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H.idden Alexanclev & Sons, Green, Aberdeen,
and Gorilon'9 Mills, Woodside
Henderson James £1. SA'illiam, 24
Belmont st; stores, 14 and 15
Trinity qiiay, ^ Incites
Macandrew D. & Co. 120 Loch Gt—See advt
{Sec also Wrights and Carpenters.)
Davidson J. & R. 80 Causewayend
Dawson William, Jopp'a lane
Gray David. 180 Hardpate, & 15 Spa st
Hay & Cowie, 184 West North st
Ingram J. & J. 30^2 Causewayend
Laws George, Kinsj Street rd. Old Aberdeen
Smart J. & J. Wellington rd
Yeoman John, King Street rd. Old Aberdeen
Allan Alexander, Nellfield
Archibald James, 70 Loch st
Bird James, 49 Upper Denburn
Brown George & Alexander, Bairnhall lane,
Brand John, 67 College at
Carter John, Hadden st. Woodside
Chalmers Peter, 32 West North st
Colhe John, Hardgate
CruiclishankJohu, 16 Meahnarketst
Davidson Robert, Willowdale place
Duncan R. R. 37 Albion st
Gibson Andrew, 6 Black's buildings
Hall James, 33 Frederick st
Hunter John, 20 Upper Denburn
M'Adam John, 9 Jopp's lane
M'Kenzie James, 18 St. Andrew st
:\I'Robb & Co. 29 Commerce st
Mair George, 257 Barron st. Woodside
iJIelvin William, 62 College st
Morrison .Tohn, Willowdale place
Mutter. Howov & Co. 6 King st
Reicl WwBJoli'i st
Shand John. 33 Regent quay
Sim Alexander, 232 Hardgate
Smart J. C. 48 Dee st
Thain Alexander, Leadside
Thorn Robert, 35 Hadden st. Woodside
Trail David, 12 Young st
Wordie & Co. 8 Schoolhili
Yule James, 45 Virginia at
Bowman Andrew, 227 Union st
Cruickshank John, 61 fa Windmill brae
Davidson Alexander, 21 St. Andrew st
Fraser John. 6 Upper Kirkgate
GifTord A Son, 243 Union st
Hav & Lvall, 2 Market st
Kerr & Sons, 187 Union st
Kesson John, 53 Si. Nicholas st
Rutherford Thomas, 5 Donald's court, 20
Walker James (wood), 44 Upper Kirkgate
Wishart James (ship), 78 Waterloo quay
(See also Druggists— Wholesale.)
Andrew William, 168 Union st
*Birss Robert, 27 Queen st
Broomhead George G. 15 Thistle st
Connon Thomas S. 2 South Mount st
Coutts Charles, 26 Broad st
Cruickshank George P. 218 George st
Davidson & Ray, 205 Union st
^Davidson & Sim, 50 Castle st
Dunn John, 43 Woolmanhill
Eddie William, 30 George st
Pearnside John, 49 Green
Forsvth J. & Co. 53 Regent quay
Gall Andrew, 26^ Skene square
Giles William, 123 Crown st
Grant James M. 4 Holburn st
Hall Robert, 130 Hadden st. Woodside
Hunter James. 141 Union st
Johnston David, 61 East North at
Keith James, 3 Union place
Mackav David M. 258 Union st
M'Quibban Charles M. 28 Park st
M'Robbio J. S. 160 Gallowgate
Melvin James, 132 Causewayend
Moir James, 36 Union place
Mortimer David A. 1 Exchequer row
Murray James, 80 Chapel st
*Paterson Wm. & Sons, 133 & 135 Gallowgate
*Reid George & Sons, 45 Union st
Reid William, 131 Crown st
Reith Alexander, 138 George at
Ritchie David, 39 Market st
Robertson John, 57 Castle st
Ross Andrew, 43 Castle st
Ross Robert, 43 High st. Old Aberdeen
Sangster John, 46 Commerce st
Sim James & Co. 76 King st
Strachan Alexander, 111 George st
Sutherland John, 34 St. Nicholas st
Urquhart J. & J. 65 St. Nicholas at
Wallace William, 81 King st
Wight James S. 1 Mount Ilooly
Wyness James D. 34 Woolmanhill
Davidson Robert, 82 Canal rd
miller Jolin & Co. Sandilands
Cbemical 'Works, liinks
Worthern Agricultural Company,
"Waterloo quay— A. Anderson,
manager — See advert isement
Hftttray William, 16 Links st
Smith John, 10 Littlejohn at
Abel John, 64 Hardgate
Camming Andrew, 19 Hutcheon st
Diack Robert, 13 Springbank terrace
Duncan Alexander,47?'^Spittal,01d Aberdeen
Duncan John, Cattle market, King st
Findlay Robert, 39^j Spittal, Old Aberdeen
Forbes Thomas, 17 College hounds, Old
■ Aberdeen
Gordon William, 22 Gallowgate
Hender3onMatthew,117 Hadden st. Woodside
Henry John, 6 Fish st
Jamieson James, 14 Barron st. Woodside
Keith Robert, Middlefiell, Woodside
Mackie Charles & Sons, 1 Market lane, Old
Middleton Alexander, KiTTYBRE"n'STER
Auction Mart
Moir Alexander, 5 Summer st
Moir John, Biaehead, Woodside
Reith & Anderson, Kittybrewstek
Auction Mart, Kittybrewster
Thomson John, Clayhills, Wellington road
Edward Georg'e (manufacturer of
Edward's condiment meal for
cattle), 1^ Hadden st
Wattle Alexander (& nig & old iron), 55 East
North st. & 63 Windmill brae
Wattio Francis, 11 Exchequer row
Wyllie David, 5 Northfield
See Engineers— Civil.
Latham Thomas, 40 St. Paul's at
Watson John, 55 Loch st
Bowman J. 45 Windmill brae
Bruce Helen, 14G Gallowgate
Carr John, 33 Justice st
Divers Mary, 4 Justice st
Duncan George, 1063-1^ Loch st
Fraser Caroline, 42 Ship row
Galloway Simpson, 11 Harriet at
Gerard Ann, 6 Littlejohn st
Greig William, 173 Gallowgate
Inglis John, 17 Lodge walk
Kennedy Angus & Alex. 43 Lodge walk
Kirton Isabella, 108 Green
Little Ann, 161 Gallowgate
Low William, 60 Guest row
M'Cann John, 38 & 41 Lodge walk
M'Kechnie James, 21 Lodge walk
M'Kenzie Janet, 62 East North st
Milne John, 11 ^^ Crooked Itine
Jlurgan John, 86 Green
Napier Joseph, 54 Sliip row
Phinn William, 9 Dium's lane
Robb Robert, 39 Ship row
Robertson John, 73 Green
Ross John, 24 Ship row
Skinner James, jun. 82 King st
Smith Margaret, 42 St. Paul's sfc
Stewart Andrew. 39 Longacre
Sutherland M. 9 Littlejohu sfc
Tawse Charles, 23 East North st
Tosh Agnes, 22 Jack's brae
Trainer Mary A. 36 Lodge walk
Webster William, 48 Nether Kirkgate
See Livery Stable Keepers i€- Posting Houses,
Eon-Accord Slate Merchant Co. Lisiited,
Provost Elaikie's quay— John Reid,manager
Coutts George, 22 John st
Hector 7ohn (^.fireclay ^oods) ,10
Guild st
Adam George, 11 Holburn st
Buckner Gowen, 2a Park st
Dingwall John, 18 Barron st. Woodside
Dufton Alexander, 40 Woolmanhill
Dugan Hugh, 81 George st
Elrick Henry, 12 Jack's brae
Ford John, 136 Union st— J. Veitch, mangr
Fraser Hugh, 55 Castle st
Gash Benjamin, 20 Park st
Gordon Joseph, 76 St. Clement st
Gordon Peter, 31 St. Nicholas st
Grant John, 98 John st
Greig Alexander, 4 Causewayend
Hall Alexander, 47 Regent quay
Hay James, 48 Richmond st
Henderson Catherine, College bounds,
Old Aberdeen
Hunter Mary, 90 Green
Ingram Alexander, 158 Causewayend
Jack John, 274 George st
Keith Mary, 65 Windmill brae
Kitson WiiUam & Co. (& rag merchants), 110
Knox James, 27 Skene square
Leslie Alexander, Loch st
Mearns William, 7^ Carmelite'st
MitcheR John, 151 GaUowgate
Morgan Jessie, 21% WoolmanhiU
Morison Thos. G.40 Welliugton st. Woodside
Morrison Daniel, 26 Barron st. Woodside
Mon-ison David, 41 Hadden st. Woodside
Neilson John, 98 Green
Oflacer Margaret, 52 Park st
Ross Alexander, 57 Windmill brae
Shepherd James, 13 Skene st
Stuart George, 28 Harriet st
Taylor Janet, 35 East North st
Thomson William, 18 Causewayend
Watson Alexander, 77 GaUowgate
Watson Grace, 118 Chapel at
Allan & Robinson, Bridge place
Bain WilUam, 60 Loch st. & 44 Union place
Bremner etc Clark, 97, 99,and 101
King: st — S^e adherDsemeut
Dakers James, 6 Union wyud
Davidson James, 22 College st
Georgson William, Crown terrace
Laing & Melvin (to Her Majesty), 4 & 8 Bon-
Accord st
Murray Charles B. 3 South Constitution st
Ness Robert, sen. (& harness maker), 7 «it 8
Union row & 211 Union st
Shinnie R. & J. 20 Langstane place
Aberdeen Commercial Co. Provost Blaikie's
quay — Black & Copland, managers
Aberdeen Co-operative Coal Society,Limiteri»
Upper quay — Alexander Taylor, manager
Aberdeen Lime Co. Provost Blaikie s
quay — Morison & Harvey,managers Se«
Adam &, Co. 17 IZe^ent quay
Allan Alexander, 5 Summer st
Bannerman 'William & Co. 3
Trinity quay
Buchan George, 61 Park st
Catto John, Nether Cotton, near WooQside
Christie C. & Co. Caledonian Railway station
Davidson J. & A. Provost Blaikie's quay, &
93 Union st
Duff Archibald, Caledonian Railway sta-
tion. Guild st
Duncan George, Tr'nity quay
Elsmie George & Co. 11 Regent quay
Fiddler Alexander, Margaret Cottage, St.
Clair st
Harper William &. Co. Caledonian Rail-
way station
Leslie George & Co. 76 Union st
Low Alexander R. 34 Marischal st
M'Kenzie Archibald, Upper quay — See advt
M'Lauchlan John, lO^-^ Regent quay
M'Xag-gart &. Booth, 6 Hadden st
Mann George, 47 Mai'ischal st
Matthews Peter, 13 Park st
Mennie&Brown, 56 Marischal sfc.&Upper quay

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