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Kinghorn James, draper, 49 St. Nicbolas^st ; house, Mount Cottage,
Mount St
Kinnear Alexander A. shoemaker, 33^2 St. Clement st
Kinuear Anno, spirit dealer, 5 Regent quay
Kinnear James, artificial limb malier, 110 King st
Kinnear James, furniture broker, 101 Commerce st [Rubislaw
Kinneard William, gardener, 171 Mai-ket buildings, & Outseats,
Kirton Alexander, tailor, 79 Hadden st. Woodside
Kirton Isabella, grocer, 108 Green [Mount st
Kirton James, marble worker, Victoria st. South ; house, 17 South
Kirton Peter, flesher, 39 Market buildings
Kitsou Wm. & Co. china,'&c. dealers, & rag merchants, 170 Gallowgale
Knowles Alexander, machine maker, Shuttle lane ; ho. 21 Nelson st
Knowles Barbara, lodging house, 43 Victoria st. West
Knowlos James, flesher, 7 & 8 Market hall, & 5 Skene st; house, 9
Den burn terrace
Knowles Margaret, school mistress, 50 Union place
Knowles Mary & Wilhelmiua, ladies' school, 50 Union place
Knowles Thomas, jun. commission agent, 20^;; Frederick st
Kuox & "Webster, iron merchants, saddlers' & general ironmongers,
&c. Upper Kirkgate, & St. Paul's st
Knox James, china dealer, 27 Skene square
Knox JiisL'ph, bnokbinder, 35 Nether Kirkgate
Knox Robert, bootmaker i broker, 163^2 Gallowgate
Knox William, grain meichaut, 16 King st ; ho. Craigtou, Cults
Knox William, grain merchant, Wellington st
Kyd David, deputy superintendent. Mercantile Marine Office;
house, Glamis Cottage, Old Aberdeen
LA.BREY, Hancock & Co. (Loiiddn), tea merchants, 28 Market st—
W. O. Morison, agent
Laing Alexander, tauner, skinner & wool merchant, Gilcoraston
Tannery; house, Lochhead Cottage
Laing Alexander, coach builder (Laing & Melvin). 14 Bon-Accord st
Laing & Melvin. coach builders, saddlers, &c. 4 & 8 Bon-Accord st
Laing Andrew, flesher, 82 John st
Laing Barbara, shopkeeper, 2 Upper Denburn
Laing Charles, potato dealer, Buruside
Laing Charles, clothier & tailor, 6 Crown st; ho. 4 Richmond ter
Laing Charles A. coach builder (Laing & Melvin), 7 Bon-Accord st
Laing David, basket maker & toy dealer, 233 Union st ; house, 29
Maiywell at
LaingJames, flesher, 17 Haddea st. Woodside
Xaingr James &. Co. ironznon^ers, szuitlis &. bell-
bangrers, ISI Union st. &, 52 Green— -S'^'e advert
Laing John, fishing tackle maker (W. Brown), Granton Cottage,
Cuparstone place*
Laiug Martha, spirit dealer, 34 Loch st
Laing Robert, boot & shoemaker, 193 George st
Laing Thomas, dentist, 22 Union terrace
Laing Thomas, ironmonger, &c. 19 Gallowgate
Ziaing: vrilliam, wholesale ironmonger &, manu-
facturer, 207 Oallowgate, and Z 6l ^ Gerrard st;
works, Catlierine st ; bouse , £den Cottage,
mount St—See adverlisejnerd
Laing William, tin-plate worker, 110 Hadden st. Woodside
Laing William G. plumber, <ltc. Ill West North st
Laird Daniel, tailor, &c. (Johnston & Laird), 14 Bon-Accord ter
Laird David, jun. bank teller, G Eden place
Lamb Alexander, plumber & gasfitter & brassfounder, 48 John st ;
house, Bonuiemuir House. Low Stocket road
Lamb & Grant, painters, 23 Richmond st
Lamb Barbara, milliner & dressmaker, 25 Richmond st
Lamb James, boot & shoemaker, 2 Frederick st
Lamb John, photographic artist, 5 South Silver st
Lamb Robert, advocate, 12 King st; house, 27 Holburn st
Lamond Elizabeth, lodgings, 36 Frederick st
Lament Alexander, blacksmith, St. Claii- st ; house,74 West North st
Lament Andrew, jun. grocer & spirit dealer, 84 Causewayend, and
6 Cotton st
Lament Charles, wright, 29 Bank st
Xgancashire Insurance Co. SS ITnion st— Tbomas
Macfarlane, surveyor
Lands A Heritages Valuation Office, 27 King st
Langlands Robert, provision dealer, 169 Gallowgate
Largio James, ship master, 14 Ferryhill place
Latham Thomas, clog maker &. timber dealer, 40 St. Paul's st
Latto Ann, lodgings, 2 Crown terrace
Lanchlan Alexander, newsagent, Rose st; house, 17 Skene st. West
Laurie William, bookbinder, 10 Prospect terrace, Ferryhill
Lavery Ann, lodging house, 13 Springbank terrace
Law Alexander, slater, 25 Upper Denburn
Law Alexander, baker, 82 Ship row
Law Barbara, grocer, 8 Wellington place
Law George, stone cutter, &c. Palmerston rd
Law James, tax collector, 15 Nellfleld place
Law James, baker, 9 Upper Kirkgate
Law Jessie, dressmaker, Chapel st
Law Mary, dressmaker, 1 Adelphi
Law Union Insurance Co.— James Allan, 44 Upper Kirkgate
Iiawes* Cbemlcal IWanure Company, :&in3ited,
cliemical manure manufacturers, 3.^ Hadden st ;
stores, Pocra pier— Georg^e Sdward,t^anag:er
Lawrence Andrew, shopkeeper, 19 Albion st
Lawrence Jessie, lodging house, 45 Nelson st
Lawrence Walter, staif surgeon, s.n. 5 East Craibslon st
Laws George, cartwright, 2 King Street rd. Old Aberdeen
Laws Robert, carpenter, 12 Bridge place ; house, 29 Thistle st
Lawson James, ship master, 22Loauhead terrace
Lawson Margaret, shopkeeper, 28 Frederick st
Leaper John, carter. 6 Causewayend
Leaper Joseph, grocer & spirit dealer, 60 College st
Leask A. R. D. advocate & notary public, 19 Marischal st; house,
13 Victoria st
Leask John, carpenter, 15 Cotton st ; house, 48 Hardgate
Leask Margt. fish dealer, Market hall ; ho. 25 South Constitution st
Leask William, ship master, 22 Bank st
Ledingham Alexander, grocer, 44^o Chapel st
Ledingham Alexander W. manager. 5 Caroline place
Ledingham John, baker, 3 South Mount st; house, 6 Mount st
Leeman Joseph, lieutenant, r.n.r. examiner in navigation & steam-
ship, Local Marine Board, 28 Regent quay ;,;house, Falcon House,
Lees James, ship master, 225 King st
Lefi"en Mary, householder, 75 Union st
Legg William, tinplate worker, 79 Queen st
Iieg:gre Jobn \V. F.S.Z.3- sculptor, manufacturer of
polisbed granite, marble &, freestone, Holburn;
bouse, 3L& Caledonian place
Leiper James, grocer, 108 Chapel st
Leith & Paterson, manufacturers & warehousemen, Imperial place
Leith David, grocer (John Leith & Sons), 17 Exchange st
Leith Plugh, miller & grain merchant, 83 George st; ho. 4 Union
Leith James, grocer (John Leith & Sons), 46 Springbank terrace
Leith John, baker & confectioner, 6fi College st
Leith John, wholesale grocer (J. Leith & Sons), 46 Springbank r
Leith John, warehouseman (Leith & Paterson), 75 Crown st
Leith John, custom house officer, 91 Hutcheon st
Leith John & Sons, wholesale grocer, 17 Exchange st
Leith Margaret, shopkeeper, li Princes at
Leith Thomas, grocer, 4 Young st ; house, IS South Mount st
Lendrum & Edwards, wincey manufacturers, 70 & 73 Nether Kirkgata
Lendrum Helen, lodging house, 9 Crimen place
Leslie Alexander, china, rag, &c. dealer, 130 Loch st
Leslie Alexander, messenger-at-arms & sheriff officer, 10 King et
Lennie Alexander, boot maker, 40 Chapel st
Leslie Alexander, gardener, Upper Leadside
Leslie & Russell, printers. Crown court, 41?3 Union st
Leslie Edward, boot maker, 14 Queen st
Leslie Elizabeth, temperance hotel, 16 Hadden st
Leslie George, printer (Leslie & Russell), 14 Caledonian place
Leslse George & Co. coal merchants, & rope & sail cloth makers, 7*
Union st [hall. Cults
Leslie George Christie, manufacturer (Leslie, Gray & Co.), Abbots-
Leslie, Gray A Co. tape **i; wincey manufacturers, Rosemount Works,
Leslie Jane, milliner & dressmaker, 110 Skene st
Leslie Jane M. shopkeeper, 27 Chapel st [Bridge of Doa
Leslie John, rJroufacturer (J. & J. Crombie), Don Bank House,
Leslie John, boot & shoe maker, 31 South Constitation st
Leslie John, accountant, 16 Loch st
Leslie John C. ship master, 7 View terrace
Leslie Marv Ann. dressmaker, 28 Skene square
Leslie R. D. advocate. County buildings, Castlo st ; bouse, 64
Osborne place
Leslie W. & Co. ship owners, 6hip& insurance brokers, commission
merchants, agent to the East of File Mutual Insurance Boat Club,
A vice-consuls for the Republic of Chili, 17 Regent quay
Leslie William, insurance broker (W. Leslie & Co.), 17 Albert st
Leslie William, bootmaker, 16 King Street rd. Old Aberdeen
Letters Catherine, pawnbroker, 14 Queen st. & 32 Broad st; housa,
36^:2 Union st
Levie Alexander, ship master, 16 Caledonian place
Lewis Elizabeth, shopkeeper, 57 Virginia st
Lewis John, boat builder, Provost Blaikie's quay
Ley Mary, broker, 23 East North st
Leys Robert, engineer, 9 Constitution st
Liddle George, ship master, 7 York st
Life Association of Scotland Assurance Co. — William L. Reid. 146
Union st; Alexander Stronach. jun. 20 Belmont st ; John Fergu-
son, 1 Adelphi; George Milne, 9 King st; J. & D. Duncan, 8
Castle St. &, Dunn & Clark, 1 AdeHihi, agents
Ligertwood John, advocate {John & Robert Ligertwood), sheriff &
commissary clerk, County bxiildings, Castle st; house, Bucksburn
House, 36 Bon-Accord st
Ligertwood John &. Robert, advocates, County buildings. Castle st
Ligertwood Robert, advocate, 83 Union st ; house, 117 Crown st
Iiincolne 'Virilliam &. Co. agents &. isnporters, 77
ToUn St. Glasgow-- siycerin© esig^ine paclcing:s,
Xierenard's I.R. mastic cement, uig-bt-watcbnaan's
watcber, "lBlo"giutinousbe!tiag:syrup,flaK-tannsd
rubber-lined bose, naval cnatnel, snarinepaiat,
"2.apidar" for \irood, iroa, &.c.; tbe " Siincolne "
and otber belt fasteners; self-sustaining- pulley
blocks, tbe " Only " boiler composition, *' 3Cil."
piston valve, oil caus, saporlne or drill lubrica-
tor, adjustable showering nozzle; Xiondon o£&ce,
3a Xiudgate bill
Lindsay John, miller, City Flour Mills, Causewayend ; ho. Ash hill
Itlndsay 'William, wbolesale •&. retail bookseller,
stationer &. news agent, publisber of tbe " iL'oer-
deen, Banii, Xi:incardinesbire & XOTortbern Coun-
ties' People's Journal," 30 lUarket st; bouse, 28
Market st
Linlilater Alexander, ship mastier, 27 Marywell st
Linklater Andrew, ship master, o2 St. Clement st
Linklater William, grocer & spirit dealer, 109 Gallowgate
Lints Christina, shopkeeper, 10 Princes st
Lister William, teacher of music, 18 Balmoral place
Little Ann, clothes dealer, 161 Gallowgate
Littlejohn David, advocate, 15 Adelphi; ho. Cotton Lodge, Wootlsido
Littlejohu George, saddlers' ironmonger, 19 »& 20 Back wj-nd ; house
181 Skene st. West
Littlejohu Geo. G. grocer (J. Littlejohn & Sons), ?A Springbank te;-
Littlejohn James & Sons, grocers & spirit dealers, 39 Green
Littlejohn William, jun. bank inspector, 5 Ferryhill place
Littlejohn William, manager, Aberdeen Town & County Ban:., uO
Union st; house, 5 Ferryhill place
Liverpool & London dt Globe Assurance Company — John Sliced A
Co. 44 Marischal st; J. Russell Mackenzie, 177 Union st ; ^; \V. Y.
M'Donald,203 Union st. agentg
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