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Ci'aig — , flshmonger, 13 Market buildings
Craig Alexander, baker, 310 George st
Craig Andrew, grocer & spirit dlr. 212 GaUowgate; ho. 44 Nelson st
Craig Charles, agent, 14 Exchange st; house, West Cults
Craig James, tobacco manufacturer (T. Craig & Sons}, Ashley place
Craig James, saddler, 38 Schoolhill
Craig John, granite worker (John Craig & Co.), 47 Nelson st
Craig John, saddler, 2iJ Back wynd; house, 170 Skene st. West
Craig John & Co. Monument & Granite Works, Park road
Craig Margaret, achojl, 4 South Constitution st
Craig Thomas, tobacco manufacturer (T. Craig & Sons),70 Garden pi
Craig Thomas & Sons, tobacco manufacturers, 22 George st
Craige Helen, shopkeeper, 13 Dee st
Craigen James, baker, 8 George st
Craigen James, bootmaker, Huntly st
Craigen Jolin, photographer & picture frame maker, 16 George st
Craigen William, confectioner, 83 Ship row
Craighead Agnes, lodging house, 20 Kintore place
Craighead John, booksellers, 1 Ship row
Craighead Peter, wine & brandv importer, tea & wine merchant, &
Italian warehouseman, 105 Union st; house, 11 Victoria st. West
— See advertisement
Craigmile Alexander, grocer & spirit dealer, 49 Commerce st
Craigmile William, shipowner Si coal merchant{M'Taggart & Booth),
49 Commerce st
Craiginyle Francis, teacher of writing & drawing, 5 Strawberry bank
Crail John, builder (Greig & Craii), 3 Friendship terrace
Cran George, inspeijtor of police, 2 Thistle place, Thistle st
Crun James, police superintendent & clerk, 8 Albert terrace
Cran James, market gardener, Stocket
Cran Peter, cashier, 8 Albert terrace
Cran Peter M. city chamberlain, gas treasurer & treasurer of police,
Town Hall ; house, South bridge, Holburn st
Cran Robert, cashier, King's crescent, Spittal rd
Crane James, clerk, 58 Gerard st
Crawford Charles, shipmaster, 16 Bank st
Crawford William, confectioner, 10 Exchequer row
Cree Robert, wood turner, 120 West North st; ho. 5 Darlington pi
CroU Alexander, baker & confectioner, 67 George st
Croll Francis, baker & confectioner, 55 St. Nicholas st
Crockert James G. boot closer & newsagent, 39 Upper Denburn
Croll Matthew, baker, 167 Gallowgate; house, 1 Canal st
Croll Wesley, baker & confectioner, 70 & 72 King st
Cromar Alexander, bootmaker, 78 Chapel st; house, 3 Henry place
Cromar John, dentist, 15 Belmont st; house, Gladstone place
Cromar Margaret, milliner, 190 Gallowgate
Crombie Alexander, foreman, 77^^ Park road
Crombie Brothers, dentists. 8 Union terrace
Crombie Charles M. physician, 9 Union terrace
Crombie J. &. J. woollen manufacturors, Grand-
bolm 'Works, near .^.berdeeu
Crombie James, commission merchant, Trinity quay; house, SO
Albert terrace
Crombie James, manufacturer {J. & J. Crombiej, Goval, Fintray &
16 Bon-Accord square
Crombie James, grocer, 12 Sugar House lane
Crombie Jolin, manufacturer (J. & J. Crombie), Balgownie Lodge
Crombie John, juu. manufacturer {J. & J. Crombie), Danestonc
Crombio John, accountant, secretary to the Aberdeen Mutual
Assurance & Friendly Society; Aberdeen Co-operative Property
Investment Co. ; Aberdeen Masonic Hall Co. Limited; and the
Aberdeen Volunteer Artillery Rifle Association, 76 Union st ; ho.
23 Albert st
Crombie John, shipmaster, 8 Banner Mill at
Crombie Theodore, manufacturer (J &, J. Crombie), Goval, Trmity,
& 16 Bon-Accord square
Crombie William, cabinet maker, 25 Gallowgate
Crone William, working jeweUer, 6 St. Nicholas st
Crown Clothing Company, clothiers, 17 Broad sfc— Adam Pratt,mngr
Crown Court Hall, 41 ^-^ Union st
Crown Life Assurance Co.— John Muill, City buildings ; &. James R.
Grant, Bank of Scotland, agents
Crowther Benjamin, rag merchant, 43 & 50 Queen st
Cruden George, advocate jSimpson & Crudeu), 103 Crown st
Cruickshauk A. & Co. hosiers & glovers, 105 Union st
Cruickshank Alexander, grocer, 146 Geqige st ; house, S Annplace
Cruickshank C. A. bookseller, 5 George st
Cruickshank Elsie, lodging house, Loanhead terrace
Cruickshank George, draper & milliner, 228 George st ; ho. John st
Cruickshank George, house carpenter, 14 Carmelite st
Cruickshank George P. chemist, 22B George st ; ho. 268 George st
Cruickshank J. W. & E. grain merchants, Weighhouse square
Cruickshank James, grocer & spirit dealer, 181 Gallowgate
Cruickshank James, wright, 23 College bounds, Old Aberdeen
Cruickshank James, shopkeeper, 156 Causewayend
Cruickshank James & Co, grocers & soirit dealers, 104 Gallowgate
Cruickshank John, carter, 16 Mealmarket st
Cruickshank John, carver & gilder, 61 ^i Windmill brae
Cruickshank John, agent, 24 Belmont st
Cruickshank John M. grocer & spirit dealer, 43>.. Schoolhill
Cruickshank Mary A. school, 51 Chapel st
Cuddie Alexander, grocer, &c. 1 Waverley place
Cullan Thomas, inspector of stamps & taxes, 3 Rotunda place
Culter Mills Paper Co. Limited, Culter Works, near Aberdeen
Cumine John P. advocate (Watt & Cumine), 169 Crown st
Cumming A. agent to R. Brotchie & Co. (Leith), tea merchants, 4
Belmont st
Cumming Adam, traveller, 7 Crimen place
Cumming Alexander, ale & porter bottler, 18 Frederick st: house,
23 Castle st
Camming Alexander, bootmaker, 190 West North st
Cumming Andrew, cattle dealer, 19 Hutcheon st
Cumming Elizabeth, lodging house, Chapel court. Justice st
Cummiu',' George, shipmaster, 25 Frederick st
Cumming James, ship chandler, 80 Waterloo quay
Cumming Jane, lodging house, 81 Union st
Cumming John, provision dealer & curer, Clayhill Provision Works-
J.ouse, 20 Marywell st
Cumming Robert, traveller, 24 Prospect terrace, Ferryhill
Cumming William, traveller, 23 Frederick st
Gumming William, sail maker, 10 Regent quay; house, Kingsland
place, George st
Curr Thomas, tea & coffeo merchant & maker of coflfee essence, 7
Schoolhill ; house, 18 North Silver st
Currie George, slater, Gilcomston Park
Curtis George, clerk, 10 Watson st
Gurtis's & Harvey (LoiUon), gdupowder manufacturers,8 Hadden st
— Morison & Leslie, agents
Cushnio William, dyer and skin mat manufacturer, 3 William's
place, Spring gardens
Custom House, 16 Regent quay
Cuthbert James, grocer & spirit dealer, 69 North Broadford
Cuthbert James, traveller, 72 North Broadford
DAGLISH William, governor, Nelson Street Poor House, Friendly
bank. Mount Hooly
Dakers Alexander, engraver & lithographer, 17 Nether Kirkgate
Dakers James, coach builder, 7 Union wynd
Dale James, b.sc. (Loudon), school master, 16 Kingsland place
Dalgarno Mary, milliner, 50 Skene square
Dalgarno Thomas & Son, stair rail makers, 4 Wales st
Dalgety Brothers, millwrights & engineers, 68 & 70 Hutcheon st
Dalzeil Alexander, shoemaker, 39 Wales st
Daniel James, grocer, 27 College st
Daniel James & Co. booksellers, wholesale stationers and printers,
46 & 48 Castle st
Daniel William, builder (Warrack & Daniel), 17 North Charlotte st
Darling Thomas, nurseryman (Cardno & Darling), Berryden Cottage
Darning George, brewer, Mealmarket st; house, 22 Mealmarket st
Davidson Miss — , teacher of music & French, 12 St. Mary's place
Davidson Mrs. — ,ea£ing house keeper, 38 Market buildings
Davidson Alexander, cabinet maker, &c. 21 St. Andrew st
Davidson Alexander, lodgiag house, 36i-a Union st
Davidson Alexander, Bursar's Hotel, 61 Castle st
Davidson Alexander, physician, 224 Union st
Davidson Alexa^nder, advocate (Davidson & Garden), Desswood,
Kincardine O'Nell
Davidson Alex, merchant (J. & A. Davidson), Woodbaiik, Deesiderd
Davidson Alexander, grocer, &c. 3 Causewayend ; ho. 31 Mount st
Davidson Alexander, coal agent, Rosemount place
Davidson Alex, fish & game dealer, Newmarket st. & 26 Hadden st
Davidson Alexander Dyce, m.d. 224 Union st
Davidson Alexander & Co. boot & shoe manufacturers, 72 Broad st
Davidson & Co. brokers, 163 Gallowgate
Davidson & Garden, advocates, & agents for the Sun (fire) & North
British & Mercantile Insurance Companies, 7 Union terrace
Davidson & Henderson, blacksmiths, 5 Harriet st
Davidson &Kay, chemists, 205 Union st
Davidson & Sim, wholesale druggists, 5i Castle at
Davidson & Young, plumbers, 54 John st
Davidson Archibald, eating house, 39 Castle et
Davidson Brothers, coppersmiths, &c. 29 Windy wynd
Davidson Bros, cabinet makers, 13lJ'Sj Union st; worlts, Summer st
Bavidson C &. Sons, liimited, paper &. paper ba^
manufacturers ^ printers, iS^utjgrie Ivloss, "Water-
ton and Buxburn Paper "Worf s, near Aberdeen,
^ Trinity quay, iLburdeen, and SOUpper Tiiaxues
St. Ziondon, S.C.
Davidson Charles, shipmaster, 2 Ashley teiTnce
Davidson Charles, chemist (Davidson & Kay), Forester hill
Davidson Charles Brown, advocate (Robertson & Lumsden), South
Rotunda place
Davidson Elizabeth, smallware dealer, 53 Schoolhill
Davidson Elizabeth, gardener, Spriugbank terrace
Davidson George, gardener, Pitmuxton, & 145 Market buildings
Davidson George, merchant (G. & W. Davidson), Arnlee, Cults
Davidson George, slater, 37 Summer st
Davidson George, paper maker (C. Davidson & Sens, Limited),
Muggie Moss House
Davidson George, granite worker, Richmond st
Davidson George & William, salmon fishers A merchants, and rope,
occ. manufacturers, St. Clement's st ; office, 18 Regent quay
Davidson Helen, lodging house, 11 Bon-Accord st
Davidson J. & A. coal merchants, sliip owners, & ship & insurance
brokers, Provost Blaikie's quay, & 98 Union st
Davidson J. & R. wrights & cabinet makers, 80 Causewayend
Davidsou James, shopkeeper, Pocra quay
Davidson James, flesher, 126 Hadden st. Woodside
Davidson James, merchant (J. & A. Davidson), Rosslyn Bank,
Ouparstone rd
Davidson James, hosier. 111 John st
Davidson James, flesher, 47 Market buildings
Davidson James, plasterer, 25 Bon-Accord st
Davidsou James, cabinet nialter (Davidson Bros.), 26 Summer st
Davidson James, wine & spirit merchant, 44 Castle st ; bouse, 24
Albert terrace
Davidson James, coach builder, 22 College st
Davidson James, granite worker, Constitution st
Davidson James, sec. Northern Co-operative Co. 51 Gallowgate-
house, 23 Watson st '
Davidson Jane, lodging house, 21 Kintore place
Davidson Janet, hosier & worsted dealer, 43 Green
Davidson John, advocate, 49 Broad st; house, 5 Ann place
Davidson John, assistant pilot master, Pocra pie'-
Davidson John, cartwright (J. & R. Davidson), Willowdale place
Davidson John R. tailor (Wm. Davidson & Son), 9 Mount st
Davidson Margaret, lodging house, 1 West Mount st
Davidson Margaret, lodging bouse, 2 Rosebauk ter. Ferryhill
Davidson Margaret & Anne, drapers, 65 Queen st
Davidsou Marjory, lodging house, 205 George st
Davidson Maria, lodging house, 76 East North st
Davidson Robert, cabinet maker (Davidsou Bros.}, 28 Union row
Davidson Robert, manufacturing chemist, Canal rd
Davidson Robert, fruiterer, 37 Thistle st ; house, Pitmuxton
Davidson Robert, cartwright (J. *fc R. Davidsou), Willowdale place

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