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Ironside George, spirit denier, 64 Regent quay
Ironside George, shopkeeper, 58 Queen st
Ironside James, tallow merchant, 35 Gerrard st
Ironside James, manager, Gilcomstou Park
Ironside Jane, broker, 46 West North st
Ironside John, builder, 9 Spa st
Ironside John, bootmaker, 15 Broadford place ; bouse, 6 Eintore pi
Ironside PatHck, sliopkeeper, 31 Ann st
Ironside William, ironmonger, 32 Union place
Ironside William, boot manufacturer, 75 George st. & 36 Gallowgato
Irvine & Cu. blacksmiths, <.tc. Chronicle st
Irvine James, blacksmith (Irvine & Co ), 8 Mealmarket st
Italian Consulate, 58 Marischal st— R. A. D. Connon, consul
JACK Elizabeth, shopkeeper, 104 Chapel st
Jack James W. sheriff officer, 41^2 Union st ; ho. Hilton, Woodside
Jack John, shopkeeper, 6 Banner Mill st
Jack John, china & glass dealer, 274 George st
Jack3on George, billposter, 3 South College st
Jackson Henry, surgeon, 19 Golden square
Jackson James, boot & shoe maker, 48 Upper Kirkgate
Jariison William, bookbinder, 47 Schoolhill
JiUfray J. & J. aerated water manufacturers, 26 Stirling st
Ja!iV;iy Thomas, railway carriage inspector, Bou-Accord st
J;iii.uaJohn B. surveyor to the Board of Trade 23 Regent quay
Lmse, 2 Marine place
J;mi''d William & Co. brewers & maltsters, 211 King st
JaiP.L;sou John, bank teller, 8 Victoria st. West
Jamie David, shipmaster, 95 Wales st
Jainieson A. grocer, 39 Hadden st. Woodside
Jainicson Alexander, collector of petty customs, 9 Jasmine ter
Jaraiesoa Alexander JM. baker, Williams square
Jamieson & Mitchell, wholesale grocers, 31 & 36 Nether Kirkgate
Jamieson Elizabeth, dressmaker, 26 Bank st. Ferryhill
Jamieson Frank, advocate, 129 Union st
Jamieson G. Leslie, granite worker, North Charlotte st; house, 20
Bubislaw terrace
amieson George, grocer, 59 Schoolhill ; house, 10 Crimond place
Jamieson George, carpenter, Barron st. Woodside
Jamlvjson, George, grocer (.Jamieson & Mitchell), 39 Albyn place
Jamieson George, shipmaster, 43 Frederick st
Jamieson George & Sun, jewellers and watch aud clock makers, 107
Union st
Jamieson James, cattle dealer, 14 Barron st. Woodside
Jamieson James (late J. Fraser & Co.), family grocer and wine and
spirit merchant, 221 Union st. corner of Deo st ; house, Prospect
hill, Pitfodels
Jamieson James H. bootmaker, 48 Broad st
Jamieson John, tailor & outfitter, 5U Union st. & 138 Bi'oad st
Jamieson J ohn, grocer & spirit dealer, 7 Commerce st
Jamiosou Lewis, spirit dealer, 292 George st
Jnoieson Margaret, lodging house, 5 Constitution st [South
J, t,, n. eson Poter, harness composition manufacturer, 8 College st.
Jamieson Robert, shipmaster, Albury rd. Ferryhill
Jamieson Robt. physician to the Royal Lunatic Asylum, Elmhill
Jamieson Thomas, r.c.s. teacher of chemistry and analyst, 235a
Union st; house, The Lodge, Klntore
Jamieson Williaui G. jeweller (G. Jamieson & Son), 4 Langstane pi
Jeffeiy William, shipmaster, 48 Watson st
Jeffrey James, traveller, 13 Richmond terrace
Jeffrey Margaret, lodging house, 10 Watson st
Jeffrey William, grocer, 8 Queen st
Jenkins G. Gordon, civil engineer, 115 Union st; ho. 154 Crown st
Jenldns Mary, smallware dealer, 10 Gilcomstou steps
Jenkyns William, inspector of buildings, Gladstone place
Jessiman Alexander G. clothier & outhttor, 25 George st. &46Green
Jessiman John, joiner, Spa st ; house, 4 Caltnn terrace
Jessiman William, paper ruler, 41 Nether Kirkgate
Johnston Alexander, grocer, 98 Chapel st
Johnston Alexander, writer, Johnston place, Rubislaw
Johnston Alex, clothier, 9 Union buildings ; ho. 7 South Crown st
Johnston & Fullerton, builders & timber merchants, 28 Hadden st.
Jolinston &. Xsaird, tailors, clotliiers, bosiers,
^loverSf and &2iirt znakers, 1^2 Union st
Johnston Andrew, shipmaster, 35 Mount st
Johnston Anthony B. sewing machine teacher & adjuster, 9 Crown
st ; house, Holborn place
Johnston David, physician, 47 Schoolhill
Johnston Elsie, milliner, 76 Chapel st
Johnston Geo. examiniug officer (Customs), 20 Caledonian place
Johnston George, shoemaker, 7 Holburu st
Johuscon Helen, matron of Boys' Hospital, King st
Johnston Isabella, lodp;ing house, 8 Castle st
Johnston James, plumber & gasfitter, 29 Chapel st
Johnston James, manager police stables, Roslin Cottage, Park s
Johnston James, spirit dealer, 54 North Charlotte st; house, 59
Htitcheou st
Johnston James, grocer & spirit dealer, 86 Broad st
Johnston Jane, grocer, 86 Upper Denburn
.lohtston Jane, dressmaker, 26 St. Nicholas st
Johnston Jane, baker, 66 George st
ohuston John, wholesale grocer, Summer st: ho 1 Union wynd
Johnston John, grocer, Don view. Bridge of Don
Johnston John, chemist (Geo. Reid & Sons), Crown court, Union st
Johnston John Henry, designer & sewing machine agent, 17
Grown st *
â– lohnstou Joseph, baker, 18 North Broadford
Johnston Robert, music seller, 241 Union st ; ho. 174 Skene st. West
Jiik.islon Robert, draper, miiliuer, & dressmaker, 1 Hadden st. Wood-
side, & .5 Queen st
Johnston William, blacksmith, 1(19 West North st
Jo nistuu William, builder (Wilson & Johnston), 6 Abbotsford
p'ace, Ferryhill
Jolinston William, builder (Johnston &, Fullerton), 26 Hadden st
Jolinslonc C. & A. wholesale procers, 14 Littlejohn st
Johnstone Charles, grocer (C i\: A. Johnstone), 39 Ciirden pi, W'cst
JoUv Klizaheiu, ale A porter il'.aler, 12 Castle terracu
Jolly Margaret, lodging house, 44 North Broadford
Jolly William, overseer, 1 Millburn st
Jones J. R. f.r.a.s. teacher. Navigation School, 8 Millburn st
Jopp & Reid, advocates, 146 Union st
Jopp Andrew, advocate & notary public, distributor of stamps, &
collector of taxes for Aberdeenshire, 27 King st
Jopp Keith, wine merchant (W. &K. Jopp), 6 Golden square
Jopp William, wine merchant (W. & K. Jopp), 5 Albyn ter
Jopp William & Keitli, wine & spirit merchants, 13 Market st
Joss Alexander, hosier & glover, 126 Union st ; ho. 10 Margaret at
Joss & Co. painters, 18 Schoolhill
Joss Ann, lodging house, 282 George st
Joss Charles, tailor, S9 Skene st
Joss George, gardener, Westburn, Rubislaw
Joss Helen, shopkeeper, 27 Regent quay
Joss Isabella, provision dealer, 53 Loch st
Joss WiUiam, shipmaster, 23 Cotton at
Jose W^illiam J. plumber and brassfounder, 15 Nether Kirkgate,
and 32 Belmont st
Justice James N. jun. clerk (Customs), 8 Devanha ter. Ferryhill
Justice Mary, lodging house, 69 Bon-Accord st
Justice of Peace Court, Court House, Castle st
KANNA Patrick M. tobacco pipe maker, Broadford lane
Kay Frances, dressmaker, 3 Westfield cottages
Kay James P. chemist (Davidson & Kay), Queen's rd
Kean Eveline, school, 1 Mary place
Keith — , milliner & di'essmaker, 1 Chapel st
Kean J. & J. saddlers, 12 Schoolhill
Keith Alexander, agent for the Grcsham Life Assurance Society, 28
Market st; house, Belmont place
Keith Alexander, lithographer (Keith & Gibb), 4 Roseraount ter
Keith Alexander, grain merchant & manure agent,Waterloo station;
house, 3 Affleck st
Keith Alexander, merchant (M'Kenzie & Keith), 1 Mary place
Keith Alexander A. clerk, Rose st
Keith & Gibb, engravers & lithographers, 3 Queen st
Keith, Harriman & Watson, brick & tile makers, 187 King st
Keith James, cashier, 10 Bon-Accord lane
Keith James, chemist & druggist, 8 Union place
Keith James E. bank teller. 7 Bon-Accord square
Keith John, manufacturer, (Pratt & Keith), 25 Albyn place
Keith John, secretary, Aberdeen Town & County Bank, 7 Bon-
Accord square
Keith John H. lithographer, &c. 20 Correction wynd
Keith Mary, china, glass, &c. dealer, 63 Windmill brae
Keith Mary, milliner, 1 Cherry bank, Hardgate
Keith William, jun. Polished Granite Works, 187 Kingst; house, X
Roslin terrace
Keith William, shopkeeper, 17 York st
Kellas James F. stcretary Local Marine, & superintendent of Mer-
cantile Office, &c. 28 Regent quay
Kelley F. B. tailor & clothier, 10 St. Nicholas st ; ho. 3 Ashley ter
Kelman Charles, flesher, 10 West North st
Kelmau Robert, tailor, 6 Queen st
Kemlo Alexander, advocate, 74 Union st; house, 68 Eon-Accord st
Kemlo Hannah, stay maker, 8 Uprer Kirkgate
Kemp Alexander, flesher, 29 Market buildings
Kemp & Walker, millers & grain merchants, 4 St. Catherine's wynd,
& MuRTLE Mills
Kemp Ann, milliner iSc dressmaker, 138 Hadden st. Woodside
Kemp Christiana R. shopkeeper, 83 Chapel st
Kemp George, cashier. Thistle st
Kemp Janet, shopkeeper, 60 Skene square
Kemp James, grocer & spirit dealer, 114 George st
Kemp Jessie, bookseller & dressmaker, 25 St. Andrew st
Kemp Robert, miller (Kemp & Walker), 31 Thistle st
Kennedy Alexander & Angus, clothes brokers, 43 Lodge walk
Kennedy Christian, lodging house, 154 Crown st
Kennedy Hope, spirit dealer, Pocra quay
Kennedy John, ship master, 2 Chui-ch st
Kennedy Joseph,head master(Government School of Art), 43 Union p
Kennedy Samuel, spirit dealer, 6 King Street road, Old Aberdeen
Kennedy W'illiam, tax-man, Wellington Suspension bridge
Kerr & Sous, carvers & gilders, 187 Union st
Kerr David, physician, 9 Union place
Kerr George, shopkeeper, 3 Causewayend
Kerr George, inspector for preventing cruelty to animals, 8
Richmond terrace
Kerr George, printseller (Kerr & Sons), 4 Henry place
Kerr James, head master (Church of Scotland Training College),
38 Belvidero place
Kerr James A. carver & gilder (Kerr & Sons), 166 Skene st. West
Kerr Johu, government inspector of schools, 4 Albyn terrace
Kesson John, carver & gilder, 53 St. Nicholas st; ho. 5 Henry pi
Kesson Mary, flesher, 14 Causewayend
Kettle Thomas W. surveyor to Lloyd's Register, 13 Regent quay ;
house, 2 Ashley place
Kidd Stewart, bootmaker, 126 Gallowgate
Kilgour it Walker, wincey manufacturers, Barkmill road
Kilgour James, manufacturer & draper, 94 George st
Kilgour James, spirit dealer, '.'0 High st. Old Aberdeen; house, 89
Spittal, Old Aberdeen
Kilgour William, agent to the Commercial Union Assurance Co'
74 Union &. , house, 275 George st
King Arthur, printer, 15 Constitution st
King Arthur & Co. steam printers & stereotypers, Clark court, 2
Upper Kirkgate [Holburn place
King Donald, grocer & spirit mei-chant, Waverley place; ho. 10
King George S. tobacconist (Wallace & King), 49 Rosemount place
King Maxwell, dentist, 26 St. Nicholas st
King Robert, printer, 35 Nether Kirkgate
King Street Cattle Market, King st
King William, lithographer, 6 St. Nicholas st
Iviug William tfc Son, builders, Hutcheon st. West
King William C, hatter & hosier, 3 Broad st. & 3 5: 5 St. Nicholas et

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