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FARMERS— C07i/i/i[(e(f.
iLEW DEEE PARISH — continued.
Watt miliam f^heira of), Wliitebog
Webster Mary & Jauet, West GoukliUl
Whyto William, Federate
Wilken John, Little Tack
Will David, Brucklay
Wilson Ales. (heii'S of), Mill of Auclireddio
Wood William, Stevensburn
Adamson James, Craighead
Adio William, South Auchmaoar
Anderson George, Green of Gavel
Anderson George (reps, of), Clackriach
Anderson John, Eurngrains
Anderson Robert John, Mill of Aden
Barclay Jamus, Kinnadie
Barron William K. East Ghrichie
Brebner William, Newton of Bruxie
Brown George, Kidshill
Bruce Alexander, Millhill of Kinmuncly
Bruce Barbara, Barnyards
Bruce George, Dumbmill
Cassie James (rep. of), Kii'khill
Cassie John, Gibseat
Catto Alexander, Bogengarrie
Caito Alexander, jun. Bridgestone
Clieyno James, Skelmuir
Chivas Nathaniel, Spittal
Cock William, Mains of Chrichie
Craig James, Nether Hythie
Craighead Robert, Turfhill
Cruickshank Alexander, Cairndale
Cruickshank Andi-ew, Blackhill, Kinmundy
Cruickehank Jaraes, Ooilsmore
Cruickshank William, Little Blackpots
Gumming Robert, Scroghill
Davidson David, Nether Cabra
Davidson George, Ciochcan
Davidson James, Mill of Chrichie
Davidson John, Gavel
Davidson John, Mill of Clola
Davidson John, Nether Kinknockio
Davidson John, Mains of Clackriach
Davidson Robert, Skelmuir
Dickie Robert, Stamptonhill
Dinnes John, North Kidshill
Duncan Alexander, North Skellymarno
Faith Alexander, Skelmuir
Farqnhar William, Brakeshill
Ferguson Alexander, Skellymarno
Ferguson John, Brae of Coymach
Ferguson John, Skelmuir
Ferguson Thomas, Oldtown of Coymach
Findlay Thomas, Kirkhill
Forbes Alexander, Windhill
Forbes George, Skelmuir
Forrest Alexander, Blackhill, Kinmundy
Forrest Andrew, Cortiecram
Gall John, Middle Hythie
George Alexander, Damhead
Gibson James, Kidshill
Gordon Walter, Craighead
Grant Alexander (heirs of), Toux
Gray Andrew, Skelmuir
Gray William, Lambhillock
Hall James, Mains of Bruxie
Harper James, Wester Pettymarcus
Hay James, Kinknockie
Hay William, Kidshill
Henderson Alexander, Nether Cabra
Henderson Thomas (heirs of), Skelmuu-
Herd Alexander, Blackhill
Hunter George. Brownhill
Ironside Alexander, Kirkhill
Jaffray .llexauder, Skelmuir
Jameson James, Skelmuir
Johnston Alexander, Easter Pettymarcus
Johnston Alexander, Upper Cabra
Johnston George, Braehead of Gavel
Johnston William, Mid Greenbrae
Keith James, Newton of Kinmundy
Keith John, Ruchriuny
Keith William, NuwLou of Skelmuir
Keith William, Wester Knock
Kennedy Alexander (rep. of), Annochie
Killock John, Middlcthird Knock
King Alexander, Skelmuir
King George, Hillhead of Bruxio
Knox Alexander, Little Annochie
Lamb William, Newton of Hythie
Lawrence John, Dens of Chrichie
Leslie Alexander, Wester Biffie
Leslie Alexander, Skelmuir
Machray Arthur. North Greenbrae
Mackio James, Crylaw
Mackie John, I\Iains of Elrick
Mackie Jonathan, Overton of Bruxie
M'Robert Robert, Eallring
Mather Alexander, Littlemill
Mather Margaret, Stockbridgo
Mathers Alexander, Bridgend of BifBe
Mollis John, Nether Aden
Mess George, Skelmuir
Mess William, Skelmuir
Milne James, West Chrichie
Milne JameSj Parkhouge of Biffle
Milne James, Brae of Bifiie
Milne John, East Chrichie
Milne William, Upper Chrichie
Milue William, Biflie
Minty George, Mains of Biffie
Mitchell John, Anniesweil
Mitchell William, jun. Craigiehill
Jlorrison James, Clackriach
Morrison James, Milltown of Clola
Morrison James, Knappertyhillock
Mutch Joseph, Kidshill
Penny Charles, Upper Kinknockie
Penny Charles, Shannas
Penny George, Skelmuir
Penny William, Mains of Pitfouv
Proctor Wilh am, Skelmuir
Reid John, Auohtylair
Reid William, Skelmuir
Riddel Charles, Skelmuir
Riddel Charles, jun. Greencroft
Robertson John, Mains of Annochie
Robertson Robert, Tollybrae
Roger George, Parkhouse of Biffio
Saint James, Ciochcan
Scroggie John, Dens, Fetterangus
Shepherd George, Cortiecram
Shirer William, Cairncummer
Simpson Alexander, Little Elrick
Simpson William, Auchtylair
Slessor Keith, Clackriach
Smith James, Wiudfold
Smith Jaraes, Mill of Hythie
Smith James, Mains of Gavel
Smith John, South Auchnavaird
Stephen James, Tellypestle
Stephen James (rep. of), Hoggshilloclt
Stephen John, Clackriach
Stephen WilUara, South Skellymarno
Still Alexander, South Auchraachar
Strachan James, Clackriach
Taylor John (rep. of). North Auchmachar
Thomson Robert, Blackhill, Kinmundy
Walker John, Auchnavaird
Walker John (rep. of), Blackpots
Wallace WiUiam, Mid Greenbrae
Watson Alexander, Burntbrae
Watt Alexander, Skelmuir
Watt Alexander, Newton of Skelmuir
Webster Alexander, West Chrichie
Webster Andrew, Slampton
Whitecross James, Burntbrae
Wilson Alexander, Brownhill
Wilson Ch;irlos frep, of), Kiimadio
Wymess Alexander, Easter Knock
Accident — George Thomson, New Deer
Association of Scotland (life)— John Mid-
dleton, New Deer
Edinburgh— John Walker, Old Deer
larpERiAL — John Middleton, New Deer
Insurance Co. of Scotland— John Walker,
Old Deer
Lancashire — George Thomson, New Deer
North British & Mercantile — John
Davidson, New 3Iaud
Northern Insurance— James Brown, Old
Doer; Mary Watt, Longside; John Milne,
Fetterangus; Geo. Johnston, Fetterangus ;
Hugh Walker, New Deer ; & John David-
son, New Maud
Scottish Equitable — Alexanaer Bruce,
New Deer — See advertisement
Scottish Provincial — John Farquhar,
Mintlaw ; Robert Cheves, Longside; and
A. Joiner, New Deer
Victoria (life) — James Thomson, New Maud
Beattie Francis, New Deer
Cheves James, Stewartlield
Ferguson Robert, New Deer
Forbes Findlay, Longside
Lamb Charles, New Maud
Willox Thomas, New Deer
See Merchants.
Adie Alexander, Old Deer
Anderson John, Eurngrains, Old Deer
Anderson William, Ciochcan, Old Deer
Argo John, Anchreddie, New Deer
Boyd William, Stewartfield
Bruce Alexander, New Doer
Carle John, New Deer
Cheves Robert, Longside
Clark Joseph, Mintlaw
Clyne James, Fetterangus
Davidson Mary, Stewartfield
Davidson Silvester (& wholesale), Mintlaw
Dawson Thomas, Mintlaw
Farquhar John, Mintlaw
Forbes George, New Deer
Fraser AVilliam, Longside
French John, Brucklay
Greig Robert, Stewarfilield
Greig William, Kinmundy, Longside
Innes Alexander W. Savoch, New Deer
Innes James, Savoch, New Deer
Irvine James, Old Deer
Johnson George, Fetterangus
Joiner John & Alexander, New Deer
Kirton John, Stewartfield
Knox George, New Deer
Legg Mary, Stewartfield
M'Gregor David, New Deer
Milne Alexander, New Deer
Milne James, Stewartfield
Milne John, Fetterangus
Milue John, Old Deor
Mitchell Alexander, Stewartfield
Mitchell Christian, Old Deer
Moir John & Son, New Deer
Reid William, Lenabo, Longside
Robertson Thomas, Clola, Old Deer
Scott John, New Deer
Sheran John, Gowrie, Longside
Shewan Agues, Rora, Longside
Shirelfs James, New Maud
Simpson George & Co. Mintlaw
Slesaor Eliza, Mintlaw
Smith George, Stewartfield
Smith William, jun. New Deer
Stephen William, New Maud
Stott Andrew, Kinnadie, Old Deer
Taylor Isabella, New Deer
Thom John, New Deer
Tliomson George, Longside
Walker Hugh, New Deer
Watson George, Fetterangus
Watt Charles, Knaps, Longside
Watt Elizabeth, Longside
Watt Wary, Longside
Watt WiUiam & Co. Old Deer
Webster ireorge, Stewai'tfield
Wilson William, Stewartfield
Aberdeen Arms Hotel (and posting house),
Thomas Stephen, New Deer
Aden Arms Hotel (and x>ostiug house), Eliza
Mitchell, Old Deer [Mintlaw
Pitfour. Arms Hotel, Catherine Fraser,
Station Hotel, Eliza Mitchell, Mintlaw
Station Hotel (and posting house), Margaret
Henry, New Maud
Cheves Robert, Longside
Dawson Thomas, Mintlaw
Farquhar John, Muitlaw
Watt William & Co. Old Deer
Diaek William, Fetterangus
Ironside Alexander, New Deer
Keith Andrew, Coilsmuir, Old Deer
Porter Robert, Stewartfield
Aberdeen Commercial Co. New Maud station
— Jaraes Ironside, agent
Aberdeen Lime Co. — Agents, Andrew Stephen,
Brucklay station; John Smith, Mintlaw
aud Old Deer station; and Peter Smith,
New Maud station
Davidson John (timber), New Maud
Farquhar John (general), Mintlaw
Hutchison R. B. Old Deer and Mintlaw
station, Brucklay station, and New Maud
Macduff Commercial Co. New Maud station
— William Fowlie, agent
M*Knight Ofc Davidson (fire clay goods), New
Maud station
Northern Agricultural Co. New Maud station
and Mintlaw and Old Deer station — Jas.
Smith, district agent
Peterhead Lime Co. New Maud station —
Peter Coupland, agent
Shives James, Old Deer & Mintlaw station
Anderson Robert J. Aden, Old Deer
Brooks Robert, Faichfield Mill, Longside
Catto George, Bruxie, Old Deer
Davidson James, Chrichie, Old Deer
Davidson William, Clola, Old Deer
Davie Margaret, Gavel, Old Deer
Milne Will. am, Ludquharn, Longside
Norrio Andrew, Elrick, Old Deer
Norrie John, Culsh, New Deer

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