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V^RIMOND is a parish lying an equal distance from the town of
Fraserburgh and Peterhead, upon the coast of Buchan, with a front
to the German Ocean, of about three miles in breadth, which declines
to a point, inland, at the distance of rather more than five miles.
Rattray Head is on the coast, a very dangerous promontory. Near
the east end of tho lake Stratlibog is a small hill, called the Castle
hill, where Comyn, Earl of Buchan, had a castle. Abont a hundred
years ago. there was a communication between the loch of Strath-
bog and the sea ; and a harbour at the east end, close to the castle,
Jor small craft : in one night the mouth of the harbour was filled up by
the drifting of sand, and the communication has been interrupted
ever since. On this harbour formerly stood the burgh of Rattray.
There is a ruin of a small chapel near the site of the old bm*gh of
Rattray, said to have been erected by the Earl of Buchan, about the
year 1280.
The parish of Lonmay has about four miles of seacoast, is ten
miles long, and nearly four broad. The soil is various, but generally
fertile ; and in this parish, about fom- miles n.e. is the fishing vil-
lage of St. Combs. A considerable branch of the river Ugie passes
through the parish, which abounds in limestone, '
POST OFK'ICE, Crimond, William Pirie, Pt>s( Master. — Letters arrive from all paris at twenty-five minutes past one afternoon,
and five minutes past sis evening; and are despatched thereto at twenty-five minutes past three, and fifteen minutes past six evening.
The nearest Money Order Office is &t Lonmay.
Post Offlce* Lonmay, James Forrest, Post il/asfer.— Letters arrive from Fraserburgh and the North at fifteen minutes past seven
morning, and fifteen minutes before six evening; from Aberdeen and the South at fifteen minutes past ten morning, and twenty-six
minutes past four afternoon ; and are despatched to the North at thirty-five minutes past eight morning, and to Peterhead, Aberdeen
and the South at fifteen minutes past seven morning, and fifteen minutes before six evening.
Money Order and Telegraph Office and Saviiigs Bank.
Post Office, St. Febgus, Alexander Walker, Pt)3t il/asfer.— Letters arrive from all parts at half-past seven evening, and from the
South at fifty- five minutes past eleven morning; and are despatched to all parts at twelve noon, and to the South at half-past seven
The nearest M«ney Order Office is at Peterhead.
Rathen parish is about four miles distant from Fraserburgh, about
eight miles long, at a medium of two in breadth ; it possesses two
creeks, on which are built the fishing villages of Cairnbulg and
Inverailochy. There are two old castles in ruins in those villages,
which seem to have been places of considerable strength. This
palish is destitute of growing timber, though large masses of oak
are occasionally dug up fi'om morasses.
St. Fergus, a village and parish, though locally situate on tho
coast of Aberdeenshii-e, is in that part of the district of Buchan
which belongs to the county of Banff. It is bounded on the east by
the North Sea, and on the south by the small river Ugie, which
separates it fi-om Peterhead ; the village is five miles distant from
that town, and thirteen fi'om Fraserburgh. The great Field-Mar-
shall Keith, of whom a statue in bronze has been presented to the
town of Peterhead by King William I. of Prussia, was born in 1696,
at Inverugie Castle, the ruins of which, in a bend of the river, still
attract the notice of the traveller.
Aiken Mr. Alexander, St. Combs, Lonmay ! Hendry Alexander, St. Fergus
Bannerman Sir Alexander, Crimongate, ' JaiTray Rebecca, Lonmay
Beaton Miss Margaret, Balearn, Lonmay
Boyd Mr. Andrew, Castle brae, St. Fergus
Catto Mrs. Rachael G. Knowsie House
Cobban Rev. Alexander, Rathen
Cock Rev. John F. M. Rathen
ColUe Miss Mary, GaUowshill, St. Fergus
Lawi'ence William J. Gowauhill, Rathen
Reid William (representatives of), Keyhead,
St. Fergus
Chalmers Alexander, Rathen
-I Davidson James, Memsie, Rathen
Cordiner William Eraser, Esq. Mormond Gall William, Kininmouth, Lonmay
House, Rathen '" n . , -. ,, ^ .,
Cruickshank Mr. George A. Rathen
Cruickshank Mr. William, Craigellie, Lonmay
Cumine James, Esq. Rattmy House, Crimond
Fraser Colonel Frederick Mackenzie, White
Link Cottage, Rathen, and Castle Fraser
Garden Rev. John, North Ednie, St. Fergus
Gordon James W. Esq. Calrness, Lonmay
Greig Mr. Alexander, Netherill, St. Fergus
Hunter Captain Alexander C. Auchries,
Ironside Mr. William, Kininmonth, Lonmay
Irvine Rev. Alexander, d.d. Crimond
Johnston Alexander, Esq. Johnston place,
Leask Rev. James. Lonmay
Leslie Miss Ann, Blairmormond, Lonmay
Linn Rev. Alexander, Siolhill, St. Fergus
Mitchell Rev. John, The Manse, St. Fergus
Moir Rev. John H. Crimond
Piatt Mr. Henry, Howe, St. Fergus
Pryde Rev. Robert, Kininmonth, Lonmay
Reid Hiss Agnes J. St. Fergus
Robertson Mr. George, Lonmay [St. Fergus
Robertson Miss Jane, Laburnum Cottage,
Robertson Mr. William B. Crimond
Russell William, Esq. Kininmonth House,
Stevenson Miss Magdalena, Logie, Lonmay
Watt Mr. William, Hathen
Whyte Mr. Alexander, St. Fergus
Williamson Rev. Wm. luverallochy, Rathen
Gerrard iVndrew, Invernorth, Rathen
Leggat James, Newark Smithy, Lonmay
Marr Alexander, Ci-aigellie, Lonmay
Bloir Benjamin, Mid Essie, St. Fergus
Moir William, St. Helena, St. Fergus
Park Robertson, Crimond
Ronnie Charles, Corskelly, Loumay
Roy Robert, St. Fergus
Stephen Alexander, Park, Lonmay
Wilson William, HaUmoss, St. Fergus
AUardyce William, Bylands, St. Fergus
Bain John, Memsie, Rathen
Bruce Robert, St. Fergus
Duncan George, St. Fergus
Ewerdine James, Lonmay
Jack William, Lonmay
Keith Alexander, Crimond
Keith George, Crimond
Mackie Alexander, Crimond
Morrice Thomas, St. Fergus
Rennie James, Rathen
Smith William, St. Fergus
Whitecross Nichol, Loumay
Yule Thomas, Kininmonth, Lonmay
Beaton Margaret, Balearn, Lonmay
Board School, St. Fergus — Alexander
Whvte, master
Collie^ Mary, GaUowshill, St. Fergus
Cowcn Margaret, Cortes, Rathen
Female School, Blairmormond — Ann
Leslie, mistress
Female School, Logic, Lonmay— Magdalena
(Stevenson, mistress
Bleston the Misses — , Memsie, Rathen
Mitchell's School, St. Fergus— Agnes J.
Reid, mistress
Parochial Schools:—
Crimond— W. B. Robertson, master
Howe, St. Fergus— Henry Plaint, master
Inverallo;-hy — George Mathiesou, master
Kininmonlh, Lonmay — William Ironside,
Lonmay — George Robertson, master
Rathen— -John Jack, master
St. Combs, Lonmay — Alex. Aiken, master
Ednie Brick & Tile Works, St. Fergus-
Robert Winter, manager
Galloivay Robert, Lumba, Lonmay
{See also Wrights.)
FoiTest James, Caii-nglass, Lonmay
Park William, Invernortb, Rathen
Smith James, Kirkton, St. Fergus
Watt William (and joiner), Rathen
Bisset Alexander, Westmains
Cumine James, R.attray House
Dick John, Mains ox Logic
Greig Thomas, MiUhill
Henderson James, Rattray Farm
Henderson William, Kidiughill
Jamieson William, Lothians
Keith .Mexander, Sprcaderhill
Keith William (represeutativeB of), Nether-
ton Logic
Mackie Adam, Starnaifin
Mackie John, Ridinghill
Mackie Robert, North Lothians
Mackie WilHam, Milton of Logie
Mackie William S. Lothians
May George, Dipplebrae
May William, Manna Farm of Haddo
Milne James, Mill of Crimond
Milne John, Tillyfauld
31ilne William, Bilbo
Morrice John, Wilsonwells
Pirie William, Middleton of Rattray
Pittondrigh Robert, Longlays
Robb Alexander, Eastmains
Roger John, billhead
Rothney John, Crimongorth
Simpson William, Greengate [Millhill
Smith Alexander (representatives of), East
Smith Alexander, Greenmire
Smith James, Northmost
Smith William, East & West Lochhill
Winter John, Johnston place
Yule John, LonghiU
Allan John, Kininmonth
Allan \\ illiam, Kininmonth
Birnie John & Alexander, Moston
Bisset George, West Bolfaton
Brebner Robert, Lumbs
Buchan James & Son, Swineden
Clark John, Upper Belfaton
Copland John, South Park
Craighead Alexander, Cairnlob
Cruickshank Alexander, Quarryhill
Cruickshank Geoi-ge, \\'hitehiUock
Cruickshank John, Blairmormond
Cruickshank WiUiam, Hillhend of Craigellie
Cruickshank William, Cairnglass
Davidson William, Cairnohina
Davidson William, Craigellie
Dow Robert, Fernyslack
Forman John, Savock
Henderson Adexander, Auchmore
Henderson George, Smiddyhillock
Henderson John, Hill of Cairnlob
Hephm-n James, Boddam
Howatt Alexander, Loch Kininmonth
Hunter Alexander, Leys
Ingram Alexander, Strathstodley
Ingram Peter, Kh'khill
Ingram William, West Belfaton
Jaffray George, Backfolds
Ja^ay John, Dartfield
Jaffray William, Boggs
Jaflray William, Pitscow
Lawrence George, Coralhill
Lawrence Robert, Tyaxnook
Lawrence Thomas, Milltown
Lawi-euce William, Blackhill
Lawrence William, Pitscow
Lunan James, Kininmonth
Mackie Alexander, Myngfield
Maitland William, Middlemuir
Blarr James, Netherton
Michie William, Littlehill
Milne Alexander, East Moston
Blilne John, North Cau-nchina
Milne John, West Saii-ulob

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