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Adelphi Billiard Rooms, Adelphi
Fairley Jobn, Adelphi lane
Hay James, 4 ExchaugG st
Bain James Co. Cotton st
aiitcheU &. Mull (to Her Majesty),
46 Schoolhill — ^<;fe 'irtver/isemerit
Abernethy Tames & Co.rerryliUl
Aitkcu IVilliam, 3 Little Belmont st
Angus John, Provost Blaikie's quay
Angus John, 88 Regent quay
Argo Alexander, 70 Loch st
Arthur John, King Street road.Old Aherdeen
Beattte Francis (& bellhanger). Dee st
Blaikle Brothers, rootdee Iron
Davidson & Henderson, 6 Harriet at
-Dawson William, Jopp's lane
Ellis George (& fender manufacturer), 182
Creorge st
Forbes James, Ruthrieston
Grant John, 14 Giloomston steps
toy David, 180 Hardgate. * 15 Spa st
Hall, Russell & Co. York place
Harper & Co. (and agricultural implement
makers). 20 Hadden st ; works, Mealmarket
st — See advertisement
Hay & Cowie, 184 West North st
Henderson John M. 17 & 19 Joppslane
Hendry George, 22',^ Albion st
Hogg George & Sons (& engineers and mill-
wrights). Spring garden— See advertisement
Uurrj-George, 37 Upper Denburn
Hutcheon William, lOW Bridge place
Ingram J. & J. mK Oausewayend
Irvine & Co. Chronicle lane
Johnston William, 109 West North st
Laing James & Co. (& manufacturing iron-
mongers), 121 Union st— See advertisement
Laing Thomas, 19 Gallowgate
Iiain^ 'William {& manufacturing
Ironmong-en, 207 Gallowgate
_ &. 2 &. a Gerrard st— *e udr.ert-
Lamotit Alexander, St. Clair st
Lyall Robert, Jamieson's court, 40 Ship row
M'Hardy David & Son (& bellhangors and
ironmongers), 54 Nether Kirkgate
M'Robb William, 25 Commerce st
Malcolm WiUiam (chain maker), 91 West
North st
Mitchell Charles, 77 George st
Mitchell David & Son, Inches
Mitchell Robert, 102 Gallowgate
Morgan James, Barrow st. Woodside
Reid Benjamin & Co. (& implement makers),
Bon-Accord Works, Justice Mill lane
Ross John, 9 Chapel lane
Selbie James, Commerce lane
Smart J. & J. Wellington road
Smith William,8 Minister lane
Thomson John, King Street road
Tindal James (& heating engineer), 79 and 81
Loch st
Watson George, 74 Spittal, Old Aberdeen
Watson George, 72 Gallowgate
Watson Thomas, Nelson st
(See also Ship Builders).
Forrest James F. Inches
Forsyth Alexander L. York st
Lewis John, Provost Blaikie's quay
Morrice Thomas, Nigg
Robertson & Matthew,Provost Blaikie's quay
Ross D. & J. Provost Blaikie's quay
Skinner D. & Son, Wellington st
Abernethy Tames &. Co. Terry-
hlll Foundry
Blaikle Brothers, Tootdee Iron
6arvie James, jun. &Co. Fish st
Hall, Russell & Co. York place
M'Kinnon W. & Co. Spring Garden Works
Suckling, Newton & Co. The Inches
Aberdeen Commercial Co. Provost Blaikie's
quay- Black & Copland, managers
ABEitDEEN Like Co. Provost Biaikie's quay
—Harvey & Morison, managers— See advt
NorthernAgTicuItural Co-Water-
loo quay— Alexander Anderson,
manager — Sett advertiaenient
Edmond J. & J. P. & Spark, 54 Queen st
Jackson William, 47 Schoolhill
Knox Joseph, 35 Nether Kirkgate
Middleton George, 22 Gilcomston steps
Milne & Hutchison, 2G Exchange st
Wilson Robert & Son, 1 St. Nicholas st
(See also Stationers — Wlwlesale and also
News Agents.)
Adam John, Market gallery
Allan William, 29 Marischal st
Anderson William C. 16 Market gallery
Blackie & Sons, 40 Broad st — Alexander
Clarke, jun. agent
Brown A. 8r Co. 77 Union st
Burt Peter, S Gilcomston steps
Campbell James, 21 Market gallery
Craighead John, 1 Ship row
Cruickshank C. A. 5 George st
Daniel James & Co. 46 s< 48 Castle st
Edgar James, 217 Gallowgate
Fen-es John, 3 Crown st
Finnic Peter, 66 Hadden st. Woodside
Fraser George, 189 George st
Frost Robert, 112 King st [agent
FuUarton & Co. 16 Adelphi— Oswald M'Naii-,
Gullan David, 62 Castle st
Hector William,62Gallowgate, &3Holburn8t
Home Charles, 124 Gallowgate
Kemp Jessie, 25 St. Andrew's st
Iiindsay MlTilliam (wholesale &.
retail), 30 market st
London Pi intingA Publishing Co. Limited,
10 Broad st — Joseph :Maitland, agent
Mackenzie William, 66 St. Nicholas st —
James Rae, agent
M'Pherson John, 60 Loanhead terrace
Middleton GeMrge,23 Gilcomston steps
Milne A. & R. 199 Union st
Milne WilUam, 27 Loch st
Monro Joseph & Son. 32 Woolmanhill
Morison Alexander, 28 Marischal st
-Morrice George, 21 Upper Kirkgate
Murphy Alexander, 6 South Silver st
-Muri-ay Alexander, 68 Spittal, Old Aberdeen
Murray Alexander, 21(i Union st
Murray James, 28 St. Nicholas st
Nicol Alexander, 56 Park st
Nicol T. P. 9 Market buildings
Russell WiUiam, 19 Broad st
Scott Francis B. 52 George st
Simpson Alexander, 59 Broad st
Smith James, '28 Schoolhill
Smith John Rae, 57 Union st
Smith Lewis (wholesale),3 M'Combie'g court,
Union st
Smith Robert, 70« Gallowgate
Sorley Robert, Rubislaw
Souter Jessie, 8 Crown st
Stevenson William, 83 George st
Thomson Margaret, 95 George st
Vessie A. & M. 240 George st
Virtue & Co. 9 Castle st- GeorgeRoyal,agent
Walker James, 34 Upper Kirkgate
'WalkerRobert, "Seotsman"Office,
145 Vnion st
Watson Ai-chibald, 13 George st
Wilson Robert & Son, 1 St. Nicholas st
WyUie D. & Son (to the Queen & H.R.H.
the Prmce of Wales), 167 & 169 Union st
Aga Alexander (top), 88 George st
.\itken James, 27 & 39 Broad st
Anderson James, 16 Kidd lane
Anderson William, 60 .John st
Archibald Robert, Rntbrieston
Baker George, 82 Geor^je st
Beattie Andi-ew, 134 Hadden st. Woodside
Beattio Joseph, 230 (leorge at
Begg Peter, 52 Virginia st
Berry Thomas, 4 Skene square
Beveridge William, 46 Hadden st. Woodside
Bisset George, 179 Gallowgate
Bisset William, Gardener's lane
Black George, 2 Justice st
Blackball George, 17 A Ibion at
Blair James, 111 Hadden st. Woodside
Bothwell John, 18 Guest row
Bremner James, Ruthrieston
Brown Thomas, Cuparstone place
Burnett John, 200 (jeorge st
Burr George, 25 Princes st
Calder Alexander, 80 J; Siiittal
Campbell Andi-ew, 2 Lau^'stane place
Campbell Daniel, 13 Seamount place
Cardiff Peter, 150 Gallowgate
Chalmers William, 17 Carmelite lane
Cliivas William, 75 George st
Christie Frederick, 2-4 Woolmanhill
Clark Alexander, 3 College bounds, Old
Copland George & Co. 4 Skene st
Coutts Alexander, 27 School lane
Cowan William, 1 Hard weird
Craigen James, Huntly st
Crockert James G. (closer),39UpperDenbum
Cromar Alexander, 78 Chapel st
Gumming Alexaoder, 190 West North at
Davidson Alexander ^t Co, 72 Broad st
Dalzeil Alexander, 39 Wales st
Dawson George, 44 Gallowgate
Dawson Robert, 70 Woolmanhill
Druinmond James, 49 Union st
Drummood John & Son, 182 Union st
Duncan Alexander, 43 Causewayend
Duncan William, 37 Broad st
Duncan WilUam, 2 Queen st
Dunn John A. 26 Union st
Dunn William, 82 East North st
Edwards James .v David, 38 Union place
Ellis William, 12 Skene square
Ewen John, 7 Summer lane
Ewen William, 59 Gallowgate
Ewing Alexander, 46 Woolmanhill
Farciuhar Alex. 128 Hadden st. Woodside
Fettes David, 195 Barron st, Woodside
Forsyth Jobn, 25 Summer lane
Fraser Alexander, 87 Hauden st. Woodside
Fraser Da\tid, 37 Summer lane
Fraser James i% Sons, 58 Broad st
Fraser John, 16 Rose st
Gibb Jolin, 16 Marischal st
Gibb William, 25 Park at
Gillan Thomas, 28 Hutcheon st
Glenuie William, 34 Market st
Gordon Charles, 28 Union st
Gordon James F. 5 & 43 Broad st
Gordon William, 71 George st
Graham John C. 41 Upper Kirkgate
C<ray & Son, 24 Gallowgate
Gray Francis, 33 & 85 Broad st
Gray George, 22 Marywell st
Gray John, 10 Castle st
Hay William, 9 Seamount place
Innes Barbara, 15 Broad st
[ionside John, 15 Broadford place
Ironside William (wholesale), 76 George st.
& 36 Gallowgate
Jackson James. 48 Kirkgate
Jamieson James, 48 Broad st
Johnston George, 7 Hnlburn st
Kida Stewart, 126 Gallowgate
Kinnear Alexander A. 38^2 St. Clement st
Knox Robert, 168^i2 Gailowgata
Laing Robert, 193 George st
Lamb James, 2 Frederick st
Lennie Alexander, 40 Chapel st
Leslie Edward, 14 Queen st
Leslie John, 31 South Constitution st
Leslie Wm. 16 King Street rd. Old Aberdeen
Lochiol John, 39 Skene square
Lorimer Jas. & Son, Palace bldgs. Union at
Lyon William, 79 Broad st
il'Donald A. & D. 39 Queen st.& 28 Gallowgate
M'Donald Alexander, 45 Regent quay
M'Donald Daniel, 4 Littlejohn st
M'Donald Thomas, 68 St. Clement st
3l'Intosh John, 14 Upper Leadside
:\I'Intosh Simon, 73 Gallowgate
M'Intyre James, 113 Gallowgate
l\rKay George, 18 Gallowgate
Al'Kay William, 18 Short Loauings
M'Kenzie Alexander, 34 Justice st
M'Kenzie Alexander, 187 Gallowgate
M'Kenzie Thomas, 104 Hadden st. "Woodsida
M'Leod Daniel, 141 George st
3I*Nab Robert, 30 Union st. & 45 Broad st
Macuaughton JM. & J. 15 Market st
Malcolmson James (boot top), 20 Guest row
ilann Alexander (manufacturers), 2 Donald's
court, Schoolhill
Marr Robert, 17 Chapel st
Marr William, 27 Richmond st
Meades Robert, 68 John st
Melvin George, 27 Upper Kirkgate
Menzies John & Sons, 64 Schoolhill
Milne Alexander & Co. 128 Union st
Milne & Munro, 7 George st. & 43 Union st
Milne Andrew, 8 Spring garden
Milne J. & A.. & Co. (manufacturers), 88
George st
Milne Johnstone, 18 Schoolhill
Milne, Sons & Co. 185 Union st
Milne William, 80 Skene st
:\IitcheU James, 299 George st
".-iunro Andrew, 1 Charles st
Munro George, 81 Barron st. 'Woodside
Alunro Gordon (tops), 3S George st
Murray John, 15 Park st
Murray John, 36 Schoolhill
Nicoll J. & C. 31 Woolmanhill
Niven J, 47 Windmill brae
Noble James, 44 Virginia st
Paterson Jobn, 194 West North st
Paul John, 13 King Street rd. Old Aberdeen

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