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Marked tliuB * are Boarding ; not otherwise
described are Day Schools.
(See also Teachers.)
Abehdeen Church of Scotland Training
College & Practising School, George
at— See Public Buildings
Aberdeen Collegiate School,245 Union st
— G. Dos Clayes, principal
AberdeenFreeCrurchTraining College,
& Practising School, George Bt—See
Public Buildings
♦Aberdeen Institution, 9 North Silver st—
William Rattray, teacher
Aberdeen University, Old Aberdeen— See
Public Buildings
■* Anderson Rev. Alexander, ll.d. & Henry
M. Barker, ll.d. Gymnasium, Chanonry,
Old Aberdeen
Bell's Schooi,, OH Aberdeen— Jas. Roger,
master; Isabella Stewart, infants' mistress
Bell's (Dr.) School, 48 Frederick st— Jas.
Milne, master; Helen Mackay, mistress
BoAHD OF Trade Navigation School, 21
James st— James R. Jones, f.r.a.s. master
Board Schools:—
Adex'deen Board.
Albion st— James Peddle, master; Sarah
M'Leod, mistress
Cansewayend— John M'Lachlan, master;
Mary M'Robbie, mistress
Commerce st— Charles Innes, master;
Alexandriua Ogg, mistress
Ferryhill — James Stevenson, master ;
Helen Johnston, mistress
Marywell st— David Maver, master; Mary
Clark, mistress
Middle School— Thomas C. Hynd, master ;
Margaret Marshall, mistress
Northfleld— -Jane Shaud, mistress
Porthill— Rr. C. Watson, master; E. M.
Gumming, mistress
Princes st— George S. Forrest, master
St. Andi-ew st— James Darling, master
St. Clement st— James Findlay, master;
M. Knowles, mistress
St. Paul st— James A. Phillips, master;
Isa L. Chalmers, mistress
Upper Denburn — James Allan, master ;
Agnes J. Eweu, mistress
Nigg Board.
Cove— John Sci'ogie, master
Kirkh ill— William Brodie, master
Torry Angus.mistress
Old Machar Board.
Denmore,Newburgh-rd— William Ironside,
Old Aberdeen, King st— Hugh Henderson,
master; Jane Johnston, mistress
Primrose, Spittal, Old Aberdeen- Mary
Ann Mihie, mistress
Rubislaw, South High Stocket rd— John
Forbes Cruickshank, master ; Mary Ann
Gordon, mistress
Ruthriestou, Bridge of Dee rd- Alexander
Fordyce. master; Margaret Clark, mis-
White Stripes, Grandhome County rd—
Lydia Bremner, mistress
Woodside — George Forsyth Duthie,
masler; Ann Ogilvie, mistress
Bowman the Misses — , 45 High st. Old
Aberdeen „ ^,
Brown (Dr.) School, Skene square— John
Roy, master
Chalmers' (female) School, Upper Lead-
side— Christina S. Copeland, mistress
CHV.UTY Schools:—
pavidsoa's, Footdee — John M*Innes,
master; — Spalding, mistress
Train's, 53 Ship row— Joseph Straohan,
*Chisholm Charlotte(&day},77 Bon-Accord st
Craig Margaret, 4 South Constitution st
Cruickshank Mary A. 54 Chapel st
Donald Jane Lindsay, 105 Rosemount place
Episcopal Schools: —
St. Andrew's, King st — Ann D- Singer,
mistress; Christiana Philip, assistant
St. John's, St. John's place — James
M'Intosh Muuro, master
Established Church School, 59 Summer
St. Giloomstou — George Imray, master;
Elizabeth Barcklej^ infants' mistress
Free Church College, Alford place — See
Public Buildings
Free Church Schools, Justice Mill lane,
Holburn — Mary Duncan, mistress
Eraser Misses — , 11 East North st
Eraser Margaret, 1 Prospect ter. Ferryhill
*Fu]Ierton Misses (& day), 73 Dee st
*Fyfe Jane & Jessie {& day), 147 Crown st
Girl's Academy, Little Belmont st —
Head MtM^cr— John M'Bain, m.a.
ilfjs/re^s^Jane L. F. Stewart
Pianoforte <& Music — Herr Meid, Margaret
Ross, & Williamina Bogg
Drawing — John Mitchell
T^Tfi erf ic If or/i:— Margaret Wat son A ilolen Hay
Singing — William Lister
Reading d- Elocution— AUred Macleod
French— M.a.Alle. E. Boudin
Gordon's Hospital— Se^ Public Buildings
Grammar School, Old Aberdeen— William
Day, M.A. rector
Grammar School, Skene st. West
Bector — Alexander Martin, m.a.
Classical Master— The Rector, Rev. J. W.
Legge, m.a. & Thomas Slill, m.a.
English- George PauLl Macdonald, m.a.
Arithmetic(&]ilalhematics — Chas. Sleigh,M,A.
French d; German — Leon Klem
Writing — Samuel Pope
Drawing^John Mitchell [John Roy
Natural Science— Charles Sleigh, m.a. &
Elocution — Alfred MacLeod
Fencing (0 G-ymnastics — Heni'y Roland
Examiner — Rev. Alex. Beverley, ll.d
Janitor — Sergeant Charles Duncan
Greig Margaret, 4 Thistle place
Kean Eveline, 1 Mary place
Knowles Mary & W. 50 Union pi [Union st
Krueger Hugo {modern languages), 250
Lobban Margaret, 40 King st
Michio Charles, m.a. 10 North Silver st
Murray Catherine & Isabella, 7 West Craib-
stoae st
Peterkin Grace, 2 AfHeck st
Proctor Isabella, 19 Victoria st. West
*Reid the Jlisses — (& day), 13 Union row
Rennet David, 12 Golden square
Roman Catholic Schools :—
Constitution st (St. Peter's)— James Mur-
phy, master
Hardgate (St. John's) Mission — the Sisters
of St. Mary iSc St. .John, teachers
Huntly st (Franciscan Nuns) — the Nuns,
South Constitution st(St. Joseph's)— Mary
Kerigan, mistree; Mary Delany, infants^
Ross Margaret, 42 Union place
Ross School (Endowed), Holburn st— Jas.
Duthie, master; Margaret Robertson,
School of Science and Art, Mechanics'
Institute, Market st;—
Manager (d Serretaru— J ameH Sinclair
school of science.
Mathematics and Higher Arithmetic — D.
Tfieoretical Mechani-.i—D. Maver
Physic — John Shepherd
C/tmw(ry— Thomas Jamieson
Building and Machine Construction— Jo
Kennedy .
Naval Construction — James M'Hardy
school of art.
Elementary, including practical geometry,
linear perspective, figure from the flat
freehand, model & elementary drawing
Advanced, including figure drawing from
casts, painting in oil and water colours,
ornament, landscape, &c.
Special, including military, architectural &
mechanical drawing
Teacher of Drawing — Joseph Kenned^
other evening classes,
Not in connection with the Science & Art
Department comprise: —
French (senior & junior) — William Brebner
teacher [teacher
English (senior & junior) — WilUam Law,
Spring Garden (female) School, Spring
garden— Matilda Gordon, mistress
Thomson Aun, 28 Richmond st
Torrie the Misses —,17 High st.Old Aberdeen
Trades' School, Denburn — James Allan,
master; Agnes Knox, mistress
Union Row Academy, 18 Union row— Robt.
Sim, head master; Mary Rue, mistress;
Charlotte Cruickshank, infants' mistress
University of Aberdeen, Old Aberdeen
— See Public Buildings
Walker William, 23S Union st
^Warrack Harriet {& day), 52 & 53 Union pi
Marked thus * are Chartered Accountants.
Colhe Robert, 25 Union st
*Crombie John,76 Union st
Diack Alexander, 13 Belmont st
Gordon A. 30 Belmont st
*Greig John K. 163 Crown st
*LuQan WilHam, Ashley place, Cuparstone
M'Aldowie John, 14 St. Nichulas st
M'Conuachio Alexander J. 74 Union at
M'Donald Archibald, 22 Union place
*Machray Alexander, 152 Union st
*^aiXa.rquis, Ha?l &, Milue (and
treasurers and xnanagrers ot the
Bon-iLccord Property Invest-
ment Go, ' t X%7 Union st
*Meston James, 7S Union st
fliilue James, 22 Adelphi
■^Murray James A. 19 Union buildings
Renuie Archibald J. 123>2 Union st
^Richardson William, 131 King st
Ross John A. 239 Union st
^•■Siuclair James A. 40 Union st
*Smith John. 265 Union st
Trail John, 15 Adelphi
Tytlor James (secretary to the Aberdeon
Chamber of Commerce), 137 Union st
Marked thus ^ are also Notaries.
Adam, Thomson & Ross (agents to the Great
North of Scotland Railway Co. Northern
Assurance Co. Northern Agricultural Co.
and the Aberdeen Market Co.),75 Union st
Allan George, 56 Castle st
Anderson Sir Alexander, 16 Union ter
'^AnSus John, 7 Golden sc^uaro
'^Barron Lambert, 43 Market st
Bryce James, 24 Adelphi
Bryce John S. 24 Adelphi
'^'Buruett & Reid, County buildings, Castle st
Burnett Newell (Burnett tt Reid— county
clerk, county road clerk, clerk of Lieu-
tenauoy. Prison BoardB,&o.), County builcl-
iugs, Castle st

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