTowN, John Muir, Post Master.-hetteTS arrive from aU parts at six evening, and are des-
momintr ami on t,,!T V 't'i '=''"'^"'»y •™'J ^^riday, from middle of September to midtUe of June (by steamer) at twenty minutes to eight
^? S;eame?)danv a^twe^K ,n?f f^^"/ Saturday lv,a Tarbert) at six morning; and from the middle of June to the middle of September
(by steamei ) dail> at twenty minutes before nine morning, Mondays excepted, when they are despatched at ten minutes past five niorning.
Money Order and Telegraph Office and Savings Bank.
day, ?h,Jsdafand Saturday ta'wfnfe? '^t^^L^"'' M<«ter.-Letters arrive from aU parts ahnost evei-y day in summer, and on Tues-
Money Order and Telegraph Office and Savings Bank.
Beith John, jun. Esq. j.p, Killierran road
Beitli Sirs. Margaret, High st
Beith Miss Margaret, Eagle Cottage
Black Mrs. Sarah, High st
Boyd Rev. James, d.d. Argyle st
Browu Mrs. Agnes, Ardmore House
Buchanan Colonel David Carrick, of Drum-
pollier, Carradale
Cameron Mr. Daniel, March Wood Cottage
Campbell Lady — , Kildaloig House
Campbell Mrs. Eliza, Askomill walk
1 M'ICorsie William, Esq. Kilkerran road
1 M'Kinnon Mr. James, George st
I M'Kinnon Mr. Peter, Rosemount
I M'Kinnon Peter, Esq. Devar IIouso
I M'Murchy Miss Martha, High Askomill walk
1 M'Nabb Mrs. Margaret, WhitehiJl
! M'Nair Mr. WilHam, High st
j M'Naughton John C. Esq. Killellan House
j Macneal Hector, Esq. (of Ugadale), Losset
M'Neil Rev. Hector, Free Church Manse,
Main st
Campbell Miss Isabella M'Neill, of Kintarbert, M'Neill Miss Helen, Kirk st
Saddell House
Ceietter Rev. Vincent, Kirk at
Colvill Mr. John, Bui-nside st
Oolvill Mr. Robert, Rock bank
Colville Mr. David, 2 St. Clair terrace
ColviUe Duncan, Esq. Dalintober
Colville Mrs. EU2;abeth, Eastcliffe
Dunlop James, Esq. Longrow
Ferguson Duncan, Esq. Kirk st
Freeborn Mrs. Elizabeth, Askomill walk
Galbraith Miss Agnes, Cross st
Galbraith John, Esq. North Park
Gardiner James, Esq. South Park
Gibson William, Esq. ai.D. Kirkland
Gilkison Mr. John, Askomill wallc
Greenleea Alexander, Esq. Seafleld, Kilker-
ran road
Greenlees Miss Ann, 3 St. Clair terrace
Greenlecs Charles Colville, Esq. (provost),
Greenlees Daniel, Esq. Hazelburn
Greenlees James W. Esq. Seafield, Kilker-
ran road
Greenlees Mrs. Jane, Kirk st
Greenlees Robert, Esq. Burn bank
Greenlees Mrs. Robert, Kilkerran road
Greenlees Samuel, Esq. Kilkerran road
Greenlees William. Esq. Campbeltown
Grcig Mr. David, Clieskan House
Haddow J. W. Esq. Lime Craigs
Hall James, Esq. Dalintober House
Hall Peter, Esq. Tovrisdale Castle
Harvey Charles, Esq. Slupness court, Kil-
kerran road
Harvey James, Esq. SaddeU st
Harvey Miss Jane, Kilkerran rd
Jeffery James, Esq. Askomill walk
Kelly BIr. Neil M. Askomill
Knipe Rev. Elliott Augustus.Whitehill House
Lacy Mrs. Eliza, Springfield
Levack Rev. John Grant, ManSe, Saddell
Love Mr. Alexander, Hawthorn Villa
M'Allister Mr. Archibald, Dalarnan
M'Calium Mr. Peter, Kilkerran road
M'Dougall David, Esq. Longrow
M'Eachrau Mr, Charles, Beilmount
M'Eachran Mr. James. Seaside Cottage
M'Ewlng Mrs. Elizalieth, Killierran road
Macfadzeau James, Esq. Askomill walk
M'Farlane Mrs. John, Dalintober
M'Gibbon David, Esq. (chamberlain to the
Duke of Argyll), Campbeltown
M'Intyre Lachlan, Esq. Longrow
Mackelvie Alexander, Esq. Jeaniefield
M'Kereie John, Esq. Kilkerran road
M'Taggart Charles, Esq. (fiscal), Main st
M'Taggart the Misses Jane & Christina,
Kirk st
Matheson Mrs. Ann, Ivilken-an road
Maxwell Mrs. Jane, -Ai-gyll st
BXelville Miss Margaret S. Beach HiU Cottage
Mitchell Alexander, Esq. Lochend
Mitchell John, Esq. Lochend
Mitchell William, Esq. Drnmoro House
Murray John, Esq. (borough fiscal), Askomill
Orr Mr. John M'Intosh, Dalaruan House
Pownall Captain George B. The Hall, Dalin-
Ralston Mrs. David, Ai-dgowan House
Ross John, Esq. Comely Bank House
Russell Rev. James C. The Manse, Kirk st
Stewart Mrs. Charlotte Jane, Eelgrove House
Stewart Mr. Duncan, Kilchrist Castle
Stewart James, Esq. Craig bank
Sfewart John Lorn, Esq. d.l. j.p. (of Coll),
Stronvar House
Strang Rev. George Walter, The Manse,
Castle hill
Stuart Mrs. Harriet, Kirk st
Taylor Miss Isabella. KilkeiTan road
Templeton Miss Agnes, Longrow
AssESiELY Schools^
Carradale— Mrs. Mitchell, mistress
Peninver— Jessie M'Leod, mistress
Board Schools—
Aucbencorvie— Dugald Cameron, master
Carradale— John M'Farlane, master
Castle hill (grammar)— Lachary H. Ross,
rector; John Kirkwood, English master;
Lewis Walker, second master; Maggie
M'Leod, infants' mistress
Cour — vacant
Drumlemble- Charles Cameron, master
Lochend— Malcolm Campbell, master
Lo-n st— Alexander Ross, a.b. master
Saddell— Walter Jenkins, master
Dalintober Schools (boys* and girls';— j
Archibald Montgomery, master; Jessie '
Lothian, mistress
Industrial School (girls'), Argyle st-
Agnes i\I'Naughton, mistress
School of Indtjstuy (girls'), Glebe Bt-
Isabella M'Calium, mistress
Stewart Sarah, Longrow
Marked thus * are Commission Agents.
(Sec also Fire, (&c. Office Agents.)
*Alexander William, Back st
Allan William (for Gonlding's manure and
Brown & Son's diain pipes), Main st
Bai-ton Alexander (for the Allan line to
America, & the Clyde line to Melbourne),
Main st
Bruce James (for sheep dipplngr
and smearing: compositions J«
Iiong: row
■^Hutchison Andrew C. Old Quay head
^M'Eachran Charles & Son, Old Quay head
■''M'Pherson James, Main st
Muir John (for Lloyd's, and Glasgow and
Liverpool Underwi-itera' Association), Maia
•Sweeney Edward, jun. (and corn
factor), Old Quay head
'^ Young James, Main st
Littlejohn James, Low Knockrioch
M'Arthur Hugh, Dalaruan
M'Latchie William, Hill side
Balloch William, Back st
Black Joseph, Back st
Black Joseph, jun. Saddell st
Blue Alexander, Kirk st
Blue William. Longrow
Brown John, Main st
Campbeltown Bread & Flour Co. Main jit
Harvey Robert, Saddell st
Harvey Robert & John, High at
M'Gowan William. Main st
M'Murchy James, Cross st
M'Sporran John, Back st
Montgomery Donald, Longrow
Muir Samuel, Back st
Paterson John, Carradale
ClY3>esdale Bank (Branch), Longrow —
draws on the head office, Glasgow, and
Barnett, Hoares & Co. London— David
M'Dougall, agent
Commercial Bank of Scotland (Branch),
Blain st — draws on the head office, Edin-
burgh, and on London and Westminster
Bank, and Coutts & Co. London— Charles
M'Taggart, agent; Alexander Duncan,
accountant — See advertisement
Royal Bank or Scotland (Branch), Long^
row — draws on head office, Edinburgh, and
branches, and Coutts & Co. London —
Lachlan M'lntyre.agent- See advert isevient
Savings Bank, Bolgam st— open on Satur-
day evening from 8 to 9 o'clock

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