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rhoHison John, shopkeeper, 100 Gallowgate
Thomson John Comvie, advocate, sheriff-subBtitute ot Aberdeen It
Kincardine, Court House buildings. Castle st; house, Hawtlioi-u
Lodge, Cuparstone
Thomson Joseph, mason, Alexandra Cottage, Woodside
Tho'nson Margaret, bookseller, 95 George st
Thomson, Marshall & Co. brewers. 18 High st. Old Aberdeen
Thomson Sarah, shopkeeper, 72 Upper Denburu
Thomson Thomas, eommigsJon apent, 43 Whitebouse st
Thomson William, fleshcr, 4 East North st; house, 1 Canal pLace
Thomson William, pbotographt^r, 259 George st
Tliomson 'William, lemonade manufacturergXiemon
St. Park road
Thomson William, bootmaker & earthenware dealer, 186 Cause-
Thomson William, traveller, 11 Powles place
Thomson William, spirit dealer, 6 Mealmarket st
Thomson William & Co. brassfounders, plumbers, coppersmiths,
ic. 73 Nether Kirkgate
Thow George, tailor, 9 Black's buil.Oings
Thow Robert, confectioner, 18 Guild st
Thow Robert, carter, S.'iHaddon st. Woodside
Thurburn Cooking Depot, 38 Market st
Tindal J. blacksmith & bellbanger.79 Si 81 loch st
Tocher Jaae Maria, teacher of music, 46 Kintors place
Tocher Robert, agent, 28 Queen st
Tocher William, dairyman, Damsido, Gilcomston
Todd iUoxander, grocer. 76 West North st; ho. 20 Constitution st
Todd Gavin T. manuJacturor (Alexander Hadden & Sons), 15
Ri.bisiaw terrace Tterrace
Tond James T. manufacturer (A. Hadden & Sons), 6 Bubislaw
Todd John, manager, 1J5 Richmond terrace
Topp William, shopkeeper, 63 East North st
Torrie Misses — , school, 17 High st. Old Aberdeen
Tosh Agnes, clothes dealer, 23 Jack's brae
TouEh Alexander, giocer &. wine & spiiit dealer & coach proprietor,
122 King st ; jbouse, Newhurgb ,
Tough Ann, midwife, 106 Hadden at. Woodside
Tough Geo. spirit dealer & cab proprietor, '32 Castle st. & 70 John st;
house, 14 Castlo st
Tough Geo. linen draper, 132 & 134 George st ; house, IB Mount st
f'ongh James, shipmaster, 42 Hardgate
Tough John, tailor, 190 George st
^ough John, Wright, 6 Windmii lane
'ough William, lish'jry officer. School road, Old Aberdeen
^owell Charles, newb£ge*^t, 9H Upper Penburn
■rc-wn Cltrk's Office, "Town House — William Gordon, advocate
and fown clerk
T.nvn Hall, Higli St. Old Aberdeen
'Vwn House, Castle st
'I'owns >V^iiHum, flesher, 166 George st. & 100 John st; house, 22
West Moxmf Ft
Trades Hall, 153 Union st
Trail Bavid, carter, 12 Young st •
Trail Jamfes, toy dealer, 6 Rose st
Trail -lames W. H. m.d. professor of botany. University of Aberdeen,
Divinity Manse. Old Aberdeen
Trail John, accountant & house factor, 15 Adelphi ; bo. 11 Rose st
Tr.'iil lev. Samuel . D.n. professor of theology. University of Aberdeen,
Pivuity Monsn University, Old Aberdeen
■Cdiner Mary A. clothes, dealer, 35 Lodge walk
..rinitj- Hall, 1S3 Union st — Ann Wilson, keeper
Troup Alexander, t.iilor & draper, 8 Castle st
Ti-oup Ale v;iuder. v,-holeBalo stationer, commission merchant &papor
bag maker, 88 Queen st; house, 185 Kins st
Troup George, flesher, 66 Spittal. Old Aberdeen
Troup Hannah, lodging honse. 8 Henry st
Troop WiUiam, teacher of dancing, 25 North Broadford
Tucker William & Sons, sausage makers, 162 Gallowgate
Tnllocb James, jun. tallow merchant, 30 ot sa Virginia st: house.
Clifton Villa, Kotnnda place
Tulloch -John, inland revenue ofiicer, 27 Caledonia place ■
TuUoch Lawrence, grain merchant, 2 Virginia st ; houso, 10
W.ataon st
Tnllocb William, grocer & spirit dealer, 249 George st
Turner James, superintendent, .Mlauvale Cemeterv, 64 Holbm'n st
Turreff Alexander, shipmaster. Elm bank Cottage, 141 Hardgate
Tnrreff Alexander, woollen draper, 39 Union st : house, 39 Upper
Tuiieff James, hank teller, Clare Cottage, Cuparstone
Tun-ifl' George, assistant professor of mathematics, Univerr.ity of
Aberdeen, 29 High sc. Old Aberdeen
Tustard James, flesher, 18'-^ Ship row
Tytler — , dressmaker. 87 John st
Tj-fler James, accountant & share broker, pecretary to the Aberdeen
Chamber of Comnnrce & North of Scotland Trades' Protection
Society, St the Royal Northern Club, 137 Union at; house, 56
Garden place West
ULPH Robert, newsagent, 1 Park st
ITalon Bank of Scotland Branotal, 53 Castle st —
Xobn Cook, casbier; Bavld £aston, secretary;
Andrew Cordon, accountant. G^or^e Street
Brancti— Jobn Sharp, ag'ent. "West End Brancb,
203 Union st— TV. Y. m-nonald, agent— S/e „ri,!crl
United Kingdnra Assurance Co. — James Moir, 37 Market st. agent
United Operative Masons' Association of Scotland, 49 Upper XCirk*
gate — !\ratlhew Allan, secretary
University AssociatioD, BS Union st
Urqnhart Alexander, grocer, Ac. 68 St. Nicholas st ; house, SO
Rosenionnt place
Urquh.'trt Ale.Kander, shopkeeper, 22 Holburn st
Urquhart Ann, newsagent, 101 Bridge st
Urqahart Christian, lodging hous-i, SO Dee st
Urquhart David C. shopkeeper, 28 College '.'ounds. Old Aberdeen
Urnnhavt J. & J. chemists & druggists, 65 St. Nicholas st
t'viiuhBrt James, shipmaster, 72 Commerce st
Urquhart John D.phvsuiau, 250 Union st fWoodsida
Urqaliart Kennoth, buker. 50 Hadden st ; jhunse, Heath Cottage,
Urquhart ^fary, shop keep ('r,' 9 Oordon st ^
Urquhart Robert, merchant (Marshall & Co.), 3 Golden square
Urquhart William, slu'pmastcrj Ki Roaliii Lcrrace
Urquhart William, contractor (Uun-ay i Urquhart), 160 Crown st
VACCINE Institution, 61 Guest row
Valentine James, dork of police, City buildings, 2 Broad st ; house,
11 North Silver st
Valentine Jamoa, registrar of Births, Deaths & Marriages for fcha
parish of Old Machar, fi Langstanc place ; house, Holburn st
Valentine Jessie, shopkeeper, 13 Huutiy st *
Valentine John S. cashier, 160 Crown st
Valentine AV'ilUam. tailor, &c. 66 St. Andrew at
Valuaiinn Office, 27 King st
Vegrie Thomas, shopkeeper, 80 Hadden st. Woodside
Veitch John, manager, 16 Marywell st
Vessic A. & M. booksellers, &c. 240 George et [Mount st
Vessie James, bookseller & stationer, 130 George st; house, &9
Victoria Lodging House, 45 Guest row ^
Victoria Park, Low Stocket road
Viney George W. traveller. 266 George at [Royal, agent
Virtue & Co. Limited, publishers (London), 9 Castle st— George
Vollar John Henry» phipmaster, 41 Victoria st. West
Volunteers* Rifle Range, Links
WALDIE David, hay & straw dealer, Upper quay
Walker Alexander, gas collector, 62 Bon-Accord st
Walker Alexander, grocer {W. Walker & Sons), 25 Dee st
Walker Alex, tobacconist, 69 Union st ; house, 46 Rosemount pi
Walker Alexander, hair dresser, 83 Queen st [Dilariue place
Walker Alexander, miller & grain merchant (Kemp & Walter), 4
Walker & Boattie, surveyors & engineers, 91 Union st
Walker & Co. fish curers, Pocra quay
Walker & Co. grocers & spirit dealers, 68 & 70 Virginia st
Walker & Hill, grocers, ikc. 15 Justice st
Walker Andrew, coal merchant, 16 Upper quay
Walker Catherine, lodging house, 42 Union st
Walker Catherine M. lodging house, 98 Chapel st
Walker Charles, commission raorchant & stationer, 46 Queeu st
Walker David, ship owner, 16 Upper quay
Walker George, advocate ('Milno & Walker), 7 Albert st
Wallier George, grocer, 43 Skene square ; house, 73 Bon-Accord
Wallter George, bookseller (A. Brown & Co.), 62 Vicroria st. West
Walker George J. surveyor (Walker & Beattie), Hillside House,
Fortieth en
Walker Henry, grocer, 16 Summer lane
Walker J. & G. grocers & spirit dealers, 24 "Skene squaro
Walker James, bookseller, 34^ Upper Kirkgate
Walker James, wood carver & wright, 44 Upper Kirkgate
Walker James, tea dealer (William Walker A Sons), 8 Adelpfai
Walker James, physician, 30 Dee st
Walker James, gvocor, &c. 41 College st; house, 73 Bon- Accord st
Walker James, traveller. 54 Koseniount place
Walker James, cashier, 29 Ferryhill place
Walker James, householder, 185 Crown st
Walker James, traveller, Primrose Cott*""', Old rd. Woodside
Walktr James, boot & shoe maker, 89 QiVcen st ; house, 7 Skene row
Walker John, baker, 5 Chapel st
Walker John, shipmaster, 13 Richmond terrace *
Walktr Joim, shopkeeper, SO Barron st. Woodside
Walker Mrs.—, milk dealer. 67 & Q^ Market buildings
Walker M. & E. Forsyth's Temperance Hotel, 92 to 1{)2 Union st
Walker Margaret & Jane, milliners & dressmakers, 82^i Upper
Walker Mary A. spirit dealer, S7 Green
Walker Patrick, truveller, 10 Margaret st
Walker Peter, shopkeeper, 130 Loch st
Walker R. A W. fishmongers. Wet Fish market
"Walker Hotoert»bookseUer&.stationer, *• Scotsman"
ol&co, 3.^5 "Cnion st; l]iouse, 40 t7xiion place
Walker William, sack manufacturer, 89 King st
Walker William, umbrella maker, 85 Sohoolhili
Walker William, grocer, 61 George st
Walker WiUiam, traffic manager, Great North of Scotland Railway
Co. o Canal terrace
Walker William, grocer & spirit dealer, 16 Park st ; hoiiBs, 73 Bon-
Accord st
Walker William, school, 238 Union st
Walker William, shipmaster, 132 Crown st [Marino place
Walker William, wholesale grocer (John & WiUiam JEisset), 6
Walker William & Son, tinplato workers, ship & paraffin lamp,
l)ath, & traveUiug trunk manufacturers, grocers' outfitters, &c.
28 Nether Kirkpate
Walker William & Sons, grocers, wine & spirit merchants, and
general importers, 52 Union st
Wy.Ikiushaw Alexander, boot & shoo maker, 10 Upper Kirkgate
Wallace & King, tobacconists, 15 Union buUdings
Wallace D. J. tobacconist (WaUace & King). 65 Chapel st
Wallace James, inspector of poor, 38 Castle st : ho. 9 Waverley pi
Wallace John, shipmaster, 51^ Bon-Accord si
Wnllac6 Margaret, lodging house, 61 Park st
Wallace Robert, tea dealer, 12 Hawth.oni place
^^'allace William, chemist, 81 King st; house, 83 King st
Walsh Jane, restaurant, 2 Exchange st
\\aUou Thomas, secretary, Aberdeen Lime Co. 22 Bank st
Wardrop Tliomas Y. {Scottish Provincial Assurance Co.), 93 Union
st; house. Willow I5ank, Hardgate
W;uu.]ohn. iihipmastor, 40 Constitution at
Warrack &. Baniel, builders &. timber mercliants,
Steam Joinery A, building- 'Works, 7 A, 9 Worth
Charlotte st — Sfif" adverthament
Wari-ack Charles, commissary clerk depute, County bvuldings,
Castld si: hcusc, The Cbaplainry, Old Aberdeen
Warrack Harriet, boarding school, 52 Union place
■U'arrack Jessie, loiJgiug house, 80 Dee ct
Warrander — , draper, 86 Market gnUery

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