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Strachan Mrs. Margaret, 16 Watson et
Strachan William, Esq. Moreseat, Stocket
Struthers John, Esq. M.D. 15 Ohanonry, Old
Stuart Mr. Alexander, 76 Chapol st
Stuart Mr. Duncan, 8 Bloomfleld
Stuart Mrs. Isabella, 7 Union place
Stuart Mrs. Margaret, 4 Alford place
Stuart Mr. Wm. 1 Leslie pi. North Broadford
Stutley Mrs. Johanna, 62 Dee st
Suther Right Rev. Bishop Thomas G. d.c.l.
62 Garden place
Sutherland Mrs. — , Fairfield Cottage, Pirrie's
lane, Woodside
Sutherland Mrs. — , 62 Bon-Accord st
Sutlierland Mr. Alexander, 8 East North st
Sutherland Mrs. Christian, 52 Bon-Accord st
Sutherland Mr. James, Duncairn House,
Cnparstone rd
Sutherland Mr. John, Viewton pi. Spital rd
Sutherland Mr. William, 10 Crown st
Sutter Mr. William, Calsayseat
Symmers the Misses — , 31 Whitehouse st
Symmers Mr. Alex. A. Glenburuie Cottage,
Skene st. West
Symmers Mr. George A. Glenburnie Cottage,
Skene St. West
Taggart Miss Jane, 3 Henry place
Tait Mrs. Ann H. 167 Skene st
Tait Mr. Peter, 5 Hawthorn place
Tawse Mrs. Helen, 13 Garden place
Tawse Mrs. Jane, 7 Garden place
Taylor Mr. George Skene, Inchgarth
Taylor Miss — , U Springbank terrace
Taylor the Misses — , 20 Watson st
Taylor Mr. David, 11 Jasmine terrace
Taylor Mr. Elspet, 112 Crown st
Taylor Mrs. Jane, 41 Constitution st
Taylor Mr. John, Cherrvbank, Hardgate
Thain Mis. Elizabeth, 21 Garden place
Thorn Miss — , Justice Mill Cottage, Union
Thorn Miss Margaret, 20 Albert terrace
Thom Mrs. Susan, 38 Spring garden
Thom William S. Esq. 9 Albert st
Thom Mr. William, Outseats, Ruthrieston
Thomson the Misses — , 84 Crown st
Thomson Mrs. — , Springbank House, Dee pi
Thomson Mrs. Ann, Maybank House, Hut-
cheou St. West
Thomson David, Esq. m.a. 31 College bounds
Old Aberdeen '
Thomson Miss E. 166 Union st
Thomson Mrs. Helen, 29 Victoria st. West
Thomson Mr. Jamea, 126 Crown et
Thomson Mrs. Margt. G. 28 Victoria st. West
Tocher Mrs. — , 46 Kintore place
Todd Mrs. — , Maryculter House
Topping Mr. John, 39 Ferryhill terrace
Torrie the Misses — , 17 High St. Old
Torrie Miss Susan, 19 Union place
Tough Mr. George, 8 Hawthorn terrace
Trail Rev. Samuel, d.d. Divinity House,
Troup Miss — , Prospect Cottage, 141 Rose-
mount place [Woodside
Troup Mrs. — , Newseat, Wellington st.
Troup Mr. David, 86 Chapel st
TuUoch Mr. James, View Mount Cottage,
Holburn place
TuUoch Mr. Marcus, Newbridge House,
Union green
Turner the Misses — , 15 Crown st
Turner Mrs. Ann, 41 Kosemount place
Tytler Mr. Robert B. 1a Albyn place
Upton Captain William, 124 Union st
Urquhart the Misses — , 37 Victoria st. West
Urquhart Mrs. Catherine, Eden Cottage,
Countesswell rd
Valentine Rev. Alexander M. 5 Rubislaw pi
Van Stavern Mrs. — , Inchmore Cottage, 5
Mount place
Vickery Rev. Joseph, 42 Belvidere place
Von Lair Mrs. Jane, Milburn Cottage, Dee
Wade Mrs. Lilias, 7 Margaret st
Wadsworth Mrs. — , 27 Victoria st. West
Wagstaf Mr. Arthur E. Balmoral place
Walker Mr. Alexander, 12 Victoria st. West
Walker Miss Elspeth, 12 Victoria st. West
Walker Mr. George, 22 Caledonian place
Walker Mrs. Isabella, 6 Crimen place
I Walker Mr. James, 14 West Mount st
Walker Miss Mary, 167 Skene st. West
I Walker Jlrs. Mary, 2 Abbotsford place
[ Walker Mr. Robert, sen. 40 Union place
Walker Col. Wm. Arthur Seat, Polmuir
[ Wallace Rev. David, Whitehall
Wallace Mrs. Isabella, 51V, Bon-Accord st
I Waller Mrs. Matilda M. 5 Alford place
Watkins Mr. Edward G. 66 Spittal, Old
I Aberdeen
' Watson Miss — , 121 Crown st
Watson Mrs. — , 23 Cotton st
Watson Mr. Charles, Ruthven House,
Watson Mrs. Elizabeth, 44 Loanhead terrace
Watson Mr. Patrick, Albury rd. FerryhiU
Watt Mrs. — , 1 Gallogate
Watt Mrs. Bathia, 11 Argyle place
Watt Mrs. Elizabeth, 14 Watson st
Watt Mr. Jamea, 5 Devanha ter. Ferryhill
Watt Mr. Johu, Mains of Seaton, Old
Webster Mr. George, Bloomfleld, Holburn rd
Webster Mr. John, 2 Westfield cottages
Webster Mr. William, Gilcomston Park
Weetley Mrs. Ann S. 146 Crown st
Westland Mra. Agnes, 8 Rubislaw terrace
White Mr. Charles, Eufleld, Pitfodels
Whyte the Misses — , 2 West Craibstone st
Whyte Mr. Alexander B. Balhibity by Cults
Whyte Miss Ann, 13 Richmond terrace
Whyte Miss Helen, 21 Holburn place
Wi^ht Mr. James, 52 Haddeu st. Woodside
Will Mr. Thos. 1 Milburn st. Ferryhill
Williamson Miss — , 68 Garden place
Williamson Mrs. — , 7 Rubislaw terrace
Williamson Mrs. — , 67 Crown st
Williamson Mr. James, jun. Viewbank,
Williamson Mr. James, Stocket hill
Williamson Mr. James, Beech hill, Pitfodela
Williamson Miss Margaret, 14 Golden sq
Willock Rev. Alexander C. View terrace
Wilson Mrs. — , 1 Marine place
Wilson Mrs. — , 23 Frederick st
Wilson Mrs. — , 4 Westlield terrace
Wilson Mr. Alex. 19 Bon-Accord terrace
Wilson Mrs. Catherine, 37 Mount et
Wilson Mr. John, 22 Bon-Accord terrace
Wilson Mrs. Mary, 33 Union place
Wilson Mr. Peter, 2 Mary place
Wilsone Miss Margaret A. 2 Bon-Accord sq
Wimberley Mr. Douglas, 71 High at. Old
Winton Mr. John, Prospect Cottage, Spittal,
Old Aberdeen
Wood Mrs. — , 7 St. Mary's place
Wood Mr. Henry, 12 Rubislaw terrace
Wright Rev. Henry W. 34 Ferryhill place
Wright Mrs. Margaret, 1}^^ Mount st
Wylie Mrs. — , 20 Golden square
Wyness Mrs. Ann, 7 Crimon place
Young Rev. Archibald, 2 Ashley place
Young Mrs. Collie, 38 Mount st
Youngson Mrs. Christian, 21 Bon-Accord ter
Yule Mrs. — , 3 Belvidere st
Yule Rev. Alexander, 8 Belvidere st
Yule Mr. Alexander, 27 York place
Yule Mr. George, 116 Crown st
Yule Mrs. Janet, 63 Rosemount place
Yule Mr. William, 11 Young st

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