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(See also Oroceis & WinQ de Spirit Merchants^
and likewise Spirit Dealers.)
Beg^g: Tohn, 19 Segment quay — See
Black & Ferguson, SO Adelphi
Cadenbead William, 39 ITether
Catto James, 21 Adelphi — See advertisement /
Ohivas Brothers, 13 King st ]
Cockburn & Co. {Leith), 56 Marischal st—
J. S. Chalmers, agent
Cockburn J. & Campbell, 21 Union build-
ings — Peter Mitchell, agent
Cook Alexjindor, juii. Guild st
Craighead Peter, luG Union st — See advt
Davidson James, 44 Castle st
Donald James A Co. 3 Theatre lane
Farqubarson &. Co. 131 Voion
st — See advertisement
Farquharson Peter, 2 Wellington place
Gordon & Smith, 197 Union st
Jopp William & Keith, IS Market st
Xumsden & Gibson 95 Union st
Milne & Marshall, 19 & 21 Correction wynd
Mitchell Pyter, 21 Union buildings
Pyper Wilham, 7 Queen st
Sheed John li.Co. 44 Marischal st
Shepherd Simpson, 52 King st
Stevenson William (wine), 5 Belmont st
Stewart Charles & Walter, 19 Adelphi
Sutherland John, 1 & 2 Union buildings,
Union st
Thomson George & Son, 21 Regent quay,
and 4 Belmont st
Walker William & Sons, 52 Union st
Williams William & Son, 19 Regent quay
Williamson James & Sons, 14 King st
Harper & Co. (& patentees of Harper's wire
suspension bridges, &c.}, 20 Hadden st ;
works, Mealmarket st— See advertisement
Macintosh William, 58 North CharloUe st
Reid Benjamin & Co. Iti Guild Bt. and
Justice Mill lane
Allchin 'William, Globe "Works,'
M'ortbampton— >S'ef^ adntrthtment
See Linen and Woollen Drapers. \
Anderson & Tbomson, 25 Broad
Barker Alexander Cooper, 39 Hunlly st
Beveridge Robert (linen), 39 St. Nicholas
Bruce William, 89 King st
Chadwick E. & Co. 10 Broad st
Crombie 3*. A. J. Grandbolm
Hadden Alexander & Sons (and carpet
manufacturers), Green ik, Gordon's Mills,
Kilgour & Walker (worsted and wincey),
Barkmill road
Leith & Patersou (wincey). Imperial place
Lendrum & Edwards. 70 Nether Kirkgate ;
works, Woodside
Leslie, Gray & Co, (tape and wincey),
Roseraount Works
Mackie David & Co. (wincey and linen),
166 West North st
Ogrilvie Tbomas &. Son, 19 Car-
melite st
Pratt & Keith (wincey), Palace
balldlng-s* Uiiiou st
Watson John & Co. (wincey), 135 Loch st
(See aUo Cart and Wlieel Wnghts.)
Alexander David, Windmill lane
Allan Alexander, High st. Old Aberdeen
Anderson P. & Sous, Weigh House square
Bain Ebanezer, 209 George st
Barnett Alexandar, West bank, Woodsida
Black Alexander, 71 College st
Brander Robert, Aahloy place
Brown Alexander, 38 Catherine st
Bruce George, 12 Cliarlesst
Buyers J. & Co. 12 Kidd lane
Cay William & Sous, 12'j tpper Denbum
Cheyne George & Son, 20 Justice st
Collie John, 14 Blackuiars st
Cook Alexauder, 65 Holburn st
Coopei- Alexander, I nion wynd
Coutts James, 22 John st
Cruickshank George, U Carmelite st
Cruickshauk James, 23 College bounds, Old
Aberdeen [4 Wales st
Dalgarno Thomas & Son (stair rail makers^
Davidson J. & B. Causewayend
Dawson William, 86 Skene st t
Farquharson George, SJ^ Harriet et
Forbes James, Ruthrieston
Frain Alexander, Kubislaw
Fraser John, Skene st
aarvle James St. Sons (manufac-
turers of doors, iirindo\7S, mould-
Ing^s, architraves & all binds of
Joinery for tbe trade), 60
Huntly St. &. 236 Union st— I
See adveTtisement \
Gaudio Hugh, 84 George st
Gillan Williara, 91 Loeh st
Gordon James, Dee Village
Gordon Robert, Stevonson st
Gordon William, 15 Bridge place
Hay & Cowie, 184 West North st
Hondetsiiu John, 5 Summer st
Henry Alexander, Gilcomston park
Hogg W. & A. Affleck st
Ingram J. i4 J. Ciiusewayend
Inncs AlexandertSs So", 4 & 6 Barnett's close
Innes John. 41 Blackfriarsst
Ironside John, 9 Spa st
Jamieson George. Barron st. Woodaifle
Jessiman John, 12 Spa st
Leash John, 15 Cotton st
Lewis John, Provost Blaikie'e quay
Lyon Charles {& packing case maker), 15
Bridge place
Macandrew D. & Co. 120 Loch st — See advt
M'Kenzie George, 85 Hadden st. Woodside
M'Robbie & Milne, Albert place
M'William John, Rose st
Mansor G. & J. 10 Bridge place
Milne A. & J. 6 Denburn
Milus Alexander, 28 North Silver st
Milne John, Broomhili road
Mitchell Adam & Co. 53 North Charlotte st
Patersou Alexander, 76 Woolmnnhill
Peterkin James, Whitehouse st
Porter John, 49 Spittal, Old Aberdeen
Uae Alexander, Gordon's Mills, Woodside
Rae William, Bon-Accord lane
Raeburn Alexander (manufac-
turer of doors, wiadows, mould-
ing:s, architraves &. all kinds of
joinery for the trade), 90 Hut-
cheon st. West
Rainnie Alexander, 50 Commerce st
Reid James, 5b John st
Robertson & Matthew, Provost Blaildo's quay
Ross D. & J. Provost Blaikle's quay
Ross Henry, 12 Jack's brae
Ross John, 07 Barron st. Woodside
Rust Alexander, 13 Bon-Accord lane
Scott tt Malcolm, Cuparstoue
Simpson Andrew, 33 Skene square
Smith Francis W. 15 Hanover st
Smith George, 21 Mount Hooly
Smith James, 3 Well of Spa
Stuart Lewis, Skene square
Sutherland J. & J. 10 Little Chapel Bt
Taylor John, 3 Henry st
Taylor William, Commerce st
Taylor \\'illiam, 65 Gallowgate
Tough John, (J Windmill lane
Warrack & Daniel, 7 North Charlotte Bt—
See advertisement
Watson & Robb, 44 Spring garden
Watson James, 12 Rosemount place
Watson James,? Windmill liine
"Watt &. Clark (&. builders), 23
Princes st
Wilson John, 44 Park st
Wisely Alexander, 8}^ Upper Denbum
PX.ACES OF \(ro:asaip
East, Cnion st— llev. Charles M'Gi-egor
West, Union st— Rev. James Forsyth, d.d.
North, King st — Rev. George S. AnUerson
South, Belmout st — Rev. George Ross
Caroline place (building)
Ferryhill— Rev. Henry VV. Wright
Greyfriars, Broad st — Rev. Joseph Henderson
St. Clement's, St. Clement st — Rev. George F. J. Philip
St. Paul's, Loch st— Rev. T. W. Bray, b.a.
Holburn, Wellington place— Rev. John Milne and Rev. Jamei
John Knox's, Mount Hooly— Rev. Charles Skene
Gilcomston — Summer at — Rev. David Milne
Nigg — Rev. Robei't Fairweather
Rubislaw, Queen's cross — Rev. Henry Cowan
Old Machar, Old .Aberdeen — Rev. Robert Smith, D.D. & Kev. George
Jamieson, b.d.
Trinity, Marischal st — various
Woodside, Woodside— Rev. William Shepherd
East, Belmont st— Rev. James Selkirk
West, Bon-Accord st — Rev. John Loidlaur
Ferryhill — Rev, James Iverack
John Knox's, Gerrard st — Rev. John Stephen
Mariners', Commerce st — Rev. «Tohn Longmuir LL D
North, West North st— Rev. G. D. Lowe '
South, Belmont st — Rev. J. M. Sloane
Melville, Correction wynd— Rev. James Masson
Bon-Accord, Union terrace— Rev. Alexander Leslie
Gaelic, Gaelic lane — Rev. George M'Donaid
Gallowgate, ISO Gallowgate— Rev. James Goodall
Gilcomston, Union st— Rev. Robert A. Mitchell
Greyfriars, George st— Rev. Hugh Pitzpatriok
High, Belmont st — Rev. Henry W. Bell
Holborn, Bon-Accord terrace— Rev. Andrew M'Qneen
Old Aberdeen— Rev. Thomas Gardiner
Rutherford, Loanhcad terrace— Rev. Alexander Ynle, m.a.
( St. Clement's, Prince Regent ot— Rev. Alexander Spence, D.I
Torry (Mission)— Rev. William Innes
Trinity, Crown st— Rev. William H. Gaulter
, Union, Ship row— Rev. Alexander Bannatyne
I Woodside— Rev. A. F. Moir
St. Andrew's (Scotch), King st— Right Rev. Thomas G. Suthor,
D.c.L.; Rev. Francis Kitchen, m.a. curate
St. James', Crown st— Rev. Robert Allen, b.a.
St. Jolin's (Scotch), St. John's place- Rev. Ernest Sketohley, M.A
St. Margaret's (Scotch), Seamount place— Rev. John Coraper
St. Mary's (English), Garden place— Rev. James Myers Danson, B.4,
St. Paul's (English), 61 Gallowgate- Bev. T. W.Bray
Cove (Scotdi)— vacant

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