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Milne George, 83 Loch, st
ITortliern Agrricultural Company,
V^aterloo quay — Alexander
Anderson, nianag:er — <ef advt
Robertson George, 48 Upper Denburn
Saunders Kemp, 41 SpringbanK terrace
Smith Alexander, 80 John et
Walker Andrew, 16 Upper quay
See Restaurants and Dining Rooms.
Elrick Charles G. (vulcanite, also chains,
ornaments, &c.), Rosemount Vulcanite
Works, Forbes st [comston
M'Pherson John & Co. Comb Works, Gil-
Stewart S. R. & Co. Aberdeen Comb Works,
Hutcheou st
See Agents.
See Merchants.
Anderson Alexander, 147 George st
Balfour James, 33 Schoolbill
Bannochie Alexander, 82 George st
Barry Peter, 122 Chapel st
Bisset Joseph, 149 Gallowgate
Bothwell Alexander, 1 Nortb Broadford
Brander James, 5 Guild st
Brown George, 64 Skene square
Clark William. 23 George st
Cooper William, 9 Justice lane
Craigen William, 88 Ship row
Crawford WiUiam, 10 Exchequer row
Croli M^'lt.huw, 167 Gallowgate
Croll Wesley, 70 King st
DuiTus Alexander, 4 North St. Andrew st
Glegg Robert A Son, 215 Union st
Hobrow Elizabeth, 218 Gallowgate
Hossack Archibald, 179 Union st
Johnstone Jis^ph, 18 North Broadford
Ledingliam John, 3 South Mount st
Lockhart & Salmond (wholesale), 118 & 120
Union st — See advertisement
M'Donald John, 37 Basement floor, Market
M'Killiam B. & W. 54 Broad st
M'Killiam Robert, 17 Union buildings
M'Pherson Alexander, juu. 3 Guild st. and 8
South Mount st
Milne Alexander. 180 George st
Milne John (wholesale), 30 Union place
Mitchell L't Muil, 46 Schoolbill— See advt
Rocca Antonio, S7 George st
Sellar William (wholesale), 50 Castle st
Shepherd Wm. (wholesale), 21 & 23 Guest row
Smith Alexander, 27 & 29 Park st
Smith George, 133 King st
Thow Robert, 13 Guild st
Belgium— J. F. White, 107 King st
Chili (Republic of)— W. Leslie & Co. 17
Regent quay
Denmark— W. E. Buyers. 46 Marischal st
France (vice)— John F. White, 107 King st
German Empire — Charles Ludwig & Co. 17
Regent quay
Italy— R. A. D. Connon, 58 Marischal st
Netherlands— Charles Ludwig & Co. 17
Regent quay
Russia- William Smith, 38 King st
Spain— Charles Ludwig & Co.l7 Regent quay
Sweden & Norway (vice)— John F. White,
107 King st
Switzerland— Charles Ludwig & Co. 17
Regent quay
United States— John Ramsay, consular
agent, 103 Union st
Cameron John, Gordon st [Peril
Chisbolni J. (sack), Waterloo station, & a'
Christison John, 163 West North st
Garvie James ^ Sons, 60 Huntly
St. and 236 Uni -n st -See advert
Macandrew D. & Co. 120 Loch st See adv,
M'Coudach John, 12 South Crown et
Morrison .John, Willowdale place
Murray & Urquhart, 85 Union terrace
Raeburn Alexander. 90 Hutclieon
St. -West
Clark Alexander & James, 14 Don st. Old
Courage .Tames, 175 Gallowgate
Gordon Charles & Son, 57, 67, 69 & 71 Green
Gordon James & Co. 2 Chronicle lane
Gorard J. & Co. 25 Carmelite st^
Mason Adam, 3 Princes st
Mason William, 11 Skene square
Noble George, 1-i Carmelite st
Robertson John, 61 Commerce st
Williams James & Sons, 13 Virginia st
See Engravers, dc.
Bain David, 12 Littlejohn st
Blaikie John & Sons, Littlejohn street ; lamp
saloon, 241 Union st
Davidson Brothers, 29 Windy wynd
Thomson William & Co. 72 & 74 Nether
Cook Alexander, jun. Guild st
Dickson John, 86 Spring garden
Dunbar William, 70 Nether Kirkgate
M'Gee & Co. 18 Castle at
Smith John, 12 Castle terrace
See Grain Merchants.
Robinson, Crum & Co. Limited, Banner Mill
— Henry Fantom, manager
(Sec also Leather Cutters d- SellerB.)
Clyne Wilham & Sons, 20 Adelpbi
Fletcher William, 17 Princes st
Muir Robert, 38 George st
Sim William, Newbridge, Hardgate
Watt Jotin <St, SonSy 13^ and 136
(See also Hardware Dealers.)
Hamilton Gavin (& truss maker), 17 George st
Hodge J. & J. 3 Nether Kirkgate
TUompson James T. 17 St. Nicholas st
Ci'omar John, 15 Belmont fit
Crombie Brothers, 8 Union terrace
DesLessart Alfred Alexander, 230 Union st
King Maxwell M. 26 St. Nicholas st
Lamg Thomas, 22 Union terrace
.Alurison James, 50 Dee st
Williamson William, 15 Union terraue
3egg: Jobn (to Her iviajesty and
H.R.H. Prince of Wales), 19
Recent quay and Iiocbna^ar
Distillery, near Balmoral-- ^^^
Black William & Co. Devauha Distillery
Bon-Accohd Distillery Co. Limited,
Hardgate; office, 30 Adelphi— Thomas G.
Orchard, manager See advertisement
Og-g- Henry & Co. Stratbdee Dis-
tillery, Strathdee, Cuparstone~
See advertisement
Bortbwick Andrew (and silk and
woollen, &. scourer), 76 Iiocll
St. &, 1 Summer st
Cooper William, 34 James st
Ferguson Robert, 42 Upper Kirkgate
M'Grigor John, 26 George st
Philip Alexander, 3 North Broadford
Stewart A. R. 7 Leadside
Watson John (silk), 104 George at
Wilson David, Saint Nicholas st ; works
Innes st. & 86 Union st
-See Milliners and Dressmakers.
See Chemists and Druggists.
Birss Robert, 27 Queen st
Davidson & Sim, 54 Castle st
Paterson William & Sons,133 &135 Gallowgate
Sinclair William, 34 Upncr Kirkgate
Souter & Shepherd, 22 Hioad st
(See also Restaiirayiis.)
Black James, 50 East North st
Davidson Mrs. — , 38 Market buildings
Davidson Archibald, 39 Castle st
Dunn Ann, 10 Marischal st
Fidler Margaret, 26 Castle st
Leslie Elizabeth, 16 Hadden st
Manson A. 25 York place
.Mavis John, 97 Gallowgate
Eape Ellen, 82 Windmill brae
Paxton Andrew, 15 Marischal st
Porter William, 59 Loch st
Reid John, 13 Exchequer row
Ritchie Janet, 6 Nether Kirkgate
Singer Janet, 25 Nether Kirkgate
Thurburn Cooking Dep6t, 38 Market st
Chalmers Ann, 10 Dee st
Johnston Anthony B. 9 Crown st
Jobnston 7olin H. 17 Crown st
.Munro Susan, 64 George st
Tait Eliza, 23^2 George st
Wood Jane, 36 Woolmanhill
(See also Heating Engineers.)
iLbernetby James &. Co. Ferry-
bill Foundry
Barry Henry & Co. 122 West North st
Blaikie 'Brothers, Footdee Iron
Dalgety Bros. 68 & 70 Hutcheon st
'>arvie James, ]un. & Co. Fish st
Glegg & Thomson, 179 George st
Hall, Russell & Co. Aberdeen Iron Works,
York place
Harper & Co. 20 Hadden st. & 10 Meal-
market st — See adi^erlisement
Henderson John M. 17 &19 Jopp's lane
Ho^g: George & Sons, Spring
garden— >S'6'e advertisempnt
Kuowles Alexander, 37 Shuttle lane
M'Kinnon Wm & Co. Spring Garden Works
Martin John, 14 Blackfriars st
Milne J. & Sou (sewing machine), 41 James st
:\ritchell David & Son, Inches
Reid Benjamin A Co. Bon-Accord Works,
Justice Mill lane
Ritchie Thomas, 74 Woolmanhill
Suckling Newton & Co. The Inches
(See also Surveyors — Land Ac.)
Adam Alexander, 20 Union terrace
Barnett Patrick M. Waterloo station
Beattie James F. & Son, 2 Bon-Accord aq
Boulton Wm. City buildings, Broad st
Cay William Dyce, Pocra pier
Ferguson W. B. Waterloo station
Jenkins G. Gordon, 115 Union st
.Milne Robert, Waterloo station
Riddel James, 1 Powies place
Walker & Beattie, 91 Union st
Watson Thomas, Nelson st
Willet John, 123ij Union st
Cornwall George & Sons, 54 Castle st
Uakers Alexander, 15 Nether Kii-kgate
Fraser G. & W. 76 Bioad st
Hughes Mrs. — , 30 Broad st
Keith & Gibb, 3 Queeu st
Keith John H. 20 Correction wynd
Robb George, 13 Adelphi
Skene WiUiam, 21^. Scboolhill
Stephen John H. 3 Correction wynd
Taylor & Henderson, 17 Adelphi court

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