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Anderson Erotbers (aad paper-
hang^ers], 6 Merchant street—
See advertisement
Ero%Yn George, Taylor's yard. St. Mary st
Ferguson Alexander, 5 & (J St. Andrew st
Finser George, SO Harbour st
Johnston Brothers (and paperhangers)i 31
Mariscbal st. and Pavilion place — See
Milne William, 1 Seagate place
Proctor & Blow, 5 Jamaica st
"Webster James, 2 Albion st
Shivas James, 63 Queen st
Thorn James, 23 Maiden st
Captain Pilot and Harbour Master — Georgo
Birnie, Bridge st
Bucbau Benjamin
Buchan James
Buchan John
Cordiiier George
CordJuer James
CouU John
Gc'ildcs Alexander
Geddcs James
Gtddes John
Geddes Peter
Gruat John
Herd James
Mackie William
Milue William
Nicol Matthew
Ritchie Robert
Robei-tson Alexander
Slessor Robert
Slessor Thomas
Stiachan Alexander
Strachan Alex. juu.
Straehau George
Strachau Geo. jun.
Strachan James
Strachau John
Strachan Robert
Strachan Robt. jun,
Strachan William
Taylor Robert
Thain James
V/att WiHiam
Winteu James
Yule Thomas
Captain Pilot and Sarbonr Master — Captain
William Spence
Cnrdinor John 1 Stephen James
Stephen AloxRuder j Stephen James
Stephen Alexander |
Gunn John & Co. Maiden st
Kehuau ^Vlexander {and cement and mastic
worJicr and lath splitter), *2 York st
Stuart & Co. (_& cement workers). 5 St.Mary st
Ritchie & Co. Preserved Provision Works*
1 Kirk st
Annaud R. C. & Co. Love lane
Scott David, 21 St. Andrew st
Taylor William L. 8 Broad st
M'Donald A.Field & Co. Stii-Ung Hill Quarries
Peterhead Granite Polishing Co. Peterhead-
William Heslap, manager
The Great North or Scotland Grakite
Co. LiBiiTED, Peterhead — William Martin,
manager — See advertisement
Wright James, Stirling hill
Allan John, 1 Union st
M'Donald John, 21 Backgate st
Stewart Charles, 82 Lougate st
Clark James, Union .st
Edinburgh Roperie and Sail Cloth Go. 8
Bridge st — George Mitchell, agent
Forrest John (sail maker), 4 Bridge st
Itenry Wm. (rope ajacl twine maker), 2 Kingst
M'Kinuon John (sail maker), Ship row,
Keith Inch
M'Lean Donald & Son, Crossfolds
Peterhead Rope and Sail Cloth Co. 20 Har-
bour st — William Baxter, manager
Renaie Geo. (sail maker), 21 & 31 Harbour st
Stephen Andrew, Boddam
Bi-flud Adam IharneBS maker). 5 St. Peter st
Davidson James, 43 Merchant st
Carnegie Charles, WindmiU st
Creighton Alexander & Co. (bono and saw
mills). Kirk st
Eraser David, 1 York st
Abernethy George, 11 Eroad st
Barclay Geo. (and gardimor), 12 Albion st
CouH Bruce, 46 Mariscbal st
Mackie Alexander, G4 Eroad st
Birnie Peter (repairer), 8 Ilarboui- st
Carnegie & Matthew. Seagate st
Cordiner John, Boddam
Florence James, Ronlieads
Stephen & Forbes, 6 Bridge st
Stephen Brothers, BoJdam
Stephen Robert, Boddam
See Brolcers — Ship and Insurance.
Abernethy George, 14 Broad st
Brown George, 3 Bridge st
M'Kimiou John, 1 Ship row, Keith Inch
Alexander W. & W. A. 35 Broad st
Baxter William, 14 Merchant st
Birnie George, 59 Longate st
Birnie James, 02 Broad st
Birnie John, 47 Mariscbal st
Brown John, 24 St. Andrew st
Bruce Alexander, 14-2 Jamos st
Gray David, 8 Jamaica st
Hay Alexander, 27 St. Andrew st
Hutchison Robert B. 20 King st
Ingram Alexander, 7 Merchant st
Kidd R. & Song, 57 i3roaa st
Leith and Peterhead Traders, St. Peter
st— Robert B.Hutchison, agent
M'Combie James &. Co. St. Peter st
M'Donald Alexander, 3 Chapel st
M'Donald John S. King st
Mackie Alexander, G4 Broad st
i^Iacintosh John, 20 Marisehal st
M'Kiunon James, 1 Ship row, Keith Inch
Maiiland George, 11 Mariscbal st
Mrdtland George, juu. 17 Charlotte st
Martin Robert, 6 Prince st
Mitchell George, 8 Bridgf st
Mitchell William, 9 Ship row, Keith laoh
Monison Alexander, ."S Bridge st
Peterhead and Leith Tbaders, St. Peter
st~Robert B. Hutchison, agtnt
Peterhead Steam Tug Co. 7 Farmers' lane —
George Florence, manager
Reid James, 19 Lodge walk
Renuio George, Queen st
Robertson Alexander, IS Harbour st
Robertson Alexander, 20 St. Andrew st
Robertson TriUiam, 21 Merchant st
Saugster AViliiam. 4 Bridge st
Scott Alexander, Queen st
Scott & Leshe, 43 Broad st
Sellar Robert, Rouheads
Simpson Alexander, 27 Jamaica st
Stephen &. Hay, 17 James st
Stephen Brothers, Boddam
Stewart James, 3 Constitution st
Suttar John, 23 Harbour st
■\^'atson John, 16 Maiden st
Wood Alexander, 11 St. Mary st
Young Alexander, Mount pleasant
Andovson James, 25 Longate st
Brook Jamus, 9 Weavers'iane
Brown James, Boddam
Bi-uce Jeau, BuchauhaYen
Bucliau Robert, 17 Mercliant st
Burnett Margaret, Coclda\7
Catto Andrew, 10 Seagate st
Christie Charles, 74 Longate st
'Jlark Christian, 5 LoDgate st
Clark Christian, 10 St. Andrew st
Cooper Alexander, Errol y t
Cordner Alexander, Boddam
Oowie Margaret, Burnhaven
Craili Jeau, 19 Longate st
Craig John, 17 Kirk st
Daniel Christian, 10 St. Peter st
Duncan William, Boddam
Gray William, Stirling hill
Hay Alexander, 26 Marisehal st
Hay TViUiam, 63 Longate st
Hutchison Alexander, Burnhaven
Hutchison George, Marisehal st
Joss John, Ronheads
Lawson Jean, WindmiU st
Leith George, 70 Longate st
Leslie Margaret, 11 Rose st
Logan Mary, 7 Errol st
M'Crae Ann S. 10 Backgate st
Mackenzie Jean, 10 Ellis st
M;;ckie Alexander, 29 Harboiii' st
Maelachlan James, S North st
Blasson Elizabeth, Rouheads
Mathison Isabella. 2 Thistle st
Mihie Annie, Bucbanbaven
Milne Christian, Bucbanbaven
Milne Jessie 84 Longate st
Milne Margaret, 21 Longate st
Ogston James, Backgate st
Park Lewis, S Errol st
Philip WilHam H. jun. 10 Kirk st
Reid James, 64 Longato st
Robl) James, 29 Longate st
Robertson Ellen, 10 Love lano
Salmon James, 10 Nortli st
Sbewau Elspet, 9 & 10 Jamaica st
Shewan Robert, 18 Longate st
Simpson Ellen, 4 Queen at
Sivewright Elizabeth, 51 Maiden st
Sivewright Paul, Fish Lme
Smith Christian, 15 Albion st
Stephen James, Boddam
Sutter Christian, Ronheads
Urguhart Martha, 1 Back st
Wedderburn Catlierine, 5 Seagate st
AVbite Ann, 32 Longate st
Willox Leonard S. 51 Kirk st
Gray & Leith, Broad place
Guthrie Alexander (& slate merchant, &c.),
25 St. Peter st
Reid John, St. Peter st
Simpson William, St. Peter st
Harked thus * are also Notaries.
♦Alexander W. & W. A. (aud factors for the
estates of Nether Kinmundy, Dens aud
Downybills, and William Alexander, fac-
tor to J. G. F. RusslU, Esq. of Aden, and
John L. Ross. Esq, of Arnage), 35 Broad st
*Boyd A. & W. (aud factors for Colonel
Ferguson, of PitfourJ, Rose st
*BGyd AncU-ew (and factor aud commissioner
for the governors of the Merchant Maiden
Hospital, Edinbm-gh, and vice-consul for
Denmark), Rose st
Boyd William (treasm-er to the Harbour
Trustees, factor for the Community of
Feuars.vice-cousul for Russia, Sweden and
Norway, and consular agent for France),
Rose st
*Bremner Thomas John (advocate and
Honorary Sherill's Substitute), 55 Broad st
*Fletcher Archibald, 24 St. Andrew st
*Gamack William, j.p. SU Jamaica st
Irvine Patrick (and treasurer for the Com-
missioners of Police, clerk to the Deer
District Road Trustees, and to the Harbour
Trustees), 61 Broad st
^Robertson Alexander (aud town clerk and
clerlv to Commissioners of Pohce & Police-
court), 20 St. Andrew st
Robertson Robert, 20 St. Andrew st
Catto Robert, h.d. 39 Merchant st
Comrie John Dixon, 5 Prince st
Jamiesou Patrick, St. Peter st
Stephen James, m.d. Bath House, Bath st
Alexander William S. 60 Longate st
Brown Charles, 4 Merchant st
Bruce John, 24 Broad st
Buchan George, Bucbanbaven
Finnic James, 39 Maiden st ^
Gibb Adam, 14 Kirk st
Hird James (outfitter), 27 Broad st
Mackie & Co. 53 Mariscbal st
Nicol Matthew (clothier), 11 James st
Robb Andi-ew, 7 Rose st
Saunders Alexander G. 31 Jamaica st
Scovgie Robert. &3 Longate st
Smith George (outfitter), 21 Broad st
Thomson John, King st
Watson David, 1 Maiden st
Watson William, 52 Mariscbal st
Will George, 82 Queen st
Peterhead Tan Work, Kirk st— Charles Tod,
.lun. manager
Shewftu William, Ugie st

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