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ADVOCATE S— continued.
Butchart James S. 20 Belmont st
Cadenhead George (Simpson & Cadenhead—
procurator fiscal for the city, cS assistant
procurator flscal for the counties of Aber-
deen and Kincardine), Court House,
Castle st
CampbeU Archibald, County bdgs. Castle st
Cattanach Donald George, 12 Bon-Accord so
tChaliners O. & P. H. 13 Union terrace
Olyne Nerval (registrar of the diocese of
Aberdeen), Advocates' Hall, Broad st
Cochran & Anderson, 152 Union st
♦ColUe James & George, 25 Union st
l/ooper Patrick (and law agent for City
Parochial Board), 42 Union st
Davidson John, 49 Broad st
Davidson & Garden, 7 Union terrace
Dawson John Grant, 25 Harischal st
Dowme Charles G. (i3 Union st
Duuct & Morice, 34 Marischal st
Duncan Charles (Strouach, Duncan & Du-
guid— and examiner of law agents), 81
Adelphi *
Duncan John & Douglass, 8 Castle st
Dunn .V Clark, 1 Adelphi
'Edmond Alex. jun. 23 Adelphi
♦Edmonds & Macqueou, 22 Adelphi
Falconer George, 141) Union st
Ferguson John, 1 Adelphi
Fildes Horace, 42 King st
Fraser & Duguid, 14(J Union st
Gordon William (and town clerk), Town
Grant George, 22 Belmont st
Gray Robert, 16 Union terrace
Grub George, ll.d. Advocates' Hall, Broad st
Henderson * Cattanach, 130 Union st
Hunter David, City buildings. Union st
Hunter Gordon & Smith, 14 Adelphi
Jamieson Frank, 129 Union st
'Jopp & Reid (clerks to the Dee & Don
Fishery Boards), 140 Union st
'Jopp Andrew (distributor of stamps & col-
lector of taxes for the county of Aber-
deenshire), Inland Revenue Office build-
ings, 27 King st
Kemlo Alexander, 74 Union st
Lamb Robert, 12 King st
»Leask A. R.D. 19 Marischal st
Leslie E. D. Countv buildings. Castle st
Ligertwood J. & R. County buUdings, Castle st
Ligertwood John (J. & &, Ligertwood),
sheriff & commisary clerk, County buildings
■•Ligertwood Robert, 83 Union st
Littlejohn David, 16 Adelphi
*Macdon.ild Alexander, 11 Ferrvhill place
Macdonald Archiiiald M. 16 King st
llacdonald Dugald Cameron, Citv buildings.
Union st - o >
♦M'Kinnon Lachlan, jun. 239 Union st
M'Lennan Hugh, 48 King st
Marquis, Hall & Milne, 147 Union st
Meffet Alexander, 24 Belmont st
Milne A Walker, 21 Market st
Milne William, 46 King st
Mitchell David, 24 Adelphi
Mitchell Stoddart James, 24 Adelphi
Moir William, 25 Marischal st
MuiU John, City buildings, Union st
Murray & ll'Combie, 103 Union st
Nicoll Robert B. 63 Union st
Ogg William F. 48 Market st
Parker & M'Combie, 129 Union st
Paul William (factor to the trustees of Dr
Milne's Bequest), 177 Union st
Paull James (factor for synod of Aberdeen as
managers of Burnett's Mortitioatioii, clerk
to Society at Aberdeen for the benoflt of
indigent children of ministers & profes-
sors in Universities of Scotland), 22 Bel-
mont st
Primrose Thomas, 19 North Silver st
Rae William, City buildings, Union st
Robertson & Lumsden, 8 Union terrace
yioss William, 20 Belmont st
Euncy Charles Frederick (& depute procura-
tor fiscal & secretary & treasurer to Aber-
deen Social Science Congress), Court
House buildings. Castle st
•Rutherford George P. 124 Union st
Ruxton Thomas, 84 Union st
'Shaw John Milne, 37 Market st
Shives Alexander, IM Union st
Shives Thomas, 74 Union st
Simpson Alexander, jun. (Simpson* Caden-
head procurator hscal for Aberdeen),
Court House, Castle st
Simpson & Cadenhead, Court House bnild-
uigs, Castle st
Simpson & Cruden, 35 Casllo st
Sinclair-Spark T. S. 129 Union st
t^',^?"^,* ^^'",™'»'s (solicitors), 220 Union st
Smith Alexander E. 130 Union st
'Smith John, 265 Union st
»Smith Robert, 152 Union st
Smith Wilham, 83 Union st
Ptephen Lesael, 33 Unioji st
•Stewart David, 88 Union st
Stronach Alexander, jun. 20 Belmont st
Strouach, Duncan & Duguid (Alexander
Stronach, factor for Gordon's Hospital,
Callyhill Trustees & Mitchell's Hospital),
31 Adelphi
Thomson John Comrie (sheriff-substitute of
Aberdeen & Kincardine), Court House
buildings. Castle st
Watt & Cumnie (treasurers for Aberdeen Dis-
pensary), 4 Correction wynd
•Watt John, jun. 34 Castle st
•Webster John & Alexander, 42 King st
Wight Alexander F. 11 Union buildings
Wilson John Dove (sheriff-substitute of
Aberdeen & Kincardine), Sheriff's Cham-
bers, Court House, Castle st
Winchester Charles, 86^ Crown st
Yeats Alexander, 89 Union st
Yeats & Spottiswood, 46 King st
•Yeats William (Yeats & Spottiswood, com-
missioner for taking oaths in the High
Court of Chancery, & honorary sheriff-
substitute for Aberdeen & KiiicardmeJ,
46 King st
Youngson & Storie, 74 Union st
Anderson, Sutherland &. Co. 51
&. 55 George st
Connon David, 59 Commerce st
Davis & Sons, 1 Jack's brae
Hunter James, 143 Union st
Jaffray J. & J. 26 Stirling st
Lockhart & Salmond, 118 & 120 Union st.
& 2 Little Belmont st— See advertisement
Mitchell Donald, 30 St. Paul st
Pyper Andrew, 29 Guest row
I'tiomson ■WiUiam (lemonade,
soda water, gpiuger beer, &.C.),
Xiemon st. Park rd
Sangster & Co. St. Clair st
Wilson G. & W. 78 St. Clements st
Young James, 27 Harriet st
Marked thus • are Commission Agents.
Not otherwise described are General
(See also Fire, itc. OJtce Agents.)
'Adams John C. 3 Richmond terrace
*.4.11an James, 44 Upper Kirkgato
'Anderson George B. 55 Marischal st
Anderson J. & J. S. 7 Back wynd
•Asher James & Sous, 52 & 54 School htU
Bain William (Howe Sewing Machine Co )
13 Bridge st
•Banncrinan William & Co. 3 Trinity quay
•Barclay James W. & Co. 83 Union st
Barclay John, 47 Marischal st
Barclay Morison, 83 Union st
Beattie John, 101 Bridge st
Cadenbead ■William &. for J. &.
T. Bernard, brewers, Ediu
burgh), 39 aXetJier Xirkgate
Cameron John, 8 Bridge st
"Catto James, 81 Adelphi— See advt
Chalmers John Sheed (to Cockburn & Co
wine merchants, Leith), 60 Marischal st
Clark Alexander, jun. (to Blackie & Sons
Edinburgh), 40 Broad st '
Clark John, 8 Little Belmont st
+Connou Richard & Co. 58 Marischal st
'Cook Alexander, jun. Guild st
Cook John (for Vivian's yellow metal, and
emigration), 48 Marischal st
Craig Charles, 14 Exchange st
'Crombie James, Trinity quay
Cruickshank John, 24 Belmont st
Cummiug A. (to H. Brotchie & Co. Leilli
tea merchants), 4 Belmont st '
"Curr Thomas, 7 Schoolhill
D.avidsou J. & A. Provost Blaikie's quay and
98 Union st
♦Davidson James, 44 Castle st
Deans D,avid,87 -Market st
"Elsmie George & Son, 11 Regent quay
Falconer James G. 4 Regent quay
Ganson Herman (tor Smart & Ogg, canvas
manufacturers, Arbroath, &. for JSmerson &
Walker s patent windlass), 59 JIarischal st
Garvie James &. Soas (agents for
the HTortb of Scotlana for James
Storer &. Co.'s liquid paijits,
and for roofiog, inodorous,
sheathing &, /aair fcUs , CO
Huntly St. «i. 235 Union st-s,e
Gibb Alexander (for West Coast Railways),
Guild st -^ ■''
Gibb Herbert B. (advertis-ng), 1 Jute st
Gordon & Smith (tor W. & A. Gilbey, win'
importers & distiUers), 197 Union st
Gordon W. & H. O. (to the Chartered Bank
of India, Australia, and China),29 Union at
•Granfelt A. E. & Co. 5f> Marischal st
Grant William, 49 Marischal st
Gray Alexander, (butter, egg and fruit) 8
Gray Alexander R. Upper quay
•Gray & Co. 19 lo Adelphi
Gray Robert, 42 St. Nicholas st
•Green William, 29 Queen st
Hector John (for cement and fire-
clay goods, and for Adams'
manures), lo Guild st
•Hendry AlexandorM.124 Barron st.Woodside
•Howie James (for Adam & Sons, Leith, wool
brokers). Carnation Cottage, Old road,
Humphrey John, Inches
•Hutoheson George, 47 Marischal st
Inglis Alexander (to tlio Shipwrecked
Fishermen & Mariners' Royal Benevolent
Society), 2S Regent quay
Johnson John H. (machine), 17 Crown st
Leslie George & Co. (sails), 70 Union st
'Ludwig Charles & Co. (for American
Lloyd's), 17 Regent quay
•Lunan John, 4 St. Nicholas lane
Macandrew D. & Co. (for Paxton's patent
hot houses & M'Neifs roofing asphalte)
120 Loch st— See advertisement '
'M'Donald David, 27, 29 and 81 St
Audrew st
M'Lauchlan John (sails), IQi.^ Regent quay
Maciiair Donald (for PuUarton & Co. nub-
lisbers), 16 Adelphi
M'Phail Alexander, Sycamore pi. Ferryhill
aS'Taggait &. Booth, 6 Hadden
Maitland Joseph (to the London Printing &
Publishing Co. Limited), 10 Broad st
".aalcolmson Alexander, 203 George st
ivxeadows Kobert (boot &. shoe),
4 Wether SEirkgate
MUne Alexander D. (to Standard Bank of
British South Afi-ica, ic.),55 -Marischal st—
See advertisement
•Milne cS: Marshall, 20 Correction wynd
Mitchell Peter (for J. Cockburn & CampbeU
wine merchants, Leith), 21 Union buUd-
''Mollison George, 72 King st
Mor.son & Leslie (for Cm tis's & Harvey's
gunpowder), 12 Hadden st
Morison William O. 28 Market st
'Murray John (& importer of foreign goods)
74 Union st '
Mutter, Howey & Co. (raUway), 6 King st—
James Scott, agent
Noble Alexander (for Keith's patent commu-
nicator), 82 Back wynd
Paterson David, 34 Marischal st
Rao James, 66 St. Nicholas st
Rankin Robert, 90 Rosemount place
Held J. T. 42 Union st
Kennie John T. (government emigration
agent, &c.), 48 Marischal st
•Rhiud Alexander, 26 Broad st
♦Riddell George, 36 Marisi:hal st
Robertson John, 45 Marischal st
Ronald William, IB St. Paul's st
'Rust Alex, Crown court, 41 K. Union st
Scott James, 6 King st
Shaw WiUiam Jackson (to MicUand Railway
Co.), 3/ Union st
Sheed John & Co. (shipping), 44 Marischal st
•Shepherd George, 26 Broad st
Siuclair George, 18 Marisclial st
'Smith John, 10 Littlejohn st
'Smith Neil, jun. ,t Co. 46 Marischal st
•Smith William, 38 King st
•Stevenson John & Co. 13 Correction wynd
♦Tait John. 29 & 31 John st
'Taylor Alexander H. 56 Marischal st
Taylor John (tor D. Smith & Son, sheeting
4c. manufacturers, Abjth), 2 & 3 Regent
'Thomson George & Son, 21 Regent quay, &
4 Belmont st ^ J'
Thomson James (manure). 22 Commerce st
'Tocher Robert, 28 Queen st
'Troup Alexander, 83 Queen st
•TuUoch Lawrence, 2 Virginia st
•Walker Charles, 46 Queen st
Webster John, Weigh House square
Whitton William (to the East Coast Rail-
ways), 28 Market st
!™.Uams William & Sou, 19 Regent quay
Williamson James & Sons (lor Truman,
Haulmiy, Buxton & Co. bmvers, London),
14 King st "
Wood Joseph, 43 Marisclial st
Wordie & Co. (railway), 8 SchooUiill
Wragg P. P. 6 St. Nicholas st
'"?",',?„ ii- .* ®°° '*°'' ordnance maps), 167
& 169 Union st

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