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Findlay Robert, RiUhri-^ion Hotel, Buthrieston !
FiSd lay Bobert, oattlo dealer, 89H Spittal Old Aberdeen «.
FiSdlay William, North BritishHotel, 8 f 1° T"°i\>;f^i,,
winillTi William fish curer L. FincUay cS Soa), Castleniu
PinSe Peter To'okleller & newsagent, 68 Hadden st. Woodside
ItoEngfne Sta^fon, 125H GeorBo St. Waterloo quay, Chapel st. &
FinhTo^ph a watch & clock maker, 29 St.Nicholas st
Fish Market, Upper quay
|il^:[.?a'.^nt^^iTh=: -e?jyc'55Wemn
iLt^r ?h'i"mr^f,i?rar ar>^^^^^^^^
Flemin" J. & J. hardware merchants, 24 Broad st
?Snl jSrn TaSaVe^'dS-Tj! I J. Fleming), 18 St. Mary's pi
|llSwXm%urrier& leather merchant, 17 Princes st; house
Flett Alexander, baker, 142 George st
Flett Andrew, baker & contactioner 7 Dee st
Flett John, baker & confectioner, ISli-iCrown st
Flockbart John, manager, Devanha Cottage, Ferryhil
F orence & lagram, heel & toe plate "anutactnrors 20 Fredenck st
mm-,.nrB .Tames ironmonger (James Lamg & Co.), lU queen s m
FioreSce John, granite poUsher (Bower & Florence), Rose Acre,
FoSer Glo?g?spirit dealer, 57 Barron st Woodside
Footdee Banking Association, 77 Waterloo quay
Forbes the Misses -, dressmakers, IGU Crown st
ISrbes Alex wholesale warehouseman, 43 Queen st ; house, Morkew
House, Cults
Forbes Alexander, Physician, 13 Silver st
|Sll^lSs,^Sr^r^^^^^^^~-- st, house,
181 Crown st ^ n 4.
rofbfs?rei:wiIXusl^L''n-'(!}:S'^orbes.. sons,, 265 G^^^^^^
foi-bes James', house & cartwright i blacksmith Bridge of Dec
!-°rbe^strSiri^ri,Ss?rof'or^lit^'lluguages, 3 West-
Wostfleld terrace
Forbes Ogllvie, surgeon, 29 Union place
l^r ^iiras-cl'tUe °^?^'^narn College bounds, Old Aberdeen
|S^;i1oS;i:'SaS.TMSr gS^manufacturer to the Queen,
Fo^:^ Sr 'riot" i^SaX 19%schal st. . at Leitn
Fordyce & Co. builders, Hutcheou st West
Fordyce Isabella, shopkeeper. 26 Hutcheon st
Fordyce Mary, lodging house. 57 Wales st
Forrest David, newsagent, 31 Skene st
Foi-rest George S. schoolmaster, 175 Skene st. West
Forrest James F. ship carpenter, lucbes
Forrest Jane, miUiner & dressmaker, 4 Farriers lane
f C;:ryt^l?:xrd;?rBo?,l?SSrnToiat.^xi?;^K'a^^o,.Ks . Sx...
Saw Mills, York st
Forsyth Elspet, lodging house 2 Canal st
Forsvth George, hairdresser, 6 Windy wynd
Forsyth J. & Co. chemists, 53 Regent quay
Forsvth James, physician, 4 Queen st
â– Vnvsvth John boot & shoe maker, 25 Summer lane
ForsvthJohS leather merchant, 85 Broad st; house, Rosemount p
Forsyth Rob°. watch maker, 2 Belmont st ; ho. 2 St. Catherine's wynd
Forsvth William, editor, Richmond hill, Stocnet „ . _ „. „ ,,
FOTSytli's Temperance Hotel, 92 to 102 Union st-M. & E.Walker,
Fo'',rie?AleTgoods agent (Deeside Railway), 24 Bank st
Fowler Elspet, lodging house, 24 Craigie st
Fowler James E. m.d. ArdeuviUe, Woodside
Fowler John, manager, 2 Roslm terrace ,„„ t^- „ ,
Fowlie Marglret & Catherine, teachers of music, 127 King st
F?abor Mary, farmer. Mains of Keithfleld; house, 37 Mount st
Frain Alexander, wright, Hazelhead
France (vice-cou3ul)-J. F. White, 107 King st
Fraser —, school, 11 East North st
Fraser Alexander, grocer, 28 Upper Leadside
Fi-R'^pr Alexander, shopkeeper, 43 York st
liaser Alexander, timber merchant, KiNa Street Saw Mill;
house 4 King's crescent
Fraser Alexander, bootmaker, 87 Hadden St. Woodside
Fraser &Duguid, advocates, & secretaries to the Aberdeen Music
Hall Co. Li'mited, 140 Union st
Fraser Angus, surgeon, m.d. 193 Union st
Fraser Ann, flesher, 48 West North st
Fraser Arthur, stone cutter, Nelson st
Fraser Charles, spirit dealer, 9 Marisohal st
Fraser Caroline, broker, 42 Ship row
Fraser David, bootmaker, 37 Summer lane [Cults
Fraser David granite worker (J. Fraser & Son), Dernclough,
Fraser Elizabeth, grocer, 142 Hadden st. Woodside
Fraser Euphemia, milUner, 39 George st
Fraser G & W. printers, lithographers & stationers, 76 Broad st
Fraser George, shopkeeper, 125 Causewayend
Fraser Geor|e bookseUer & stationer 189 George st
Fraser George cabinet maker & upholsterer, 67 Broad st
Fraler Georie organ builder (J. & G. H. Fraser), 1 WiUowdale place
, Gray Campbell, advocate (Fraser & Duguid), 8 West Oraib-
. ..-""Hector, grocer & spirit dealer, 58 Gallowgate
IrMor Huf^h, china & glass merchant to the Queen, 55 Castle st
Fraser IsabeUa, lodging house, 39 Fen-ybiU terrace
Fraser J & G. H.'organ builders, 11 Princes st ^ , , , r.o,_„
Fraser James, accountant &biUetmaster,City Chamberlain's Office.
Town House, Castle st; house, 4 Caledonian place _
Fraser James, washing powder manufacturer, 40 George st , house,
15 South Mount st
Fraser James, ship master, 67 Eosemount place
Fraser James, overseer f Aberdeen Commercial Company), Yew
Fras"''fas.!Sm"o"de°aier & fancy bazaar, 60 Market st; house. 67
Bosemount place , „. . . .
Fraser Jessie, smallware dealer, 68 Virgmia st
Fraser John, shopkeeper, 282 George st
Fraser John, cab owner, 19 Huntiy st. & 5 Rose st
Eraser John, carver, 6 Upper Kirkgate
Fraser John, flesher, 22 Market buildings
Fraser John, joiner, Skene st
Fraser John, boot maker. 16 Rose st „j.„,j w„„=a
Fraser John, granite worker (J. Fraser & Son), Broadford House
Fraser John & Co. plasterers. Baker st i„,,.„„ -t Woat
Eraser John & Son, granite polishers & cutters, Hutcheon St. West
Fraser John M. tobacconist, 5 Marischal st
Fraser Margiiret, dressmakers. 170 Crown st
Fraser Margaret, school, 1 Prospect terrace, Ferryhili
Fraser Margaret, dressmaker, 27 Queen st
Fraser Mary, hair worker, 69 Park st
Fraser Mary A. draper, 31 Spring garden
Fraser Thomas & Sons, bootmakers, 58 Broad st
Fraser William, surgeon, 31 Union torace
Fraser William, wholesale & lurnishing iromonger, 57 it 59 bt.
Nicholas st; house, Ashley bank
Fraser William, watchmaker, 27 Whitehouse st , . ^
Fraser William, sergeant instructor of volunteers 6 Jasmine ter
Fraser William, iun. hair dresser, Wellington St. Woodside-;
Free Church College, Alford place-William Beveridge, janitor
Free Church Schools -.See Academies, in Classification
Free Chuvches— See List in Places of Wuyahip ,,„, Af».,.r
"Free Press " (Daily) Offices, 14 & 16 Broad st-Alexander Mair,
Free Press Printing Co. 16 Bro.ld st
Friends' Meeting House, 13 Diamond st
Frost Robert, newsagent, 112 King st
FuUarton —, school, 73 Dee st ,„ .a , v n „„i,i
FuUarton A. & Co. bookseUers & publishers. 16 Adelphi-Donald
Fu^ler°Frede^nck, a.m. professor of mathematics University of
Aberdeen, Old Aberdeen ; house, 33 College bounds. Old Aberdeen
Fullerton Alexander, wright, 13 Queen st. Woodside
Fnllerton James, grocer & spirit 'lealer, 61 Hadden st. Woodside
Fullerton John, builder & timber merchant (Johnston & FuUeitonI,
4U School lane, Woodside
Fullerton Isabella, shopkeeper, 5 Little Wales st
Fyfe Alexander, draper, 182 Gallowgate
Fyfe & Co. hosiers, 5 Market st
Fvfe George, grocer, 51 Ship row ; house, 126 King st
Fyfe J. & S. painters, &c. 5 Dee st. & 79 Windnull brae
Fyfe James, flesher, 82 Spittal, Old Aberdeen
Fvfe James, painter (J. S S. Fyfe), 5 Thistle place, Thistle st
Fyfe Jessie & Jane, boarding school, 147 Crown st
Fvfe John, stone merchant, 73 Waterloo quay; quarries, Eenmay,
Toms Forest & Cove ; house. Beech Grove, stocket
Fyfe John, brush manufacturer (J. Fyfe & Son), house, 16 Bon-
Accord terrace
Fyfe John & Son, brush makers, 22 St. Nicholas st
Fyfe Leslie, draper, 150 George st
Fyfe Lewis, manager, IVi Ferryhili place
Fvfe Peter, house carpenter, 14 Chapel st
Fyfe Samuel, pamter (J. & S. Fyfe), 19 Thistle st iq ^ oi
Fyfe W. W. & Co. brassfounders, plumbers & gashtters, 19 & 21
F^°e Wm.W. pliSZ"* gasfltter (W. W. Fyfe & Co.), 176 Crown st
GABRIEL David, inspector of quays. Provost Blaikie's quay
Galashan John, shipmaster, 162 Crown st R„=oninnnt iil
Gall Andrew, chemist, 3BJ-a Skene square ; house, ,2 Rosemount pi
Gall George, School Board officer, 12 King st
Gall William, tailor, 81 Park st
Galloway Simpson, clothes dealer, .11 Harriet Bt timber
Ganson Herman, ship owner, ship & i'^?,"''''"p>„ ?n^nrance Co
merchant, agent to the London & Lancashu^ ^T* n,"a canvaP
for Emerson & Walker's patent windlass & Smart * ««S' «^°™''
manafacturers Uriroath), 59 Marischal st ; house, 89 ^N ales st
Ganson John, ship master, '27 Constitution St.
Garden & Raeburn, bakers, 32 School hill
Garden Elizabeth, spirit dealer, 9 York st „,„,„„-> q West
Garden Farquharson T. advocate (C. & P. H. Chalmers), 8 West
Craibstone st .,, , ^,^ ,, , ^
Garden George, Bed Lion Inn, SpiMal, Old Aberdeen
Garden James, advocate (Davidson & Garden), Woodthope, Murtle
Garden James! sculptor (J. Garden & Co.), 78 Gerrard st
Garden James, shopkeeper, 13 Hutcheon st
Garden James & Co. granite mauufacturers, sculptors, S-c. King st
Garden James Murray, advocate (Davidson & Garden),146 Crown st
Garden John, gardener, Calsayseat
Garden B. J. physician, 207 Union st , , ^
Garden W. M. sheriff clerk depute, 28 Loanhead terrace
Garden -William, ffun and fisbinff tackle maker,
12ZV, Vnion st; bouse, 45 Bon-Aooord st
Garden William, sculptor (J. Garden & Co.), 11 Hutcheon «t
Gardner Edward, traveller, Ouparstone road
Garey William, artist. 164 Crown st

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