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yRATHIE, or Crathy, is an extensive mountainous parish, in
the lieart of Marr, among tlie Grampian mountains, incorporating
tbo suppressed parisli of Braeitah ; jointly tliey comprise a
territory forty miles in length and twenty iu hreadth, and have a
population of about 1,600. Tlais district is supposed to he more
elevated ahovo the level of the sea, and farther distant from the
coast in every direction, than any other parochial section in
Scotland. On some of the mountains snow maybe found all the year
round; Ben-Macduie, 4,300 feet in height, is among the stupoudoiis
eminences in this quarter. Nearly the ivhole of this district was
once covered with wood, and was called the Forest of Man-, which,
with those of the Duke of Athol, in Perthshire, and the Duke of
Gordon, in Badenoch and Glenaven, constituted the principal part
of the great Caledonian forest. In Bracmar, a considerable
portion of the wood Rtill remains, which is well stocked with deer.
Balmoral Castle, the highland residence of Her Majesty Queen
Victoria, and Abergeldie Castle, belonging to His Royal Highness
the Prince of Wales, are in this parish, as is also Lochmuich, ono
of the shooting boxes of His Royal Highness. iVIany seats of the
nobility and gentry embellish this interesting locality. I
POST OFFXCS, Ceathie, Charles Thompson, Post Master.— hotters arrive from all parts at twelve noon, and are despatched
at six morning.
Th3 nearest Monty Order Office is at Ballateb, eight miles distant.
Post OSce, Beaejiae, John Hendry, Post Master.— Lstteis arrive from all parts at five minutes past ono and half-past four
afternoon, and are despatched at half-past three afternoon and ten night.
LocHNAGAE, too, SO famed for its whisky distillery, is likeivise in
Crathie parish. The principal lakes are Loch CaUader and Loch
Brotachan, which contain trout, salmon and eels. The <n'eat
mihtary read from Blairgowrie to Fort George passes the whole
extent. On this line is the village of Castletown, near which
are the ruins of an ancient castle, said to have been a hunting seat
of King Malcolm Canmore. The village is divHed hy the river
Oluny— the ono side of the water called Adchindryne, helonning
to the Earl of Fife, the other to Mr. Farquharson, of Invercauld,
At a short distance from Castletown is the castle of Eraemar, once
garrisoned by King William, and burnt in the contest which took
place between the Royal forces and the Earl of Marr; it was
re-built in 1749, and till within the last few years, was occupied by
government troops, to prevent the smuggling which was so
frequent in this district. This part contains inexhaustible
quarries of limestone and flue slate. Castletown, with a popula-
tion of about 850 persons, possesses two very fine hotels, and is
much resorted to in summer by tourists.
Hkb Most Oeaciops Majesty Queen
ViCToniA, Balmoral Castle
His Royal Highness the Peince of Wales,
Abergeldie Castle
Alexander Rev. — , Crathie
Begg Mr. John, Crathie
Campbell Rev. Archibald Alexander, Crathie
Caveu the Eight Hon. the Earl of, Corrie-
ferrigie Lodge
Clark George, Esq. Allanaquoich
Farquharson James Ross, Esq. of Invercauld
Fife the Eight Hon. the Earl of, Marr Lodge
Foggo Robert G. Esq. Aultdowrie
Gordon Rev. William, Castletown
Halden Dr. William, Auchindryne [Lodge
Holmesdalo tlie Right Hon. Lord, Old Marr
Kennedy James, Esq. Glencluny Ladge
Macduff the Right Hon. Lord, Geldio Lodge,
M'Rae Rev, Donald, Braemar
Pease Joseph W. Esq. M.p. Cordavon Lodge
Profeit Dr. Alexander
Siddio Rev. Thomas, Braemar
Money Order and Telegraph Office.
Begg John (to the Queen and H. R. H. the M'Donald Donald, Auchindryne
Prince of Wales;, Lochnagar M'Konzie William, Crathie
Mathieson Murdoch, Established Church,
Public Schools —
Braemar— Andrew S. Walker, master
Crathie — John P,I'Keuzie, master
Queen's School, Crathie (girls') — Ellen
Forester, mistress
Queen's School, Crathie (boys')— John
Campbell, master
Ro.man Catholic School, Auchindryne-
John Morgan, master
Roman Catholic School, Inverary— John
Morgan, master
Brown Duncan, Level Crathie
Brown William, Bush Crathie
Clark George, Braemar
Downie John, Braemar
Duncan Vt'ilUam, Crathie
Gordon Donald, Crathie
Gordon Peter, Braemar
Gordon William, Braemar
Gowrie Blrs. — , Braemar
Heron William, Newton, Crathie
Hutchinson George, Braemar
Lament Alexander, Braemar
Lament Alister, Bracmar
Lament James, Braemar (BliUacoole)
Lament John, Braemar
M'Donald clharles, Braemar
M'Donald Donald, Braemar
M'Donald -lohn, Braemar
M'Douga'l John, Braemar
M'Doug;;; ''illiam, Inverary
M'Hardy -Al.riauder, Braemar
M'Hardy Oiarles, Glencluny, Braemar
M'Hardy ^Villiam, Crathie
M'Intosh William, Crathie
M'Kenzie John, Crathie
Paterssn James, Monatrie, Crathie
Robertson Charles, Crathie
Smith John, Crathie
Stewart Alexander, Braemar
Grant Joseph, Castletown
Michie Charles, Crathie
Mitchell WiUiam, Cratliie
Stewart John, Auchindryne
Aitkon James (and saddler), Castletown
Cameron John, AuehindiTUe
Laird Alexander, Crathie
Mitchie G«orge, CaBtletown
Coutts William, Crathie
Edmonston Charles, Crathie
Paterson Margery, Crathie
Fife Arms Hotel (and posting housc),Duucan
M'Nab, Auchindryne
Jnvercauld Arms,' Alexander M'Grcgor,
Invercauld Arms, John CargOl, Crathie
Hendry & Geddes, Auchindryne
M-Gregor James (and agent to the Noi thorn
lusurance Co.), Crathie
j Duncan John, slater, Crathie [town
Ewan John, photographer & wright, Castle-
Gordon John, shopkeeper, Auchindryne
,! Gordon John, baker, Braemar
Grant Robert, tailor, Castletown
I Hutchinson Gaorge, flesher, Castletown
Lament John, horse hirer, Braemar
I Mitchell James, grocer, Crathie
I Morgan John, bookseller, commission and
. news agent, Auchindryne
Established Church, Braemar— Rev. Wm.
Established Church, Crathie— Rot. A-rchi-
bald A. CampbeU
Peee Chuech, Braemar— Rev. Thos. Siddia
Free Church, Crathie— Rev. — Aloxnnder
Roman Catholic Chapel, Braemar— Rev
Donald M'Rao
Between Ballatcr aud Braemar twice daily
from the let of June to the Ist of October
To BALLATBR, from Braemar, at half-past
nme morning and ten minutes before four
To BRAEMAR, from Ballatcr, at five minulas
past ten morniiig and ten minutes before
two afternoon
No Coach runs between Braemar and Ballater
duruig the winter mouths
Coaches also run from Braemar to B'air-
gowrie and Duukcld
To BALLATER,a il/rt(7G;ff,from Castleto'.vn
and Braemar, every morning to meet tho
To BALLATER, John C. Smart, from Erae-
mar, Castletovn, Balmoral and Crathie
on Monday, Wednesday and Friday
To BALLATER, Jolm Milne, from Braemar
and Castletown, on Munday and Wednes-

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