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/LD MELDRUM is a parish, a burgh of barony, and a market
town— the latter pleasantly situated on the roaa from Aberdeen
to Banff, IS miles n.w. of the former, 27 from the latter, and 5
fi'ora Inverurie. The streets and dwellings are irregularly laid out,
but of late have been much improved. The principal puhhc
buildings are the town hall, which has a neat spire, and the new
school, recently built. Meldrum was constitxited a burgh of
barony in the year 1672, under the jurisdiction of two baiUies;
B. G, Urquhart, Esq. is superior of the burgh. The seat of this
gentleman (Meldrum House) is romantically situated, and, from
its antique style of arcliitecture, possesses a striking effect, and
being sun-ouuded with tine scenery, presents the characteristics
of a delightful residence. The principal branches of business are
comprised in an extensive distillery, a brewery and a corn mill.
The district is partly arable and parly pastoral; the soil of the
southern poi-tiou Ih fertile, but that of the northern shallow and
less fruitful. The places of worship are the Established and Free
churches, and United Presbyterian and Episcopal chapels. There
are two excellent schools in the town.
BouRTiE, a parish, is four miles in length and two in breadth,
I generally cultivated; it lies between Meldrum and Inverurie,
: About the middle of the parish there are two ranges of hilis— the
greater part clothed with refreshing verdure. The remains of
1 ancient fortifications are visible throughout this district, Popu-
i lation in 1S71, 2,330.
I The parish of Tarves lies between Ellon and Old Meldrum,
being four miles distant from the latter place, and is bounded by
Methlick on the north, and Old Meldrima on the west, and is
I watered in its eastern quarter by the river Ythan ; its length is
about 9 miles, and its breadth 6. The general outline of the parish
is a flat surface, interspersed with some hills of inferior altitude.
I The soil is diversified in its composition, but is for t'l' iao^I part
; fei-tile, and there are some fine plantations on the verge of the
river. Population in 1871, 2,288.
POST OFFIC£, Old Meldkum, WilHam Den, Post Master.— Letters arrive from the North and South at thirty minutes past
seven morning and twelve minutes past twelve noon, and are despatched North and South at ten minutes past ten morning, twentj'-five
minutes past twelve noon and five afternoon.
Money Order and Telegraph Office and Savings Bank.
Post Office, Tarves, Frances Lumsden, Post iVfisfre^g.—Letters from all parts arrive (via Blail Coach from Aberdeen) at thirty
minutes past seven morning, and are despatched thereto at twenty-five minutes past twelve noon.
The nearest Monen Order Office is "at Old Meldrum, foui' miles distant.
Auchterlonie Rev. D. K. Craigdam, Tarves
Davidson Rev. William L. Bourtie
Easton Rev. James, Old Mekh-um
Forres Rev. James, Barthol, Tarves
Hall Rev. Robert, Old Meldrum
Lyall Mr. Robert, Old Meldrum
Manson Mr. Alexander (of Kilbean), Kilbean
Manson Miss Ehzabeth, Old Meldrum
Manson James, Esq. Cromlet hill
Mearns Rev. James, Bom-tie
Mou- Rev. William Y. Old Meldrum
Mutch John, Esq. Philipstown
Paterson Rev. John, Old Meldrum
Pringle Rev. John, Tarves
Ramsay John, Esq. of Barra
Seton Alexander, Esq. Mounie Daviot
UrquhartBeauchampC. Esq. Meldrum House
Wilson Alex. Esq. Kirk hill, Old Meldrum
Wilson James, Esq. m.d. Cromlet Bank,
Old Meldrum
Rae Alexander, Old Meldrum
Taylor John, Old Meldrum
j Webster Alexander, Old Meldrum
Wilson John, Old Meldrum
Free Church School, Old Meldrum— Wm.
S. Duncan, master; Ann Wilson, mistress
Parochial Schools: —
Old Meldrum— John Lamb, master; —
Cato, mistress
Bourtie — Rev. James Mearns, master
Tarves— Peter Cruickshank, master; Jane
Simmers, mistress
Public School, Craigdam, Tarves— Sarah
Smith, mistress
Public School, Barthol, Tarves— William
Wilson, master
Matheson Donald, Tarves & Old Meldrum
Milne Alexander, Old Meldrum
Aberdeen Town & County Bank (Branch),
Old Meldi'um — draws on the head office,
Aberdeen, and the London Joint Stock
Bank, London — James Bruce, agent
Aberdeen Towns & County Bank (Branchj,
Tarves — draws on the head office, Aber-
deen, and the London Joint Stock Bank,
London — WiUiam & A. Duthie, agents
North of Scotland Bank (Branch), Old
Meldrum— draws on the head oflBce, Aber-
deen, the Commercial Bank of Scotland, &
Barclay, Bevan & Co. and the Union Bank,
London — James Manson, agent
Craig James, Craigies, Tarves
Craig William. Old Meldrum
Esselmont Alexander, Tarves
Mackie George, Old Meldrum
Morrison George, Shetbin, Tarves
Rae William, Bourtie
Webster Joseph, Bourtie
Burr Charles, Tarves
Fraser John, Old Meldrum
Gibb Alexander, Tarves
Gibb John, Old Meldrum
Man- William, Old Meldrum
Morrison James, Tarves
See Joiners and Cartwrights.
Aberdeen Commercial Co. Old Meldrum—
David Dann, sub-agent
Aberdeen Lime Co. Old Meldrum — John
Simpson, sub-agent
Northern Agricultural Co. Old Meldi'um —
John Wilson, sub-agent
Manson John & Co. Glengarioch Distillery,
Old Meldrum
Allan A. F. Old Meldrum, and at Fyvie
Daniels Alexander, Old Meldrum
Lumsden Frances (& postmistress), Tai-ves
in bourtie parish.
Alexander William, Airyhillock
Anderson John, Longfold & Old Bourtie
Beattie Mrs. — , Sunnybrae
Black George, Sraithycroft
BothweU Alexander, Block House
Cassie James, Lowhillside
Cooper Alexander, Kingoodie
Donald Francis Roundhaugh
Donald James. Poddockhaugh
Duncan William, Woodside
Gray Alexander, Heatherblaii*
Gray Alexander, Wester Heatherblair
Hector Andrew Edward, Colliehill
Jackson Alexander, Hillbrae
Jackson Robert, Little Hillbrae
Knight Thomas, Mill of Bom'tie
Low John, Greeuford
Mackenzie John, Petgavnu [Barra
Maitland Robert & "William, Muirtown of
Marr John, Longside
Mill John, Kirktown
Moh George, Thornton
Moir William, Shadowside
Morgan Wilham. Lochend
Murray John, Backhill
Nares Alexander Forbes, Eructor
Phillip John, Woodside
Porter WiUiam, Mosseye
Reed Roliert, Blair
Shand James, Hillhead
Spence James, Mellor Thornton
Thomson Alexander, Rcdhouse
Walker George, North Mains of Barra
Wilson William, Newtown
Alexander Alexander, Ardfork
Davidson John. Parkfield
Elhs James, Whitefield
Forbes Thomas, New Mains
Gall — , Mill of Balcairn
Grassicl; William, Lightnot
MaDson James, Oakhill
Noble W.iUiam, Couteus
Reid John, Parksiae
1-1 •
Rosa John, Tullo
Sim George, Ardmeddin
Skinner James, Betbeliue
Storm David, Balcaii-u
Straith John, Kirktown
Teith the Misses — , Ardconnan
Troup George, Tullo
Urquhart Beauchamp C. Forester Hill
Anderson John, Auchneive
Anderson Peter, Little Meldi'um
Argo George, Braeside
Argo James, Cairdseat
Beam George, Brackley
Burr Alexaui'er, TuUoford
Chalmers Joseph, Flolbetts
Cheyne James, Newseat
Clark Robert, Crossbill
OouU James, Earlsford
Coutts Alexander, Old Balgrove
DaTidson Alexander, Mains of Cairnbrogie
Davidson Alexander, Moss side
Davidson Samuel, Northseat
Duguid John, Piketittum
Duncan WiUiam, Newseat
Duncan William, Tarves
Fraser George, Skilmafilly
Frater Mrs. — , Keithfleld Mains
Garden Robert, North Ytbs'ie
Gray John, Barthol Chapel
Gray William, Keilyford
Hay Mrs. — , South Ythsie
Hay James, Little Ythsie
Hay James, NethermiU
Hepburn Hiss — , Keithfield, Overtown
Lamb William, Mains of Schivas
Leask Mrs. — , OldmiU of Schivas
Leask John, Burnside of Schivas
Littlejohn Arthm-, Hardford
Marr George, Cairnbrogie
Marr WiUiam S. Upper MiU
Milne James, SUvermoss
MUne Thomas, Gatesido
MUne WiUiam, Milltown of Foohel
Morrison George, Newseat
Morrison John, Hattonslap
Norrie William. BaitshUl
Porter George, MiU of Tolquhon
Shepherd George, juu. Craigie
Shepherd George. Sbethin
Simmers WiUiam, Old Townleys
Sind Robei-t, Liverochbrae
Smith Mrs. — , Balgrove
Smith Peter, Kirktown
Smith Robert, Nether Kirktown
Strath James, Cauldhame
Walker Peter, Bankhead
Watson James, Bui-nside of Schivas
Will John, Quilquon
Royal— William Den, Old Meldrum
^'^Z'^^"Ji", , Equitable - Charles Peterkin,
Old Melarum— See advertisement
Scottish Provincial— James Manson and
James Bruce, Old Meldrum, and William
Duthie, Tarves
Catto Alexander, Old Meldrum
Reid Andrew, Old Meldrum
Rothnie WiUiam, Old Meldrum

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