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Henderson D. & Son, manufacturers of tin & jiipanued goods, 79
St. Andrew st
Henderson David, lodginp house, 12 Castlo st
Henderson David, tea dealer, 12 Hawthorn place
Henderson David F. japanuer (D. Henderson & Son), HWatson st
Henderson Francis, tailor, 16 Skene st; bouse^l^
Hendry st
Henderson Helen, lodging house, 11 Union buildings
Heuderson James, architect (J. & W. Hendersou), 1 Garden ten-ace
Henderson James, shipmaster, 176 Crown st
Hendeison James, grocer ,20 Ship row
Heuderson James, grocer, &c. 182 Crown st
Henderson James, agent ior the Scottish Provincial (Sre and life)
Insurance Company, and Town & County Bank, Hadden street,
Henderson James & "WilUani, slate &, cement mer-
cbants, 24 Belmont st; stores, 14 &, 15 Trinity
quay, &. Incbes
Henderson John, builder, 5 Summer st ; house, Cuparstone place
Hendersou John, shipmaster, 179 Crown st
Henderson John, ornithologist, &c. Millbank ter.North Broadford
Henderson John, sergeant paymaster, 93 tepittal, Old Aberdeen
Henderson John, shipmaster, 50 Loanhead terrace
Heuderson John M. engineer, 17 & 19 Jopp's lane; ho. 216 George st
Heuderson John S.advocate(Heuderson ik. CattanachJ,Fuch3iabauk,
Henderson Lewis, shopkeeper, 20 Charles st
Henderson Margaret, shopkeeper, (i Gilcomston steps
Henderson Matt, flesher & cattle salesman, 117 Kadden st.Woodside
Heuderson Peter, tailor, 35 Woolmanhill ; ho. 10 South Mount st
Henderson Kobert, draperfMilne & Hendersou), 30 Victoria st. West
Henderson Robert, plasterer, 16 North Charlotte st; li-iuse, 15
Craigie st
Henderson Russell, lodging house. 49 Bon-Accord st
Henderson tviiliam, diaper, 8 Black's buildings
Henderson William, flesher. Laurel Cottage, Woodside
Henderson William, engineer (\V. M'Kinnou & Co.), Belvidere st
Henderson William, engineer (Henry Barry & Co.), 28 Skene ter
Henderson William, architect (J. & W. Henderson), 20 WestHeld ter
Henderson William, shipowner, &c. (George Thompson, jun. & Co.),
Devanha House, Ferryhill
Henderson William S: Son, architects & buildors, 66 Loch st
Heuderson William L. architect (W. Henderson & Son), 1
Garden place
Hendry Alexander, spirit dealer, 62 Castle st
Heudry Alexander, carpenter, Gilcomston park; house, 2 Gray's
buildings, Rosemount place
Hendry Alexander M. agwnt, 124 Barron st. Woodside
Hendry George, blacksmith, Albion st; house, 8 Frederick st
Heu dry James, bootmaker, 2 Bank st
Hendry John, sheriff officer, 26 Broad st
Heudry William, shipbroker, 46 Marischal st; ho. 10 Cuparstone pi
Henry Alexander M. grocer & draper, 126 Barron st. Woodside
Henry James, basket maker, 87 Broad st
Henry John, cattle agent, 6 Fish st
Hepburn Garden, tailor, 93 Hadden st. Woodside
Hepburn George, shopkeeper, 33 Upper Kirkgate
Hepburu James, missionary, Albyu place
Hepburn John, printer <ic newsagent, 20 SchoolhiU
" Herald cSi Weekly S'ree Press " (Saturday), offices
16 Broad st -Alexander BSarr, publisher
Herd William, grocer, &c. 68 SchoolhiU
Heynes Henry A. writer on H.M.S. Clyde ; house, 166 Crown st
Hickton William, excise officer, 9 Holburn st
Hill James, shopkeeper, 61 Virginia st
Hird Benjamin, grocer, 6 Northtield
Hird Eliza, milliner & di-essmaker, Skene st
Hobart Jessie, milliner, 11 George st
Hobbs John, greengrocer, 10 Rosemount place
Hobrow Elizabeth, coniectioner, 218 Gallowgate
Hodge J. & J. cutlers, 3 Nether Kirkgate
Hodge James, cutler (J, & J, Hodge), Amelia Cottage, Spit-
tal, Old Aberdeen
Hodson Benjamin, wool buyer, 15 Prospect terrace
Hogarth Alexander Pirie, merchant, 14 Crown st
Hogarth &, Co. salmon fishers & merchants, 82 College st
Hogarth ilugh, merchant (Hogarth & Co.), North Silver st.&Carron
bank, Stonehaven
Hogg Alexander, shipmaster, Farqubar place
Hogg &. Wood, grocers, 41 Little John st
Hogg Elizabeth, dressmaker, Rose st
Hogg George, engineer (G. Hogg & Sons), Chapel court
Hogg- George &, Sons, engineers & miilwrigUts,
Spring garden— See advertisement
Hogg John, shipmaster, iiO Castle st
Hogg W. & A. Wrights, Afflect
Hogg William, tailor & clothier, 87 Spring garden
Holland Hy. manufacturer (Richards &Co.),LochheadVil]a,Cornhill
Home for the Aged & Intii-m Poor of both Sexes, Nazareth House,
Clarence st
Home for Fallen Females, King Street road, Old Aberdeen
Hood Mary, lodging house, 178 Crown st
Hood Walter & Co. ship builders, York st
Horn Isabella, shopkeeper, 38 Holburn st
Home & Smith, stock brokers, agents for the National Guarantee
& Suretyship Association, Limited, & the Edinburgh Life Insur-
ance Co. City buildings, Union st
Home Charles, bookseller & stationer, 124 Gallowgate
Home Ellen, teacher of music, 16(3 Skene st. West
Home Robt. Brown, share, Ac. broker(Horue & Smith), 8 Queen's ter
Hosie Ann, lodgmg house, 3 Gray's buildiugs, Kosomount place
Hospital for Orphan & Destitute Female CuUdren, Huutly st
Hospital for the Rehei of Persons Labouring under Incurable
Diseases, Stevenson st
Hospital for Sick Children, Castle terrace
Hossack Archibald, fruiterer, 179 Vniuii si; hoi.se, 10 Rotu
place, Ferryhill
House of Bethauy, 147 Hardgate
House of Refuge & Night Shelter, 85 George st
Howard Adolphe J. professor of music, 41 Union terrace
Hnwe Machine Co. 13 Bridge st — Shepherd & Bain, agents
Howie George M. shopkeeper, 36 Vu'giuia st
Howie James, agent for Adam & Sons (Letth), wool brokers. Carna-
tion Cottage, Old road, Woodside
Howie Jane, dressmaker, 02 Skene st
Howie Margaret, lodging house, 48 Skene st
Howie Peter, gi'ocer, 2 East North st ; house, 84 Broad st
Howling Thomas, shipmaster, 45 Cardeu place West
Hughes R. engi'aver & printer, 60 Broad st
Hume Andrew, grocer, 46 North Broadford
Hume Brothers & Co. ( Edinburgh), chevaicaA manure manufactnrerSi
27 ^^ 29 St. Andrew st
Humphrey Adam, merchant & gardener, 6 College bounds, OM
Humphrey John, commission wgent. Inches ; house, 2 Trinity i^uay
Hunter & Walker, grocers & spirit dealers, 112 Gallowgate
Hunter Ann, lodging house, 71 King st
Hunter Catherine, shopkeeper, 74 Causewayend
Hunter David, solicitor. City buildings, Union st
Hunter G. S. artist, 20S) King st
Hunter, Gordon & Smith, advocates, 14 Adelphi [Castle st
Hunter Isabella, musical instrument maker, 10 George st ; house, 58
Hunter James, chemist & terated water manufacturer, 141 Union st;
house, 86 Crown st
Hunter James, grocer & spirit dealer, 39 Park st ; ho. 29 Frederick 3
Hunter James, manufacturer of polished granite, 209 King st. and
Willowdale place ; house, 209 King st
Hunter John, carter, 20 Upper Denburn
Hunter Mary, china, &c. dealer, 90 Green
Hunter Mary, shopkeeper, 45 Skene st
Hunter Robert, shopkeeper, 56 Holburn st
Hunter William, advocate (Hunter, Gordon & Smith), 86 Albyn pi
Hunter William, grocer & spirit dealer, 63 Huntly st
Hunter William, shipmaster, 14 Watson st
durray Andrew, shipmaster, 49 Chapel st
Hurry George, blacksmith, 37 Upper Denburn
Hutcheon Alexander, quartermaster, R.A.M. 142 Hutcheon st. West
Hutcheou Alexander & Son, cabinet makers, 4>2 Justico st
Hutcheon James, granite polisher, &c. Kiug st
Hutcheon Margaret C. grocer & spii-it dealer, 15 West North st
Hutcheon Mary, Aberdeen Temperance Hotel, 56 Union st
Hutcheon WiUiam, flesher, 85 Hutcheon st
Hutcheon William, blacksmith, 10}^ Bridge place
Hntcheson Alexander, manager, 10 'Ann place
Hutcheson George, commissiou agent and grain merchant, 47
Marischal st ; house, 26 Albert terrace
Hutcheson James, shopkeeper, 25 Skene square [Rubislaw
Hutcheson James, gardener. 206 Market buildings, & Deanhead,
Hutcheson William, grocer, 20 Upper Kirkgato
Hutchison Frank, printer (Milue & Hutchison), 6 Douald'a court
Hutton William, grocer, 151 Hadden st. Woodside
Hydropathic Establishment, Heathcot, near Aberdeen — Dr. Stewart,
resident superiuteudeut — See adverlisement
Hynd William, schoolmaster, Mount st
IMLAY Hugh, envelope manufacturer (H. Imlay & Co.), 31 Bank st
Zmlay Hugb dk Co. envelope manufacturers by
steam power, Park Road '^Vorlts; and a.t 33 St.
Bride st. X*udgrate circus, Xioudon, S.C.- See
Imperial Hotel (nearest to the Railway station),
Guild street, Stirling street, and Trinity street
— AU communications to be addressed to the manager — See adver~
tisement inserted at the end
Imperial Insurance Co.— WiUiam Smith, 148 Kiug st. & Hunter,
Gordon it Smith, 14 Adelphi, agents [r.gent
Imperial Union Assurance Co. — A. T. M'Connochie, 74 Union at.
Imray David, rag merchant, 2a Water lane
Income Tax Assessor's Office for Aberdeen district, King st
Income Tax OflBce, County buildings
Incorporated Trades' Hall, Trinity HaU, Union st
Indisputable Assurance Co. — D. R. Morioe, 34 Marischal st. agent
Industrial Asylum & Keformatory for Girls, 10 Mount st
Infirmary, Woolmanhill
Inglis Alexander, grocer & ship chandler, publisher of '* luglis'a
Tide Table & liook of Port Charges," agent to the Shipwrecked
Mariners' Society, the Moray Firth Mutual Marine Association,
& the Inverness Sea Insurance Co. 28 Regent quay; house, 4
Crown terrace
Inglis Alexander A. traveller, 11 Bank st
Inglis John, clothes dealer, 17 Lodgo walk
Ingram Adam, grocer, &o. 29 Hadden st. Woodside
Ingram Alexander, earthenware dealer, Causewayend
Ingram Alexander, plumber, 39 Back wyud
Ingram Charles, shopkeeper, 37 Wellington st. Wooclsido
Ingram J. & J. cart & wheelwrights, 30?-^ Cansewayend
Ingram John, cartwright (J. & J. Ingram). 15 Craigie st
Ingram John, jnn. cartwright (J. & J. Ingram), 27 North Broadford
Inland Revenue Office, Inland Revenue Office buil'lings, Kingst
Innes — , teacher of music, 5 Skene place
luues Alexander & Son, house carpenters, 4 & 6 Barnctt'a cloae
luues Barbara, bootmaker, 15 Broad st
Innes Charles, ui.a. schoolmaster, 11 Victn-ia st. West
Innes George, shipmaster, 6 Belvidere place
Innes John, joiner, &c. 41 Blacklriars st
Innes Robert, fish and game dealer, 60 &, 61 Market buildiugs ;
house, Arctic Cottage, Ashley place
Inston John, tailor, Ogstou's court. 84 Broad st
Insurance Co. of Scotland — James Jilack li Co. 23 King st; Simpson
& Cadenhead, Court House, CasUe bt ; Ja uas Paull^ 22 Belmont
st ; & Thomas Wilsone, 220 Union st. agents
Inverness Sea Insurance Company, 23 Regent quay — Alex.iude
Inglis, agent
Ironside Andrew J. land sui'veyor & valuator, 16 Union terracj

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