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Post Office, KiNQ EDWAKD, John Lnmsden, Poit Ma,Ur.-I.ett»vB from aU parts arrive (»to B«°ff> ."^.^if ^l^S^n ^ ^"'^ *'^^^'
Ave minutes past two afternoon, and are despatched thereto at thirty-seven minutes past nine mormng and three alternoon.
The nearest Moneu Order Office is at Banff, five miles distant. ^;„„,„„ „,., „„.
Post Office, NEW BYiH, Joseph Gibb, Post Mn3ter.-hBtters from all parts arrive {via Turriff) at thirty-five mmutes past one
noon, and are despatched thereto at five minutes before six morning. j:„t,„,
' ' The nearest iloiiei; Order Office is at CDMlKESTC-mi, tlu-ee miles distant.
•,» Letters for Fishrie and New Byth should be addressed sis Tuekifp.
♦t* Letters for King Edward should be addressed via Banff.
Abororombie Sir Robert John, Bart. Forglen i Andrew George, King Edward
jjoQge j Duncan James', Burnsuuthy
Ainslie Douglas Ainslie, Esq. Delgaty Castle Ewen James,' Shearers lane p._.,a
Christie Rev. James, St. Congan's Parsonage ; M'Kenzie Wilham, Keil hill. King Edward
^ .._,__, 1. T> T„l.., .^ .^ T1..1 "UroFion \l'R(ihli .T^hn Xpw Bvtll
Cruickshank, Rev. John, d.d. The Manse
Duff Captain Garden Alex. Hatton Castle
Dnff Mrs. Jane, Hatton Castle
Falconer Bev. John, The Manse, New Byth
Farquhar Capt. Alexander, B.N. Glenesk
Garden Capt. Archibald, Church terrace
Gordon Mrs. Jane, The Square
Gordon Miss Margaret, Hall Hill
HarvGv John, Esq. Carnousie [House
Hutoh'eon John, Esq. (provost!, Viewfleld
Ingram Miss Ann, Church terrace
Innes Miss Rose, Auldtown, Netherdale
Innes Thomas G. Rose, Esq. Netherdale
LesUe Captain Hans, Denlugas
Milne Rev. John, King Edward
Mihie John D. Esq. Ardmiddle House
Morison Mrs. Ann, Clifton Cottage
Morison Mrs. Jessie, Mountblairy House
Rust Rev. Alexander, Free Church Manse,
Kew Byth
Saunders Eev. George, Millseat, New Byth
Stewart Rev. Donald, a.m. The Manse, King
Stuart Alexander, Esq. Laithers House
Sutherland Rev. James, Free Church Manse
Thomson Mrs. Ann, Blanse road
Urquhart Lieut. Francis Edward Romulus
Pollard, Craigston Castle
Webster Robert, Esq. Woodhead
Wellwood Mrs. Margaret, Main st
Chamek's Infants' School, Fife st— Ann
F. Brander, mistress
Public Schools —
Ardmiddle— Adam Burns, master
Fintray— Henry Boyd, master
Fishrie — Mary Stewart, mistress
King Edward— Rov. JohnMilne, master
M'Robb John, New Byth
Mar James, Duff st
Murrison Francis, Gorrachie, King Ldward
Peter William, Balquholly
Pirie William, 27 Fife st
Eeid James, Muiresk
Smith James, New Byth
Wilson James, New Byth
Wilson Lewis, King Edward
Fowtrell John, 23 Main st
Fowlie George, High st
Miller L. M. 45 High st
NicoU James (executors of), 10 High st
I '
Cruickshank Geo. 65 High st
Fyvie WiUiam, Keil hill, King Edward
George Joseph, "24 I\Iain st
Gibb Joseph, New Byth
Gordon Robert, MiUseat, Craigston
Hendry George, 38 Fife st
Ingram John, New Byth
JInnn William, 7 High st
Milne Alexander, 19 High st
Peters WilUam, 27 High st
! Robbs William, 28 Main st
' Roy William, Crudie, Fishrie
I Seutt Alexander, 16 Fife st
! Skene Alexander, 39 High st
. Miller John & Co. (Aberdeen), High st— John
Hntcheon, agent
Northern Agricultural Co. Railway station-
Alexander Cruickshank, agent
''Tirie George, Fife st
•Steele John, 2 Chapel st
* Marked thus are Builders.
.\udrew George, King Edward
Duncan William, New Bytli
King EUwara- r.Gv. .tuiin umuo, uii.5„ci ( ■» FowUe William, 49 BalmelUe st
Clachforbie, New Byth— Christina Wilson, i Gibson Eobeit, New Byth
mistress Merson John, Muiresk
Crudie, New Byth— George Barron, master ] Morrison John, Gladstone terrace
New Byth— Arthur Livingstone, master; ' ' .. . -
MaiT Ann Johnstone, mistress
Town Hall— Joseph Dilworth, master
Victoria terrace— John Thomson, head
master; Alexander Cassie, second mstr
Wilson Margaret (boarding & day). West-
wood House, Victoria terrace
Duncan James, Chapel st
Fowlie William, 49 Balmellie st
Henderson Andrew, New Byth
Pirie John (and saw mills), Balquholly
Shearer Bros.(& millwrights). Railway station
Tennon William, 22 Fife st
White Robert (and saw mill). New Byth
Allan WiUiam, New Byth
Clark Alex. (& coffee rooms). The Square
Ewen Alexander, New Eyth
M'Donald Isabella, 6 High st
Melvin John, Main st
Mitchell Alexander, S9 Main st
Pirie John, 35 High st
Slaker Henry, 55 High st
Bright Robert, Chapel st
Crichton Stephen, Market at
Cruickshank Forbes, Duff st
' Duncan John, Duff st
I Duncan William, Church st
i Haruer George, Fife st
: Ingram Joseph, Fife st
I Thain James, Market st
Fowtrell John, 23 Main st
Fowlie George, High st
Miller L.M.(& photographic artist), 45 High st
Hall Janet, 8 Castle hill
, Kclman Charles, Devcron st
I Nicoll James (executors of), 10 High st
Shand James W. The Square
Abeedken Town & County Bank (Branch)
BEEDEEN TOWN iS UOUNTY BANK (Ciajicu], , , i ,r ■ .
High st Turriff- diaws on the head ofBce, Gorrard Alexander, Main st
Aberdeen, and the London and Joint Stock 1 Mutch George, Railway station
Bav-k, Loudou — John Ferguson, agent
Turriff — aravvs on the head office, Edin-
burgh, London and Westminster Bank,
and Coutts & Co. London — James Francis
Souter, agent — See advertisement
NoKTH OF S00TL.1ND BANK (Branch), Main
street, Turrifl'— draws on the head oSlce,
Aberdeen, and the Union Bank of Lon-
don—James Grieve, agent
Savings Bank, King Edward— Rev. John
Milne, actuary
Union Bank of Scotland (Branch), High
st. Turriff— draws on the head offices,
.Aberdeen and Edinburgh— Wni. Dunbar,
Marked thus * are Coal Dealers only.
Aberdeen Commercial Co. Railway station —
John Watts, agent
Aberdeen Lime Co. RaUway station — John
Gordon, agent
Macduff Commercial Co. Railway station-
Harry Duncan, agent
•M'GUvray Donald, 20 Fife st .
Mackay Brothers (London), The Square-
Charles Grieve, agent
Michie James (& emigration agent), Railway
. station
Alexander George, Wrae
.Alexander James, W^oodside
Allan John, Newton
Allan WiUiam, Rosehall
Anderson Alexander, BalquhoUy
liannerman John (heirs of), Glaasiaw
Brown Joseph, Denhoad
Bruce George, Hillton
Chapman Robert, Cliftbog
Clark James, TUlyfar
Cowie James, Back Plaidy
Cowie Peter, Skinminty
Crichton George, Woodtown
Cruickshank Alexander, BurnthaU
Cruickshank Alexander, Meikle Colp
Cruickshank Robert, ClaymjTCS
I Cruickshank Robert, Bogs of Laithers
1 Cruickshank Wm. Upper JIains of Muiresk
1 Davidson Thomas, Woodhead
Dingwall James, Oldmill
Dingwall John, Mahon
Dunbar WiUiam, Manor F.arm
Duncan George, Meikle Whiterashes
Ferguson George, Little Colp
Findlater Alexander, :,Iill of Turriff
Florence William, Silvermills
Fowler William, Mains of Ardmiddle
Fi-aser Thomas, Kinbate
Gauld Peter, Little Whiterashes
Geddes WiUiam, Smiddyscat
Gerrard Arthur, Ackenstripe
, Gibbon Robert F. Brackans
Grieve Charles, Ashogle
Halket Pctor, Clifbog
Hay John, MUlmoss
Hay WilUam, Fernystripo
Hu'tcheon John, Upperton
Hntcheon John. juu. Cotburn
Ironside Alexander, MiU ot Colp
Jamieson George, Shannocks
Jaraieson George, Woodtown
Jamieson WiUiam, Haughs of Ashogle
Keith John, Kinnermit
King WiUiam, A.rdin
Leask George, Darra [of Dalgcty
Ledingham Alexander & Thomas, Barnyards
Lediiigham John, Slap
Leslie George NethermiU
Leslie Jane, Burnside of Dalgety
Lumsden John, Muiryfold
M'Donald WilUam, -Ashogle
M'Hardy Alexander, Idoch
Macque'cn Alexander, Oldmill
Main Charles, Dubford
M.iitlaud Alexander, Quarry
Maitland WilUam, Pitdoulzia
Manson James, Hill of Colp
Matthew Peter, Quarryhill
Milne John, Mains of Laithers
j Morrison John, Cotburn
Morrison John, KnockiemiU
Murray James, MUl of Laithers
Portcrfleld Mrs. — , CraighiU
Rainnie Mrs. — , Daniside
Rainnie Thomas, North Clifbog
I Robb Peter, Bogside
Robbs James (heirs of). Bogside
! Scott Alexander, Towie Barclay
I Sliearer George (heirs of), Dorlaithers
t Sim George, Braefoot
' Sim John, Crossbrae
Slessor Alexander, Raecloch
Smith Robert, BoggieshaUoch
Stephen Arthur, Bridgend
Stephen George, Woodend
Strachan George, Upper Muirden
Stuart .Mian, Westerton
Troup Robert, M,ains of Idoch
Walker George, BirkenhiUs
Watson Ann, Dorlaithers
Watt John, Smiddyseat
WiUiams James, Pitdoulzie
WUson Charles, Meikle Hilton
Wilson James, Ai'din
Wilson WiUiam, Burnside of Idoch
Winton James, Crossfleld
Winton WiUiam, MiUton of Muiresk
Wood George, Darra
Wood James, Slackadala

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