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Phillips Robert, shipowner, 60 Cai'den place
Philp Andrew, survej'or of taxes & fissessov for the county of Aber-
deen, 27 King st ; house, 1 Rosliu terrace
Phinn William, broker, 9 Drum's lane
Phcenix (fire) Insurance Company — Robertson & Lumsden, 3 Union
terrace, agents
" Pilot " Office, North pier
Pirie A. gardener, 101 Market buildings
Pirie A. Charles, paper maker (A. Pivie & SonB), Craihstone House
Pirie Alexander, gardener, Market hall
Pirie Alexander &. Sons, paper, envelope &. card
manufactw.rers, Stoneywood, ''^^oodside &. 'U'nion
"Works, jfLberdeen, and at S Eiambetli liiU,
Pirie & Chisholra, fishmongers, 2 Basement, Market buildings
Pirie Francis Logie, paper maker (A. Pirie & Sons), Waterton
Pirie James, shopkeeper 61 Chapel st
Pirie James, superintendent Harbour, Works, 5 Clarence st
Pirie Johnston K. secretary, Young's Paraffin Light Co. 7 Mount st
Pirie Martin H. paper maker (A. Pirie & Sons), Stoneywood House
Pirie Walter, shopkeeper, 5 Blackfriars st
Pirie William E. d.d, professor of church history. University of
Aberdeen, 13 Bon-Accord square
Pirrie William, m.d. professor of surgery, Aberdeen University, &
senior surgeon. Royal Infirmary, 253 Union st
Pithie Elizabeth, shopkeeper, 52 Albion st
Plate Glass Assurance Co.— John Sheed & Co. 44 Marischal st. agts
Plate Glass {National Provincial) Assurance Co.— James. Allan, 44
Upper ICirkgate, agent
Playfair Charles & Co. gun, fishing-rod & tackle makers,138 Union st
Police office, Broad st
Police Station, Haddeu st. Woodside
Police Stores, Frederick st
Police Tax Office, City buildings, Broad st
Polloch William, cashier, 14 Osborne place
Poison Alexander G. agent for the British Legal Life Assurance Co.
Limited, 58 Catherine st
Poison Alexander K. teaclier of dancing" and calis-
thenics, 3^ St. S'aul 9t-i bouse, ^8 Catlierine st
Poison Robert L. snrgeon, 2 Chanonry, Old Abcrdea
Pont Henrv, painter, 22 Justice st
Poors Assessment Office (Old Machar Parish), 13 Belmont st—
Alexander Diack. collector
Poors Assessment Office (St. Nicholas parish), oS Castle st— G. G.
Christie, collector
Pope Samuel, teacher of drawing & writing, 24 Victoria st. West
Porter Alexander W. grocer (Porter & Sinclair). Woodside
Porter & Leighton, boot & shoe makers, 53 St. Nicholas st
Porter & Sinclair, wholesale grocers, 18 St. Paul's st
Porter Ann, teacher of music, 9 Enn-Accord terrace
Porter George, bootmaker (Porter & Lei'ihtou), 9 Bon-Accord tor
Porter John, joiner, 49 Spittal, Old Aberdeen
Porter Mary S. grocer, 25 Spittal, Old Aberdeen [Woodside
Porter William, cashier (J. & J. Crombie), Grandholm Cottage, near
Porter William, house agent, Neptune terrace, York st
Porter Wilhara, eating house keeper, 59 Loch st
Post Office, Market st
Post Office, 43 High st. Old Aberdeen
Pratt &, I£oitIi, wholesale and retail drapers, silk
mercers, -wincey dt tweed manufacturess, Palace
bulIding-5, Union st
Pratt Arden, manager, 3 Hcnvy place
Presly Robert, bootmaker, 81 Windmill brae
Presslio Mary, shopkeeper, 41 Skene st
Preston George M. traveller, 13 Ferryhill place
Primrose Helen, dressmaker, 11 Ann place
Primrose Thomas, advocate, 19 North Silver st
Pringle & Slessor, builders Sc stonemasons. Thistle lane
Pringle Harriet, shopkeeper, 37 Ship row
Pringle Jessie, dressmaker, Elm Cottage, Mount st
Pringle William, builder (Pringle & Slessor). 17 Thistle lane
Prison, Lodge walk — John Rutledge, governor
Proctor Isabella, school, 19 Victoria st. West
Procurator Fiscal of the City of Aberdeen, George Cadenhead, Court
House buildings. Castle st
Procurator Fiscal of Aberdeen & Kincardine — Alexander Simpson,
jun. advocate ; assistant procurators fiscal, George Cadenhead &
Charles F. Runcy, Court House buildiugs. Castle st [agent
Property Investment Co. of Scotland, 42 Union st — Patrick Cooper,
ProsserOswald, solicitor (J. & G. Collie), 15 Argyle place
Provident Clerks' & General Guarantee Association Liuiited — James
Barker, IS Nether Kirkgate, agent
Provident Life Assurance Co— Youngson & Storie, 74 Union st. agts
Prudential Assurance Co. .5 Nether Kirkgate— Peter Mackay, dis-
trict superintendent
Public Baths, 5 Crooked lane — William Cameron, superintendent
Public News-ioom, Corn Exchange, Hadden st
Public Park (Victoria). Watson st
Public Soup Kitchen, Loch st
Pyper Agnes, spnit dealer, 89 Loch st
Pypcr Andrew, soda water manufacturer, 29 Guest row
Pyper William, wholesale grocer, tea, wine & spirit merchant, 7
Queen st ; house, Hillhead, Pitfodels
QUEEN Insurance Co.— Kichard Black, agent, 115 Union st
RAE Alexander, wright, Gordon's Mills, Woodside
r.ae Avihihald, tobacconist (J. &. A. Rae), 13 Canal st
Rae Elizabeth, lodging house, 170 Crown st
Rne Francis, grocer, 22 Upper Denburn
Rap Francis M. grocer, 31 St. Clement st
V.'ac George, tailor & clothier, 79 George st; ho. 8 South Mount si
Rae George, shopkeeper, 79 Virginia st
Rap Helen, (=;rocer & spirit dealer, 8 Skene square
Rae J. & A. tobacco mannfactuiers, 50 George st
Rae James, agent, "Wm. Mackenzie, publisher, 26 Loanhead ter
Rae James, grocer & spirit dealer, 28>^ Summer st
Rae James, grocer, 1% South Crown st
Rae James, fruiterer, confectioner & hosier, 77 King st
Rae James, painter, 104 John st; house, 11 South Mount st
Rae John, grocer, 16 Hanover st
Kae John, spirit dealer, 12 Ship row
Rao John, tobacconist (J. & J. Eae), S Gilcomston terraca
Rae Marv. farmer, Seatou gate. Old Aberdeen
Rae Sariili, grocer, 45 St. Andrew st
Rao William, advocate, City buildings, Castle st
Rao William, shopkeeper, 50Leadside
Rae William, draughtsman, 19 Bank st. FerryhiU
Rae William, wright, &c. Bon-Accord lane
Raeburn Alexander, house and Uorticnltur&l
builder, hot water engineer &. genera! contractor,
manufacturer of doors, windo^ws, mouldings,
architraves, and all kinds of joinery for the trade,
90 Hutcheon st. VlTest
Raffan William, shopkeepei , 75 Guest row
Kaigh Margaret, Crown Inn^S Shore brae
Rainforth Charles E. property master, 63 Union st
Rainnie Alexander, joiner, &c. & timber merchant, 50 Conxmerce st
Rainnie Robert, grocer, 31 Ship row
Rait Isabella, spirit dealer, 19 Virginia st
Ramage Alex, rector of the Free Church College, 50 Belvidere place
Ramsay Andrew, convener of trades officer, 35 Chapel st
Ramsay Ann, lodging house, 29 Huntly st
Ramsay Elizabeth, lodging house, 23 Castle st
Ramsay George, tea dealer, 13 Jasmine terrace
Ramsaj Jessie, milliner, 5 Schoolhill
Ramsay John, consular agent (U.S.A.), 103 Union st ; house, 175
Skene st. West
Rankin David, spirit dealer, 47 Castle st
Rankin Jane, lodging house, 11 Millburn st
Rankin Robert, commission agent, 90 Rosemount place
Rate John, bazaar, 40 Marketst; house, 2 Trinity quay
Rathney George, shopkeeper, 65 Guest row
Rattray Alexander, tobacco pipe maker, 70 West North et
Rattray David, grocer, &c. 13 Castle st. & 73 George st ; house, 84
Rosemount place
Rattray liobert, phvsician superintendent. Royal Infirmary
Rattray William, manufacturing chemist, St. Clement's Chemical
Works, 18 Link st
Rattray William, school, 6 North Silver st ; house, 40 Skene ter
Rattray William, tobacco manufacturer (W. Rattray & Son), Beech
Grove tfrrace
Rattray William, jun. tobacco manufacturer (W. Rattray & Son), 67
Rosemount place
Rattray William & Son, tobacco manufacturers, 24 Queen st
Reformatory Schools, Old Mill, near Aberdeen
Registration of Voters' Office, 27 King st
ReJd Misses — , hair restorers, 9 Union terrace
Reid Misses — , dressmakers, 25 Bon- Accord st
Reid Misses ~, hoarding & day school, 13 Union row
Reid Alexander, treasurer (Harbour Office), 161 Crown st
Reid & Bain, drapers, 54 & 56 George st
Reid Barbara, matron, Female Orphan Asylum, Albyn place
Reid Benjamin & Co. nursery & seedbmen, agricultural implement
makers, &:c. 16 Guild st; implement manufactory. Justice Mills
nurseries, Burnieboozlc, liubislaw, & Hazlehead
Reid Christina, furniture dealer, 78 George st
Reid David, chemist (George Reid & Sons), 76 Dee st
Reid David, pawnbroker, 19 Drum's lane
Reid George, nursery & seedsman (B. Reid & Co.;,23 Justice Mill ana
Reid George, spirit dealer, 23 Ship row ; house, 149 Crown st
Reid George, tailor, 70>2 St. Andrew st
Reid George, jun. artisi, S4 King st
Reid George & Sons, chemists & druggists, 45 Union st
Reid Isabella, restaurateur, 44 Market st
Reid J. T. commission agent, 42 Union st
-"fReid James, builder & last manufacturer, 5S John st
Reid James, excise officer, 19 Bank st. Ferryhill
Reid James, wine merchant (Black & Ferguson), 4 Bon- Accord ter
Reid Jane, dressmaker, 25 Chapel st
Reid John, manager to the Bon-Accord Slate Merchant Co. Limited
Beech Grove terrace
Reid John, advocate (Burnett & Reid). 3 Union place
Reid John, tinsmith, 33 Chapel st ; house, 6?-^ St. Mary's place
Reitl John, gas meter inspector, 32 Skene square
Reid John, eating house keeper, 13 Exchange row
Reid John, grocer, &c. 1 Marywell st
Reid John, grocer & wine & spirit dealer, 141 Gallowgate; house, 15
Bon- Accord st
Reid John, grocer, &c. 70 Broad st
Reid Margaret, cowkeeper. Old rd. Woodside
Reid Robert, tobacco & snuff manufacturer, 57 Broad st ; house, 75
Garden place
Reid William, m.d. & surgeon, 131 Crown st [Crown st
Reid William, accountant, Scottish Provincial Assurance Co., 7
Reid William, photographer, 3 Summer st ; house, 16 Chapel st
Reid William Leslie, advocate & notary (Jopp & Reid), 146 Union st
house, 8 Albyn terrace
Reid William, tailor, 12 Holhurn st
Reid William, seedsman (Connon & Reid), 11 Craigie st
Reid William, draper (Reid & Bain), 22 Old rd. Woodside
Reid William, carter, 78 John st
Reith Alexander, M.n. & druggist, 138 George st. & 15 Skene ter
Reith & Anderson, live stock agents & auctioneers, Kittyerewster
Reith Andrew, grocer, 1 John' st
Reith Archibald, m.d. & surgeon, 39 Union place
Reith George, fruiterer, 9 Rosemount place
Reith Robert, farmer & cattle salesman (Reith & Anderson), Middle-
field, Woodside
Reliance Assurance Co.— Parker & M'Combie, 129 Union st. & J
Milne Shaw, 37 Market st—See odveriisemcnt
I Rennet David, teacher of mathematics, 12 Golden square

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