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M'Tairgrart &. Booth, coal brokers and commission
agents, 6 Hadden st „ ., i
M'Taggart Elizabeth, coal merchant (M'Taggart & Bootli), i
Loaabeatl place ,
M'William John, joiner & builder. Rose st -, ho. 2 Windsor place
Mahoney Helen, innkeeper, 65 Nether Kirkgate
Main Andrew, superintendent of North pier, 3 St. Clement st
Main David, surveyor of shipping, 13 Constitution st
Mair George, grocer, &c. 197 George st
Mair George, alo &portcr dealer & carter,257 Barron st. Woodside
Maitland George, grocer, 62 Barron st. Woodside
Maitland .James, auctioneer, The Cottage, Canal st
Maitland Joseph, agent for the London Printing & Pubhshmg Co,
Limited, 10 Broad st ; house, 13 Nelson st
Maitland Robert, shipowner, 42 Nether liirkgate
Maitland Richard, officer of the West Church, i^ Hardgate
Maitland William, shopkeeper. 9 St. Andrew's st
Malcolm Alexander, grocer & commission agent, 203 George st;
house, 3 Belvidere place „„ tt ■ *■
Malcolm Andrew, watchmaker, 170 Union st ; ho. 38 Union ter
Malcolm James, builder (Scott & Malcolm), MauoSela, Cuparstone
Malcolm WiUiam, chain maker, 91 West North st
Malcolmson James, boot closer & leather dealer, 20 Guest row;
house, 16 West Mount st . . t, , i „t ft
Manchester Fire Insurance Co.— John Rust, j an. 4 Belmont St. &
Alexander Diach, 13 Belmont st. agents ^ . „„ e i ii,;n
Mann Alexander, boot manufacturer, 2 Donald's court & 20 Schoolhill
Mann Daniel, broker, 28 Mealmarket st „ . 5 i.
Mann George, coal merchant, 47 Marischal st; ho. 77 Bon-Accord st
Mann James, furniture broker, 4 West North st ; house, SUnion glen
Mann James, tailor, 40 North Charlotte st
Mann William, tailor, 22 Shoe lane
Maason A. refreshments, 25 York jilace
Mansou Forbes, miller (J. Bam & Co.), 12 King st
Manson G. & J. carpenters, 10 Bridge place
Mauson George, carpenter (G.& J. Mansonl, Erskine st _
Manson John, agent to the British Linen Co. Bank, 22 King st
Manuelle A. & F. granite stone merchants. Provost Blaikie s quay
March James, clock m.aker.llJi Hutcheonst ,. ^ .. i>,r ■
Maritime Passengers' Assurance Co.— John Sheed & Co. 44 luaris-
chal St. agents
Mni-Uet Buildings, Market st
HSi.isuis, Hall &. Milne, advocates and cnartereo
accountants, agrents for tUe Scottisb STational
Insurance Co. and managers and treasurers of
tbe Bon-Accord Property investment Co. 147
Union st t, ., r, , ..
Marr Alexander, publisher of the " Aberdeen Free Press, Broad st ;
house, 17 Watson st
I»Earr &. Co, music sellers &. pianoforte makers to
Her Ulajsstjr, 21S ITnion st
Marr Christian, shopkeeper, 103 Skene st
Marr James, pianoforte maker, 29 Castle st
Marr James, coal merchant iChristie it Co.), 22 Caledonian place
Marr Jane, shopkeeper, 152 West North st
Marr John F. grocer, i&c. 73 Chapel st
Marr Robert, bootmaker, 17 Chapel 3t
Marr William, bootmaker, 27 Richmond st ^ „ ..
Marshall Andrew, brewer, &c. (Thomson, Marshall & Co.), Hope ter.
Spittal, Old Aberdeen
Marshall & Co. preserved provision manufactnrers. Spring garden
Marshall & Co. Limited, chemical light manufacturers, 88 Jopp's
lane— William Melvin, manager
Marshall James, manager, 4 .A.rRyle place
Marshall James, surgeon, G Rubislaw place
Marshall John, draper, 23 Mount st
Marshall Robert C. artist, SS Market st
Marshall WiUiam, draper (W. Slarshall & Co.), 8 Balmoral terrace
Marshall William & Co. clothiers, drapers and silk, mercers, 38
Union st
Martin Adam, slater, 6 Stevenson st
Martin Adam, spirit dealer, 65 Green
Martin Alexander, M.A. r.-ctor of the Grammar School; house, 42
Bon-Accord st t, , -,, ,
Martin Alexander W. hose-pipe & linen manufacturer, BarkmiU rd
Martin Brothers, bakers, 23 Justice st
Martin George, gi-ocer & spirit dealer, 14 North Broadlord
Martin George, newsagent, 28 Woolmanhill
Martin Gilbert, hair dresser, 53 Upper Kirkgate
Martin James, flesher (J. & W. Martin), 6 Springbank terrace
Martin James & William, fleshers, 50 Market buildings
Martin John, shipmaster, 2 Mount st
Martin John, millwright, 14 Blackfriars st; house, 9 Rose st
Martin Mary, broker, 23 Upper Denburn
Martin P. M. shopkeeper, 31 Park st
Martm Samuel, hatter, 84 Union st; house, 23 Albert terrace
Martin William, flesher, 26 & 27 Market buildings
Martin William, flesher (J. & W. Martin), 10 Ann place
Martin William C. baker, 136 Skene st
Mason Adam, cooper, 8 Princes st; house, 18 Albion st
Mason George, painter (J. Mason & Son), 180 Crown st
Mason John & Son, painters, 84 Queen st
Mason Thomas, butcher, 64 St. Nicholas st
Masonic Hall, Exchange st— John Crombie, secretary
Massie Jane W. milliner, 2G7 George st
Massie Marianus, advocate, 72 Dee st
Masson Alexander, auctioneer, 115 Union st ; ho. 24 North Silver st
Masson George, provision dealer, 7 Park st
Masson Robert, jun. cabinet maker, 9 Park st
Masson William, traveller, 73 Rosemount place
Masson William, cooper, 11 Skene square
Mather Alexander, blacksmith (.A. Mather & Son), 85 Frederick st
Mntheson Alexander, file maker, 20 Seamount place; honse,lKing'B
.ilathoson John, hosier, B & G Justice st house. Chapel court
olathewson Agnes & Mary, lodging house, 23 Union st
Mathieson Farquhar, stone cutter, 13 Canal st
Mathieson George, spirit dealer, 106 Green
^^;s:^ j'rii w ou to.. Hote^, iti:\:^s°'^ ^""^^^^
Mathieson John, cabinet maker, 62 St Moholaa 8t
Mathieson Margaret, shopkeeper, 174 George st
Mathieson Robert, grocer, 16 St. Clements st
Mathieson Thomas, shipmaster, 25 P"°»| Regent st
Mathieson William, coach spring maker, 80 Mealmarket at
Mathieson William J. baker, 211 Gallowgate
Matthew Christian, dressmaker, 57 Victoria st. West
Matthew James, draper, 12 f >'«'ie"ck st
Matthews & Mackenzie, architects, 173 Union sc
Ma hews James, architect (Matthews & \^''\^^?h^'l^f^l^*''''
Matthews J.ames.brassfounder, plumber, &c. 64 WoolmanhiU
Matthews Peter, broker, 13 Park st
Matthews William, manager, 12 Watson st
Maver Alexander, tailor, 17 South Silver st ; ho. 8 Garden place
Maver David, schoolmaster, 21 North Broadford
May J. & H. fleshers, 47 Chapel st ^ » .
uieadows HoDert, boot &. sboe manufacturers
agent and leatlier factor, 4 Nether BLirkgate ;
house, Pernbank, West Cults
^IfZ ll^!r^!^:l t, Back wynd; ho. 10 Argyle place
Mearns Daniel, manager, 3 Constitution st
Mearns James, spirit dealer, 8 Harriet st
Mearns James, flesher (J. Mearns & Son), Auchter ess
Mearns James & Son, fleshers, 54 Hadden st. Woodside
Mearns John, booklteeper, 16 North Silver st
Mearns Robert, cashier, 17 Craigie st
Mearns WilUani, cluna, &c. dealer, IVj Carmelite st
Mearns William, plasterer, 16 Bridge st „.,.,.,
Mechanics' Institution, Market st-James Sinclair, librarian
Medical & Chirurgical Society's Hall, King st
Medical Hall, King st
Meff Alexander, baker, 92 Hadden st. Woodside
Meff Robert, baker & confectioner, 199 George st
Me£f VVilUam, fish & game dealer, 46 Market st
Set ilexaider, advLate, 24 Belmont st; ho Outseats,Pitm^^^^^
Mefl'et John, gardener, Outseats, Pitmuxton, & 94 Market buildmgs
Moid Carl W. teacher of music, 8 Albyn place
Meldrum Jessie, shopkeeper, 70 George st rVonn./ at
Meldrum WiUiam, tailor & clothier, 51 St Nicholas st [Young st
MeUis George & Son, wholesale grocers & provision merchants, 14
Slellis Thomas, jun. spirit dealer, 233 George st
Melville Thomii & Sons, iron merchants & wholesale uonmongers,
Me?viUe WiSam,l'^m1ron merchant (Thomas Melville & Sons), 26
Bon-Accord terrace
Melvin George, shipmaster, 20 South Mount st iarr.,icri»=f
Melvin George, bootmaker, 27 Upper Kirkgate; house, 18 Craigiest
Melvin Isabella, mUliner, 10 Margaret st
Melvinlsabella, governess, 29 Dee st u„.,., oq A,.,n =t
Melvin James, chemist & grocer, 182 Causewayend ; house, 23 Ann st
Melvin John, grocer & spirit dealer, 89 John st
Melvin Margaret, shopkeeper, 55 Commerce st
Melvin Robina, teacher of music, 10 Margaret st
Melvin William, carter, 62 College st .„ i„ nft 'vrn,-i«nh:il at
Mennie & Brown, ship brokers, coal merchants, &o. 51^ Jlaiischal st
Mennie Elizabeth, lodging house, 18 Col ege bounds Old Abeideen
Meunie George, coal merchant iMennie & Brown), 168 Crown st
Mennie Isabella, lodging house, 158 Crown st
Mennie Marv, Ferni Hill Hotel, 6 WeUiugton rd
Mennie Robert H. grocer, 19 Causewayend
Menzies John & Sons, boot & shoemaker, 64 Schoolhiu
Meuzies William, bootmaker (Smith & Menzies), 49 Short loanings
Mercantile JIarine Shipping Office, 28 Regent quay
Merchant Barbara, shopkeeper, 22 Albion st
Merchant George, grocer & spirit dealer, 24 Chapel st
Merchant Jane, lodging house, 269 George st
Merchant Seaman's Ottice, 23 Regent quay
MersonAlexanderE. slater, 9U Crown st; house, 27 Deo st
Mess Jonathan, miUer & grain merch.ant, Gordon's BIiUs; ottioe, 14
Virginia st; house, Don Cottage, Woodside
Meston Charles, shopkeeper, 13ii King st
MestonG. & Co. billposters, 26 Broad st ,„,,, 4 ,
Meston James, accountant, 76 Union st ; house, 13 Albert st
Meston James, jun. writer, 12 Loahhead terrace
Meston James, traveller, 42 Rosemount place „,. ji sow,, Jw
Meston WiUiam.manager (AberdcenAsylum tor theBlind),50Huntly
Methuen & Co. (Leith), fish ourers, Garvoch wynd
Michie Alexander, flsh dealer, 77 Windmill brae
Michie Alexander, spirit dealer, 176 West North st
Michie Charles, h.a. rector, Silver Street Academy; house, 10
North Silver st ^ „, .
Michie Helen, lodging house, 167 Skene st. West
Michie John, tinsmith, 55i,i WiudmUl brae; house, 2 South Crown st
Michie Peter, spi'-it dealer, 13 Ship row „,..., m 1 t
Michie WiUiam, grocer, &c. 20 Bast North st houBe,8 Little Chapel st
Middloton — , milliner, 1 Blackfriars st
Middleton Alexander, auctioneer & live stock agent, belmom
Auction Mart ; house, Belmont House „,,-..
Middleton Archibald, naturalist, 14 Guild st ; house, 21 Jasmine st
Middleton David, gardener. Cotton st
Middleton George'l^ bookseller, 23 Gilcomston steps
Middleton John, tailor, 11 Queen st
Middleton Joseph, house agent, 119 GaUowgate
Middleton Susan, dressmaker, 30 College bounds. Old Al)errteen
Middleton WiUiam, bookseller (A. & R. Milne), 170 Crown st
Middleton William, grocer, 57 St. Andrew st
Jlidland Railwav Co. (district office), 27 Union st [Barracua
Militia Depflt (Roval Aberdeenshire Highlanders), King btieet
MiUar David, architectural survoyor, 24 l.elmont st; house, a
Bon-Accord st
MiUar James, flesher, 158 GaUowgato
Millar James S. paTvnbroker, 1 & 8 WoolmanhiU

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