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Livingston John, tiah & game dealer, Basement, Market
Lloyd^s Register of Shipping, 13a Regent quay— Thomas W. Kettle,
Lobljau Margaret, Bchool, 40 King st
Lochiel John, hoot.uaiier, 39 Skene square
Lockhart & Pnlmond. restaurateurs, wholesale confectioners and
aerated water manufacturers, 118 & 120 Union st. & 2 LicUo Bel-
mont st — See advertisement
Lockhart Jas. confectioner, &c.(Lockhart & Salmond). 15 Back wynd
Lockhart Robert, leather merchant, 17 Guest row
Logan & Company, pianoforte manufacturers & music sellers,
23 Diamond st
Logan David, music seller (Logan & Co.), 22 FciTyhill terrace
Logan J. & W. provision merchants, 120 George st
Logan John, shipmaster, 35 Spittal, Old Aberdeen
Loudon & County Plate Glass Insurance Co.— James Rae, 104
John St. agents
London & County Provident Institution —William Jaffray, 18
Jasmine ten-ace
London & Lancashire Insurance Office- Herman Ganson, 59
Marischal st. and James Williamson, 14 King st. agents
London & Newcastle Tea Company, 4 & 6 St. Nicholas st. & 81
Broad st — Samuel Wassail, manager
London Guarantee & Accident Co. Limited — Patrick Cooper
MacndrewD. & Co. contvactors cement concrete bu^Uders,^^^^^^^^^^^
& horticultural builders cavpecter.&jomeislicen^^^^^^^
Mfcr.SrDa°ii'era?c^S:V^oio^c°bt; house, Vinery Lodge
M'Amlvew William, g^<=™Srocer, 14S Gallowgate
M'Bain Alexander, shopkeeper, 69 Holbnrn st
M'Bain Georae, baker, 62 bchoolhiU
M'Ba S Geor°e shipmaster, 23 Springbank terrace
Mlain JohnfM.!. schoolmaster 44 Belvidere place
M'Bean Donald, tailor, 87 Market st
Macbeth James, pianoforte manufacturer (D. & J. Maebeth), 4
M'Callum Eliza, dressmaker, SI f rederick st
M'Callam J. D. flour & meal dealer, 77 Virginia ^t
M'Callum William, custom house oftcer 81 Frederick st
ai'Cann Jehu, clothes dealer, 33 i: "H LodgeJ^^alk
Union st; Youugson & Storie, 74 Union st; & D. M,Callum, 18
Marischal at. agents
Londou lUissionary Society (Aberdeen Auxiliary'!, 7 Springbank ter
London Printing and Publishing Company, 10 Broad st — Joseph
Maitland, manager
Longmuir Ann, lodgings, 175 Skene st. West
Longmuir HuHh, ship master, 9 Friendship terrace
Louie Alexander, tailor, 69 College st
Louie David & Sons, tailors, 59 Queen st
Lonie Francis, picture frame maker & painter, 65 Nelson st ; house,
Lorimer James, bootmaker {J. Lorimc-r & Son), Belvidere st
Lorimer James, jun. bootmaker (J. Lorimer 6c Son), Belvidere st
Lorimer James & Son, bootmakers, Palace buildings, Union st
Lorimer Susan, lodging-house, 4 Bon-Accord terrace
Lovett Thomas, missionary, 24 Mount st
Low Alexander grocer & spirit dealer, 30 Barron st. Woodside
Low A. R. fish cnrer. Point Law
Low Alexander R. shipowner^ coal & timber merchant, S4 Marischal
st; house, 32 Ferryhill place
Low Ann, tailor, 57 Regent quay
Low David, joiner, 160 Hutcheon st. West
Low Gavin, Duilder, 40 Whitehouse st
Low James, aaddler (J. Low & Co.), King's crescent
Low James & Co. yaddlars, 45 Queen st; house, King's crescent
Low — , nurse, 16 Bon-Accord lane
Low William, broker, 60 Guest row
Low Willam, shopkeeper, 105 Hadden st. Woodside
Low William & Co. grocers, 57 North Broadford
Lowson Andrew (Arbroath), sail makers, 10% Regent quay— J.
M'Lauchlau, agent
Lucas Isabel, teacher of music, 140 Union st
Ludwig Charles & Co. ship & insurance brokers & agents for Ameri-
can Lloyd's, and consuls of the German Empire, & vice-consuls
for Spain and the Netherlands, 17 Regent quay
Ladwig Paul, shipbroker (0. Ludwig & Co.), 35 Castle st
Lamley Edward, tailor & clothier, 20 Nether Kirkgate; house,
37 Whitehouse st
Lumsden Alexander, traveller, 3 Blount place
&u£iis<£en &. Gibson, -wine &. spirit merchasits aad
purveyors of groceries and provisiousi 95 Union
Lumsden Elsie, lodging house, Forbes st
Lumsden Forbes, advocate (Robertson & Lumsden), 9 Albyn ter
Luinsden Henry Simson, grocer, &c. (Lumsden & Gibson), 85
Bon-Accord terrace
Lumsden James & Co. clothiers & outfitters, 155 Union st
Lumsden James Forbes, advocate (Robertson & Lumsden), 9
Albyn terrace
Lumsden Robert, manager, North of Scotland Banking Company,
King st ; house, Ferryhill House
Lumsden William, grocer, &c. 53 Union st ; ho. East Bank.Ferryhill
Lunan John, commissiou agent and asent for Globe Parcel Express
4 St. Nicholas lane ; house, 2 Gray's buildings. Rosemount place
Lunan U illiam, chartered accountant, Ashley place, Cuparstone
Lunatic Asylum, adjoining Mary place
Lyall George & Co. linen drapers and silk mercers to the
Queen, 99 Union st
Lyall John, traveller, 38 Mount st
Lyall Robert, blacksmith, Jamieson's court, 40 Ship row
Lyall Robert, jun. iionmonger & smith, 24 George st; house, 8
Watson st
Lyall Robert W. printseller (Hay & Lyall). 12 Springbank terrace
Lyell John & Co. gun & fishing tackle makers, 128 Union st
Lyiug-in & Vaccine Institution, 61 Guest row
Lyou Alexander, jun. hide & tallow factor, 93 Bon- Accord st
Lyon Alexander, bide & tallow factor, 198 George st; house, 43
Garden place West
Lyon Ann, lodging-house, 14 Jasmine terrace
Lyou Charles, joiner, 15 Bridge place
Lyon Cliarles, joiner & packing case maker, Nelson st; house,
149 Genvga street
Lyon Priscilla, spirit dealer. 77 Wateidoo q,uay
Lyon William, bootmaker, 79 Broad st
M'ADAM & Co. brewers & maltsters, 24 Loch st. & Hardgate
M'Adam Donald, spirit dealer & stabler, 30 Gerrard st
M*Adam Johu, carter, 9 Jopp's lane
M'Adam William, brewer (31' Adam & Co.), Holburn st
Macaldowie Jane, lodging house, 1(33 Crown st
M'-Udowie John,accountaut,14 St. Nicholas st ; ho. 82 Bon- Accord st
Macaldowie Pater & Go. brushmak^rs, 14 Nicholas st
M ic il lowie Robert, cashier, 15 Springbank terrace
M'Aldowie Robert, hosier, 11 St. Nicholas st ; ho. S2 Bon- Accord st
230 1-i
i;^Comi,rc'6£irle"8,"advocate(Parker.tH'Combie) 41 Carden^^^^^^
M'Combie James Boyn, advocate (Murray & M Combie^)^4 Albj__njl
M'Conachie ^^^^^110^3 Bh^uW^ A. l.ouse, S3 Charlotte st
M'Oonaach John, contractor, 12 South Crown st
M-Counachy Jane, lodgings, 10 King st
5?;8^SnS^iii: s^- -=?SS?^'^' '"'''' '™
M'Coss William, baker, Holburn st
frESr^'l! d'. "i^^^^^S^^ Queen St. . 28 GaUowgate
1 'Donkkl Asnes, dressmaker, 178 Skene st West
JI'Dinald Alexander, boot & shoe maker 4o Kegeul quay
L'?d™%l\exande; advocate 11 FerryluU^^
lI'Donald Alexander, hosier, 115 Geoi-gest Maiestv'S
Macdonald Alexander, TxelA &. Co. f f^^ ™f J^^^ ?
workers ia granite. Constitution st.&. 369 to 375
Euston road, S.ondon
JI'Donald .'c Benzie, granite pobshers, St. Olair st
M'Donald & Tait, plasterers, Stevenson 81
M'Donald Ann, lodging house, 294 George st
JPDonaH Ann, shopkeeper, 50 Sl'«'}'= s'. ,
^:grl^i;cl;!^al^-M^XS:;fr«s.ood,. 145 King st
M'Donald David, commission merchant, 27, 2S) A, »i »!;■ Anoiow
& at Elbe St. Leith ,„.„,„,. hark, & wool factor, tallow &
'^S?fm;'^ch?nT27,'9l'sf S: Se^'st &at Elbe sULeitU, bouse,
M^^Srit^SSaiSeJ^'Stol City buildings. Union st
King's crtscent oo Tr;»r* of
M'Donald Isabella, lodging house, 83 fmg et
M'Donald Isabella,lodging house. Id Riobmond terrace
M'Donald Isabella, hosier, 171^3 «i'l°"^Sf*;„ate
M'Donald James, herbahst, 14 Marischal st
M'Donald James, rag merchant, Commerce lane
Macdonald James, tailor, 10 Carmehte st
s;;:;ldl^S;'S^t!r!:'^?'s^k:t bunarngs; house, 8
Waverlcv place .
M-Donald John, shipmaster, 23 Cotton st
M'Donald Joseph, broker, 24 East ISorth st
M'Donald M. dressmaker, 12 Gilcomston steps
^^Z^^^tS^:^SS^r i'drSe?. 43 Hadden st.Woodsido
M'Donald Peter, woollen cloth mM-'^''a°''58 Castle st
M'Donald Peter & Co. tailors & drapers, 93 l^ing st
M'Donald Ranald, factor for John Gordon, Esq. ol Olony, City
buildings. Union st; house 8 Ferryhill pace
M'Donald Kobert, carver & gilder, 4 Ferryhill p ace
M'Donald Thomas, bootmaker,68 St Clement st
^:S™^l:lSrl;^?fSrt'i5^^'^ofUnionBank f
Scotland, 203 Union st; house, 23 Crown st
M'Dou^all Daniel, hairdresser, 80 St. Andrew st
M'Dougall Helen, lodging house,32 bkeue te"ace j.. , ^
M'Doulall John, grain merchant, 48 Market st; house, 7 Albert tel
M'Ewcn & Co. flsh curers, Point law
M'Farland's Music Hall, Market st
Farlane Peter S. traveller, 26 West Mount st
,„r,„.l„„o Tl.na. snvvnvor for Lancashire Ineurl
anceCo.98Union st
M. -
iMacfarlane Thos. surveyor for LanCi..,^..- -.— --~ - o„,.,Mr,R nlacp
M'Gaviu James, agent, Singer Manutacturmg Co. 8 Gaioline place
M'Gee&Co. cork cutters, 18 Castle st „r,,„„f,ow
M'Gregor Alexander, grocer & spirit dealer, S7 Guest ow
M-Gregor Alexander, silk mercer & draper, 87 Union st , house
United Cottage, Holburn placo
M'Grc'or Alexander, saddler, &o. 43 Queen st
SFgr:fei;h!;r^it:Slenyer,2GGeorgest ;ho.« Belvidere
^:S ¥S^l^t:??S'I.SS!r=g^.,e. Skene st
Si'Greior William, baker, 97 High Bt. Old Aberdeen

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