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under the gOTernors of the Meroliant Maiden Hospital, the ship siderably decreased. The quaiTies are principally worked by the
owners and shore duo ratepayers. The revenue can be applied only Aberdeen polishing firms. The exports besides consist of cattle,
to the maintenance of the harbours, the payment of the interest of oats, meal, pork, cheese, eggs, butter, herrings, oils, Ac. A few
the debt, and the liquidation of the principal; no individual or body, years ago Poterhead ranked as a creek only, under the port of
of persons have any pecuniary interest in them. Peterhead pos- Aberdeen; but it has been made a separate and independent port,
aesses the grand advantage of north and south harbours, respect- tlio hmits of which extend from the north bank of the river Ythan
ively of eleven and seven acres in extent, communicating by means northward and westward to the Pouk Burn, Aberdeensliiro. The
of a canal or channel, over which is an elegant and permanent cast- Formartine and Buchan section of the Great North of Scotland
iri:n swing bridge, upon the construetionofwhichupwarilsof £8,000 Railway, opened in 1862, connecting this town with Fraserburgh
wn:; expended. In the north harboiu- there are two graving or dry and Aberdeen, adds much to its importance.
docks, and at the entrance of l)oth harbours are good lighthouses, j The Established church, situated at the ccnjnnction of the south
There is a spacious bay, with good anchorage, on the south of ths and west roads, combines elegance with convenience, and has a
town, on the opposite side of which stands the Buchaness hght- : iiuc spire ; there are also two Quoad-Saera chapels in Queen street
house, having a beautiful revolving light. The bay is perfectly safe ; and at BlackhOh The Episcopal chapel is a handsome modern
many sort of weather, except when the wind is eastward. The | ediflce, in the design of which the architect has displayed con-
bridge over the canal that connects the harbours forms the com- 1 siderablo taste. The other places of worship are, one for the Free
niunication between the Keith Inch and other parts of the town i church, a new chapel erected in 1870 for Independents, a United
The south harbour has twelve to fourteen feet of water at medium j Presbyterian chapel, one for Methodists, a Baptist meeting-house,
springs, and eight to ten feet at neap tides ; and the north harbour i and a chapel for Roman Catholics— the last named is one cf the
has, at spi-ing tides, eighteen feet of water. At an early period its I best specimens of architecture in the town. The governors of the
vessels traded to the ports in the Baltic, the Levant, and to America; i Merch.ant Maiden Hospital, of Edinburgh, proprietors of the estate
and in ]7il.') its nievrhnnla nnnlil fif mil t,.-..r.f.- ..:.,1,1,. ...i., _.. ..f T3^*^,a ^i i i.;., „..i i i_°..i ,_ .....
and in 1705 its merchants could fit out twentv-eight vessels, carry-
ing upwards of 3,000 tons. The revenue of the harbours, in 1800,
was only ilOO, while, in 1810, it amounted to ie4,UOO, in 1858. to
£4,391 19s. 7d., and in 1875 upwards of £8,000. In im subject is this
commimily more deeply interested than iu the whale and sea fish-
eries, manj- having their capit.al largely invested, and others their 1 the reading society numbers iipwards' of fotir "thousand Tolumes'
mends and relatives engaged m this important but hazardous I and the Ubrary of the mechanics' about one thousand,
br.anch of national industry. More than eighty years have now el.ipsed' ' " ""
of Peterhead, have laid out and enclosed a large space of suitable
ground at Peterhead as a pubhc cemetery.
Amongst the literary institutions of Peterhead may be mentioned
as the principal, a reading society, established in 1808, and a
mechanics' institution, founded in 1836. The library belonging to
There is
A very valuable museum, collected by
also a solicitors' library.
the late -Adam ArbuthUL c, Esq., by whom it was bequeathed to the
authorities for the use of the town, contains a great variety of speci-
mens collected from the animal and mineral kingdoms, while the
collection of coins is one of the most complete to be met with. A
hall in Chapel street has been recently built for the collection,
which is under the care and management of the magistrates and
town council. There are several excellent schools. There are two
newspapers established here— the Peterhead Sentinel, established
in 1856 (the proprietor, David Scott, having published several
since the first vessel sailed from Ptterhc.id for the icy regions • and
while many other ports have been declining, and some have given
up the tiade altogether, Peteriiead has still continued it, and holds
a high position among the British ports in the whale fishery-
In the year 1738 one vessel was sent out, and up to 1803 there w'as
uo increase. From 1804 to 1814 the number varied from two to
eight, and to IgSO from ten to sixteen ; but iu 1843 they had
decreased to nine. Since then the number has continued to
^^Ti'^^'iS- ^41'^'^^' ^"f"" ''^"■t5'-'.™;.'°''lu(Ung two steamers, , ..■ .u.u ,,^u piupne.ur, iyuvm ocoti, naviug puMisueti several
added ml85(. Tire number was again diminished, only seventeen interesting works connected with the district) and the Biichau
vessels being employed in 1863-3-4, and since 1867 this branch of Observer, both .■.>P,m,il,l„ o„„a,,m«,j „„a o,„v.^i„„ „„ '.;;;"
industry has been gradually declining. The herring fishery, which
was commenced here in 1818 by a joint slock company, has become
important, Peterhead having now attained the second rank in this
branch of maritime industry. Owing to the liberal encouragement,
both by the superiors of the town and the trustees of the harbours,
this fishery must go on rapidly increasing; and Peterhead may, in
a few ; ears, be reasonably expected to stand inferior to none as a
fishing station. Independent of the fishing and shipping trades
the town enjoys a good local one. There are many respectable and
well-stored establishments, iu the wholesale and retail business of
gi-ocery, drapery. &c. Five banking establishments are in operation
here, one iron foundry, four ship and boat builders, several curriers,
millers, timber merchants, coach builders, fish curcrs, wooUeu and
saw mills and brick and tile manufacturers in the neighbourhood.
There are also two extensive and prosperous granite polishing
establishments, employing upwards of ICO men, in addition to
powerful machinery— exclusive cf the facilities which the granite
quaiTies in the neighbourhood present for local purposes, they
supply no inconsiderable item in the amount of exports.
Between the years 1817 and 1822 inclusive, 35,112 tons of this
stone were shipped at Peterhead, chiefly in large blocks, for the
docks at London ; but since that period' the exportation has con-
POST OrFICE. Merchant street, Petkehf.ad, David Tindall Webster, Post Masler.— Loiters from all parts arrive overv
y™' b'".f fl'v'K.™;!" ;;'?*'' f",'°?,'. i';^"!.^^:"''""? '""^,""^ ^?'i^\"} '^"•^-S™ "'"°'^^ P«?' "--•^ aftei-noon, ana from Aberdeen and t^;
Observer, both creditably conducted, and enjoying an encouraging
circulation, especially in the district of Buehan: the former is
published on Wednesday and the latter on Friday. The market is
held on Friday, and the fairs on the third Tuesdav iu May and the
second Tuesday in ^ovember, both old stvle. Population of Peter-
head iu 1871, 11,506.
BoiMiAJi is a neat village and considerable fishing station, in the
parish of Peterhead, about four miles south of that town. Tho
harbour hero was extended a few years since by the Earl of Aber-
deen, at a cost somewhat exceeding £2,000, and an act of parliament
was passed in 1845, constituting Boddam a port or harbour. Some
years ago the estate of Boddam was purchased from the Earl of
Aberdeen by William .Alton, Esq., who lives ou the estate. The
fishery here is prosecuted with great dihgence and success. A
chapel of ease and a handsome new hoard school, supplemeutai-v
to Peterhead, arc iu the village. The population in 1871 ivas 80,3. '
Bi;CHA;;niVEN is a small fishing village within the burgii of
BcENHAVES and Ixveknettie are two small viUagea iu the
parish of Peterhead, situated about half way between that town
and Boddam, and chiefly inhabited by fishermen. .At Invernetlie
the Scottish Highland Distillery Co. Limited have very extensive
^^ortli at forty-flve minutes past four afternoon, and are despatched to all parts every evening at half-p^Vt six, to Ab->rdeen*and the South
minutes" astonr jr"''""^ '^^^ '™ mmutos past five ei., ■lug. There is also a despatch (on week d.iys) to Fraserbu '
burgh only at twenty
Moil"!/ Order and Telegraph Office and Savings Ban!;.
.^inn^.^^^!,.?*?""' EODDAM, James Stephen, Porf ilTosto-.-Letters from aU parts an-ive (from Peterhead) every morning at fortv-five
minutes past eleven, and arc despatched thereto every morning at a quarter-past five, Sundays excepted. o ab loi ..i n\ e
The nearest Money Order Of/ice is at Peterhead.
/\.iton .Tohn, Esq. Eockslav House. Boddam
Alton V.'illiam, Esq. Saudford, Boddam
-Wexauder Wni. Esq. .T.p. So Broad St. and
Alexander Wm. .A. Esq. 8 Maiden st
And'^rson the Misses — , EUishiU
Anderson Mrs. G. G. 4 Harbour st
Anderson Mr. .Tames P. 43 Jlercliant st
.^.nderson Jlr. Robert, 43 Merchant st
.irbuthnot Mrs. Eleanor (of Inveinettic), 89
Broad st
Bisset Rev. Alexander, 10 St. Mary st
Boyd .'Vndrew, Esq. Broad st. & Castle brae,
Boyd William, Esq. 19 Jaraacia st
Breomor Thomas John. Esq. j.p. 55 Broad st
Brown John, Esq. How-o'-Buchan
Bruce Rev. David, 6 Wallace st
Byers James G. M. Esq. St. Catherine's
Cottage, luvernettie
Catto the Misses — , 7 St. Andrew st
Cat to Mr, Robert, is.Xi. 39 Merchant st
Christie Blrs. Isabella, 21 Queen st
Cowan Mrs. Ann, 11-5 Queen st
Craighton Mrs. Agnes Brand, Windmill House
Crudcn Mr. Andrew, 50 Queen st
Dickson Rev. John, Kirk st
Ewan Mrs. Margaret, North Pole Cottage,
North st
Kinnie Miss Agnes, 13 Charlotte st
Fletcher Mr. .Archibald, Richmond Cottage
Forbes Mrs. Margaret, 18 Merchant st
Praser Mr. John, Ugiebank
Gamack William, Esq. j.p., SO Jamaica st
Gordon Mrs. Clara, Springfield
Gray Mrs. Barbara, Castle st. Keith Inch
Henderson Robert, Esq. Viewmount
Hutchison .ilox. Esq, Mains of Cocklaw
Hutchison Miss Eliza, 36 Merchant st
Irvine Mr. Patrick, 61 Broad st
Jaffray Mrs. Miirgaret, 60 St. Peter st
Jamieson Mrs. Barbara, 26 James st
Jamiesou Miss Catherine, 64 Mariochal st
Kailman Mrs. Mary, 70-2 Queen st
Kane Mrs. Jane, 7 Harbom' st
Knox Mr. Thomas, 19 Broad st
Law Mrs. Isabella, 11-4 Que-iU st
Lawrie Mrs. Margaret, King st
Loclde Mi-s. Jane, 60 St. Peter st
Macdonald Mrs. Ann, Erroi st
M'Donald Mr. John, Kinrr st
Mackie Mr. George, 15 Pruicc st
Mackie Mrs. Isabella. 9 Prince it
Manson Mr. Donald, 5 llarbooi- st
Manson Mrs. Elizabeth Ann, 7 Broad st
Mitchell Mrs. Catherine, 49 Queen st
Mitchell Mrs. Ellen, Berrvhill
Mitchell Mr. WilUam, 9 Ship row, Keith Inch
Morgan Rev. Morgan, h.a. Tue Parsonage,
Queen st
Morrison Mr. Alexander, Broad place
Morrison Miss Ann, Cairntrodlie
Mudie the Misses — , 2,3 St. .Andrew st
Munro Mr. Willi.im, 14 Prince st
Murray .\ndrcw, Esq. Eiackhouse
Niven Mrs. Barbara. Thorndale
Paul Rev. John, St. Peter st
Preiu Rev. John, jr.A. Tanfield House, St.
Peter st
Ritchie Mrs. Catherine, 13 Prince st
Robb Miss Isabella, 12 Queen st ITetor st
Robertson Alex. Esq. (town clerk), 1 St.
Robertson Peter, Rsq. Wellbank
Robertson 5Ir. Robert, 58 St. Peter st
Russell J. G. F. Esq. (of .i.den), Buchanucss
Lodpc, Boddam
Russell Rev. William, 55 Queen st
Sangster Mr. James, Newfield
Sellar Mr. George, 6 Harbour st
Simpson Mrs. Margaret, 4 St. .indrcv.- st
Skeiton Mrs. Christian Ann. 10 Queen st
Suiith Mrs. Christian, 12 Queen st
Smith Mrs. Elizabeth, 8 Castle st. Keith Inch
Smith Mrs'. Isabella. 10 Prince st
Smith Miss Isabella, 9 I'rince st
Stables Rev. Clark N. Sterling ter. Bodda'u
Stephen Mr. James, m.d. Bath House, Bath st
Stewart Mrs. Elizabeth, 68 Queen st
Stewart Rev. Jas. h.a. The 3Iause, South rd
Thomson Rev. George, Elackhill
Todd Mrs. Jessie G. 22 St. Peter st
Walker Alex. Esq. Broad st. and Gr,iago
Walker George, Esq. of Balmoor
Walker Robert. Esq. Richmond
Wallace Jas. Esq. 37 Merchant st. Inverugie
Warnham Mrs. Jessie A. Mec: hill [hiilg
Will John n. Esq. 25 Jamaica st. & Dov. ide.
Wilson Ja.mcs, Esq. Hayfleld
Wood Mr. Alexander, U St. Man' st
Y'oung Alexander, Esq. Mi unt P'easant
Vuill Rev. James, 5o Oucm st

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