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Rennie Mrs. — , flesher, 66 Market buildings
Eennie Alexander, paiuter, 45 Upper Kirkgate ; house, 30 Ashley
road, Cuparstone
Rennie Alexander, slater, 13 Bridge st
Rennie Archibald J. accountant & sharebroker, 123^^ Union st;
house, 31 Victoria st. West
Rennie Isabella, lodging house, 243a Union st
Rennie J. W. builder & timber dealer, 42 St. Paul st
Rennie James, bootmaker, 18 Market buildings
Rennie Jane, lodging house, 15 Bon-Accord st
Rennie John, cabinet maker, 14 Bridge st
Rennie John, grocer, 21 Justice st ; bouse, 23 Castle st
Rennie John T. ship ow'uer, ship & insurance broker, &c. 48 Maris-
chal st; house, Dee Mount, Ferryhill
Rennie Mary, lodging house, 72 North Broadford
Rennie William, cabinet maker & upholsterer, 75 Broad st
Rennie William, bootmaker, 43 Ban-on st. Woodsido
Rennie William, assistant doclcmaster, 12 Cotton st
Rettio Barbara, lodging house, 16 Crimon place
Rettie James, jeweller (M. Rettie & Sons), 2': Broad st
Rettie Jaines, grocer, 40 King Street road, Old Aberdeen
Rettie iv^. &, Sons, jewellers, g-old and silversmiths
and manufacturers of g:ranite Jewellery, 151
Union st
Rettie William, jeweller (M. Rettie & Sons), 23 Dee st
Rezin George, tailor, 4 Belmont st; ho. Primrose hill, Old Aberdeen
Rew William, grain merchant, Noithtield Cottage
Rhind Alexander, commission agent, 2ij Broad st
Rhiud John, restaurant, Adelphi lane; house, 11 Richmond ter
Rhind John, warehouseman, 6 Exchange st; house, 6 Westtield ter
Rhyuas George, paiuter, &c. 23 Llarywell st
Rico J. tailor, 45 (-ieorgo st
Rice Robert, bricklayer & metal refiner, Wellington rd
Richards & Co. linen manufacturers, Broadford; bleaching & vitriol
works, Rubislaw Works
Richardson George, corn merchant, 26 Albert teiTace
Richardson John, butcher, 11 Upper Kirkgate
Richardson William, chartered accountant, 131 King st;
Richardson William, keeper of Court House, Castle st
Riddell Donald, watchmaker, 33 Charlotte st
Riddell Alexander, flesher, 23 Haid weijd
Riddell George, general & commission merchant, 36 Marischal st;
house, 6 South Crown st
Riddell James, civil engineer, Wilford Cottage, 1 Powis place
Riddell Jane, lodging house. 4 Dee st
Riddell John, traveller, 7 Fen-yhil) place
Riddell Margaret, lodging bouse, 27 Watson et
Riddell Peter, clerk, 6 St. Mary's place
Riddell Thomas, bank actuary, 521^2 Chapel st
Ritchie Alexander, shopkeeper, 37 Barron st. Woodsido
Ritchie Alexander, tailor, &c. (D. & A. Ritchie), 14 Nelllield place
Ritchie D. & A. tailors & clothiers, 44 St. Nicholas st. ifc 80 Union et
Ritchie David, chemist, :i9 Market st; house, 20 Bank at. Ferryhill
Ritchie David, shipmaster, 54 Regent quay
Ritchie Donald, tailor & clothier (D. & A. Ritchie), 21 Caledonian pi
Ritchie James, spirit dealer, 169 Gallowgate; ho. 22 Seamount pi
Ritchie James, boot & shoe maker, 3 Bank st. Ferryhill
Ritchie James, grocer & spirit dealer, 61 Green
Ritchie Jane, shopkeeper, 51 Upper Denl)urn
Ritchie Janet, eating house, 6 Nether Kirkgate
Ritchie John, spirit dealer, 14^;^ Regent quay
Ritchie Thomas, millwright, 74 Woolmanbill; house,24 Jasmine ter
Ritchie Thomas, shipowner, 3 Millburn st
Ritchie William, bootmaker, 85 Skene st
Ritchie William, bootmaker, 103 High st. Old Aberdeen
Rilter Ernest W. teacher of music, Ashley place
Robb Alexander, baker, 7 Nortblield
Robb Alexander, gas engineer & official inspector of gas meters, 23
Lodge walk; house, 6 Affleck st
Robb Andrew, gunsmith (C. Playfair & Co.), 3 Springbank place
Robb George, depute town clerk, Town House ; bo. 132 Gallowgate
Robb George, engraver & lithographer, IS Adelphi
Robb James, shopkeeper, 44 Guest row
Robb Jane, grocer & spirit dealer, 2 St. Andrew st
Robb John, builder (Watson & Robb), 27 North Silver st
Robb John, baker, 2 & 4 Skene ter. and Market buildings
Rolib Peter, boot & shoe maker, 4 Park st
Robb Peter, furniture broker, 55 Queen st
Robb Robert, broker, 39 Ship row
Robb William, messenger, 5 Stirling st
Robbie George, ale & porter bottler, 5 Littlejohn st
Robbie John & M. spirit dealers, 42 Causcwayend
Robbie William, cashier, 36 Belvidere place
Roberts Elspit, lodging house, 79 King st
Roberts Margaret, dressmaker, Summer st
Robertson Mrs. — , fishmonger, Market buildings
Robertson Alexander, stone carver & granite polisher, Wellington
rd; house, Deeuiouth House, South College st
Robertson Alexander, spirit dealer, 47 Hadden st. Woodside
Robertson Alexander, mason (Robertson & Gray), 47 Park st
Robertson Alexander, grocer, 166 Gallowgate
Robertson Alexander, jun. plumber, Ac. 50 Castle
Robertson Alexander, plumber, &c. (A. Robertson & Son), 7 Rose-
mount terrace
Robertson Alexander & Son, plumbers & gasfitters, 13 Skene ter
Robertson & Arnot, commission merchants, 22 Exchange st
Robertson & Campbell, preserved provision manufacturers, Lilj'-
bauk, Kittybvewster
Robertson & Gray, granite polishers, St. Clair st
Robertson & Lumsdcn, advocates, 3 Union terrace
Robertson & Matthew, shipwrights & boat builders, Provost
Blaikie's quay
Robertson C. cab owner, Victoria st. South
Robertson Cliarles, tailor, 38 Marischal st ; house, 29 Castle st
Robertsoa Chark-s & Son, ironmongers, 17 Park st
Robertson Daniel, grocer, &c. 58 Hadden St. Wooodsido
Robertson Eliza, draper, 125 Crown st
Robertson Elizabeth, dressmaker, 35 Victoria fit. West
Robertson Elizabeth, dressmaker, 38 Chapel st
Robertson George, bank accountant, Sycamore place
Robertson George, moal seller, 55 Green
Robertson George, saw miller, Leggart
Robertson George, coal merchant, 48 Upper Denburn
Robertson Isabella, milliner, 55 Schoolbill
Robertson Isabella, midwife, 45 Park st
Robertson John, advocate (Robertson & Lumsden), 153 Uuron st
Robertson John, broker, 73 Green [st. West
RobertKon John, shoemaker, li)6}'2 Gallowgate; house, 158Hutclieon
Robertson John, corn factor & commission agent, 45 Marischal st ;
house, 13 Caledonian place
Robertson John, cooper A curer, 61 Commerce st
Robertson John, gunsmith f John Lyell & Co.), 126 Union st
Robertson John, chemist, 57 Cattle st; house, 2 Castle terrace
Robertson John & Co. watchmakers, 10 Market gallery
Robertson Margaret, milliner, 13 Uuiouplace
Robei'tson Mary, professor of music, 5 Charles st
Robertson William, gardener, 52 Canal side, Woodside
Robei'tson ^Villiam, dentist, 124 Crown st
Robertson William, cab hirer, 213 Hardgate
Robertson William, spirit dealer, 41 East North st ; ho. 50 Lougacre
Robertson William & Co. plasterers, 86 Spring garden
Robinson, Crura & Co. Limited, cotton spiunyrs, Banner Mill
Robinson Hardy, cotton spinner (Uobiusou, Crum & Co.), Den Moro
Robinson Mary, school, Skene road
Robson Alexander, seedsman (W. Smith & Sons), 21 Henry st
Robaon James, spirit dealer, 16 Trinity st
Robson James W. assistant clerk to 'commissioners of property &
income tax, King st; house, 54 Victoria st. West
Rocca Antonio, coulectioner, 37 Georgo st
Rock Life Assurance Office, 84 Union st — Thomas Ruxton, agent
Rodger James, ar.B.c.M., bi.a. 1 Golden square
Roger George S. manufacturer (Pratt & Keith), 34 AlbjTi place
Roger James, schoolmaster, Old Aberdeen ; house, 2 Powis place
Rollo William, innkeeper, 283 Georgo st
Ronald George, grocer, &c. 35 Eon-Accord st
Ronald William, hide, leather & oil meichant, 16 St. Paul st; house,
19 Union terrace
Rorie George L. assistant manager, Aberdeeen Town and County
Bank, 60 Union st
Rose Alexander, shipowner, &c.(Donaldson, Rose & Co.), 42 Albyn sq
Rose Charles, shipowner (Donaldson, Rose & Co.), 11 Golden square
Rose George, wood turner, Bridge place
Rose George, butcher, Market hall ; house, 136 Crown st
Fi.ose James, shipowner, l^c. (Donaldson, Roso & Co.), 5 Rubislaw ter
Rose Jane, shopkeeper, 4 Hadden st. Woodside
Rose Margaret, midwife, 43 Frederick st
Rose William, shipowner (Donaldson, Rose & Co.), 11 Golden squara
Ross Sirs. — , dressmaker, 74 Loch st
Ross Mrs. — , fishmonger, 11 Market buildings
RossAloxander, teller, 16 Kintoro place
Ross Alexander, china, glass, &o. dealer, 67 Windmill brae
Boss Alexandei', spirit dealer, Pocra quay
RoSS Alexander, spirit dealer, 74 Gi'een
Koss Alex. M. assistant goods manager (G. N. of S. R.), H Canal ter
RoSS & Bell, painters, paperhangers, Ac. 10 Hardgate
Ross & Ledingham, linen drainers, 23 Union st
RoSS Andrew, chi.mnst & druggist, 43 Castle st ; house, 10 Roslin ter
RoSS Andrew, jun. flesher, 158 George st
RoSS Andrew, draper, 20 Richmond st
Ross Ann, shopkeeper, 27 Ship row
Ross D. & J. shipwrights & boat builders, Provost Blaikio's quay
Ross David, spirit dealer, 1 Upper Denburn
RoSS David, secretary, North-east Coast Mission, 9 Strawberry bank
RoSS Donald, bootmaker, 82 Loch st
Ross Elizabeth, shopkeeper, 3 Holburn place
Ross Ellen, shopkeeper, 16 Holburn sS
RoSS Emma 5hopkeeper,81 Bon-Accord st ; ho.lS View ter.Rosemouut
RoSS G. ct Co. bootmakers, 1(} Correction wynd
RoSS George, flesher, 2 & 3 Blarket buildings
Ross Helen, staymaker, 42 Kiotore place
RoSS Henry, house carpenter, 12 Jack's brae
Ross Hugh, hosier & draper, 12 Broad st; house, Oakbauk, Cults
Ross Hugh, umbrella maker, 12 Gallowgate
Ross Hugh, grocer, 270 George st
Ross Isabella, lodging house, 1 Prospect terrace, Ferryhill
Ross James, bootmaker, 21 Virginia st
Ross James, advocate (Adam, Thomson & Ross), 4 Rubislaw place
Ross James, shopkeeper, 82 West North st
Ross James, draper (Ross ik Ledingham), Millbank Cottage 156
Hutcheon st. West '■
Ross James, draper & clotbier, 206 George at
Ross Jane, lodging house, 8 Park place
Ross Johanna, grocer & draper, 31 &, 104 High st. Old Aberdeen
Ross John, broker, 24 Ship row
Ross Major John, chief constable, County buildings; ho. 1 Albyn pi
Ross John, builder, 54 St. Nicholas st
Ro:.s John, wright, 67 Barron st. Woodside
Ross Juhu, plasterer. 148 Hadden st. Woodside
Ross John, builder, 23 Henry st
Ross John, linen draper, 119 Union st; house, 12 Albert st
Ross John, blacksmith, 9 Chapel lane
Rosa John A. accountant, 23y Union st ; house, 59 Bon-Accord st
Ross Joiin J. iviioZesaie &. furnishing- iroamon^er,
8 & lO Kingr st
Ross Margaret, boarding school, 42 Union place
Ross Margaret, dressmaker, 20 Bank st. Ferryhill
Ross Marjory, spirit dealer, Ciilsay Seat
Ross Robert, chemist & druggist, 43 High st. Old Aberdaen
Ross Robert & Sons, plasterers, St. Clair st
Ross Thomas, shopkeeper, 17 Little Chapel st
Ross Thomas, flesher, 32^2 Virginia st
Ross W. & J. grocers & spirit dealers, 202 Gallowgate
Ross Walter, painter, ^c. (Ross & Bell), 44 Gordon st
Ross William, shopkeeper, 30 Marywell st
Ross WilUam, bootmaker, 48 Ship row

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