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FARMERS— roniinucfi.
Adam Thomas, Mains of Eden & Bowiebank
Anderson Frank, Cotwells
Bain William, Cumraerton
Barclay Alexander, Back Yonderton
Barclay George, Yonderton
Bartlett Alexander, Eastcrbo
Bartlett Alexander, Mill ol Balmaud
Black — , BacUfoulzia
Clark Peter, Linpanbo
Cowie George, Newton Craigaton
Cruicksbauk James, Maina of Balmaud
Donald William, Bogside
Duncan John E. Fortrie
Dancan Patrick, Balchors
Duncan William, Millton of Fishrio
Findlater James, Willtock
Forbes Alexander, Holm
Forbes Andrew, Milltown of Craijfston
Gellie Stuart, Garrochie
Greig Alexander, IMuirton
Joss Mrs. — , Cowsmill
LawBOn Robert, Mains of Fishiid
M'Robert Alexander, Foulzia
Mitchell James, Balgreen
Mitchell John, Kirkton
Morrison George, Holmesmill
Morrison John, Auchlinn
Morrison John, Upper Foolzia
Murray James, —
Runciman James, Castletown
Kunciman John, Auchmill
Scott Alexander, Scatterly
Sim John, Bogbraes
Bmart Andrew, Holmes
Smith John, Mill of King Edward
Taylor Alexander, Mcikle Tillybo
Troup Alexandt'r, Luncarty
Troup James, Breadloss
Will John, Nether Clacbforbio
AVood Geoige, Morolass
Wood James, Midtown
Wood James, Mill of Eden
Barclay William, Over Brae
Bonge John, Auchnamoor
Catto Gavin, Aucbnagorth
Chalmers William, Aucbnagorth
Clark George, Loanhead
Clark John, Tippercowan
CoUicr James, Coldwells
C-outts John, Tillymaud
Cowiesen — , Easter Millseat
Cowiesen Jamos, Culbyth
Cruickshank James, Redburn
Davie James, Burn of Cake
Duffua James, Overbrae
Duffus John, West Blakeshous*
Duncan — , Coldwells
Gordon Peter, Coldwells
Gordon Robert, Millton
Hay James, Lower Mill
Hepburn John, Upper Tilljinaud
Innos William, East Blakoshouse
Irvine James, Lower Crudie
Mackio John, Upper Crudie
M'Leod — , Upper Cook
M'Kobbie — , BlackbiUs
M'Willie George, Upper Clachforbie
Massie James, Craigsglen
Meldrum Alexander, Oldraill
Morrison William, Jlill of Craigstou
Russell Jobn, Nether Clachforbie
Sim Alexander, Easter Walkerhill
Smith Mrs. — & Son, Nether Clachforbie
Smith George, Braeside
Smith James, Mid Clachforbie
Trail George, Nether Hilla
Wilson George, Lower Cook
Aberdeh^i — James Francis Souter, Commer-
oialBank, High st
Briton Medical & Gknehal— Jas. Michie,
Railway station
English & Scottish Law (life)— William
Skinner, Hig]i st
Lancashike— William Dunbar, High st
Life Association of Scotland — William
Dunbar, High st
Norfolk Farmers'— Geo. Fowlie, 4 High st
North British & Mercantile — George
Ritchie, School hill
NoRTHKRN—Aloxander Morrison, High st
Norwich Union— John AUardyce & Son,
High st
Provincial Welsh— Geo. Fowlie, 4 High st
Queen— William Skinner, High st
Scottish (firej—Jaa. Michie, Railway station
Scottish Comuercial— George Fowlie, 4
High 8t
Scottish Equitable— William Taylor, High
st — See advertisement
Scottish National— James Grieve, Main st
— See advirtisenient
ScoTTiBH Provincial— A. G. Smart, King
Edward; John Ferguson, High st; Francis
J. Souter, Commercial Bank, High st
Scottish UNioN—John Hutcheon, High st
— See advertisement
Staffordshike— L. M. Miller, High st
Standard— George Ritchie, School hill— Soc
Sun— William Fowlie, 49 Balmellie st
United Kingdom Provident— L. M. Miller,
High st
Unity (lire)— Alex, Cruickshank, High st
Grant Alexander, 10 The Square
Nanghton Archibald, Main st
Stirling James, Manse terrace
Strachan John &, Alexander, 4 High st
Marked thus * are also Spirit Dealers.
Alexander Ann, Fife st
AUardyce John, Balmaud, King Edward
Bremner James, 14 Chapel st
Booth William, New Byth
♦Collier George, Fishiie
Crudon William, 33 Balmellie st
Duffus Jane, Over Brae, Fishrie
^Duncan John C. New Byth
Fyvie William, Iveil hill. King Edward
Gauld William, 32 Fife st
Gibb Ebenezer, New Byth
'Henderson Andrew, New Byth
*Hutcheon John (& wine and spirit mer-
chant, seedsman, tish, butter & pork curer),
High st
Kelman Charles, Deveron st
Lumsden John, King Edward
M'Kenzie George, Crudie, Fishrie
Maclean Lachlan, S4 High st
Milne John, New Byth
*MoriBou Alexander, jun. The Cross
*Morison Alexander, 12 High st
Piper Alexander, Nether Brae, Fishrie
Porter William, Millton of Fishrio
Ritchie George, School hill
Reid George (& tea rooms). 81 Main st
Robertson John, BalquhoUy
Simpson James, Railway station
Smith Hans G. Gla-astone terrace
Steele John, 2 Chapel st
Walker Margaret, Castlp st
Walker Margaret, New Byth
Hay John, 37 Main st
Murdoch David, 5 High st
Chisholm Catherine (Fife Arms Hotel &
postii^e bonse), The Square
Craick ^ -'lliam, Deverou st
Davie J, .m (Commercial Hotel and posting
housL), Higli st
Duncan James [Union lun), 11 Main st
Gerrard Jolm, New Byth
Greig Christina, New Byth
Hepburn John, Crudie, Fishi-io [close
Walker Alexander (Black Bull), Court Room
Hutcheon John, High st
Morrison Alexander, High st
Ritchie George, School hill
Simpson Jamea, Railway station
AUardyce John & Son, 51 High st
Dawson James, 23 High st
Morrison James, BalmoUie st
Rankino James, 2J & 29 Main st
Kelman Charles, Deveron st
Ogg George, The Square
Cruickshank J. W. & E. Railway station, and
at Iiiiwruric
Findlater Alexander, MUl of Turriff
Jack George, New Byth
Ironside G eorge, MiU of Fintry, King Edward
Merson John, Muireak
Morrison William, Craigston
Pirie John, Balquh^illy
Rubert.-.on Jolm, Mill of Eden, K:T2g Edward
Smith John, Mill ol King Edv>-ard
Watson Geo. Mill of Blackton, Kiug Edward
Watsoq John, Muiresk;
Brown Margaret, Castle st
Duncan Margaret, High st
Morrison James, BalmeUie st
Rankine James, 2U &. 29 Main st
Scott Mary, 16 Fife st
Taylor Christian, Main st
Walker Bathia, 1 Sunny brae
Watt Jessie, Castle st
Allan Alexander, The Square
Watson Alexander, 43 High st
Gibson John, 17 Chapel st
Ross Joseph, Balmellie st
Duthie W. & C. (& bellhangers), BalmeUie st
lOTicoll Peter F. (wholesale tin--
plate worker, and manufacturer
of tiie farmers' celebrated safety
lamp and lanterns 2^ Hi^list
Hutcheon John, High st
MoiTison Alexander, High st
Ramsay Alexander, 12 BalmeUie st. and BanJ
George John, 1 High st
Mann Charles, 17 High st
Marked thus ^ are also Gardeners.
'Gilgour Robert, Clause road
Hutcheon John, High st
Morrison Alexander, High st
Ritchie George, School hUl
"Steele John, 2 Chapel st
GUlespie John, Castle hill
GiUespie WiUiam, 2 Market st
Skinner WiUiam (and clerk to the poUce
commissioners), 83 High st
Duncan William {& quarry owner), Fife st
Fordyce A. & Co. Church terrace
Hutcheon James, Main st
Mortimer WiUiam, Victoria terraca
Wallace Andrew, Towie Cottage
AUardyce John, Balmaud, King Edward
AUardyca John & Sou, 51 High st
Cheyne & Son, 37 Main st
Cowie John, 15 High st
Dawson James, -si High at
Morrison James, Balmellie st
Rankine James, 2U & 29 Main st
Tarves James, 27 Main st
Black John, 15 High st
Simpson Charles, S7 High st
Smith Alexander, 31 High st
See Carpenters and Wrights.
Adams James, weaver, 10 Castle hiU
Bright Robert, beer retailer, 1 Cbapel st
Craig Alexander, accouatunt, Tha Square
Oruicksbauk Alexander, leather mLrchantt
61 High st
Dunbar V/iUiam, factor for Lieutenant. F. E.
R. P. Urquhart, of Cra.gston, Union
Bank, High st

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