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Harper & Co. (special Ihi-eshing machines,
corn bruisers, J:c.), 20 Hadden st ; works,
Mealmarket st — See advertisement
Reid l>eujamin & Co. lli Ouild fit. & Bon-
Accord Works, Justice Mills
Anderson John, 3 Barnett's close
Cuuimiug Alexander, 18 Frederick st
Forbes Auu, 29 St. Clement's st
Helmrich Charles, 11 Wales st
Jolly Elizabeth, 12 Castle terrace
Mair (ieorge, 257 Barron st. Woodside
Milne John, 6 Upper Kirkgate
Ogg James, 109 John st
Pyper Alexander, 2i) Guest row
Robbie George, 5 Littlejohn st
Sangster & Co. St. Clair st
Young James, 27 Harriet st
Clyne Arthur, 11 Union buildings
Coutts James, 22 John st
Coutts IV. S. 22 Jobu st
Ellis &, Wilson, 13 Belmout st
Henderson Jaiues *i; William, 2i Belmont st
Henderson Willinm & Sou, tjtj Loch st
Maeaudi'ew Daniel, 12U Loch st
Mackenzie & M'Miilan, 91 Union st
Mackenzie J. Russell, 177 Union st
Matthews & Mackenzie, 173 Union st
Mitchell Adam & Co. 53 North Charlotte st
Kust Jonu, ia.n. 4 Belmont st
Smith John, li2 King st
Smith William, lis King st
Souttar James, 48 Schoolhill
Stuart Johu, Balgair, Ruthrieston
Hamilton Gavin (& truss), 17 George st
Kiunear James, 110 .King st
(See also Teachers.)
Marked thus * are Photographic Artists, and
thus i are Portrait Painters.
♦Adams Andrew, 32 Queen st
♦Bisset James, 66 John st
Burnett Andrew, 195 George st
*Cheyue & Ewing, 11 Crown at
*Craigeu John, 16 George st
*Diunie Alex. 3 Lanystane pl.& 26 Union ter
*Garey WiUiam, 164 Crown st
Gordon H. 3 Belmout st
Green Archibald, 77 Loch st
*Hardie John, 152 King st
tHunter G. S. 2U9 King st
*Lamb John, 5 South Silver st
♦M'Pherson George W. 115 Union st. and 9
Donald's court
Marshall Robert C. 38 Market st
Mitchell John, 53 Victoria st
Reid George, juu. 84 King st
*Reid Wilham, 3 Summers st
♦Scott David, 24(i Union st
Thomson William, 259 George st
*Wi]sou George W. & Co. 25 Crown st
Winkley James, 9 Huntly st
Abel James, 64 & 66 Virginia st
Allan Andrew, 215 Gallowgate
Anderson Alexander, 147 George st
Anderson Isabella, 6 Commerce st
Anderson William, 62 Holburn st
Baliour James, 33 Schoolhill
Bell Alexander, 31 Barron st. Woodside
Bell David. Hadden st. Woodside
Black & M'Kain, Waverley place
Bucbau Francis, 129 Crown st
Buchan Robert, 76 Green
Buru(itt Johu, 32 Gallowgate
Charles WilUam, 76 Skene square
Clark George, 53 Hutcbeon st
Coiiper James R. 55 St. Niehoiaa st
Craig Alexander, 67 & 308 George st
Craigen James, 8 George st
Craigen William, 83 Ship row
CroU Francis, 55 St. Nicholas st
Croll Matthew, 167 Gallowgate
CroU Wesley, 70 King st
Edwards John, 14 & 16 Union place
Flett Alexander, 7 Dte st
Flett Johu, 142 George st
Flett John, ISl^a Crown st
Foot Dee Association, 75 Waterloo quay
Forbes William, 181>2 Crown st
Garden & Raeburn, 32 Schoolhill
Glegg Robert & Son, 215 Union st
Gordon J. & Co. 10.3 West North st
Graham WiUiam, 102 Ciug st
Grub Alexander, 83 Gallowgate
Hacket WiUiam, 95 Skene st
Ha^ldeu James, 18 Bank st
Hay John, 276 George st
Hobrow Elizabeth, 218 Gallowgate
Jamieson Alexander M. WilUams square
Johnston Jane, 66 George st
Johnston Joseph, 18 North Broadford
Law Alexander, 82 Ship row
Law James, 9 Upper Kirlcgate
Lediugham John, 3 South Mount st
Leith Jobn, 66 CoUege st
M'Bain George, 62 Schoolhill
M'Coss WilUam, Broomhitl rd
M"Gi-egor William, 97 High st. Old Aberdeen
M'Keuzie WilUam, QQ & 68 Queen st
M'Pherson Alexander, jun. 3 Guild St. and S
South Mount st
Martin Brothers, 23 Justice st
Martin WiUiam C. 136 Skene st
Mathieson W. J. 211 Uallowgate
Melf Alexander, 92 Hadden st. Woodside
Meff Robert, 199 George st
MUne Alexander, 180 Ceorge st
Milne John, 68 Broad st
zaitcbell &. it^uil (and biscuit
manufacturers;, 46 SchoollilU,
and 165 George st— Ve advert
Morrison & Anderson, 6 Ship row
Munro Kenneth, 60 George st
Murray John, 24 Justice st
Nicolson Alexander, 2 Waverley place
Northern Co-operative Co. Limited, 52 & 56
Loch st— John Todd, manager
Robb Altixander, 7 Northlield
Robb John, 2 .i 4 Skene terrace. & 90 Market
Simpson George, 58 Park st
Sorrie Alexander, 45 St. Nicholas st
Strahan Charles, 79 High 7t. Old Aberdeen
Urquhart Kenneth, 50 Hadden st. Woodside
Warrack John, 5 Chapel st
Watt A. R. 97 High st. Old Aberdeen
Webster John & Son, 45 Green
Wilson Janet, 76 GaUowgate
Wood James, 41 Park st
Wright Robert, 44 Skene square, & 89 Market
Andrew Francis, 11 Princes st
Bain WiUiam, 60 Loch st. & 44 Union place
Ero'nrn Alexander, 3 Belmont st
Brown George, 74 Union st
Cbristie John, 115 Union st
Duncan James, 56 West North st
Duncan John, Cattlemarket, King st
Maitland James, The Cottage, Canal st
Mayson Alexander, 115 Union st
Middleton AleKander, Kittybrewster
Morison John G. 235a Union st
Reith & Anderson, Kittybrewster
Shaw S. R. W.2 St. Nicholas lane
SbepUerd A.lexander (&, valuator),
X Union lane
Thomson John, Clayhills, Wellington rd
VTllson Tolin, 29 UTnion st
Caird IsaTaella, 105 George st
CampbeU Jessie, 151 Union st
Puncan Mary A. 32 Upper Kirkgate
British Linen Company (Branch), 22 King
st — diawa on Smith, Payne & Smiths, and
the Bank of England, London, Manchester,
Liverpool, Birmingham, &c.. Bank of
Leland, Dublin, and the British Linen
Company, Edinburgh — John Manson,
agent ; Alexander Edward, accountant ;
James Buyers, teller. West End Branch,
^239 Union st — Lauchlan M'Kinnon,agent^
See adoertisement
Chartered Bank of India, Australia
AKD China, 29 Union st— W. H. & C. Gor-
don, agents
City of Glasgow Bank (Branch), 21 Market
st — draws on the Joint Stock Bank, Lou-
don, Manchester & Sallord Bank, Man-
chester; Manchester »& Liverpool District
Bank, Liverpool ; Bank ol Ireland, DubUn,
and the Ulster Banking Company, Belfast
— Milne & Walker, agents ; G. G. WUkie,
assistant agent
Commercial Bank op Scotland (Branch),
9 King st — draws on the head utfice, Edin-
burgh; London & W«stmiuster Bank; &
Coutts ACo.London— Geurge Milne, agent;
Daniel Baxter, accouutant
National Bank of Scotland (Branch), 42
Castle st — di-aws on Glyn ^: Co. and Coutts
& Co. London ; Provincial Bank ol: Ireland,
Dublin; and Belfast Banking Co. BeUast —
Thomas Adam, agent ; W. S. Guthrie,
accountant ; Ales. Ross and J. S. Walker,
rrortb of Scotland Banking Com-
pany ( Heaa O^cei, corner of
JLing street and c^astle street —
draws on Barclay & Co. London, and the
Union Bank of Loudon; the Commercial
Bank of Scotland, Edinburgh; the Com-
mercial Bank of Scotland oc the Clydes-
dale Bank, Glasgow; the Provincial Bank
of Ireland, Dublin, and Branches; aU the
principal towns in Great Britain and Ire-
land, and in New Zealand, Australia,
Soutb Africa, Canada, New York, and
San Francisco— Robert Lumsden, manager;
Edward Fiddes, secretary ; John Sim,
accountant; C. A. MoUyson, inspector of
branches. West End Branch, 2:^0 Union st
— George Carmichaei, agent. Market
Branch, Excnange st — WiUiam Scott,
agent. George Street Branch, 157 George
st — Benjamin Saunders, agent — iiee advt
Royal Bank of Scotland (Branch), 152
Union st — di'awson thu head oUice, Edin-
burgh, Bank of England, & Coutts & Co,
Loudon, iSi Bank of Ireland, Dublin — Coch-
ran & Anderson & Alexander M'Laggan,
agents — See advert
Standard Bank of British South Africa,
55 ilarischal st— Alexander D. MUne, agent
— See advertisement
Union BanK of Scotland (Branch),
53 Oastle st— draws on tlie liead
oiUces, Glasgow &. Xidinbur§;n,
anil ylya &, Co. Iioncion— JoUn
Coo^, cashier ; Uavld Baston,
secretary ; ikndre ccr G-ordon,
accountant. Creorg^<d S'cve&t
Branch — John Sharp, a^ent.
West Bnd Branch, ^03 Union
st -'W. IT. i*x*I>unald, ag^ent —
jSee aUvertiaement
Savings Bank (National Secm-ity),Exchango
st— Robert Lumsden, treasurer; Thomas
Riddeil, actuary & cashier
Aberdeen Town & County Banking Co.
62 Union st — draws on the London Joint
;J |Stock Bank, London; the Royal Bank of
Scotland, Edinburgh & Glasgow, and the
Provincial Bank of Ireland, Dublin, and
Branches — WiUiam Littlejohn, manager &
cashier ; George L. Rorie, assistant
manager; John Keith, secretary; James
Batchan and William Littlejohu, jun. in-
spectors of branches; George Robertson,
accountant. Western Branch, Union place,
262 Union st — Alexander Morrice, agent.
Harbour Brancb,17 Regent quay— WilUam
Leslie, agent. Northern Branch, 196 George
st— Alexander Simpson Murray, agent — See
Bank of Scotland (Branch), 40 Union st—
draws on the Bankof Euglaod & Branches,
Coutts & Co. ; Smith, Payne & Smiths,
London; the Bank of Ireland, the Provin-
cial Bank of Ireland, aud the Manchester
& Liverpool District Banking Company,
&0. — Jamea Augustus Sinclair, agent
Blind Asylum, 50 Huntly st— Set advt
Brown AVilliam, 1 West North st
Cameron Alexander, 27 WindmiU brae
Cameron Hugh, 46 East North st
Henry James, 87 Broad Su
Laing David, 233 Union st
Mackie Alexander, Id Market gallery
Majkie Johu, i, 2 & U Market gallery
Murray WUUam, 32 & 33 Market buildings
Ogg David, 'Ad to 32 Market gaUury, and 43
Upper Kirkgate ; works, 14 Correction
Ogg David, jun. 25 & 26 Market gaiU-rv
Ogg WiUiam, 54 ^v 57 Green
Jackson George, 3 South CoUege at
Meston G. i.'t Co. 26 Broad st
Pattison James, 24Vj Broad st
Smith WilUam, 40 Btoud 3t

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